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Old 02-05-2011, 01:51 AM
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Default Re: [RP] KH: Into the Void

Saxoris, Ziaxim, Karxy, Ammy and Oki
Nobodies, Keyblade wielder and Human

"Ah, shaddup," Saxoris muttered, although his voice lacked it's usual venom. "Yer not my mom or anything."

"She's right," Ziaxim said quietly, sliding down his ride and hitting the "floor." There was no way to distinguish where the ground was, so it always unnerved Ziaxim when he walked on it. He kept waiting for himself to suddenly fall through the air.

YOUR POWERS, the Namless ones interrupted. ACTIVATE THEM NOW.

"Powers?" Karxy echoed. "As in our auras?"


Saxoris murmured something to himself and unsheathed Gin'iro Kaze. He held before his face and breathed in deeply. Although he would never have admitte dit, he was really quite tired and he had to reel in his exhaustion before he could begin. When he had a grip on himself, he snapped the bonds that held his Sun power in check and let it explode from his body. Literally explode, a flaming gold aura blasted from his body and rose in a column of fire that whirled insanely. "Like this?" He asked, looking at the Nameless One with eyes that were already glowing pure gold.


Ammy merely nodded and jumped in a backflip. Instantly there was a flash and her body changed; she landed on her paws as a wolf, one that was pure white and covered with intricate red markings. She no longer wielded a Keyblade, but a bronze disc that was wreathed in green-blue and copper flames. In her true form her power reached out as something nearly tangible, and Oki joined her in his own massive wolf form a moment later, since he was much more powerful as a wolf.

Unlike most of the others, Ziaxim's aura was a more tranquil and subdued one, not nearly as flashy. He had a silvery, sparkling aura, but when it came into existence the air around them seemed to shudder. Karxy did not do anything, and when the Nameless Ones turned to her expectantly she swallowed and said, "My power only comes out when I play."

Around them the Void was reacting to the sudden and foreign energy inside of it. It looked as if silvery whiteness was rippling like waves on an ocean, and Ziaxim was most definitely not imagining the yank on his aura as if ethereal fingers were trying to pull it away from him. There was an odd humming noise in the air, and the strange buzz in his head told him it was the Nameless Ones. They were flying around in a strange, mezmerizing movement like bees. Suddenly one of the ones that carried them in--the human-and-horse looking one--flared its tendril-like wings outward. Energy blasted from them, enough to dwarf all of their powers. But this energy was different, it wasn't the energy of a single element, but almost like all of them. It was the energy that had the power to create anything, but also destroy anything just as easily.

The energy filled the air, penetrating deep into the Void. There was another ripple in the Void, but this one was so violent that the ground literally quaked under them. Then the very fabric of the Void changed; where the rip was--that ugly tear that showed the world of Destiny Islands below--started close as if invisible fingers were stitching it up. The two ends of the Void curled seamlessly over each other, but halfway through everyone noticed that the air suddenly seemed very tense. All of a sudden the rip started to open up again and the energy flared, it was the battle of a mindless will and hundreds of interconnected wills.

HELP US, ALLIES, the Nameless Ones commanded, somehow sounding both cool and afraid. USE THOSE POWERS, YOU HAVE THEM FOR A REASON DO YOU NOT?!

The mental shout made them wince, but it was Ammy who reacted first. She howled, and her white aura exploded out, and she leaped into the air. She swung Solar Flare, and the flames on the disc spiraled down and licked across the opening rip and sealed the sides closed again. She jerked her head in the air in an odd back and forth motion, and Oki was the only one who noticed the brush in her mouth before more of the rip sealed up. Saxoris was the one who recovered the fastest and sent his fiery aura blasting into the streams of energy from the Nameless Ones, dying them a brilliant, flaming gold. As the largest rip started to close, there was a noise that was like space being shredded apart, and suddenly there was another rip being torn open.

"Come on!" Ziaxim shouted, running for it. He blasted his aura into the ground, letting it shoot under the ground and force the rip from opening. "It's going to keep doing this until they fix that main tear!"

