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Default Role Play Rulebook & Guide - Only for Advanced RPer's

A Role Playing Rulebook and Guide

by Neo Pikachu


Role Playing – Role playing is about taking on the position (role) of a character created by you. During the role play (often called RP for short), you control and describe the character’s actions and thoughts, as well as portray what they see, hear, feel, touch, and taste during the course of the role play. You can choose to write your RP posts out in either first or third person, but either way, your character’s viewpoint is the main focus during your role play posts.

The Role Play Itself – Each role play typically has a storyline that has already progressed past the exposition stages. From here, the situation at hand is explained and drawn out so that it may be passed down to the characters that other members have created. From there on in, each of these characters approaches the storyline in their own way, often creating their own events and/or interacting with each other to progress the sequence of events. Through this, each role play becomes a story that reflects on each character’s actions and feelings with reflection to the unfolding storyline.

Who enjoys role plays the most? – Typically, anyone who enjoys writing stories but would rather experience it alongside other people would enjoy role playing. Also, anyone who likes video games but would rather do it with more imagination and without all the stats, hit points, and all that other stuff would also enjoy them.


Role Play: Sign Ups
Regardless of whether a Role Play features Pokémon or not, this is where ALL Role Plays need to start. New Role Plays are posted here to acquire members before beginning. Only once an RP has acquired the minimum number of members to begin should the main RP thread be posted in the corresponding board. This is also where discussion of particular role plays or discussion of role playing in general is done. Instead of flooding an RP with out of character discussion, use a role play’s discussion thread to work out problems and post chat.

Pokémon Role Plays
Once a Pokémon Role Play starts, the main thread gets posted here.


These are the basic rules of role plays. Try to follow these rules the best you can. The outcome of the RP can be greatly affected by these.
  • Follow the Forum Guide. This thread contains all of the basic rules of the forum, and they should be followed.
  • Avoid God-modding. God-modding is the term used to describe someone that is being grossly unfair during a role play, such as giving themselves far too much power beyond the allowed scope of the role play, causing harm to another member’s character without giving them a chance to defend themselves, bending reality to give themselves an unfair leverage over other characters, or essentially doing things that would cheat everyone else out of a fair and enjoyable role play.
  • Avoid Bunnying. Bunnying is the term used to describe when one member suddenly takes control of another person’s character, either by governing what they say, what actions they take, or allowing something to happen to that character that the other member did not consent to. If you’re going to interact with another member’s character, the only things they do and say in your post should be things they’ve already done and said in a previous post written by the member that owns those characters. The only time bunnying is allowed is when special permissions are given because one RPer is unable to RP at the current moment, and would like someone else to temporarily take over their character for the time being.
  • Follow all internal rules of the role play. Very often, role plays have their own individual sets of rules that pertain to the situation and conditions that exist within that role play. These should also be followed closely.


Every role play needs one of these. This sign up form is used to create a character based toward certain criteria, and it will help your role players create a more drawn out character. Sign up forms will typically look like this:

Name: <Name of the character>
Gender: <Male or female>
Age: <How old the character is>
Description: <How the character physically looks. Go into detail regarding skin color/tone, height, weight, hair color, eye color, body size, and possible scars and/or tattoos your character might have. Another paragraph could be used to describe the kinds of clothes they are wearing, and a possible third could go into their strengths and weaknesses, like if a character is perceptive and charismatic, but maybe they’re not physically strong.>
Personality: <How the character behaves and what their emotional intelligence is like. Description is a look into the physical side of the character, and this is the mental side of the character. Explain how they generally behave, what makes them angry, what gives them pleasure, how do they view others around them, and what their interests are. The more you flesh this out, the more believable of a personality you will have.>
Background: <This is the character’s history of all the major events and/or generalized summaries of what happened over the many years of their life prior to the events in the role play’s storyline. How were they like as a child, what did they do, what was their immediate family like, and how did their personality affect them throughout the years of their life are just a few of the possible questions you can answer for your character. The more you write to this, the more believable and realistic your character will become.>
Other: <Generally, this is considered a miscellaneous category that doesn’t always need to be filled out. Usually this might be used for weapons your character might be carrying, significant mementos or family heirlooms your character might have, or things of this nature.>


Depending on the situation of the RP, these rules may need to be followed as well.

Travel – Generally, a closely followed rule pertaining travel states that moving from one location to another should take three posts. The first post should focus on the departure, the second on the trip itself (an “en route” post), while the third is the arrival. Also keep in mind the means for travel. For example, a person walking on foot would not be able to reach as many locations as quickly as someone using a motor vehicle.

Attacking Other Role Players – In a situation where the characters created by role players are on opposite sides or have disagreements with each other, it may be possible that these characters will fight each other. When your character fights another role play player’s character, you should follow these guidelines to ensure fair competitiveness and realism.

- Never say your attack hits. Give the other role player a chance to defend themselves and compensate for your assault. Saying your attack hits and harms the other person is Bunnying and is not allowed.
- Never god-mod your character into avoiding everything. Its common sense that your character will attempt to avoid harm coming to them. However, while it’s true that some of these defensive attempts will be successful, not all of them should be. Realistically, your character should take damage from time to time, especially against well-thought out and premeditated attacks.
- Character assassinations (One-hit kills) are a definite no. You wouldn’t want people doing this to you.

NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) – These are supporting characters that exist in the role play’s storyline, but aren’t under the direct ownership of another role player and can be controlled by anyone. These characters may be major characters with names and roles in the storyline, or they can be minor characters without names that only appear for very brief periods of time. NPCs can be civilians, soldiers, creatures, and the like. These characters can either be there to help the characters, be there as enemies, or are neutral parties that are simply interacting with the characters or are in the same place that the character is in. Keep in mind that NPCs still have their own personalities, motives, and characteristics like what normal characters have. A formal description of these personalities is not necessarily. Instead, use their actions and words to portray their character.

Generally, the rules for attacking NPCs are looser than the ones for attacking other characters. NPCs can be wounded in opening strikes, but the rules of fairness and realism must still be respected. Like characters, NPCs will realistically try to fight for their life, will try to avoid injury, and will try to be resourceful and strategic in their attacks and defense. Don’t treat NPCs like lambs to the slaughter or like lemmings.

Out of Character Chat (OOC Chat) – This is used when role players need to communicate outside of the RP’s context. To make sure this isn’t confused with in character chat, you should put “OOC” before it. So it should be something like this:

OOC: Hey John, did you read my post? My character was talking to yours.

Generally, statements of a few sentences like this are okay within the RP itself. However, for questions or to settle debates within the RP itself, role players should take these kinds of disagreements or concerns to the role play’s discussion thread.


To ensure the maximum satisfaction from role playing, follow these guides. This will not only help you enjoy the RP more, but it will also make it more enjoyable for other role players involved with the RP.

Formatting & Proofreading
  • Type your posts in Microsoft Word (or any other word processing program that has a spell/grammar checker). This will allow you to catch mistakes before they happen. It will also allow you to view much more of your RP post before you post it since the message box is very small to work with. When you’re done, simply highlight everything, and use copy and paste to put what you’ve written into the forum message box. A shortcut is CTRL+C to copy, and CTRL+V to paste.
  • Use the Preview button before you post. This will allow you to see how the post will look before its submitted. With this, you can check to see if the post is clear and easy to read, and if you formatted your BB code correctly. Not to mention that you might pick up mistakes here that you didn’t see before if you proofread on your word processor.
  • Check BB Coding before submitting. BB Code is what VBulletin uses to make words bold, italic, and underlined. Here is a guide to BB Code if you’re unfamiliar with it or need a refresher. Make sure there aren’t any breaks in the coding, because they do stand out when not formatted correctly.

