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Exclamation Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Ash was extremely pleased and surprised that Pidgeot had come back. This unexpected event seemed to work to his benefit, and the perfect timing he appreciated. When Pidgeot regained its stamina, they continued on with their transportation. The snow had picked up even more than it had before, and it was difficult to fly. Both gym leaders continued their climb, nearly at the top. Ash came soaring pass them, it would be a close race. Pidgeot landed, and the group began their quick run into the inner-mountain city. Cameron looked behind his back, "They, they are catching up man!"

"Just keep running!" replied Ash. Pikachu was riding on Ash's hat, and kept a very close eye on their opponents.

"We are going to win!" yelled Misty.

They entered a catwalk on the upper part of the large hollow mountain. They looked down to see the large sphere in the center releasing its light, and around the sphere a large platform with several catwalks leading to different sectors in the city. On the large courtyard-like platform, many citizens looked in amazement as the three trainers came out first. It was still a mad dash to the center of the mountain. Several catwalks, ramps, and ladders. Cameron instantly noted every possible route to the finish line. He slowed his pace a bit, and met up with Zeal.

"Does it matter if all of us trainers arrive at once?" he said as he was panting.

The strong and powerful Zeal was breathing steadily as if he had never been running and it was just a pleasant jog. "No, it doesn't. Why?"

"No reason," replied Cameron as he showed his cocky half-smile. He sped up, but did not read dead ahead, but rather ran to the side of the catwalks. He jumped over the the safety barricades and fell. He reached out and grabbed a ladder. A local policeman saw what happened and yelled out in pursuit, "Hay! That is illegal, get back here!"

Cameron noticed and slid quickly down the ladder. Landed on another platform, and ran across it. He then jumped and landed on a skyscraper's roof. The policeman followed and hopped across too. "You little punk, you are in big trouble." Cameron continued to preform fancy leaps and other tricks to get to the bottom first. He was very confident that he could get on the good side of the policeman too.


A small group of Jolteon preformed a small routine patrol. They were already battle hardened, they had come from the north. As they passed through a small forest line, two of the Jolteon in the front of the line discussed things with the group chief. "Wot do you think we should do?"

"I don't know, but we already lost three," Chief replied.

"Well, we can't very we-" cut off, a large spike sticking out of his side.

"Ambush!" Yelled Chief. All Jolteon fell to the ground.

"Keep your heads down, or you will lose em'!" yelled an older Jolteon.

They scene was awesome as they were all ducked, with spikes from both sides being launched all over the place. Two more Jolteon yelled out in pain as they were felled. "Hold the line, do not lose ground!"

"What line? We are surrounded!"

"Silence, the both of you, we are supposed to fight the enemy and not ourselves!" yelled the Chief. More and more spikes started to rip through the air around them. The Chief took three Jolteon to see if they could fine a weak spot in the unknown enemy's circle.


Red and Popuri won. After a long battle, Red and Popuri pulled it off. Popuri needed help from Red, and Red obliged and both of them obtained badges. Both gym leaders came over to Red, "Good job, Red. You have definitely earned these."

"Thank you," he said calmly, not proud of the badge, he slipped it in his pocket. Popuri, however, took it a different way. Happily proclaiming she obtained a badge, she put it on her shirt, so the entire world could see it.

"What are you doing?" asked Red when they left the gym.

"I am just being proud, there is nothing wrong with that."

"No, there can always be too much of something, and that is overdoing it."

"Listen," said Laura coolly, "I think that each person shows their emotions in a different way. Some through anger to mask true love, through politeness, Popuri is just happy. There is a balance whether you like it or not, Red."

"Fine, but just in the future, could you tune down the noise level?" asked Red. He had gone back into his socially awkward mood, which was somewhat aggravating. But, Popuri ignored, she obtained a badge!


"I am so angry at you, Ash" yelled Misty.

"Well, so what if I am a little out of shape, it was a long break after beating the Sinnoh league, and since then we haven't done much."

"That does not mean anything, Zeal and his brother have already passed us!" yelled Misty in even more anger. Her eyes gleamed fire, and she smacked Ash with what seemed like a log.

"Aw, that ain't helping Misty."

Misty moaned in frustration, but she looked around for a moment and noticed Cameron wasn't with them. She looked around, her anger forgotten, and walked over to the edge of the catwalk. She could see Cameron nearing the finish line, leaping from building to building, police officer close behind.

"What is going on down there Misty?"

"Cameron is about to win."

"Whawhawhaaaaat? How'd he pass us?" asked Ash, completely stunned.

"He is leaping from building to building," replied Misty, her tone showed how outlandish that statement sounded.

Cameron looked up to see Ash and Misty staring at him, and as he leaped across another building, he smiled and saluted with two fingers.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Cameron continued to pant loudly as he ran and jumped. The towers and buildings were close together, so safety was not a problem. The policeman had also caught on that Cameron was running a race with the local gym leader, which meant Cameron would have Pokemon and would be safe. So, the policeman hopped on to the catwalk to his left and cheered for a moment until Cameron left his sight. He sighed and went back to his post.

Meanwhile, Cameron landed on the roof of a skyscraper. As he landed from his previous leap, he slid about mid way. Instead of continuing his amazing stunts, he simply sat down and started to pant heavily, "Whew!" he exclaimed has he continued to breathe heavily. He noticed that Zeal and his brother were gaining on the catwalk above him, which slowly descended to the finishing platform where the crowds cheered. His eyes moved from the platform and looked down to the three leaps he had to the finish. Some women, in their late twenties and early thirties stood, their arms around their children yelling and cheering for Cameron on the rooftops. Men yelled deeply and waved their fists in the air.

"Yeah! Show the little kids who is boss guys!" yelled some men.