Twilight Town

THEY'VE STARTED. UP, NOW. The Nameless Ones said, suddenly shooting into the air without any warning at all. They shot up like arrows, ever up. As they got closer they could see the sky disappearing, bits of blue breaking off into chunks and falling into the pit of silver. Somehow the Void seemed alive now; what had been a swirling whirpool of silver tranquility was now a frenzied mass of spikes and threads that shot around without purpose or direction.

There was a ripple as they passed the barrier between worlds. It felt slick and stifling, like plunging into a pool of oil, but it was gone moments later. There were already a few Nameless Ones in the Void, flying above the rip and trailing white energy behind them. The energy sealed up the rip, but it would tear open again moments later. SUMMON YOUR KEYBLADES, the insistent voices rang in their heads. QUICKLY, USE THEIR POWERS. THEY WILL HELP THE TEAR STAY SHUT.

Traverse Town

Traverse Town shook again, and if one were in the air--or at least a very high position--they could actually see the ground below rippling like rug being shaken out. Loose buildings crumbled and the pieces of the buildings were dragged into the air. There was a rumble, although it was purely mental. SOMETHING IS WRONG. The Nameless Ones said, an undercurrent of worry in their tones. THE ABOMINATION! THAT MUST BE IT, ITS PRESENCE IS SPEEDING UP THE VOID'S PROCESS! DESTROY IT! FIND IT!

The bug-like Nameless One wordlessly scooped Kairi into its arms and deposited her on its back while its bird-like companion did the same for Sora. For a moment it also stared at Aletha, but then shrugged and instead grabbed Mirelle and Kamui. THE VOID IS VERY VIOLENT HERE, they said, USUALLY YOU WOULD HAVE WEEKS TO SAVE THE TOWN, BUT IT IS NOT EVEN THAT. YOU HAVE DAYS BEFORE THIS WORLD IS DESTROYED, THE SAME WAY THE WORLD OF THE ISLANDS IS BEING DESTROYED. They flew higher, and only a few Nameless Ones joined them. Many of them were hunting for the "abomination."

As they flew higher, one of them turned to the one that had refused to be carried. WINGED ONE, KEEP CLOSE TO US. YOU MIGHT FLY LIKE US, BUT ENTERING THE VOID WITHOUT OUR PROTECTION WILL TEAR YOU TO SHREADS. TAKE CARE NOT TO STRAY TOO FAR. It almost sounded as if were mocking her for a moment, but with the neutral tone to its voice it was hard to tell any of their emotions. Just then it tucked its wings in and passed the unseen barrier between the Void and the Realm of Light. There was the oddly oily feeling that usually came with crossing between worlds, but it was soon gone. HERE WE ARE. GET OFF, QUICKLY.

((Note to self: play more music when you post.))
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Default Re: [RP] KH: Into the Void

The Void (Destiny Islands)

Artemis turned her head slightly to smile reassuringly at Karxy. "Then play. Play like you never have before, as though you're standing in a concert hall before many important people who can't wait to hear your solo." The little girl encouraged, as she held out her hand and summoned up a staff from the air easily taller than she was. "We'll need all the help we can get." She sighed, raising the staff over her head and began twisting it in a circle above her head like a helicopter blade. She smiled, closing her eyes as her outline seemed to warm up to a faint white glow before the light seemed to catch and flare up, like a white flamed candle. She grinned and opened her eyes, grabbing the staff suddenly stopping it's rotation. The hand gripping it jerked slightly, and the rod's entire length shot forward through her grasp until she was gripping the metal ball at the end, and then she swung it down easily. As though reacting to the action, her aura flared up sharply, to an almost blinding white. She gasped as she felt the pull against her, and then shook her head quickly before charging forward after Oki and Ammy, pausing as he neared them, twirling in a neat circle and swinging sharply at the rip, her own white aura lashing out at the rip and trying to almost stitch the edges together.

Aqua and Amber
The Void (Twilight Town)

"Gotcha!" Amber called, jumping from the Nameless One to the ground, shaking off the feeling of the entrance to the Void and summoning Last Light. "Okay, for those who wanted a warning, Last Light will be firing off light and such at periodic intervals, if you see it go full circle and it bothered you last time stay away, I don't want to hurt my allies." Amber called before the hand holding Last Light darted out and the keyblade shot forth, snapping at the edges of the Void while gaining a pale almost dark silver glow.