Tips for helping to keep an interesting and enjoyable RP going:
  • Keep active. Inactivity is the #1 killer of role plays, so if you’re unsure that you’ll be able to keep up with the role play for some time, reconsider joining it. Role plays typically last for a month or two, so if you feel your free time and/or ability to role will be severely dampened. Also, try not to join more than two role plays at a time, unless you really feel you have the time and interest to handle being active in all of them.
  • Contribute to the storyline. Its okay to go lone wolf for a while in an RP, but don’t do that for the entire RP unless you’re building up to something that will involve the other characters involved with the RP. And if you feel you’d rather enjoy things more by yourself, then I’d suggest fan fiction might be better for you.
  • Challenge yourself to try new things. Sticking with a routine does get boring, even if you don’t think it will. If the role play you’re in seems to be a little on the slow side and things are not heating up to keep the activity alive, throw in a plot twist by putting the characters under a little more pressure, or by having something they thought was working for them suddenly turn against them. Believe it or not, the more desperate things seem to get, the more activity shoots up. Just don’t go too much over the edge, or else people start to feel helpless and think there’s no hope for the situation.
  • Write interesting and descriptive posts. Generally, the best kinds of role play posts are well over two five-sentence paragraphs that are loaded with character reflections, actions, feelings, and use of the character’s senses and intuition. Doing this not only helps you become a better role player, but it helps you become a better writer overall. And yes, that does help with school.
  • Use other experienced role players as examples. If you’re new to role playing, look to other role players that have been around for some time as a source of inspiration. Read their posts, follow their methods, and try to challenge yourself to become like them. We were all newbies once, but no one needs to stay that way.


In my years of creating role plays, I’ve tried many different things, some which worked, and some which didn’t. Regardless, if you want to read more about the formulas I use to create the kinds of role plays that I make for when you’re ready to make your own, read on.
  • If you’re new to role playing, join a few RPs first. Allow yourself to become familiar with how role plays on PE2K work. Doing this will allow you to understand the process, and in the meantime, seeking advice or critique from other role players is another possibility that will help you get better and will allow you to see what you’re doing right and what can be improved upon.
  • Originality is extremely critical. Role plays that feature the same overdone ideas like the fledgling trainers go collect badges, evil Team XYZ captures legendary so-and-so with a take-over-the-world plan, and the typical Pokémon Mystery Dungeon storyline that hasn’t been changed one bit from the games are really bad ideas. People have done these before not just in the games, but there’s been many RPs that have come and gone that have done this already, and to tell the truth, most of them have capsized because of unoriginal and uninspired creation. If you want your RP to succeed (and who wouldn’t?), then you need to get creative, make something original and fresh, avoid clichés, and whip out new ideas that will really wow people.
  • Seek out your inspiration for a storyline. Once you feel you’re ready to try making your own role play for other people to join, brainstorm how you want to create it first. Video games, books, movies, music, and many other kinds of media are sources that can inspire you to make a storyline that can involve other people and characters using original ideas and opening plots. Borrow the concepts from multiple sources, combine them, alter them so they are uniquely yours, and use them to create an interesting storyline.
  • Use music sources to help you keep to the mood. Surprisingly, I find this helps a lot. Are you writing a role play that will involve a lot of intense action and fighting? Pop in a soundtrack from an action movie or an action/adventure video game (Awesome source #1, Awesome source #2, Awesome source #3, if you’re looking for video game music) to help you bring your writing into the intense and action-oriented mood. Or, if you’re writing a role play that will have a more morbid horror theme to it, use music that reflects that like what you would hear from a horror movie or game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Figure out what kind of genre your role play will have, and listen to music from sources in the same genre. This will help you keep in the mood and it will allow you to stick to the theme as you write it out.
  • Put your role players under pressure. Role players enjoy an RP more if they feel their characters are put under pressure and need to make quick actions, improvise, go into depth with character reflections and intuition, and feel they need to take actions or else they’re going to miss out on a true adventure. Meanwhile, the more sources of pressure and conflict involved, the better. If one obstacle is too easily overcome, your role players will probably give up the RP thinking they’re done and its over.
  • Take part in your own RP. Most people do this anyway, but on occasion, some don’t. Know that when you RP in your own role play, your role players are looking up to you and are following your example. Meanwhile, they’re also using you for a sense of direction. If your role play sign up is a mess and is hastily made, you’re going to attract role players that take on that same kind of mentality in their role playing, and it will be looked down upon. Be a guide and role model for them, but don’t make them feel like they’re being dragged along.
  • Keep up good expectations when writing your role plays and reading sign ups. Don’t be too eager to allow just anyone to walk through the gate, but don’t be too strict either. If a person’s character sign up looks like it was rushed, seems messy, and/or isn’t organized and is hard to follow, ask that they edit it and make it more clear, and try to point out what you would like improved. Don’t lower the bar of expectations for that person, because that invites other people to do the same as they have done.
  • Only close your sign ups when its really necessary. If the role play you’re making strictly needs a particular number of role players and it would badly affect the storyline to have more, then lock sign ups once you’ve gotten the needed amount. Otherwise, there is really no reason to close them, and having role players join late in the game isn’t so bad if they can catch up on their own.
  • Don’t wait too long to get started. The very maximum you should wait before opening up an RP is a week, but typically, 4-5 days is best. If you wait too long, the role players that have signed up will probably begin to lose interest and may get impatient.
  • Keep things under control and manage what’s allowed and what’s not. You may find a situation where a role player is abusing a loophole you might have overlooked in the storyline, or they’re using a power, weapon, or tool to gain an unfair advantage. Keep in mind what both sides are thinking, and try to come to an amicable situation for both of them. Only when a person is deliberately abusing the rules and doesn’t care to listen to you after you’ve told them to change their act should you bar them from the RP. But at least give people a chance to negotiate and work out a solution before taking such actions.

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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides

How Neo Pikachu Does It: A Role Play Creation Tutorial Guide


Okay, so you know how art threads have tutorials? Well, this is a tutorial for how I make RPs. A lot of people have asked me how I do it, and a lot of people have always said the way I make RPs astounds them. Well, I’m not going to spend this entire thread with bragging (I don’t like it and I’m a really modest guy when it comes to compliments), but I will let you look in on some of the key elements that I use to go about making an RP. I’ll even use an idea I have and show you how it evolves into a full fledged RP.


Like ice cream? Well, that’s what I’m going to compare RP building to. If at any point of this explanation you feel hungry enough to go get some, go on ahead, I’ll wait.

Anyway, consider your RP “basis” to be that single scoop of ice cream that gets started off. So, you have a basic idea that you want to get started. The problem is, too many people get so into this basic idea that they grab a bunch of cups (start their sign up thread too early), slap one scoop of ice cream into it (present their idea), and pass it around (post it and hope for sign ups). Problem is, people want more. Maybe they’d like another scoop, or some hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, all that “extra” stuff that makes a sundae a sundae, and not just any old scoop of ice cream. The trick is to have your main idea, and then think outside of your idea to add in more ideas, and then find a way to apply those outside ideas to your main idea.

So think of it this way. This is a rough draft outline example, but you’ll see where I’m getting at:
  • Your starting scoop: A basic plot, situation, and setting. Main conflict may or may not be involved right off the bat, it depends.
  • A second scoop: A secondary conflict. Something else is going on that is separate from the main conflict involved.
  • A possible third scoop: If it looks like there’s room, a possible third conflict that presents itself. Just don’t make it go overboard if it seems like two may be enough.
  • Hot fudge: There’s something going on with the RPer characters. Either they have some kind of attribute, power, or something that makes them unique and different.
  • Whipped Cream: A supplemental setting situation that goes with one of the conflicts. It helps bring out the sundae, but normally you wouldn’t eat it alone, right? Let’s say this involves something with the environment, a possible disease, or some other kind of calamity that puts your characters under pressure.
  • Sprinkles: Again, another setting supplement. Something that you maybe didn’t cover in the “whipped cream” part.
  • Cherry: That “finisher” that isn’t necessary, but instead makes a good RP into a great RP and gives it that “complete” feeling.

