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Old 12-29-2010, 04:00 PM
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Default Re: [SU] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis

You're good to go, akaichi. Thanks for signing up.

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Old 12-29-2010, 09:16 PM
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Default Re: [SU] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis

You're welcome. I was gonna SU and then went on Vacation, soooo, I'm behind.
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Default Re: [SU] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis

Sorry I'm late to the ball, but while everyone else has most of their free-time over Christmas break, that's the very busiest time for me. I literally only had time and attention to write a couple of sentences a day. Thankfully, Christmas is done, New Year's Eve is past, the family's all gone, time to kick it up!
I had it mostly finished except for the history, which I cranked out all but the first paragraph I! I'm kinda surprised how long it turned out. ^^'

Name: Essie Tandelle
Gender: female
Age: 23
Team: The Cullen
Race: Hybrid
Pokemon: Weavile
Ability: Pressure- When this Pokemon is hit by a move, the opponent’s PP lowers by 2 rather than 1. (what if I say ‘it’s harder for the opponent to attack after she is hit’?)
PokeDex Benefits: Very agile and stealthy, with claws strong enough to cut stone. Able to work in cunning unity with others.
Type(s): Dark/Ice
Standing about five feet four inches, Essie has never been very tall. She has a slender figure, not skinny, with very lean muscles that can propel her in any direction with great speed. An extremely dense coat of very short, very fine hair keeps wind and most water off her skin. Other than the small amount of light reflecting off the dark blue-grey color, you would have to feel it to notice this sleek layer of fur that covers her body. Essie was born with dark green eyes, but thanks to the Weavile genes now part of her DNA, her eyes are a piercing shade of red able to see in even the dimmest places. Her once brown hair is now almost black and contrasts against the short crest of crimson feathers that slip out from her hair like a headdress. Her ears have become pointed and red, though also shorter than those of a Weavile. She has a narrow collar of red feathers around her neck, as well as two long tail feathers and a large gold gem on her forehead. Also noticeable when she smiles, some of her teeth have become sharper, especially her canines which sometimes show from under her top lip. A set of heavy, lightly curved claws are on both Essie’s hands and feet. Three of the fingers on each hand, leaving her thumb and pinky-finger, have practically been replaced by the sharp claws that begin at her knuckles. They extend beyond the reach of her fingers, but are able to retract just enough to be a normal length. Her feet are stronger and her toes have been replaced by three thick claws that help her to climb and grip the ground for speed.

Essie’s clothes are generally simple in style, but of good quality and fit her well. With the ice type, she does not have to worry about wearing layers for warmth. You will usually see her in a short, sleeveless dress in her favorite color, navy blue, with a pair of shorts or leggings underneath. She does like her clothes to be functional after all. Essie always has a black, double-belt wrapped around her hips to hold her pokeballs and various small pouches for any necessities she might need. She keeps her dark hair pulled back loosely in two low pigtails. Due to the sharp claws on her feet, she wears sandals or other open shoes. This serves a double purpose: it allows her to use her claws for grip if need be, and saves on the destruction her claws do to close-toe shoes. There are two broad, black cuffs that she wears on either arm. The left has a compact PDA contained inside with net connection and functions as a PokeDex, GPS, and camera among other things. And yes, it tells time, too. The right cuff hides communication and several slim tools should she ever need them.

Quick-thinking and cheeky, Essie has a very distinctive attitude that is rather like a thief. She would not deny it...and is very truthful. Don’t take this that she is a bad person who steals a lot. She actually doesn’t like to steal she simply enjoys knowing that she is able to. Even though she speaks her mind quite often, Essie is always ready to hear what others have to say, especially her friends. And, she has many friends. This comes from her being amiable with nearly everyone she meets, including those who are not so friendly. Even among enemies, she has an almost irrepressible good humor. When she does get angry, you can bet it is with good reason, though her anger generally does not last long. Essie is capable of being serious, but prefers not to be whenever possible. This can often get her into trouble with allies and enemies alike who think she is making a joke of them or the situation. She’s athletic, enjoys competition, and if you ever ask what she likes most, you probably won’t get a definitive answer.

Essie is not a genius, but she is intelligent and has a natural ingenuity, making her very good at problem-solving. When caught in a sticky situation, she rarely takes a lot of time to think through it. Weighing her options at a glance, she’ll go with the most acceptable solution at the moment, whether it is risky or not. Her resourcefulness has given her pretty good survival skills. She never considered the possibility of staying underground, not really comfortable with the enclosed space. While many regions can no longer actually call their air fresh anymore, Essie still says there is a staleness underground that does not go away. She prefers to be able to come and go as she pleases and not be restricted to a certain place. And she can come and go quite easily. Somehow, she always manages to find her way out of trouble that she generally gets herself into. Fairly agile and having practiced some combat skills, she was always able to take care of herself, more-so since becoming a hybrid. She now shares the speed, skill, and sharp senses of her Weavile. Of course, this has only added to her confidence which she was not really lacking before. Don’t mistake this for weakness and do not underestimate her, she may surprise you.