The mother-like women shouted just as loud, "Come on kids, you can do it!" The caring and heart warming encouragement forced Cameron back onto his feet. His throat was dreadfully cold, his chest throbbed and ached from the amount of breathing he did, but he forced his legs to continue. Jumping, he made it to the next roof, and to the next. The last roof was wide, but incredibly thin from Cameron's point of view. He jumped and he had about three steps until he fell, which was dangerously close. He knew he couldn't make it without some help, so he threw out his Pokemon, Blastoise. The Pokemon's water cannons noisily stuck out, as if loading ammunition.

"Blaaaaaaaastoooooiiiise!" it said confidently.

"Okay big buddy, I need you to launch be across this big gap to that platform over there," he said. The Blastoise hardly had any room to stand on the small building, but obediently he picked Cameron up and chucked him over the gap and to the crowded platform. As Cameron flew, he returned the large turtle Pokemon and crashed into a pile of wooden crates with berries in them. It was a loud crash. The little children started to laugh innocently and the mothers started to tell them not to attempt to do that. Fathers gasped from the ingenuity of a child. Cameron got up, coughing seeds and leaves of berries up. He hobbled out to the street, just a few steps from the finish. He took a step, looked back to Zeal, took a step and looked back again. He knew it would be some time before Zeal and his brother actually arrived.

"What is he doing?" asked Ash with slight anger.

Zeal laughed with his brother, "What's he doing?"

Cameron proceeded with comedy, occasionally doing a goofy 'victory' dance, push ups, or simply sitting on a chair and breathing. He waited until Zeal was just a step away from the finish when he finally stepped across the line first, winning Ash and himself a badge. Zeal smiled as he walked over to Cameron. He shook his hand, gave him both Ash's and his badge and left. The crowd gathered around, for a loss for the gym leaders was unheard of, and then also dissipated. Cameron simply waited, standing akimbo with a smug victorious look on his face for about fifteen minutes.

Ash and Misty walked to the finish line quite casually. Cameron continued to stand akimbo as they both approached him. "What are you crazy? You could have actually gotten killed!" yelled Misty.

"Did you get my badge?" asked Ash as he walked closer to Cameron. Cameron stood at with his hands on his side even further, the same look plastered on his face. His eyes didn't even follow the two. "What are you doing?" asked Misty as she raised an eyebrow, and Ash looking at her and then at him.

"Well," said Cameron as he finally started to move, "This is what I want my heroic and majestic victory statue to look like when the post it here."

"Wait, what?"

"I am not paying for it, the tax payers are. Money well spent if I do say so myself," said Cameron quite seriously. So seriously, Misty and Ash almost believe him. But, with all Cameron's effort to hold back his mischievous, he failed. He laughed loudly. People around the street, who had continued with their everyday routines, looked at him strangely. Cameron noticed and quickly suppressed his laughter, "Ahem, anyway, here is you badge, Ash. Zeal also told me that there is a small village just outside this mountain, at the warm but wet bottom. There, in the center of the entire mountain range is a nice and quaint little inn that we can stay at.

"What is wrong with the Pokemon Center here?" asked Ash, who was extremely tired.

"It is full apparently. A new batch of trainers wants to stay here. Don't worry anyway, Ash. You have Pidgeot, and he can just simply fly us down the mountain after it is rested."

Ash eyed Cameron and replied, "All right, but I am tired and this village had better be close."

Misty turned and smacked Ash, "Tired? And what exactly have you done that anyone else here hasn't done?"


The battle was a massacre. Several Jolteon were captured and hulled away by the foe. Deceased Jolteon littered the ambush point as well as several of the ambushers. Whatever killed the innocent band of Jolteon was getting closer to the good and great white dragon-like Pokemon's humble army.


Red stayed behind in the small little hotel that they had rented as Laura and Popuri left to explore the city of Shield. The beautiful snow-covered city was also a port in western Ordo. The small whistles of boats, the gruff mumbling of seamen, and the crowded streets were wonderful. Small street side shops were open with all sorts of colorful, eye-catching merchandise. Popuri and Laura started to talk when the walked down some stone stairs, "So, one of those boys you were asking me about. I, kinda like him."

"Which one?" asked Laura, smiling.

"The one with the... The one with the beanie, and the hoody. You know."

"Ah, that one. Yeah, he is a good guy," she smiled even wider.

"You know him?" asked Popuri shyly.

"Well, I hope so. Cameron is my brother after all."
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

The group of good friends got down the mountain with ease. The precipitation turned from chilly snow to warm rain. It was welcomed by Misty, who took off her small coat. Cameron, despite the warmer climate, kept his hoody on and continued humming songs. Ash was looking at the map, confused yet again in what direction they were heading in.

"Oh come on, Ash! It is not hard! All you have to do is-!" yelled Misty.

Cameron hummed different songs continuously while he leaned over, took the map and flipped it around, patted Misty on the back, and started to sing the lyrics of whatever song he was singing. It was almost heart warming, the way he carelessly hummed, with Teddiursa and Pikachu swaying with the music.

"Teddi, Teddiursa."

"Pika, Pikapi," replied Pikachu, smiling.

"Looks like we are really close to the village," exclaimed Ash with newly found confidence.

"We had better be, my feet are killing me," moaned Misty.

"How are you doing, Cameron?" asked Ash.

"You know," Cameron finally snapped, "I honestly find it funny how you all are unable to find some way to keep yourselves happy. Think of a Pokemon, think of a person, think of any conceivable way to keep yourselves content, because by golly, you do not want me to walk over there," Cameron leaned over and raised an eyebrow. His face said he was joking, but his eyes told the truth. "Try and hum and good song, you haven't heard me complain this entire time."