The key issue is balance. You want your RP (or sundae) to have all the works, be interesting, and tasty, but you don’t want it to be a chaotic mess (throw in too much unneeded stuff) or be plain and boring (single scoop of vanilla, AKA same old boring thing). You also want your ideas to complement each other, and what I mean by that is you want them to work together within the storyline.

In an RP, characters need to have pressure put down upon them. Pressure could be in many forms, such as being expected to do a difficult task, escape from pursuers, deal with powerful enemies, prevent/evade natural disasters, avoid infectious diseases, and many, many other possible dangers and threats. You can get your ideas for the kinds of threats in an RP by watching inspiring movies that have action and adventure, playing action and adventure video games, listening to movie soundtracks, and many other inspiring media forms.

But your ideas have to complement each other within the setting. For example, you really shouldn’t have a medieval fantasy setting with swords, chivalry, dragons, and all that stuff and then have an alien invasion. I’m not saying it would be impossible to work it out, but generally, people would think it would be extremely odd that you’re grabbing stuff from the fantasy and sci-fi genres and expect them to work together. Its like ketchup and eggs. Some people actually really like it, but there’s quite a few who don’t. Since you’re trying to please the majority, let’s try something else.

So, I’m going to work out an RP from the very beginning. Even though how I get these ideas and the final outcome may or may not be up your alley in terms of interest, you’ll see the step by step process of how I do it.

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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides


I show you how I take a bunch of relatively simple ideas, weave them together, and make one of those kinds of RPs that I get all kinds of complements for.

Beginning (the single scoop of vanilla)

Using the ice cream sundae analogy, I’m going to let my first scoop of vanilla (RP idea with no conflict) be the situation in italic below.

A small colony of Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus secluded away from other Pokémon and human societies.

Okay, so technically you could have an RP based on this alone where everyone decides whether to role play a Pichu, a Pikachu, or a Raichu living in this solitary society. But that’s your boring single vanilla scoop “sundae” right there. Sure, it may be fun for a little while, but there’s nothing to really drive the RP. There’s no pressure to do anything. Heck, you could RP a Pikachu that does nothing but sleep in a hammock all day and well, that works because there’s nothing to really drive him or anyone else to do anything. Life is a-okay. Everything is peaceful, happy, and life couldn’t be better.

And though it pains me to admit it… peace is… well, kind of boring. If you want a successful RP going, then you’ve got to give your RPers some kind of goal and something to focus their attention. So let’s add some more stuff and give these electric rodents something to do… and sweat about!

SPECIAL NOTE: When you make your first scoop, you’re also making your setting. You need to decide if this is Earth, the Pokémon world, some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world, some other planet, and so on. You also decide on the time period and the technology level. Remember that these will make it easier to implement some ideas and harder to implement others. If you make the RP happen in the future, then it makes sense for there to be robots, ultra-powerful computers, and so on. If its happening in the past, then these things will seem out of place. However, things like blades, swords, and crossbows which would have been a bit out of place in a futuristic RP are generally welcome now.

Note that if you can get the gears turning, you actually could have it make sense for things that would seem out of line for a time period to be in there. I have seen robots in settings that were in medieval fantasy games, but they’re very rare and for good reason. You could also have a futuristic sword in a sci-fi setting. Just look at the lightsabers in Star Wars.

Crisis and Conflict (the cookies n’ cream second scoop)

This is going to be our first conflict situation (or scoop). Believe it or not, there’s another one coming up, but I’ll get to that later. And so, here it is in italics below.

Humans have been locked in a violent war that has ravaged many cities and has resulted in the death of many people. One of these countries (we’ll work on naming things later) decides to go over the edge and use a dishonorable weapon to bring the war to an end.

Okay, simply after reading that, you may notice that this has nothing to do with the Chu colony. Well, how the two are connected can come later. As for how I came up with the idea that makes the “cookies n’ cream” scoop, in a lot of movies and video games, you’ll see this is actually quite a common occurrence where one country or faction does something really ridiculous, such as using nukes, biological weapons, and that kind of thing. So, we’ll expand on this idea a bit.

The “over the edge” nation (Nation A) decides to use a “White Neutralizer” bomb, a weapon they feel would ethically neutralize and pacify Nation B and Nation C by turning all of their inhabitants into Pokémon while forcing them to forget about their nation’s cause.

So, how did I come up with this idea now? Well, arguably, it’s a PMD concept, even though the whole idea of transforming people into Pokémon was devised LONG before PMD came out. However, it’s the idea that most people associate with when it comes to this very popular theme.

Adding Extra Plot Features (giving the cookies n’ cream scoop some chocolate fudge)

Well, right now we have the Chu colony aspect, and the whole human war with Nation A turning everyone in Nation B and C into Pokémon. Right now, its pretty clear the idea is really unfinished, so we’re going to keep going with it. However, I’m not even going to try and connect the two just yet. You’ll see it later.

Anyway, what I’m going to add in here is a plot device that will affect the conflict and make things a little sweeter and more interesting (like chocolate fudge). See for yourself:

The White Neutralizer bombs work, but to a degree. They transform the inhabitants of Nation B and C into Pokémon, but unlike Nation A’s predictions, these Pokémon still have their human memories and understanding. To Nation A’s shock, Nation B and C launch a biological virus warfare retaliation against Nation A, decimating most of the area to ruins. The few survivors are mutated by the catastrophic biological weapons into horrific, bloodthirsty monsters.

Okay, so it’s a little morbid, I know. You’ll never see the Pokémon series or games do this kind of thing, which is a letdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a few decent RPs out of it settings that would have gotten a T for Teen or an M for Mature with an ESRB rating on the game cover. As for how I got this idea, well, the same kind of theme is in the Terminator series, Fallout games, Resident Evil series, and that kind of thing. As before, all of these concepts are pretty basic alone, but when you add them all and tie it together, your idea will look very original even if it utilizes basic, done-already concepts.

So, basically what we have now is Nation A is now in ruins, swarming with mutants, danger, and death. Nation B and C are full of angry humans gone Pokémon. Meanwhile, somewhere is a Chu colony that has no idea that any of this just happened.

Adding Extra Plot Features (giving the vanilla scoop some sprinkles)

Okay, setting the whole human/Pokémon war aside, we’re going to go back to the whole Chu colony idea and make it a little more interesting. You’ll see why I’m returning to this now and why I didn’t approach it before.

For hundreds of years, the Kyral colony (Chu colony with a name) has existed in peace within the peace and beauty of Versais Forest. Kadesh, a soothsayer Raichu, founded the Kyral colony at the base of an ancient, natural fountain in Lake Jykali. Kadesh knew that over time, this special fountain would bestow gifts of blessing and power to his descendants which would grow stronger by each generation. However, because the fountain was a strict secret, he avoided all contact with the outside world of Pokémon and humans. For hundreds of years, these electric rodents changed slightly as time went on due to the fountain’s gifts.

Basically, it explains why when you RP as one of these Kyral Pichus, Pikachus, or Raichus, you’ll have a nifty little power to make things interesting. It also makes it clear that this power didn’t just “happen” out of random. So, these are the ingredients that make your character special in a way. And they’re going to need it.

So, how did I come up with the whole Kyral/Kadesh/fountain idea? Its hard to point the finger on one particular idea, but a lot of this is a combination of fantasy based concepts. I’d have to say this is more of an original idea of mine, but concepts like the fountain of youth, Kung Fu Panda, and that kind of thing can somewhat relate to this.

And guess what? We’re adding in a third scoop. Behold!

Another Conflict (Adding in a third scoop of chocolate ice cream)

Scoop #3 actually is what ties Scoop #1 and #2 together. How? You’ll see how. Details below.

