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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 01-14-2011, 05:21 PM
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Default Projections.

This is an idea I have had for quite a while which is based slightly
on what the human mind interprets things to be real and things not
to be real with a Pokemon twist. Some of you might find this
confusing as the chapters progress and some of you might be
intruiged as to what will happen as the story progresses, either way
please take your time to read this and be submerged into the
story. Thankyou for reading, I will upadate this topic as the story



Wake. I stroll out of bed and reach for the sink, the advantages of living in a one room apartment, you never have to walk far to reach your destination. I splash water over my face and look into the mirror. Being an Insomniac has aged me terribly and I often wonder how fruitful my life would be if I was like other people. Normal. I turn around to notice the moon peeking at me through the blinds I forgot to close. Its midnight, I turn towards my Squirtle to see it is in fact awake also, my Pokémon tend to realise my sleeping patterns and adjust their sleep patterns accordingly.

I live in a huge city, bigger than most cities in the surrounding area, and all of it is new, the POG paid for everything in the area, Pokémon Open Government, what a load of bollocks. I work for POG and I can certainly say that this city wasn’t paid for out of the kindness of their heart, they have been selling Pokémon to slave traders for years and it doesn’t look like it will stop soon, nether less I work as one of their Forgers, which is a fancy word which in this instance means that I take peoples Pokémon away, even sometimes by force. One of the main reasons POG hired me was because of the fact I am an Insomniac, I’m a last resort, sent in undercover to become friends with the suspect and eventually be in a position to steal their Pokémon. I have only been used a few times as it’s a last resort and I’m the only one who will go this far for the job. Money is money I guess.
I walk over to the window, tripping over countless pokeballs and other bits along the way, leaning on the window and opening the blinds, to reveal the beauty that is midnight. The city’s harsh colours force the image of joy into your mind and the lights and sounds invigorate your soul. I hate it here. There is no room for the lower-class folk. Just posh snobs with strong Pokémon, I guess that’s why POG chose this city as their main source of Pokémon theft. I signed up mostly because I knew about their plans and couldn’t even think to part with my Squirtle.

Bang bang bang. I hear a knock at my door. A knock of authority and power, my Squirtle jumps up and gets ready to fight off any thugs, there are a lot of thugs in this city, speculation as to which some of them are actually thugs or if they work for POG. I calm my Squirtle down as I know such a knock at such a time can only mean one thing. I have another assignment.

More will be updated as time progresses. I would love your feedback.

"if you close your eyes, you see darkness, but if you keep them
closed for long enough, you see light"

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Old 01-14-2011, 07:24 PM
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Default Re: Projections.

Good Gawd. I looooooove that presentation. It actually seems like a freakin' book! That surprised me! Keep it up! Up! Up I say!
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Old 01-14-2011, 09:52 PM
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Default Re: Projections.

Starcrossed Lovers

Book. Desk. Stare. I look longingly into his eyes and consider what he just asked from me, is it morally right to do such a thing. Ronald, managing director of Theft affairs, he gives me my assignments, then leaves, no chit chat, no small talk, I have been working for POG for over 5 years and I still don’t know his interests, where he lives, his last name. Yet he knows everything about me. I sit there, blankly staring at him, wondering if what he gave me was real. The book, it holds everything I need to know about my next victim, and as I stare down into the book I cannot believe my eyes. A picture of a young girl taped to page one, she looks happy here, free, full of life. Yet when you look at the details, both of her parents died from unknown causes and she is 10 years old. Her name is Lucy.
“Are you kidding me”
I say to the man in front of me, it’s like talking to a brick wall, no emotion, no fear or doubt in what he is asking.
“You’re asking me to steal from a 10 year old girl who has no parents”
I shout at him. Leaning across the desk as to provoke ad least the smallest flinch. There is nothing. Leaning back I realise what this is, they are trying to test me, see if I’m up to the job, no wonder no one else wants to steal from her, all she has is her Pokémon. That Poor girl. Finally Ronald opens his lips and in the most unemotional voice he says
“That is your assignment Lucas; you know the consequences of not complying with POG’s rules”
I stare at him, and then look at the assignment notes; Lucy is quite rich with Pokémon, having a Gengar. One of those Pokémon you don’t usually see around anymore, they are very popular across the seas and therefore POG tries to ship them all over so they can profit. POG owns most of this region, if you’re not working for POG your automatically poor since everything is owned by them.

A stupendously loud ringing travels through my ears, the meeting is over, Ronald plans all his meetings so he exactly on time and knows exactly when to leave, no goodbye, no hug. Nothing. I close the door behind the already briskly walking man and lay on my bed. I stare to the ceiling. Squirtle comes onto the bed and licks my face, that’s his way of telling me he wants to go out, so reluctantly I put on my jacket and put my Squirtle on my head. He finds it comfortable there, rustled in my maroon red hair.

Night life is quite exquisite, giant balloons everywhere, shaped as your favourite Pokémon of course, everything was about Pokémon in this city, and as if Squirtle knew the best time to come out, there was a festival going on. Celebrating 200 years since the Snorlax fell asleep on an about to erupt volcano. I find it funny how such posh and sophisticated people let their guard down and peruse the streets like wild animals just because of a Snorlax. Squirtle seems to find it fun anyway, I notice his eyes light up at all of the surrounding decor, the bright lights, the stools containing people selling Cotton candy, not to mention the Pokémon food stools, for all things Snorlax shaped, curiosity won over me and I brought some treats for Squirtle, I place them on the ground and Squirtle jumps off my head, I know he doesn’t like being hand fed, me and him have been partners for years. I laugh as Squirtle scoff’s down the whole lot, turns out I was wrong about the cliché Pokémon treats, so I proceed to buy some more.

Squirtle looks up. Sniffs the air, he can smell something good, so he shoots off ahead of me, leaving me running after him, god knows what he has smelt this time.
“Squirtle, come back! You’re going to get lost!”
I yell at him, no use. I trip and land face first on the ground, being in my late 20’s means that I can still take a fall, but that hurt quite a bit. I look up to see my Squirtle licking a Gengar. Squirtle seems to find a large attraction towards this Pokémon. Then it hits me. I notice a pair of small thin legs standing next to my Pokémon, white tights and little shoes with bows on them. As I stare upwards, unable to see the human standing in front of me, I’m far too blinded by the surrounding lights. Suddenly she leans in and I see her face.
“Hi, I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you”.

"if you close your eyes, you see darkness, but if you keep them
closed for long enough, you see light"

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