Misty and Ash were astonished by the sudden burst of wisdom from their goofy companion. Cameron, normally in uppity spirits and blind in happiness actually told them to be quiet. Both of them looked at each other, the anger and frustration slowly left their faces and they began to catch on to the tune Cameron was humming. They soon joined in and all was right with the world. "Where to next?"


"Really? I-I had no idea!" laughed Popuri.

Laura still smiled, "Yeah, he is one of two brothers."


"Both of them are so very different though," said Laura, still happy but the smile slowly going away.

"How so?" asked Popuri sweetly.

"Well, Cameron is outgoing and is only serious when he absolutely has to be, his brother is quite emotionally... reserved," she nodded to herself as she said the last word as if to confirm that was the right word.

"Where is your brother?"

"To be honest, I have no idea. The only thing I know is he cannot tell me what he does," she answered.

"Oh. What are you doing tagging along with Red if your brother is here?" yet another question asked by Popuri.

"Red is a nice boy who needs someone to be with him," she laughed. It was true though, if outgoing and kind people never existed, Red would have never made great friends like he did. For some odd reason, he was as almost as emotionally detached as Laura's older brother was. Silver, Green, Seth, and the other's would have never met Red, one of the most world renowned trainers now. Red was the champion of several regions, with only substitutes holding the reign for him in his place. But that is not what mattered to him, the power or glory. It almost seemed as if he was on a mission, one even larger than gaining badges.

Popuri and Laura walked around the snowy city. They met a few people, including a jolly young fat man who told them about all the 'clubs' and child friendly party areas. Laura and Popuri had little or no interest to go to such a place, but that was of no importance. However, what did catch their eye was the beautiful and intricate Christmas decorations.


"Well, are they safe?"

"Safe for right now."

"Okay, that is a good thing. They are all very important to me, and the survival of the world."

"How so? You have not explained to me how they all fit into the supposed survival of the world."

"Well, according to more recent intelligence, we know that they know, or knew, the crime leader."

"Who informed you of this bit of information?"

"Whoever it was, he sounded urgent, and then it sounded like he was dragged off. Whoever it was, we lost contact with him."

"Have you found out what happened to him?"

"Nope, and for now, just keep them safe."


Red sat around in the room contemplating something that was on his mind. He calculated, he wondered, he even dreamed of future events. Even though he taught himself about human nature, he still felt an occasional swell of surprise, which he tried unsuccessfully to contain. He though about the battle and how much fun it was. He wished his friends were there to see it, but he could not have them there, that was impossible. They were on their own journeys here.

Red got up off the couch and left the room in search of the two girls. His though process had finished for now, and he wanted to be around someone to distract him from starting to think again, his head hurt. Popuri was the one who noticed him first. He had his hands in his pockets and his eyes were squinting from the snow and cold wind, "How can you all stand it out here?" he asked for fun.

"Cuz I was born in northern Johto," giggled Laura, "And you were born in Pallet Town, or southern Kanto."

"Point proven," replied Red bluntly, but he still had a smile on his face. They walked down the stairs and Laura told him about Popuri's questions.

"If you want to know about Cameron, it is best to just meet him. I honestly only know his older brother and not much of him. When I met his older brother, Cameron was out in the Hoenn region," explained Red, "Anyway," he quickly changed the subject, "Lets find some place to eat and then we need to head to the next city, Knight I believe."

"Okay!" replied both Popuri and Laura eagerly.


The large castle the sinister Apocalypse leader sat in was only a few miles away from a large mechanize city called Edgeten. This city was on the edge of the border between Ordo and Fiorre. This city snowed a lot, but had roads and highways interconnected to all heights with immense towers. The Apocalypse syndicate's army currently resided there. Undermining police activity, but never getting caught. A young adult named Indigo worked for them. His job was to steal local vehicles, but when he was ordered to steal an ambulance headed to one of the local Pokemon Centers, he vowed that he would break free and escape to teach people about the evils this organized crime group had committed.

"Hay, Indi, go repair that car, I wanna take it for a spin," ordered the muscular but mentally incompetent officer. Indigo rolled under the car and powered it up. When the criminal leader walked over to get in, Indigo pushed him over, "No, no, no , nooooo, no. Sorry, but I fixed it, I own it. Maybe you can rap your mind around the blue prints for a car here, or maybe your dense mind cannot take it. Either way, this vehicle is mine. The leader sat their wide-eyed, and surprised that someone would as dare as to push him. Indigo raced out to inform people of their wrong doings.


Ash and company arrived in the small village to get a room there. The hotel was also quite full, but they managed to squeeze them a room. They bunked in for the night, for they would have to climb over a mountain or two the next day.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

It was strange that climbing an entire mountain seemed like an every day thing for Ash and his friends. To think that they were children and they were scaling entire mountains in a day or two. Three days had passed by the time they had made it across the mountain range, which was only three mountains and two were rather simple walks. As they climbed the mountains, the temperature fluctuated from a pleasant warm rain to a frigid air and snow. Misty was miserable, but kept quiet as she bundled up in her coat. Cameron was even too cold for the second, and most difficult mountain, to even hum and tune. Ash kept a determined face on, and was always encouraging Pikachu and Misty.

When they actually had made it across the range of mountains, they walked down wet and soggy grass fields to the city known as Sword. Sword was a warmer, but rainy, temperate city located south of the city of Shield. It was a longer trek, but Cameron pointed out that the city's gym leader was considered the weakest of all the gym leaders, and it could be a break from their most recent event. Misty agreed simply because she was tired of the snow for the moment, so the decision was made. Ash led the way with Cameron at his left and Misty at his right. Cameron traveled with one headphone in his ear, and the other dangling. He listened to his iPod for about an hour. He hummed along with several songs, until he eventually got so involved with it, he started to sing, "You're a Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker! Don't you mess around with me! You're a Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker! Don't you mess around, no no no!"