The human turned Pokémon of Nation B and C are finding themselves in conflict with the native Pokémon of their own lands, being called derogatory names like “The Tainted” while the native Pokémon consider themselves to be “The Pure.” The Pure Pokémon wage a new war against the Tainted, believing they are unnatural and should be eliminated.

To separate the two, the Tainted are Pokémon that were once humans. They feel very uncomfortable without having clothing of some kind on them, even if its simply a ribbon or a towel wrapped around their waist. Pure Pokémon often ridicule them for this, often stripping them of their garments before killing them.

Okay, they’re not linked just yet but I’m getting to that. This idea puts a new conflict into place. Nation A is a dangerous, mutant-infested wasteland, and Nation B and C are filled with Pokémon at war, a deadly battle between the Pure, who are trying to exercise their supreme authority over the Tainted because they feel they are unnatural abominations, while the Tainted are simply trying to defend themselves. Obviously, the Kyral colony is somewhere in Nation B or C… or else it would have been nuked pretty much.

How did I come up with this idea? Well, this is more of a matter of finding common ground to link ideas with. Naturally, native, “Pure” Pokémon could view the “Tainted” as foreign invaders, and this does naturally happen with wildlife on Earth sometimes. Meanwhile, the unnatural Tainted Pokémon are on the desperate side, many of them unsure of what to do or how to fight like the Pure Pokémon can. So, now we’re going to link the Kyral colony with this new crisis.

Adding Extra Plot Features (the whipped cream that ties it all together)

And here goes:

In their recruitment search, several Pure Pokémon stumble upon the Kyral colony, a peaceful and neutral colony of Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus, also Pokémon that could be considered “Pure” and ripe for recruitment. The army of Pure Pokémon descends upon them, pressuring them to join the cause, or be labeled as “Traitors of Nature,” the derogatory name given to native Pokémon that sympathized with the Tainted and tried to offer them refuge and haven.

There was some silence as the members of the Kyral colony suddenly recalled one of the ancient prophecies that was told throughout the generations that had lived in the colony…

It was then that army of darkness would descend upon Kyral, but they would show no fear, no hesitation, and no sorrow. For Kyral has always been about fostering the peace, the truth, and the light… not only for Kyral, but for all living things, both big and small.

And it would be then that the Guild of Salvation would be formed with one member from each of the six clans. For they would go as far as [Nation A], find the Desert of the Midnight Sun, and the Guild would find the Oasis of Light to perform the Honor Prayer. For they would go as far as [Nation B] to the Valley of Ivory Stars, and the Guild would find the Circle of Hope to perform the Rising Prayer. For they would go as far as [Nation C] to the Lake of Dreams and find the Spring of Eternity to perform the Thanksgiving Prayer. Once these events had come to pass, the world, torn by strife and hatred, would be renewed by the Miracle of Balance. The Day upon when hatred, violence, and pain would die would become the new dawn not only for our beloved of Kyral, but for all.

It was then that these Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus realized that these events that were prophesied many years ago were on the brink of coming to pass. However, to reject the invitation of the Pure Pokémon would brand them as traitors.

However, the Kyral members had retreated, abandoning their ancestral home in hopes that the Guild of Salvation might be formed among the brave and willing members of the Kyral colony. It is now up to them to travel across the world to fulfill the ancient text’s requests while abominations and the vengeful “Pure” hunt them down, unaware of what the forgotten Kyral intend to do…

I won’t deny, tying events together like this is NOT an easy job, and it requires a lot of creativity and thought. You could ask me where I got these ideas from, but I have to say, these ideas would only work in this context. A lot of it comes into play through trying to find common ground with these ideas and making them relate to each other to make a situation that challenges the RPers to act and think creatively.

Prophecies, dreams, visions, and other kinds of supernatural revelations are good for an RP of this context, but there are other ways to get it done. If you’re looking for means of tying things together without so much fictional stuff, you could have conspiracies and wrongful assumptions, though these are just a tiny few suggestions of possible means that you could use to tie ideas together in unison. However, be extremely careful at this step of the RP creation. You don’t want to make the whole thing sound weird and feel awkward to work with.

So now, compare the original “vanilla scoop” with what’s here. Instead of having a bunch of sleepy electric rodents, they now have to go across the world to fulfill an ancient prophecy while being pursued by savage, bloodthirsty enemies so that they may have the hope of restoring peace to a world so catastrophically ravaged by war. MUCH more interesting, eh?

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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides

Some Great Extras (the cherry on top)

Okay, these aren’t totally necessary, but they can help make a good RP a great RP. Right now, our Kyral colony RP idea could work and is playable. But here are things that can help it even more and give it that special flavor.

The Six Clans – Okay, so according to the Kyral Prophecy of the Guild of Salvation, at least one member of each of the six clans needs to be around to do the “Prayers” correctly. To make the situation more interesting, let’s have our RPers be able to choose what Kyral Clan their character belongs to. Not only that, but I left out the part where each member of the Kyral colony get a power. Let’s have their power based on what Clan they belong to. So we can use these six as a basis to work with:
  • Lightbringer – The clerical healers of the Kyral colony, the Lightbringer Clan members are able to heal wounds, repair broken bones, and remove deadly poisons. Meanwhile, as they are blessed with the light, they are able to illuminate dark passage ways and use their power of light to blind enemies.
  • Skychaser – The Skychasers are members of the Kyral colony that were actually born with a pair of feather wings, able to fly and use the power of wind. However, physical blows hurt them more as their bones are hollowed to allow for flight. Have the same attacks and weaknesses as flying Pokémon.
  • Blazefury – Members of the Blazefury Clan are able to outrun even a Rapidash, moving with swift agility and dexterity. Meanwhile, they have some control over fire (able to do small fire attacks like Ember and Fire Spin, but nothing like Flamethrower or Fire Blast) and have full resistance to flames. They can essentially take a bath in lava and laugh off Fire Blasts like its nobody’s business.
  • Stormcaller – The Stormcaller members of the Kyral colony are the weather regulators, able to call in heat waves, blizzards, thunderstorms, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on to affect a thirty mile area. Members of the Kyral colony will only be minimally affected by the weather changes (they might get wet from a hurricane, but they won’t get blown away).
  • Spiritseeker – Members of the Spiritseeker Clan have the same credentials as psychic Pokémon, able to use psychic attacks, use long-range telepathy, use telekinesis, read minds, use clairvoyance, and can send visions in the forms of dreams (allowing someone to see what they’ve seen). They also share the same strengths and weaknesses as psychic Pokémon.
  • Shadowmancer – Members of the Shadowmancer Clan are able to communicate with the dead, as well as “borrow” their memories. A Shadowmancer can find the corpse of a dead Pokémon and use their innate power in combination with direct contact with the corpse, they can learn and see things that the dead body once knew and saw in life. Meanwhile, Shadowmancers have the ability to bring life back to the dead, though anyone brought back from the dead this way will be in critical condition and will die again if they are not healed quickly (a Shadowmancer and a Lightbringer can raise someone back from the dead back to full health).

Always be extremely careful when you make powers like these, and ensure the powers don’t go overboard. You don’t want to give RPers so much power than they’re essentially unbeatable, because then things get pretty messy and boring. Here, most of these powers are based off of other Pokémon types. Lightbringers are not a problem because they’re there to make up for a lack of healing items. Skychasers aren’t bad, simply turning these Kyral characters into miniaturized versions of Zapdos, who even with the increased stats (which these characters won’t even have) is still pretty fallible. Blazefuries aren’t so bad either, since all you’re essentially doing is making the fire/electric types which still have a weakness with ground attacks. Stormcallers aren’t too bad since there are plenty of Pokémon that can modify the weather already in the form of Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sand Storm, and so on. A Raichu Stormcaller isn’t going to have much luck using a hurricane against enemies that are water types. However, combining a tornado and his own electric attacks will help give him an edge… at least until he faces some rock and ground types that won’t be affected by either. Spiritseekers are essentially electric/psychic, which isn’t a problem either since psychic Pokémon already have most of those features anyway. Meanwhile, the Shadowmancers are more of an experiment. However, having the ability to learn and see what someone else saw could be helpful when dealing with the enemy. Meanwhile, the raise dead ability really helps if one of the RPs gets into a tight spot, or they badly need the help of a dead NPC. So basically, with these in mind, this is a pretty safe but likable power setup. Remember, you want each power to have the same kind of attraction and to be balanced out. Otherwise you’re going to have everyone pick the same thing.