"Roxas, stay close, please?" Aqua asked, following Amber and summoning up her keyblade, only Master Eraqus's keyblade wasn't the one that came to her--instead two other very familiar keyblades came into existence. Earthshaker and Wayward Wind filled her grasp, and Aqua laughed softly. "Look, you two, I'm not really in danger, but if you insist..." She let the thought trail off with a smile as the keyblades stayed. It was a bit of a comfort to know that even though not entirely there, her two best friends were still looking out for her in the forms of their keyblades. The beautiful ocean blue glow of her aura seemed to collect around her as she dashed for the opening herself.

Kamui and Mirelle
The Void (Traverse Town)

Kamui twisted out of the Nameless One's grasp and landed lightly on his feet before letting Mirelle down. The shorter Nobody nodded to him, and a deep purple/blue aura enveloped Kamui while an odd aura that looked similar to twisting shadows flared to life around her. "Point us in the direction we need to concentrate on." Mirelle said firmly, Kamui nodded.

OOC: That last one was meh, and the whole post iffy, but it wasn't like you asplained anything there, Chibi.

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Default Re: [RP] KH: Into the Void

OOC: We neeeeeeeed some bad guy tiem >_<

Nusquam Esque, AKA Ne [Demonine's]
Tranverse Town [The Void]

Ne felt something was going wrong. Despite the Void was accelerating, there was something nagging at her, something wrong. Her canine selves were busy marking paths for the void, but now, she had to move onto something else. The four canine-like creatures stopped in their tracks, and turned to look in the direction of the disturbance. With a swift motion of their misty paws, they moved with haste, moving along the walls of the buildings that remained and leaving dark black mist to cling to the brick and glass.

Ne, in her hiding place within the deepest part of Tranverse town, knew that if there was going to be a disturbance with the Void and it's spreading, there needed to be more done immediately. Tearing more of herself away, she sent parts of herself into the void to other places the Void had already begun to spread. For now, they were nothing but tears of what appeared to be ragged dirty cloth.

The demonic canine's, [to be called Demonine's by everyone else] moved quickly, spotting just a flicker of light, glinting off of something in the distance. They quickened their pace, running into the very void they came from. Their muddled liquid like maws screaming a horrible sound as they tried to make an advance on the ones making the Void slow down. Once they found the source of the warding...they moved as a pack of wolves upon it.

Ne [Nogantua's]
Twilight Town [The Void]

As one of Ne's part came unto the Void in Twilight Town, the small pece of her began to grow larger and larger. At first it was an enormous glob building and expanding.Son the circular thing grew an arm, an arm that, instead of a hand on the end, was a studded, mace-like object. The other arm, had three prongs on it that twitched as if they were some sort of fingers. Then, two legs grew out of the bottom, large stumps that could support the behemoth it was turning into. Finally, near the front came a triangular head, one with the same molten looking mouth as the canine's Ne was parts of now in another part of the void. Ne had been watching the heartless and she had mish mashed a bunch of them as imitations of them.

The large beast [to be called Nogantua by you guys] took one step forward in the Void, making a huge tremor and shaking the void in such a way that it stretched out more on the outside. The continuous walking and not seeing anything for a long time gave the behemoth more time to pick up his pace. Even the heavy tank like thing was able to move when it wanted to. There was something else here warding the Void and making it something. The beast pursued on, running in the direction of whatever wasn't the Void. More spikes began to form along it's body, like some sort of puffer fish.

OOC: Okay so whoever feels like fighting parts of Ne...well you're gonna have to do it. I'm putting her random form names next to her names as well. I'll draw out pictures for all of them later.

You can't start a KH RP without someone fighting a large giant humanoid monster. pX Have fun darlin's.

FYI: No dialogue posts are hard to write out long.
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Default Re: [RP] KH: Into the Void

(@Sabi: I bet :/ Turned out great, though ^^)

Aletha Goldwing
The Void (Traverse Town)

The Nameless Ones were more and more on edge as something ill was unfolding. Aletha stared up at the creatures in confusion, not understanding what was wrong. For once, they actually seemed to be expressing an emotion: worry.