Misty stopped in her tracks and jumped as Cameron lashed out with lyrics. Ash stopped, with Pikachu on his head. Pikachu did not turn to see until Ash did. Cameron continued singing along with the song, air guitar included. Misty and Ash watched him prancing around. He was eventually finished, and he took out the headphones and slipped them into his pocket along with his iPod.

"You have a nice voice," remarked Misty.

"Heart Breaker? Really? Is that the song you are listening to? What happened to the normal stuff?" asked Ash.

"Oh, I dunno, I had it on shuffle and my sister is always sneaking music on my iPod."

"I am sure that is what it is," smirked Misty and turned to walk again.

"Hay, don't judge me. It is an okay song, for its genre."

"I believe you," said Ash, "Now, for our sake, at least turn on your music. I'd rather listen to that than listen to oldies."

Cameron dug around in his pocket while they walked, and dramatically yelled out as he yanked his iPod out. He flipped through songs until he found one of his favorites.

(song here: Recommended for playthrough)


Red and his group traveled for three days as well. They had already arrived in Warrior, a city north from Shield. All these cities were along the western coastline. Warrior however, was unique. Half of it was totally submerged in water in a gradual slope like a pool. And what was amazing to even Red, was that the cars drove strait into the water on a road.

"You see, the cawrs heya travel troo that tunnel over theya," said a young man with a Brooklyn accent. The tunnel was amazing, small little tubes reached out from these buildings to buildings underwater. The construction was stunning. Laura and Popuri gasped, and even Red dropped his jaw at the awesome feat.

"Better pick that jaw off the floor, Red," said Laura as she walked off, down the tunnel. The underwater part of the city was dark, and there were neon signs everywhere. Submarines, and water trails of some of them were all in the water around the large open tubes.


Both groups of kids enjoyed their comparatively short treks to their next destination, training and battling with trainers.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW ACT SOON!)

Pokemon Ordo Origins: Reunion Act IV

Theme song, a must listen! (
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Red, Laura, and Popuri walked through the numerous tubes and tunnels, and those tubes and tunnels were treated as if regular roads. Cars drove through them, people walked through them running errands, going to work, or to school. Small shops and stands were opened up, with all the building's entrances and lower fronts attached to the tubes. The buildings looked like regular buildings, only with air-tight seals and fixtures. It was impressive, and Red had no problem admitting it, even to Popuri and Laura. "This is," he paused for a minute, but then continued, "amazing."

Laura and Popuri smiled, and then turned around to watch all the amazing activities going on in the submerged sector of the city. Shop keepers were yelling out advertisements, and school children were bustling and laughing. There was one, tall kid, who did nothing but joke and joke with the other kids. He was not shy with the girls either, which was impressive considering his age of twelve.

"Picture that kid's actions with Cameron's looks and you will get your crush," said Laura.

Popuri blushed, for Red was standing right there. But, unknown to Popuri, Red didn't even notice they were talking as he was looking out the glass of the tunnel watching Wailords swim.

"Not here," moaned Popuri.

Laura stood there, not affected by Popuri's words. She had been leaning on a building's hand rail and she leaned over in the opposite direction to face Red, "Hay, Red, you enjoying the fish out there?"

"Can you hurry up with whatever you are doing, I wanna catch one of these bad boys," replied Red, emotionally detached as he gazed at the Pokemon. Laura leaned back on the bar and faced Popuri. Laura shook her head to get her hair out of her face and said, "See, he ain't listening."

"Oh, well, ehe... That is what I like about Cameron. He is so funny but yet so caring. That day that we met, and I was working the guts up to challenge him and his friend to a match. I really did want to, but that is not the reason I was supposed to-"

"I know, I know missus Poe-per-ee," comforted Laura kindly.

"Ohhh..." cried Popuri in frustration. Laura offered a hug and Popuri took it.


"And so I said to the fat guy, 'You are what you eat, and you clearly went out and devoured a big fat guy, didn'tchya!?'"

Both Ash and Misty could not suppress their laughter. While it was a rude thing to say, it was hilarious. It was hilarious because both of them could have never said anything like that, it was true, and it just sounded so planned out. Cameron stood triumphant as both of his friends laughed, "I am the victor, and I shall drink from the cup of champions!" He then pulled out a Gatorade and gulped it down.

Ash was laughing, but then looked forward to notice they were going to arrive in Sword in about ten minutes, according to Ash's map reading skills anyway. Cameron never payed any mind into Ash's horrible map reading, for he knew Misty probably could not do much better if she were put into his shoes, but he never said anything to risk damage to his reputation or his friends'.

Ash had been thinking for a long time about Cameron. Cameron was a great friend, for he seemed to always give the right amount of attention to every social matter. He was also a good traveling companion. He never complained about anything, unless it was a true injustice. One time, Misty threatened to not allow Cameron to have any food because Cameron refused to help put her tent up. Of course, Cameron took this very seriously, and Ash recalled the conversation, "You can't take a boy's grub-a-way Miss Misty!" exclaimed Cameron in a fake British accent.

"You will just have to deal with it."

"I can't find the energy to deal with it, maybe if you have be some food, I could deal with it!"

The conversation ended in the entire group laughing about it over supper, as Cameron watched Misty angrily as he cooked his hot dog, expecting her to swipe it away from him. Cameron was a good person, and Ash finally recognized that it was an amazing friendship they formed over one thing, a challenge to a battle. Ash also recalled the first opening words from Cameron, "Hay, hay, hay, hay! If you wanna a battle, I will turn you into ashes!".