Some powers that would be a disaster to use might be something like these:

Legends: – “I summon Jirachi and wish that all my enemies will die!” Yeah… legends are messy, especially some of the more powerful ones.
Time Control/Travel: – Generally, messing with time flow in an RP is a bad idea, because not everyone will be on the same page. RPer A may be in the past while RPer B is still in the present. How does that work if RPer A is affecting things that would have affected the current era of RPer B?
Transformation into ridiculous things: – Giving someone the power to transform into a 100 foot tall dragon or twenty-headed hydra can make things get very ridiculous really fast.
Massive, terrain shaping power: – You might not think it, but giving the power of raising mountains and stuff like that is pretty hefty stuff. Raise a mountain right up out of a city and you’re looking at one dead city.

Remember, if a normal, non-legendary Pokémon can do it, its generally okay. Don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box (like with the Shadowmancers). Just tread lightly.

With the presence of these powers and clans, you present a new situation where RPers will need to work together to make sure at least six RPers, each controlling a character from a different clan, will make it to the site to do the ritual prayer. If everyone’s RPing Blazefuries or Stormcallers, you’re not going to be able to get very far!

Maps – Maps are especially helpful if you’re dealing with a world setting that doesn’t have a map for it already. If your RP is going to feature Johto, Kanto, or places like that, then you don’t need a map since they exist already. However, if you’re making a whole new world, make a map and give people something to use as reference. The more detailed the map, the more vivid and realistic the setting becomes.

In this RP, we’d basically have Nation A, the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the Kyral members will need to go through in order to do Part 1 of 3, the Honor Prayer at the Oasis of Light. Here, they have the challenge to navigate through fallen human cities and fight against mutated abominations that used to be humans and other Pokémon. For the sake of the RP, it shouldn’t be super-fast and easy. Sure, the Skychasers might be able to fly there, but they need five other members from the other clans to be able to do the ritual in the first place. Meanwhile, to do the other two rituals, they need to head to Nation B and C, which are in the middle of a savage war. Without a doubt, the Kyral members sooner or later might get pulled into the fight, or at least the crossfire. Remember that the Pure Pokémon flagged them as traitors. Also, the Tainted Pokémon might not trust them either, seeing them as “those savage Pures” that have been harassing them since they existed.

In the end, its an RP that requires teamwork, communication, and creative strategy.

Okay, so basically these are the kinds of methods that I use to make an RP. If you break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, its much easier to think about how you want to design it. Leave the tying together parts for last, don’t try to tie everything together in strict sequence. I’ve tried it and it gets messy, or at least to me it does.

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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides


At this point, now you’ve got to write out your ideas and present them to your potential RPers. Think of this as serving the ice cream sundae. You want it to look nice, not have ice cream goop dripping over the edges, and not end up on someone’s lap! With this, it helps to use the best of your writing ability along with proofreading and creative description. I’ll go through each part of how I write up the Kyral RP (which I’m giving the title of The Guild of Salvation RP) so you’ll see how I typically handle this.

What will be in the actual RP is written in black. My tutorial comments will be written in blue, highlighting the format and organization I typically use when dealing with an RP like this.


The Guild of Salvation RP

I will not deny, if you can make decent banners, do it for your RP. The other option is to have someone else make the banner for you, as in requesting in a banner shop or something like that. Most people request banners for their signature, but there’s nothing stopping you from requesting one for an RP to give it some more life and color. Think of it as giving your RP some box art.

So, what we have here is a banner I made in Photoshop, given almost a surreal and dreamy kind of effect. It helps if you base the banner off of the theme of the RP. Since this RP has a kind of dreamy-like plot (prophecy, inherited powers, and so on), the banner bends more toward that. If this had been an horror/noir kind of RP, then I probably would have made the banner more macabre-looking with blood splatter, grunge effects, and so on.

In the meantime, have the RP’s title out in words just in case the image link breaks or your host goes down. You never know.


Many thousands of years ago in the world of Rakantal, Kadesh, a wise soothsayer Raichu, founded the Kyral colony at Lake Jykali, deep within the forgotten realms of the Versais Forest. In a dream vision, he was instructed by the benevolent spirits Kao, Nian, and Fal to begin the community here, for the Fountain of Synergy in the center of Lake Jykali would bless his descendants. Kao, Nian, and Fal also instructed Kadesh to begin writing the The Kyral Prophecy, for one day, the time would come that it would be the Pokémon of this colony would restore peace and prosperity to the world in an era of great chaos. But, in order to ensure these events would come to pass, the colony of youthful and naďve Pichus, young and energetic Pikachus, and strong and wise Raichus would need to remain here for many generations so that the Fountain of Synergy would bless his descendants.

And for many generations, the colony thrived, always remembering Kadesh, the Kyral Prophecy and the Code of Conduct, and the spiritual guidance he left behind to give them guidance, peace, and compassionate understanding. Very few members of this enigmatic colony left the colony as those who were born in it lived out their entire years within its peace. Their very lives were a mystery to the rest of the world, as the deep and obscuring trees of the Versais Forest housed and protected them. Rarely did anyone from the outside world come across the Kyral colony, and the few that did briefly came and went, despite the hospitality and generosity of the colony’s inhabitants.

Okay, as you can tell, now I’m taking things by chronological order. If you flip flop between events that happened in the present and events that happened in the past, its going to be confusing. Since we don’t need to introduce the human nation war just yet, we’ll start with what happens first in time: the establishment of the Kyral colony and the mythical prophecy and attributes that surround it. Since the Kyral colony is special in a lot of ways and has secrets that they don’t want to share, we’re going to make them a little more secluded.

Over the many years, the electric mice of the Kyral colony soon began to notice slight changes in their young offspring. Some were able to see brief visions, mend small cuts and bruises, and even cause a purely sunny day to turn into a gentle shower. As predicted, many of the elders of the Kyral colony believed these were the seeds of the powers promised by the ancient Kadesh and the spirits that guided him. It was evident that there was now a sign that the Fountain of Synergy was bestowing its blessings upon the younger generations.

And over the generations, the blessings grew stronger. The Pokémon that were once the young offspring that showed the beginning signs of the fountain’s blessing were now the elders of the colony. Kalen, the chieftain Raichu of the colony at the time, had experienced a vision to organize the six clans of Kyral based upon the six different blessings the fountain had granted them. In truth, Kadesh had mentioned this event in the Kyral Prophecy, and Kalen obeyed. Despite their evolving differences, the six clans within the Kyral colony thrived in peaceful unity. Now, after so many generations have passed, the electric mice of the Kyral colony have reached the height of their blessing…

…and now it may just be the only hope the world still has…

Here is how the powers get explained an incorporated into the storyline. If your characters are going to have powers and special attributes, having a justification for them helps a lot. Also, the more a character has known and felt this power, the more familiar it should be to them.

And in light of this, only mention events from the past that actually affect things in the present. Despite how much of a role Kadesh plays in this, we only need to know that he was the original founder of the colony and that he was guided into writing the prophecy. If need be, those can get developed in the RP itself if its really necessary.

Also, ending sections of your RP storyline with spicy cliffhangers helps get people enticed.