Once you have her friend, you will have a friend for life. She dislikes crooks, saying they give honest thieves a bad name, and bullies. Essie is incredibly loyal to the Cullen, agreeing with the team creed and its purpose through the increasing world danger. She greatly respects the other team members and it’s very hard to lose her respect. Seeing most everyone as a possible friend or ally, and never having a lot of family herself, she appreciates the unity and companionship of the Cullen. She is also impressed that they were able to remain a secret for so long. Being able to create such an expansive underground society right under everyone’s feet was the best bluff she ever heard of, and it felt right up her alley.

Essie lost her parents when she was only two, so she does not remember much of them. She was raised by her great-aunt, Alice, in the rural country outside Olivine City. Unfortunately, her great-aunt was quite old and never had any children of her own. It was difficult for her to adapt to child-rearing, especially with the free-spirited Essie. Still, Aunt Alice did her best to raise her great-niece well, growing to understand her need to explore and teaching her to respect others. This is what kept Essie, with all her curiosity as a child, from taking whatever struck her fancy but wasn’t hers. It’s a lesson that continues to stick with her, at least most of the time. Essie loved living in the country and by the time she was five, knew almost every rock and tree around her home. More than once, she would get run out of a barn where she had found Pokemon to play with, until she learned to keep her ears open for anyone coming and stay out of sight till they were gone. Essie had many friends in the local children. They admired her fearlessness and, despite being a preschooler, she would often stand up to kids twice her age, encouraging others along with her. There was always a neighbor or parent who said that Alice had no control over Essie, but whenever they would make accusations that she was running wild, the girl would appear right beside her aunt. Though they would become frustrated that she had proved them wrong, it was difficult to stay angry at the small girl smiling charmingly.

Everything would change with the meltdown of a Synth power plant in Hoenn. When the Kanto plant reached a meltdown, people grew worried and the government, in an effort to maintain control and knowing that the Johto plant would reach that critical level at some point as well, ordered the start of an evacuation. They began to move people into what were practically underground cities no one had ever known existed. During the evacuations, it was revealed that a group called the Cullen was responsible for the underground cities’ existence and control of the region was turned over for them to help maintain peace through the crisis. Fearful of danger, most of the people around Essie’s home quickly moved with the evacuation underground as soon as they could. Aunt Alice was reluctant to move so quickly when they were not yet in danger. With less of her friends around, Essie spent more time on her own. Late in the winter, she came across a young Sneasel that was tangled in the wire over a farmer’s fence. It was unusual to see a Sneasel in the area so late in the winter and she figured that he must have been left behind or stuck on his own. Looking up at the caught Pokemon, Essie winked at him and pointed to a stack of barrels farther down the fence line. “You should’ve gone for those to jump over instead of climbing. You got yourself in a real mess there, huh?” More than anything else, the Sneasel looked more irritated at being seen in that position and lectured by a seven year-old girl. Still, Essie smiled and shook her head. “I know that farmer and he’ll just be mad you were around his silos, even if you were only after Rattata.” The dark Pokemon looked surprised that she knew he was after Rattata, but really Essie had only put two and two together, along with the bit of violet fur caught in his claws. At the sound of a truck near the silos, he watched as she easily climbed a tree branch overhanging the fence to help disentangle him. He landed hard on the ground, his leg asleep from the wire that had been wound around it. Even though Essie was only about a foot taller, she helped him up and ran straight for home where Aunt Alice took care of the scratches made by the wire. The Sneasel stuck around, mostly out of curiosity at the seven year-old who came and went wherever she wanted. Essie named him Shard and, even though he did not always seem to follow her out of any sort of loyalty, became his friend.

When she was nine, Essie’s aunt was finally convinced to the Cullen’s evacuation and made the move underground. Even after she was able to take Shard with her, Essie was against it, but finally consented for her aunt’s sake. For a long time, though she tried, the young girl could not understand why they had to live in such a dreary, confined place when there was no danger above them yet. At first, there was a lot for her and the Sneasel to explore –and get into- since it was such a new place. But, she disliked being underground. Everything about it felt wrong to her. The space was often cramped, the air was stale, hardly anything changed; it was as if time had stopped there, and it began to press in on her. More than once, she tried to find a way aboveground, but it was generally frowned upon for children to head to the surface alone. There were very few ways out of the Subway City, and all those were monitored. She finally got lucky after watching the utility team work on an airshaft. Most of the air was circulated by massive fans, but some fresh air was pumped in from a station on the surface. After learning the schedule for the fresh air vents, Essie and Shard were able to make their way through the shaft up to the station. Since the air was still clear in Johto, they did not need the complicated filtration system yet, making it easier for the girl and Pokemon to sneak through. Essie was thrilled to finally be back out in the open, even though she knew they could not stay since her great-aunt was still in the Subway City.