Ash turned around, "Cameron, we are so close to the city. We have battled all the trainers we could during our walk over to Sword. Wanna battle?" asked Ash, extremely confident. Cameron stood there for a long time, the same confident face on. He seemed to contemplate about his next action.

"All righty, you got yourself a battle."

"Wait, what? Just like that? No warning? Who will judge it?" Misty barraged them with a series of questions. Cameron stood there, unable to come up with any good answers for any of the questions, so he kept his mouth shut tightly. But Ash already had answers.

"Yes, just like that, he is my friend. And you can judge it."

"Me? judging a Pokemon battle? I have only done it one other time. I-I don't think I can-"

"You can do it, I mean, you are a good trainer, and you know how battles work. Come on? What do you say?" asked Ash, with his kind smile. Misty caved.

"Okay, okay."


Red was still thinking about Ash's abilities as not only a trainer, but as a friend. He seemed to be able to to convince people to do things by not only words, but by example. He had heard rumors of all the things he did with Misty and his other friend, Brock, the first year he was a Pokemon trainer. He had heard he made Misty face her fears of bugs, as Red made friends with trainers in Cerulean city. He also heard that he got Brock to even get the courage to leave the house to go on a Pokemon journey. However, his thoughts would have to wait, "We are gonna need to find a room soon. Whatever you are talking about will have to wait."

Laura and Popuri giggled a little and then walked to a hotel near their area. An underwater hotel, no less.


Chibb was sitting on a branch eating a glistening red berry. He was enjoying the sun that shined in Ordo's eastern coast. His eyes were closed as he savored each bite of the berry and soaked in the rays of the sun. The great, name self-apointed, Kain walked in and towered above the tree Chibb was perched on. "You are blocking the sun you big oaf," Chibb said playfully.

"Well, I have a very important matter to bring to you."

"If it is about he combat readiness of the locals, they are fine. They know how combat works," sighed Chibb.

"No, it is not that."

Chibb liked the sudden excitement and eagerly sat up, "Wot is it then old chap?"

"I think you should learn the human language," he said.

"What? Learn the human language? Are you insane? Not even Pokemon trainers have caught do that! You are out of your mind. Name a Pokemon that has done such a thing," said Chibb. He was starting to breathe quickly and sharply.

"Calm down, or you will see that berry again. And it won't look appetizing either."

Chibb let out a small and nervous laugh, "I suppose you are right."

"Now, all I want you to do is to learn it."

"How do you expect me to do that?" asked Chibb.

"Oh, that is the easy part. Xatu already has the language books of the humans. He has all sorts of interesting texts in his tent of his," said Kain.

"Fine, whatever. I will work on it. Don't expect it to be perfect. I want to keep my Pokemon dignity here."

Kain sighed and turned away. He muttered, "Yep, Pokemon pride."
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Ash sent out his massive Blastoise. Ash observed the giant turtle and concluded that it was a very powerful and well-trained Pokemon. It was impressive, as Ash had never gotten a good look at the beast. It could easily tower over any human, and its large water cannons did not dub its presence. It yelled out in its own speech, and made a loud reloading sound with its cannons.

Cameron stood their, leaning on his massive buddy, "So, you still wanna battle?"

"I have type advantage!" yelled Ash confidentially, "Of course I wanna!"

Misty was nervous about announcing this match. Not only was it extremely rare that she ever judged a match, she did not know anything about her friend's battle styles anymore. Ash had been gone so long, all she could remember as shear power. And, since the last gym leader did not battle, she could not tell how Cameron would conduct battle. Ash's Pikachu leaped off Ash's shoulder and stood in a sturdy pose, its eyes fixated on the large tortoise.

Cameron stood strait, his chest rising in pride and in confidence, "Are you ready? Because here it comes!"

"This will be a one on one Pokemon battle!" announced Misty. Her voice shook in the beginning, but as she continued she slowly gained her confidence. At the end is all Ash and Cameron heard, "Let the battle start!"

"Pikachu, Volt Tackle!" yelled Ash.

"Blastoise, Withdraw!" commanded Cameron in a loud voice. Ash watched his opponent's face, to study where his eyes went. However, all he could see was a smile on Cameron's lips.

"Blaaaaast!" yelled Blastoise and it retreated into its thick shell. Pikachu hit the shell directly, shocking the shell, but not Blastoise. Ash quickly thought on what to do you next, but what happened next through him off his mental balance. The huge rocket launcher-like cannons poked out of the shell, and started to swell and bellow.

"What is he doing?" whisper Misty, but Ash could hear. The cannons grew even more. Ash ordered a series of attacks on the thick shell, but it seemed to be as hard as diamond. What was worse, Ash was tiring Pikachu out. So he ordered a tactical retreat. The cannons were huge, and seemed like the metal would bust, but then, an accurate blast of water, not a long drawn out sort, but an accurate shot nonetheless hit Pikachu. Pikachu was sent flying, soaking wet. The Blastoise then jumped out of its shell, and hobbled up to Pikachu, who was laying on the ground, senseless.

"In one shot?" gasped Ash. The Pikachu got up, surprisingly, and Ash knew exactly what to do, "Pikachu! Quick attack at Blastoise's head!"

Pikachu quickly obliged and smacked the Blastoise on its head. The Blastoise hobbled back a short distance. "Blastoise! Duck!"

Pikachu sent a large wave of electricity soaring over the ducking Blastoise. "Darn! Aim low now!"

The Blastoise was too slow. An precise shot was dealt in the abdomen of the Blasoise. It yelled out in severe pain, as electricity dealt double damage on water-types. Cameron looked slightly bewildered, even frightened, but did not show much of it. "Blastoise, show them why you are the best!" The Blastoise quickly recovered, and withdrew in its shell. Pikachu jumped on the shell and crawled inside the neck hole. "Push your head up quickly!" yelled Cameron.