Unknown to the Kyral colony, the humans of the world of Rakantal were locked in vicious, bitter warfare as they all sought the last deposits of Kyterian, precious mineral resources they needed to power their cities. The nation of Lamac possessed the last remaining fields, and the nations of Nazmarc and Janzek desperately pleaded and attempted to bargain with Lamac to obtain same share of the precious resources.

However, the negotiations failed, and a bitter and angry struggle was the result. Knowing that the loss of power would cause entire national economies to crumble, riots to break out, and worldwide chaos to ensure, the leaders of these nations were willing to fight over the last remaining Kyterian deposits to maintain order in their nations. Every country in Rakantal wanted to buy more time, but there simply was not enough resources to go around.

However… life in Rakantal was about to change…

Okay, as you can tell, Nation A is Lamac, Nation B is Nazmarc, and Nation C is Janzek. Also, we’ve established our motives as to why these nations are fighting. All of these nations are desperate, and Lamac doesn’t want to share because they feel the minerals are in their borders.

At the end of a horrific series of battles, the Kyterian deposits had been won by Nazmarc and Janzek. However, Lamac, in their bitter frustration, decided to launch their ultimatum weapons, the White Neutralizer bombs, weapons that would affect the armies and civilians of Nazmarc and Janzek on a nationwide scale. These bombs were expected to turn the humans of both of these countries into Pokémon that would lose all their memories and experiences, and be rendered neutralized.

The first part of the strike had worked, but unlike how they predicted, these new Pokémon still had their memories as humans. Furious at the audacity of Lamac, the enraged leaders of Nazmarc and Janzek ordered a vicious, biological viral strike on Lamac as revenge for their war crimes. However, fighting fire with fire never solved anything…

…Lamac was reduced to a post-apocalyptic ruins. The survivors were the unfortunate ones, who were mutated into twisted, ravaging, and bestial mutants. However, the sinful act of these Nazmarc and Janzek leaders was punished by rebellion groups who found their actions deplorable. But in the end, Lamac was now a nightmarish wasteland, and Nazmarc and Janzek were left in disarray as the once human Pokémon were left to live in cities meant for humans. All of them never got over the loss of their humanity, still feeling the need to wear at least some form of clothing.

However, this was only the beginning of their nightmares…

And so that concludes how Lamac got screwed up into being a horrific wasteland of mutants, and it builds up to how Nazmarc and Janzek became two nations of what will later be called “Tainted” Pokémon. It also explains why Lamac launched the bombs, and how Nazmarc and Janzek aggressively responded at Lamac’s audacity. Now that the human war has ended in a lose-lose situation, so begins the new war that takes place between the Pure and the Tainted.

It wasn’t long until some of the natural wild Pokémon of Rakantal found the remnants and aftermath of the human war that left countless numbers of humans as Pokémon. These wild Pokémon decided these new and unnatural Pokémon were a taint upon the land, and had to be eliminated. These wild Pokémon called themselves the “Pure” while those that had once been human were considered the “Tainted.” The ones known as the Tainted found it hard to bring themselves to use Pokémon attacks and moves, instead trying to rely on using human weapons whenever possible, though in many cases, they could no longer handle them. Unprepared and inexperienced as Pokémon, the Tainted found themselves often at the mercy of the Pure…

…and no mercy was given.

And here’s how the new war gets established. Again, cliffhangers and tense, gripping sentences really help bring out the effect that you want your RP to have.


The Pures traveled far and wide to recruit Pokémon to fight and eliminate the Tainted, using propaganda to condemn them as foreign invaders and byproducts of the human vice known as “science.” This new faction of angry “Pures” was called “Cleansing Fire,” and their wild and violent fervor forced many Pokémon that would have liked to remain neutral in the whole matter to have to comply with the murderous genocide.

Since not all of the “Pures” are going to be allied with the Pures that want to kill off the Tainted, we’re giving the murderous Pures the faction name to separate them. And if you haven’t guessed already, yeah, Cleansing Fire is very Nazi-ish.

However, there were still many Pures that absolutely refused to join Cleansing Fire, thinking that in time, the ones Cleansing Fire referred to as the Tainted would eventually integrate themselves into the society of Pokémon peacefully. However, Cleansing Fire declared war on them as well, calling all Pures that didn’t follow their cause to be “Traitors of Nature.” While many Pure Pokémon had been alienated this way, it still didn’t stop the reign of Cleansing Fire as they tortured and brutally murdered the Tainted, ridiculing them for their weakness and attachment to the human society they used to have.

Realistically, the Kyral colony wouldn’t be completely alone in their efforts to try and save the Tainted. However, them getting help would be rare, and all the while, the Kyral Pokémon would be facing prosecution. At the same time, every second lost means more innocent lives. Without a doubt, the pressure is on.

It wasn’t long until several members of Cleansing Fire came upon the Kyral colony and discovered the seemingly forgotten society of Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus. Blinded by their ravaging hatred, they demanded that they see the chieftain Raichu. Sakan, the current leader of the Kyral colony, approached the visitors with the same hospitality that Kyral had given to guests in the past. However, the members of Cleansing Fire would not return the favor…

They had explained the situation to Sakan, and that new, foreign Pokémon that used to be humans now infested the lands, and that they should be eliminated and killed so that none of their taint would infest and corrupt the natural balance. However, Sakan shook his head, feeling that even though the humans may have brought an end to their society, they shouldn’t be punished with such brutality. Instead, he felt they should approach the once-human Pokémon and help them get their lives back together.

The Cleansing Fire emissaries, losing their patience with Sakan, demanded that he surrender his strongest and most capable warriors to the Cleansing Fire cause. By now, the argument had escalated, and already many of the other members of the Kyral colony were looking on with worry. However, Sakan still refused to aid such a brutal and barbaric cause.

In front of the entire colony, Sakan was struck down and killed, and the entire Kyral colony was branded as Traitors of Nature. Many of the colony’s inhabitants fled in frantic retreat as the Cleansing Fire warriors ransacked, pillaged, and burned the colony to the ground.

Okay, so as you can tell, we’re making this situation a LOT more dire than before. Doing this will not only help bring out more storyline elements, but it will push the RP characters to have stronger motives. Here, the Kyral colony, which has always been at peace, has now been thrown into ruin as Cleansing Fire brutally murders the Raichu chieftain Sakan in cold blood, forcing the entire colony to have to retreat and abandon the peaceful lives they once had.

Think about it. Now when someone makes a character for this RP, not only does the goal of fulfilling the prophecy come into play, but so will need to avenge Sakan’s death, protect the ones called the Tainted, and bring the Cleansing Fire cause to an end. That’s a whopping four goals that can be achieved in this RP, giving this RP much more possible longevity. Not to mention the events will have a profound effect on the characters that are created.

However, after barely managing to escape the brutal raiding of their ancestral home, the surviving members of the Kyral colony gathered as one nomadic tribe. But, it wasn’t long until the sacred texts of Kadesh were consulted once again as many of the homeless Kyral Pokémon begged for his guidance in such a horrific time…

…and at that dark and seemingly hopeless moment… Kadesh had answered in a once-enigmatic and misunderstood story left behind with the prophecy...

Again, try to make the integration of your ideas enticing to the people reading it. People like the kind of “hope’s last candle in a sea of darkness” theme, so use it if and when you can.

It was then that an army of darkness would descend upon Kyral, but they would show no fear, no hesitation, and no sorrow. For it is the denizens of Kyral that will show resilience even to the coldest agents of death. Alas Kyral has always been about fostering the peace, the truth, and the light… not only for Kyral, but for all living things, both big and small. The blood of honor and charity ran through their veins.