By the time she was fifteen, they had made the trip so many times it was like clockwork. They had almost run into trouble one or two...six (maybe) times, but not enough to worry over. Shard had evolved and Essie had caught more Pokemon, and by this time was old enough for permission to go to the surface for short times. Her Aunt Alice had also grown older and very tired, now in her eighties. She became very ill, and despite the doctors efforts, could not get well again. Essie did not make any trips aboveground during this time, staying close by. Though she was worried, she knew that it was always her bright mood that made her aunt happy. A couple of months went by before Alice passed away. She was taken back to the small village outside Olivine City to be buried. Essie had cried herself out before she realized there was no reason for her to stay where she was. It was late at night and the transport would not be going to the surface, so Essie and Shard went the way they always had before, through the ventilation shaft. What she did not expect upon exiting the exhaust vent was to collide with the Alpha and a maintenance crew from the Cullen. Sitting on the ground she looked up with a smile and asked that he pardon her intrusion. Several of the crew seemed irate that she had been using their vents as a pathway. The Alpha looked from her to the Weavile face-palming in the open vent and remarked they had found the source of the scratches that had appeared in the shaft. He then asked how and why they had come out that way. She shrugged saying that it wasn’t hard- they had done it for almost five years. She frowned at the ‘why’. “I guess I don’t have a reason to go back there anymore.” After being asked where she was planning to go on her own, she once again smiled and shrugged saying that she had always managed to find a use for her time. The Alpha thought for a moment before telling the crew that all external vents needed to be more secure if a kid had managed to sneak through them, then asked Essie if she would like to have a place to go back to. It took all of four seconds for her to decide if she wanted to join the Cullen. After all, what better way to use time than doing something?

She quickly fell into the Cullen, enjoying the close-knit team and happy with what they were working for. There were one or two higher-ranked members who would grow irritated with her cheeky, good humor and impulsive decisions, though most were impressed by her skills and confidence. Essie went through hybridization under the Cullen so she could stay away from the underground as much as possible since it still felt confining to her. Choosing a Pokemon was a simple task. She had always been impressed by Shard’s abilities and skill; light and quick on his feet, able to reach places most couldn’t, and hefty claws that could get him in or out of places much easier. Although she still teased him about that one wire fence. It took some time, but she learned to use the claws that replaced most of her fingers almost as deftly as if she had never lost those appendages. She learned quickly and her best training was with simple electronics and explosives as well as flying. Essie had never really thought about being a pilot. From the time her Pokemon Luce had evolved to a Togekiss, she had always relied on him for air travel. After some training though, she showed great ability in the cockpit and loved climbing into the openness of the sky, so different from the confines of the Subway Cities. She still likes to explore and has been useful more than once in searching difficult areas, and she still manages to get in and out of trouble. As the Cullen deals more and more with the crisis going on, she is more than happy to jump headlong into any trouble that arises.

Weavile, Shard – His feathers are a deep, brick-red, darker than normal. Shard always seems to have a smirk on his face, like he knows something you don’t. He’s always been quiet, but even now that Essie can understand him he still doesn’t say much, which doesn’t matter since she always seems to know what he’s thinking anyway. He’ll get irritated at times, but mostly doesn’t show whether or not he cares at all about what’s going on. Like Essie though, he does enjoy a good challenge.
Ivysaur, Jasmine – The pink bud on her back is tipped white for reasons unknown to her or her trainer. It did not occur out of illness, it has just always been that way. She gives Essie help in hard to climb places and is usually the voice of reason, until she gets into a good battle. Then it’s onward!
Rotom, Byte – Essie acquired this little prankster playing in an old movie theater. He fits in very well with his trainer’s good humor. His abilities also make him very good at getting past electronic locks.
Vulpix, Amber – Her name comes from the light color of her eyes. She’s a bit stuffy with others, but all-around a good Pokemon. She can be leery or even distrusting of anyone she doesn’t know.
Aipom, Kiwi – Look out when this one is around, she gets under your feet. Able to climb and get through spaces even Shard can’t, she likes to collect things and she’s like a miniature tornado, fast and energetic. She gets along with Byte very well and loves his pranks.
Togekiss, Luce – Shy and quiet, he may look like a mismatch among Essie’s team, but he gets along well with his trainer’s optimistic and genuine outlook. He dislikes going into region’s affected by Synth gas with all the turmoil it has caused.

Skills: Think of her like a thief. Able to slip in and out of places unseen or find a way out of a tight situation, and skillful at lifting objects (pick-pocketing if you want the simplest explanation). She has a charming attitude and being quick and agile is her greatest strength in a fight. She does not usually carry weapons since blades are unnecessary and guns are awkward with her large claws. She is fairly good with small explosives or EMP emitters that will blast locks and fry electronics. Essie has also become an excellent pilot under the guidance of the Cullen.

Others: I feel kinda like she’s a rather light character for this RP. ^^’ But, I think she’ll work out. And yes, I chose a dark type. Nox can't lay claim on all of them. =P
If it’s ok, I’m gonna have a jet with an autopilot and tracking system.
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^

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Default Re: [SU] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis

Looks good, no problems here. And thanks for the heads up notice.

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