The head of Blastoise shot up like a rocket, sending Pikachu airborne yet again. "Jee, Ash. Your Pikachu sure likes to fly a lot. Sure he's not a Zapdos!?"

Misty smirked at the pun, but then remembered the Orange Islands and quickly stopped laughing. Ash looked angrily at Cameron and ordered Pikachu back on its feet. In leaped up as commanded, but a slight sign of pain showed. Blastoise breathed heavily, as its previous burst of speed was not its normal cup-of-tea. "Blastoise, Head Butt!"

"Pikachu, dodge and land on its back! Use Thunder Bolt!" barked Ash hastily.

The Blastoise lunged at Pikachu, but Pikachu jumped over the rushing Pokemon and landed on its back. The Blastoise's eyes opened up wide. Cameron analyzed the situation closely, and did an amazing feat, he looked to see areas on which he could deflect areas of water. "If I cannot win, I am bringing you down with me!" he yelled, "Blastoise, fire a Hydro Pump at that rock over there!"

Trainers passing by had started to arrive to watch the combat. Some were impressed, others were cheering, and still others were not even phased. But, one thing all those trainers could agree on, was that whatever Cameron was doing, it was extremely unorthodox. Bringing your foe down with you? What ever happened to a winner and a loser. The water was deflected off the rock and bounced off a tree. The speed of the water was so powerful, it never lost a drop as it bounced. It bounced off several surfaces, and all the trainer's heads went back and forth watching it. By the time Pikachu had used its electricity, the vapor trail strung from Blastoise all the way to the electric mouse. The electricity followed this trail and not only severely wounded Blastoise, but knocked Pikachu off Blastoise's back and sent it flying yet again.

The Blastoise winced from the pain, looked around at the crowd, let a faint smile and tumbled to the ground in a loud thud. Pikachu flew, and hit the ground, "Pikachu!" Ash ran over to his good friend, Pikachu. Cameron walked over to Blastoise and hugged his fallen friend.

"You did great Blastoise, and you too Pikachu!" complimented Cameron, "You aren't half bad when it comes to battling, Ash."

It took Misty, and the other trainers for that matter, quite a while to catch up with the outlandish actions. Ash and Cameron shook hands and smiled. Their battle was done, and Cameron proved that he would at least always even the field. "Nice attack from beyond the unconscious grave," said Ash.

Misty finally caught up, "And the battle is a draw! There is no victor!" and she walked to her two friends. New trainers were in awe and expressed adoration, experienced trainers were impressed, and adults were shaken. It was impressive. Ash and his gang bid farewell to all their observers and entered the city of Sword.


Red was enjoying looking into the ocean outside their window. The waters were different here than they were from Clementine Port. The water was dark, and glaciers could be seen floating at the top occasionally. Red took to the cold, partially submerged city quite well. Laura and Popuri were sitting on a couch lit by a blue light. The rug was dark blue, the curtains were black, the furniture was dark blue, all to fit the dark blue ocean. In the rooms were yellow lights which lit up all the blue. It was nice and somewhat comfortable. Laura and Popuri were snuggled at opposite ends at the couch.

Red felt a sudden touch of emotion when they entered the room. Popuri sat on the couch, watching television with Laura when she said, "This is the coziest I have ever felt. You know... When it is a rainy day and you can stay in a room away from the rain."

Red looked at her with a new found respect. She had helped him win a badge, and actually had the courage to look into his moderately critical and scornful eyes. He had never meant to appear that way to people, and in the beginning of his travels back in the Kanto region, he was actually pretty outgoing. Popuri had got him wondering when he became like the way he was. Was he really that cold? He got up and sat between them and watched what was on. A funny comedy show was on, then a cool little cartoon about kids and their everyday school problems. Popuri fell asleep, and Laura talked Red into not moving from the spot. So, there he slept sitting up, with both of his friends.

Red got to think during his sleep, Laura and I act adult and parent-like. I find that strange.


Ash and his company had arrived in the city. It was night-time already, for it got dark early. The group entered a dimly lit Sushi bar and ate. It had soothing music and the sound of water trickling could be heard. Ash and Cameron gobbled all their food down, while Misty took her time with her food, as usual.

However, amid Cameron's joking and all his talking, he thought about things too. He thought it was sudden how Ash challenged him to a match. He thought it was funny how unpredictable and unprepared Ash was, but he was the most influential being he had met on the entire planet. He managed to coax Misty into being a referee for the match, and in the end Misty was judging the battle in front of maybe twenty trainers and she did not even notice. Cameron was not as influential as Ash, despite his giddy charm. He often wondered how he would fair against him in the Pokemon Leagues.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Ash and company found and rented a room in a Pokemon Center. The Pokemon Center was more like a hotel with an infirmary attached to the side. The hotel they stayed in was not tall, but rather spread out. The rooms were cozy enough for the group, and they enjoyed a slow morning after a lot of mountain climbing. Cameron and Ash spent the time joking around with Pikachu and Teddiursa. Misty, however, kept nagging them about doing something. Each time Ash would reply either annoyed or wouldn't at all. And each reply was a hasty, "Soon." What was worse, no one else payed attention either. Not even Cameron.

Cameron sat curled up on the couch, his shoes off and his feet in his socks. He constantly exercised and twitched his feet, almost therapeutically. Ash was scrunched up on the other side of the couch, hat in his hands as he spoke. Pikachu and Teddiursa sat in the middle enjoying their master's conversations. Misty, however, did not enjoy such company and even felt unwanted. She dealt with it angrily at first, criticizing everything one of the boys would say. But later she just tended to herself. Looking at her nails, flipping through television channels. Everything to keep her mind occupied. About half an our passed by of this until finally Ash finally noticed Misty existed and offered to go somewhere. Misty's eyes fired up rather quickly and she looked as if she were a premeditated murder staring at her victim. But, gladly for the two boy's souls, she let is slide, for now.