And it would be then that the Guild of Salvation would be formed with members from each of the six clans. For they would go as far as Lamac, find the Desert of the Midnight Sun, and the Guild would find the Oasis of Light to perform the Honor Prayer. For they would go as far as Nazmarc to the Valley of Ivory Stars, and the Guild would find the Circle of Hope to perform the Rising Prayer. For they would go as far as Janzek to the Lake of Dreams and find the Spring of Eternity to perform the Thanksgiving Prayer. Once these events had come to pass, the world, torn by strife and hatred, would be renewed by the Miracle of Balance. The Day upon when hatred, violence, and pain would die would become the new dawn not only for our beloved of Kyral, but for all.

For the longest time, they had believed that Kyral would never face such dangers, but now, they had seen that these events were beginning to unfold. In a time when it seemed hope was lost, several of the members of the Kyral colony decided to form the Guild of Salvation and follow the words and guidance of their ancient ancestor Kadesh, and hope that through following his teaching, they might be able to stop the nightmare before there is nothing left…

Now, as a member of the Guild of Salvation, its up to you to begin the journey around the world in hopes of finding the lost and forgotten answer to a savage and bloody war gone so brutally out of control…

Okay, so I made a few tiny adjustments with the prophecy passage. Now, when it seems like no solution is at hand, the answer has always been there, but they never understood it until now.

Also, closing off the storyline passage in the RP in second person (targeting the reader as if they’re involved) helps them to feel they’re really deeply involved with the situation thinking in terms of their character.

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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides


I know, its another Photoshop image. However, sometimes going that extra step to show you really went all out to make an RP by including nice-looking graphics and presentation really encourages people to take part it in, knowing you’re not going to let it die off so easily.
  • Lightbringer – The clerical healers of the Kyral colony, the Lightbringer Clan members are able to heal wounds, repair broken bones, and remove deadly poisons. Meanwhile, as they are blessed with the light, they are able to illuminate dark passage ways and use their power of light to blind enemies.
  • Skychaser – The Skychasers are members of the Kyral colony that were actually born with a pair of feather wings, able to fly and use the power of wind. However, physical blows hurt them more as their bones are hollowed to allow for flight. Have the same attacks and weaknesses as flying Pokémon.
  • Blazefury – Members of the Blazefury Clan are able to outrun even a Rapidash, moving with swift agility and dexterity. Meanwhile, they have some control over fire (able to do small fire attacks like Ember and Fire Spin, but nothing like Flamethrower or Fire Blast) and have full resistance to flames. They can essentially take a bath in lava and laugh off Fire Blasts like its nobody’s business.
  • Stormcaller – The Stormcaller members of the Kyral colony are the weather regulators, able to call in heat waves, blizzards, thunderstorms, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on to affect a thirty mile area. Members of the Kyral colony will only be minimally affected by the weather changes (they might get wet from a hurricane, but they won’t get blown away).
  • Spiritseeker – Members of the Spiritseeker Clan have the same credentials as psychic Pokémon, able to use psychic attacks, use long-range telepathy, use telekinesis, read minds, use clairvoyance, and can send visions in the forms of dreams (allowing someone to see what they’ve seen). They also share the same strengths and weaknesses as psychic Pokémon.
  • Shadowmancer – Members of the Shadowmancer Clan are able to communicate with the dead, as well as “borrow” their memories. A Shadowmancer can find the corpse of a dead Pokémon and use their innate power in combination with direct contact with the corpse, they can learn and see things that the dead body once knew and saw in life. Meanwhile, Shadowmancers have the ability to bring life back to the dead, though anyone brought back from the dead this way will be in critical condition and will die again if they are not healed quickly (a Shadowmancer and a Lightbringer can raise someone back from the dead back to full health).

No real changes here. Again, remember to keep powers balanced and to make all of them interesting. You don’t want everyone to pick the same thing.


Okay, yeah, I bet you’re all wondering how I made this map. Truthfully, it really was not all that hard, but it does require some Photoshop and maybe another drawing program. Most of this is pretty basic, but I’ll explain it all. Again, if you’re going to feature a new place or area in your RP that doesn’t have a map already, strongly consider making one. Even a basic map done in MS Paint is better than nothing.

Whenever you start a new map, begin with the outlines of the continents in whatever drawing program you plan on using. Keep in mind how many continents you want to make. So in this case, I made three, with two of them adjacent to each other. Also, you want the map to have a decent enough size, especially if the characters will be moving around a bit (which they will be in this case). Also, decide what kind of terrain you’d like to cover. As you can see, I made Lamac a mostly desert country, while Nazmarc has many mountains, tundra areas, and forests. Meanwhile, Janzek has plains, marshlands and swamps, and as you may notice, the starting point, Versais Forest.

Color the map accordingly and give your locations labels like this. Make sure you make it easy to distinguish between cities and geographical locations. I did that by using white dots to resemble human cities (small dots for small cities and towns, and big dots for large metropolises) in one font and use a different font to cover the geographical locations. And then yet more fonts were used to label the continents themselves, as well as the oceans. Truthfully, I find this makes the map easier to use and understand. Make sure everything is pretty easy to read and isn’t too cluttered to the point where you can barely tell what’s what and where.

So, what did I do to this map to give it that kind of grainy, worn-down, old paper effect? Simply put, all I really did was bring the map into Photoshop, add a new layer with an old paper texture found off of Google image search, and then put that old paper layer above the map layer on the “Overlay” setting. After that, I lowered the saturation of the map layer so it blended better with the texture. That was it! You could easily experiment with other kinds of textures for different effects to see which one works best for the kind of map you’re making.

KEY POINTS: As you may notice, the three locations that were highlighted in the prophecy are in there too, along with a clear location of where the Versais Forest (the starting point) is. Don’t forget about critical things like this.

Lamac – Once a thriving desert nation consisting of the Daysarian Desert and the Kabal Wastelands is now a nightmare of post-apocalyptic ruins where mutants and other macabre beasts roam the landscape, struggling to survive in the harsh landscape.

This is just a small description of the area. You don’t need to go too overboard, especially if most of the area explains itself. From the description, we can tell that Lamar, which was hit with the viral strikes from Nazmarc and Janzek, is mostly in ruins. From the map, we can see where the Daysarian Desert is and where the Kabal Wastelands are. It can also be assumed that the three smaller cities, Jaladon City, Tasnakan, and Mathaias Point are in ruins and are swarming with vile creatures. Whether the Pokémon of Kyral will actually need to go to these places depends on the RP. Its possible that before or after traveling through the desert… they’re going to have to do something about their hunger and thirst…

Nazmarc – The nation of Nazmarc is a large and mountainous region with many pine and temperate forests. Up in the north, the cold tundra areas of Koratal and Frostedge lie while in the center of the region, the landscape rises to give way to the Bethian Mountains and the massive Cartel Canyon.

Again, this is a simple description that gets to the point and covers the area. Judging from the storyline, the human locations of Hedgestone City, Koratal City, and Tanson are likely quite populated with many of the “Tainted” Pokémon that Cleansing Fire is trying to eliminate. When it comes to these cities, you don’t need to describe each one. Let the RPers handle that if by chance these locations are visited during the RP’s course.

Janzek – The highly populated region of Janzek consists of many rolling plains in the north while swamps and bayous are around the south. Two of the major once-human cities of Janzek lie here. Benton, once a huge metropolis that consisted of many factories and industrial centers, is one of the main last havens for Tainted Pokémon. In the east, the urban center of Dietrich used to be a large finance and corporate center before the White Neutralizer bombs turned its civilians into Pokémon.

As you may notice, I went into a little more detail with Benton and Dietrich mainly because they’re two major cities. Chances are likely (but not definite) that these two locations may be involved with the RP, especially Dietrich which sits right next to the Talsara Lake Valley, where the Kyral prophecy mentions the Lake of Dreams. As for the other towns of Deltatown Springs, Oceanside, and St. Peterstown, there’s really no need to detail them right now. Let the RPers take care of that if those locations are visited during the RP’s course.