Thalia exchanged a look with Aletha... then dashed off.

"Thalia, wait!" she called, but to no avail. The Nobody took to the air and disappeared behind the corner of a building. Though the keyblade bearer wanted to follow her and bring her back, the Nameless Ones were ready to roll. They quickly lifted the others onto their backs, saying, THE VOID IS VERY VIOLENT HERE. USUALLY YOU WOULD HAVE WEEKS TO SAVE THE TOWN, BUT IT IS NOT EVEN THAT. YOU HAVE DAYS BEFORE THIS WORLD IS DESTROYED, THE SAME WAY THE WORLD OF THE ISLANDS IS BEING DESTROYED.

"That sounds bad," Aletha naively said, flapping her wings to keep airborne.

One of the Nameless Ones turned and looked at her, but didn't make any motion to put her on its back. WINGED ONE, KEEP CLOSE TO US, was what it said. YOU MIGHT FLY LIKE US, BUT ENTERING THE VOID WITHOUT OUR PROTECTION WILL TEAR YOU TO SHREADS. TAKE CARE NOT TO STRAY TOO FAR.

"I can take care of myself, thank you," she replied with a tilt of her chin, but needless to say she heeded their words. She quickly flew to catch up with them, bravely facing the void. As the emptiness encompassed them, Aletha cringed as she met some resistance. Her senses blurred a little as they crossed over, and she nearly faltered, yet quickly they cleared. She now found herself in a new world of confusion.

HERE WE ARE , the Nameless ones announced as they landed on a platform of sorts (or the ground; Aletha wasn't sure what was what) GET OFF, QUICKLY.

Shakily, Aletha landed next to them and glanced around, wondering what to do. To her surprise, the two Nobodies were glowing... They said something to the Nameless Ones, but Aletha was suddenly distracted. She stared over their shoulders, noticing several dots on the horizon approaching quickly. As they grew closer and closer, she realized that they were a sort of wolf pack...

And they didn't look friendly.

"Look out!" Aletha cried out, summoning her keyblade and sending a brilliant orb of light flying towards the approaching pack.

Traverse Town

After leaving the others behind, Thalia searched the streets thoroughly, ready to face any kind of danger. She wondered int he back of her mind, however, why she had so rashly ran off by herself. Whatever was causing the trouble, there was probably no way she could handle it by herself. Still, she wanted to help. Why, she still wasn't sure, but it seemed to be something her past life would do. Perhaps she could buy the others some time, too.

When she rounded a corner, she suddenly skid to a halt. There they were! Whatever they were... The creatures didn't look like any Heartless or Nobody she had ever seen... It looked like a wolf of some sort.

And it suddenly stopped.

Thalia brought out her dual knives, ready to fight if it attacked. But instead, the creature turned its head and darted off--disappearing into a piece of the void. Thalia stared after it for sometime, then slowly straightened her stance.

"So much for buying time," she muttered to herself. Then turned and watched as another piece of roofing flew off into the Void. "Hurry, guys," she added, clenching her teeth. Maybe she shouldn't have run off like that. She should have stayed and helped them... Whatever was causing the trouble before... it seemed like it was now after them...

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Default Re: [RP] KH: Into the Void

Twilight Town

"... I... I'll do what I can," Roxas said, Oathkeeper and Oblivion manifesting in his hands. He spun both in the direction of the rift, but before they could react to the situation, a massive hand gripped him and tossed him away from the others, the full being appearing between him and the rest of the group. It was well past two stories in height, vaguely human but with a body shape like armor. He'd seen them before... but he couldn't remember ever seeing a Twilight Thorn actually fight.

"Leave me alone already! Don't worry about me, just save Twilight Town!" Roxas instructed, his eyes blazing. The Twilight Thorn seemed much more intent on attacking the Nobody, however, than attacking those he was allied with. No doubt more of this 'traitor' nonsense. What did he do...?

((Blah. Will post for Sora and Kairi later.))
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