"Where do yah wanna go?" asked Cameron, adding onto Ash's question.

"I just wanted to look around the town," she said softly.

"Okay!" yelled Ash eagerly. He slipped on his shoes and was out the door with Pikachu.

Cameron was putting on his shoes too and he looked up and asked Misty, "Were you listening to our conversation?" asked Cameron.

"No, why?" asked Misty, mystified on why he asked that question.

"Well, Ash says he is sorry," replied Cameron solemnly. He then walked out the door. Misty made it up in her mind that if Ash wanted to say sorry for ignoring her, he would have to do it himself. Misty grabbed her bag and walked to the door way, "Got everything for today?" she asked cheerfully.

"Yeah, I think so. You?" he asked back to Misty and then to Cameron. Cameron checked his pockets and Misty looked in her bag. She nodded and closed the door. They would be back before too long.


Red awoke the next morning to the darkness of the sea. According to the clock on top of the entertainment center, it was 8:56. Red looked to both of his sides. Both girls were gone. He stood up quickly, looking around the room. Where were they? He did not hear them. What happened? The door's lock light turned from red to green, and in came both of the girls. Laura and Popuri had large trays of food from the morning buffet. Red was impressed by the amount of food they had obtained, he would eat heartily this morning. They sat down and discussed things, Popuri told them more about herself, but Laura's stories were the most entertaining. Even to Red, the descriptions of her younger brother Cameron were fun and amusing.

"Well," she began with Cameron, "The youngest of the family. Our parents were Pokemon lovers and they wanted to travel all around the world. They left us with our older brother, who Red met later on."

"Ah, Tomnich," smiled Red.

"Tom-neesh, or Tommy for short, is our older brother. He was stable, had a job and a girlfriend. He watched over me and Cameron for our entire lives. We were able to talk with our parents, but they never came back. They always traveled from place to place. Cameron became a Pokemon trainer in Kanto. I also became a Pokemon trainer. But Cameron is the most interesting. Cameron loves music, he place the bass and is always humming a tune. If you hang around him, be prepared to memorize a bunch of different songs."

"Do you know how to play an instrument?" Red asked Popuri.

"I know how to play the guitar."

"Who taught you?" asked Laura.

"A big kid in Fiorre. I stayed in Fiorre with some adults that watched over me for a while. The boy that lived their taught me to play the electric guitar."

"Cool," they both replied.

"What about you, Red? What did you do?" asked Popuri.

"I started off as a trainer when I was ten years old. I received a Squirtle and almost immediately caught my Pichu afterwards. I then traveled from place to place capturing Pokemon. I have a pretty extensive team."

"Did you go any cool places?" asked Popuri.

"I won the Indigo League for both Kanto and Johto, then moved on to Hoenn. I lost in Hoenn by a hair and then went to the Orange Islands. I did not win there, but that is where I started to hear the most about that kid Ash."

"Ash?" asked Popuri, confused.

"You know, the other boy with Cameron," explained Laura politely.

"Yeah. That is pretty much it. After Orre, I might go to Sinnoh. I hear Cynthia is pretty powerful," he laughed, "But until then, I am going to focus on the current objective."

"What is that?"

Red paused. He seemed to be thinking over things, mauling them over. It was strange, like he did not have a prepared answer, or actual set goal. For a long while he sat staring at Popuri thinking carefully about his goals. He then gave a short and brief answer, "To win."

Popuri knew that he was talking about the Pokemon League. That was the goal of all trainers. And for once, she thought of it as her goal as well. And together Red and Popuri thought of something that was in common between them.

Less and less contempt.


The city was pleasant despite its reoccurring climate. Ash, Cameron, and Misty were all enjoying themselves despite the rainy weather. For the remainder of the day they enjoyed the shops and local cuisine and even made some trainer friends.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

We know who our informant is.

Who is it?

Some kid who ditched his old job. He went silent, but he claims he started his own gang to combat the enemy.


Yes, but I have a more important question. Where are they?

They are safe, there is no way they could be touched with that many around.

Good, they need to be. We cannot wait much longer, or the enemy will find the secret and learn of them.

They will be in Shield by next month.

Three more weeks? I will give you that long, but if we fail with their protection, we will need to improvise.

Roger, sir.


It had been a week since the Ash's group had been in Sword. It was culturally rich with European architecture and deep history. It had apparently been settled as a fortress city, like Shield, Warrior, and Knight.

The week they had been there, they also learned that the large and powerful Police Training Academy was located here. The academy was the largest in the world, taking up several blocks, the large school had thousands of officers and hundreds of reserves. Also operating there was the Secret Police headed by someone simply named The Looker. Cameron thought that name was priceless and riffed of it all the day they heard it and occasionally made a remark throughout the week. Each time he would make a joke about the subject, he always let out a giddy, healthy laugh.

Something else though, made Cameron worried. They also learned that the reason so many officers were here is they had a notorious amount of pickpockets. Because of this bit of information, Cameron constantly had his hands in his pockets. Ash goaded him and said, "Hay, watch out. Your pockets are missing."

Misty let out a lively, stifled laugh at the smart remark. Cameron, knowing full well that The Looker jokes were aggravating them, he continued on with his array of seemingly obscure puns, "I feel safe knowing he is Looking after my pockets!" and, "Watch out, he is Looking at you." Of course Cameron meant these in the only ways they would be funny to him, bathroom humor mostly, but Misty knew that he only kept doing it because he enjoyed annoying them. Ash looked angry by this time, and focused on Cameron.

