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Old 01-26-2011, 08:41 PM
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Default Celebi Egg Trick Assistance?

I've been having issues trying to get a bad clone in either my Crystal or Silver games, even with Stadium 2, and I've been stuck at it for days.

The closest I've gotten was a Level 62 Kingdra (trying the Pokemon Stadium 2 method with my Crystal) that spammed the GBA screen with question marks, but all that thing did was cause my game to eventually freeze up until I got rid of it in Stadium (where it was deemed a Sneasel )
I'd also like to note I don't even own a Kingdra.

The same circumstances happened recently when I tried cloning Sneasel again, this time on my Silver game without Stadium 2. The Sneasel changed gender from the one I was attempting to clone, and had a "?" name, but it didn't change level. Like the Kingdra, it also spammed my screen with "?"s and forced me to remove it through Stadium.
In short, is that a normal occurrence when attempting this, and does anyone have any tips to get an actual bad clone in either G/S or Crystal? (it doesn't matter which -- I'm trying to make this work on either S/C)

P.S. Also, I assume the answer will be 'no', but once I get a bad clone would it be safe to keep for future use of the trick, or will I need to get a new one each time?
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