After all that, any interested RPer will likely know what each location is like and they’ll have a pretty strong understanding of what the general area is about.


- Please, no spamming.

This may seem pretty needless since no one likes spam, but it helps to make it clear. You never know.

- Please write your RPs with correct spelling and grammar.

Honestly, it would be nice if this didn’t even have to be mentioned, but there are some people that will post on the forums like they do on instant messengers, speaking like “i know wut ur doin but do u know wat im? lol!” Think of RPs as an unfolding novel. With that in mind, no respectable publishing house would take a manuscript filled with that kind of internet chat junk.

- Limit OCC chat. Please use the discussion thread if you have questions or need to work out something with someone outside of the RP.

Make sure you mention that you want to limit OOC (Out of character) chat in the RP. Otherwise, people might feel its okay to put entire posts that consist of nothing but this kind of chat, and the problem with this is that its awfully distracting from the RP.

- Posts should be at least two paragraphs long, but generally, posts that are at least a page long in MS Word are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

To me, this is really important. If you don’t put in something like this, people are going to recklessly slap hastily made posts in your RP, and I’m sure everyone would far rather see their RP with rich and nicely detailed character posts as opposed to one-liner junk that would really undermine the goal of your RP. Remember, you worked hard on this RP. Make sure people know you want them to RP their best while they’re in here.

- Every post should have your character’s name, clan, and location at the top. This is to make it easier for characters to locate each other and be able to tell where they are.

This tradition was started with War RPs, and I love using it. It makes it many times easier to find RPers and interact with them. Meanwhile, it also informs other people in the same area that other RPer characters are currently there and they should be on the lookout for them. I’ve noticed that ever since I started encouraging people to do this, RPers have more interactions and it saves people from having to reread entire posts to figure out where each person is.

These are just a couple rules, but you may feel the need to add more. That all depends on the RP itself and your own personal preferences.


The way people fill out sign up will ALWAYS inform you of how they will end up RPing. If the sign up looks like junk and was made in ten seconds, that’s very likely how the person will be posting if you accept them. Never feel guilty by making someone go back to adjust and reform their sign up if you don’t like what they’ve done with it.

Name: – Your character’s name. No need for a last name.
Species: – Either a Pichu, a Pikachu, or a Raichu
Gender: – Male or Female
Age: – Assume Pokémon live as long as humans do.
Clan: – Which one of the six clans your character belongs to, and what powers and abilities they will have.

These are basic details that shouldn’t be too much trouble, but make sure you look them over. You never know, I’ve seen people do some pretty wild things.

Description: – What your character looks like. Even though everyone knows what a Pichu, a Pikachu, and a Raichu look like, highlight more on any distinguishing differences, such as a frock of longer hair, scars, birthmarks, and the like. At least one paragraph please.

Personality: – Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook on life. Detail how they view and regard the world around them, and how growing up in the Kyral colony has affected them. At least one paragraph please, two or more preferred.

Background: – Your character’s history and background. Cover the details regarding the kind of childhood they had, what their parents were like, and any major events that happened to them that shape who they are today. Two paragraphs minimum, three or more preferred.

Now these are ESPECIALLY the details you need to be on the lookout for, since how people write these details about their character will greatly reflect on what their RP posts will be like. If they’re vivid with detail, have great description, and really give birth to a believable and realistic character, then you’ve got a good RPer on your hands. But if they’re filled with a lot of vague junk and it looks like the person barely gave any of these categories an ounce of thought, reject it and tell them to do it over as many times as it requires. The second you accept a low-quality RP sign up is the moment you say “hey, its okay if everyone else signs up like this.” Be aware of the very minimum that you want. Never accept anything below it.

Other: – Anything else about your character you’d like to add.

Rarely, this last miscellaneous detail gets filled out. Check it anyway just in case. You never know when someone might slip something in there that could potentially screw things up.


Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s pretty much the whole process I use to make an RP, and the whole thought process that goes on behind it. At this point, you should have a better understanding of what goes on with how I make RPs and its up to you if you would like to use these methods yourself.

But in the meantime, here are a few more things that I have to say that might help with your RPs:


Through all my years of making RPs, these are some things I’ve noticed.

Be an Inspirational Disc Jockey – Play music while you think about your RPs. Lots of great, mood-influencing music that helps gear your mind toward brainstorming the kinds of themes you’re shooting for in your RPs. Maybe the soundtrack to your favorite intense action movie, the creepy music of that survival horror game, or some pounding techno for that energy rush you need. Generally it helps if the music you’re listening to fits the kinds of ideas that you’re trying to shoot for.

While I was working on this idea, I had music playing almost the entire time, stuff from metal bands such as Battlelore, Nightwish, In Flames, and DragonForce. I also had some techno music playing while I was working on the powers and tying the ideas together. Along with that, music from many different video games (songs without lyrics). You’d be surprised, getting into the mood helps the creative juices going, especially while you’re brainstorming.

Time – Don’t be too quick to throw a bunch of ideas together. Sometimes it takes some time to think of ideas that fit well and can complement each other. Its true what they say, sleeping on it does help sometimes.

Popular Themes – These are some things I’ve generally noticed during RPs:

Transformation/Not Role Playing a Human – I’ve noticed that a LOT of people love transformation elements in RPs. And let’s face it, an ability like that in real life would be pretty cool. Heck, the entire Pokémon Mystery Dungeon spinoff franchise is based off of a human becoming a Pokémon, and look how widely popular that got. Features like these invite people to think outside the box a little more, using things that would not have ordinarily been available to them if they were RPing a normal human. As you may have guessed, it lets people see things from a totally different perspective, an experience that can be much more interesting.

Brink of Hopelessness – Situations where the RPers seem to be the last hope for humanity (or whatever) are generally looked up upon. Make your RPers feel like they have a chance at being real heroes or villains, rather than feel like they need to be always walking in some NPC’s shadow or have little potential to make a difference. Meanwhile, they give the RPers motivation to do something. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to make the difference if it all came down to you? Don’t you want to have the chance to be the one that answers the call to action?

Multiple sides – Technically, the Guild of Salvation RP idea starts off with all the RPers on the same side. Who said it needed to stay that way? Its possible one of the RPers might decide to have a little fun betraying his buddies to be able to put a whole new spin on the RPs development. Also, having RPers VS RPers is much more fun than having RPers just all bashing in the heads of some NPCs. But, the later can be good as well as long as everyone contributes to the situation and conflict realistically.

It is possible for the Kyral RP idea to allow people to start off on the Pure Pokémon side, or possibly even be one of the Tainted that might later decide to join the Kyral members. However, the danger in this is running the risk of not having enough Kyral members to do the necessary rituals that need one member from every clan.


Well, I hope this guide has helped you in one way or another when it comes to making RPs. Without a doubt, your pool of inspiration sources and your ability to make use of them will be your greatest assets when it comes to making your RP.

Also, remember that if your RP idea doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Think about what happened with the RP and what may have gone wrong. Did you give characters too much power, or were you unable to stop one RPer from doing something too drastic that derailed the flow of the RP? Did your RPers run out of things to do, or did the whole idea just seem to get too stale after a while? Or did the RP fail simply because schoolwork/jobs took too many of your vital RPers out of commission? Sometimes, you could have a really great RP, but something beyond your control takes it out. Don’t get discouraged, learn what worked and what didn’t, and give it another shot. Hey, I’ll openly admit that I don’t get it right all the time either.

That, and practice, practice, practice. My first few RPs were garbage, but I kept at it and get better and better at making them. If you do that too, then you’ll get the understanding of how to make a really good RP that fits your style and could attract many people to it.

And with that, I thank you for reading this tutorial, and I hope it helps you in some way or another. Good luck, and I hope this helps you bring many great RPs to life for many people to love.

Now go and enjoy that sundae!

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