"Will you stop it all ready?" he asked.

"Will you stop looking at me already?"

"That is it!" he yelled and he stormed off jokingly. However, apparently this time Cameron did not intend his question to be of comedic value and Cameron's puzzlement was quite amusing.

"What? What did I do?" he asked innocently.

Misty laughed the entire time. They then walked to a large shopping mall to hangout until supper time. The entrance to the mall was about three yards wide, with large glass automatic doors. The entrance was slightly dark with a brown tint. The floor tiles were black and the wall tiles were white and tan. The style seemed to be of the seventies era, as it seemed very unmatched. They walked past several vendors, which Misty wanted to stop by each time. So, Cameron and Ash talked for the time she was in the store.

"Don't you think they should make a store just for us guys to hangout in while girls shop?" asked Ash.

"It would be a great idea," replied Cameron.

"Maybe when we are older, we can open up that chain and become rich!" he laughed heartily.

Cameron was touched that Ash spoke of a time in his life where they would be aged adults and still know each other. It was nice to know that Ash regarded him that highly. Cameron replied, "We could name it the 'Dude Lounge.'"

"We'd make millions overnight."

"Yeah we would!"

Misty came out with new shoes on. They were green and matched her pale yellow shirt and short jeans. Ash confirmed half-heartedly that they were the most "marvelous" shoes, according to Misty. When she went back in the store to pay for them, Ash leaned over to Cameron and whispered, "I do not understand why she asks me about those things. I do not know anything about fashion."

Cameron shrugged his shoulders and put his hands back in his pockets. They walked down the people-crowded halls even further. They came across a very contested commons-area. In this area there was loud music playing, and many computers lined up. They were all flashing brightly with codes. In the center of the computer mass was a large battlefield where a battle ravaged. There were several trainers battling each other at once. Ash stood there watching the battles and immediately head over to the adult that seemed to run the game, "I want to enter."

"All right," he said, "I need you to fill out here, and here," once Ash had done that, he scanned it with Ash's Pokedex and said, "Okay, everything is in order. Your battle is next with several kids roughly the same age named: Richie," but Ash zoned while the man listed all the trainer's names.

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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Ash stood before his rival, ready for battle. Cameron had made his comedic remarks, and cheered both Ash and Richie up about being pit against each other, but there was still fear on which would win. Ash tried to think about the current battle, but he constantly thought about his loss at the Indigo League. He could not stand it. Would he lose again?

"This battle will begin between the six trainers! This war-like scenario will teach trainers how to work together against other thinking foes!" announced the man who operated the battlefield. The field was a transparent glowing sheet of glass, that was unbreakable as demonstrated, "As you can see, this battlefield can scan the current positions and show statistics up on this large board!" he pointed up to the ceiling of the mall to show an enormous screen. Misty and Cameron both looked up quickly to see the screen at the dizzying height. "Non-trainers will be able to learn a thing or two today!"

The floor of the battlefield lit up in a blinding white for seven seconds, and then lit up into a green. All six trainers through out their Pokemon of choice. On Ash's side there stood a Pikachu, a Tyranitar, and a Scizzor. On Richie's side, Wheezing, Cleffairy, and Wigglytuff. Richie's side consisted of two very feminine girls, new at Pokemon training despite their age of fifteen. They giggled and complimented Richie and their foes. Ash's company however was made up of two other kids about his age, they were elite trainers.

"Let! This! Battle! Begin!" the operator yelled loudly.

A rush of commands happened next, with explosions erupting everywhere. Ash and his team seemed to have the upper hand.


Red and Popuri talked a while. Red felt... good. A rare occasion and not even Laura could believe how lively he was. There were several moments where he was like this, but only if it was Pokemon or battle related. But neither was very imminent, and yet he was in a pleasant mood. The group was still located in Sword. Red seemed to be attached to the darker submerged area of the city. They had met several friends, but one in particular seemed to get along with Red. A small boy named Indigo. They walked into a local diner under the water and met him. Popuri and Laura departed as both boys talked.

"So, you run a gang? You do not seem to be of the nature of crime," said Red.

"Oh, I never break the law. We just, live underground. There is a lot you do not know about me still."

"Yeah, I don't even know where you come from," replied Red.

"Please, why do we always start our conversations with this same banter. It isn't going to get you anywhere. Just accept that I am a good person and enjoy the company. Why do you always have to be so analytical?" asked Indigo.

"Eh, I just tend to have a hard time trusting people I do not know anything about."

"You know plenty. I told you that I fight for the freedom of Ordo."

"It seems plenty free to me."

"Yeah, seems... Enough. Let's eat. I will beat you at pool."

"All right. Nice to know that we are able to get through that more quickly now," laughed Red.


Explosions erupted all throughout the battle field. A trainer was down on Ash's side, his Scizzor completely exhausted, he stood there offering occasional shouts of encouragement.

The trainer with the Tyranitar, however, was absorbing hits with unbelievable fortitude. Its fangs were fearsome and large, its eyes were piercing, and its sheer size made it a monster. A shadily jaded monster.

"Tyranitar! Use Hyper Beam!" and there went a beam of energy ripping through the air with searing heat, causing a huge explosion beside the Wigglytuff, knocking it over. It yelled out, and the indirect hit caused it to faint. Richie's eyes shot over to the pitiful sight and looked back at Ash, "Come on Ash, you haven't really done anything!"

Ash took the bait, Pikachu performed a quick attack, lightning speed, and hit dead center on the Clefairy. Richie was alone.

Misty and Cameron watched in amazement. So quickly, it was two against one. It was not going well for Richie.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Sorry for the delay in the story! I have final exams coming up, and I am preparing for those. Please be patient as they are almost over.
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