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Old 12-29-2010, 12:32 PM
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Cool PRO trainers needed for advice


i soon have a 6 vs 6 single battle vs a friend (using pokemon platinum)
hes overpowered but he doesnt know a thing about evs and natures
and his movesets are crappy also

I know a bit of his pkmn help me inprove my movesets/strategy^^

Garchomp lv100 dragon/ground

Dialga lv100 dragon/steel

electrovire lv100 electric

Charizard lv100 fire/flying

Aggron lv100 steel/rock

prevous battle he had only dialga, electrovire and a couple low lvls
i used my lvl 80 garchomp and fully danced and crushed dialga in 1 hit^^
but he prolly aint gonne give me the chance to let me dance 3 times whit
at least 5 100+ pokemon:S

My pokemon atm

Garchomp lv85 outrage, eathquake, dragon claw, sword dance(basic set)
palkia 72 special rend, surf, thunder, flame(i like 100power without any cons)
dialga 71 stealth rock, draco meteor, brick break, earth power
infernape 70 sword dance, blast burn, stone edge, close combat
gyarados 76 waterfall, ddance, ice fang, thunderbolt
giratina 57 shadow ball, d claw, rest, sleep talk (want to add will o wisp soon)
salamence 56 outrage, draco meteor, crunch, fire blast
haunter 57 shadow ball, curse, night shade, destiny bond
tyranitar 56 substitute, focus punch, crunch, flamethower

as you can see most got decent movesets but are far under lv100
also most of them got items to boost there stab attacks dont got any choice stuf yet

i just found out about the power of stealth rock that in a 6 vs 6 battle will surely own alot
any other stuf off that kind?
any tips on how i beat the crap out of any of the 5 pkmn?
what should i train?
any other usefull pkmn that are catchable in platinum?
is it worthfull to get choice items at the bf while i can also train lvls?

keep in mind my opponent is not very advanced so any dirty moves could work^^
(he lets his lvl 100 go down couse of my lvl 40 haunter using destiny bond)

thx for reading all this crap, give me some advice on what to do
Old 12-29-2010, 06:19 PM
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Default Re: PRO trainers needed for advice

Salamence@Life Orb
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Aqua Tail

Hits all of the five pokemon for super effective damage. Bring it in on a physical attacker to cripple them Intimidate and set up a Dragon Dance. Use Infernape for a fast Stealth Rock user as your lead, with Taunt to stop any setup he might have (But PLEASE get rid of Blast Burn, two-turn moves suck.). For a special attacker Dialga or Pallia can both hit like a truck, Choice Specs and Draco Meteor will clean out pretty much anything it hits. You probably won't want to bring Tyranitar, since perma-sand brings in the chance of his Garchomp getting lucky with Sand Veil and ruining any setup you've had. Gyarados makes a decent choice too, given that Dialga is the only thing he has that resists water and he takes super effective damage from Earthquake. Keep it as a Dragon Dancer, but put EQ in over Thunderbolt since it's SpAtt is garbage.

In terms of adding new stuff, No Guard Machamp could be useful. The only thing that resists fighting on his team is Charizard, which still hates the confusion and is easily dealt with between a coverage move (Stone Edge or an Elemental Punch) and Stealth Rock. Plus it gets a priority move in Bullet Puch, which are always handy.

So yeah, something like;

If you like the look of this line-up, go Heatran in the final slot. You'll need a Dragon resist and another special attacker. Substitute/Flamethrower/DragonPulse/EarthPower is probably your best bet.

also most of them got items to boost there stab attacks dont got any choice stuf yet
Most type boosting items are too weak to but worth using. Check out the poke's Smogon pages for the most appropriate item choices.
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