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Role Play Make Role Plays or join them. It's your world. Everybody else just lives in it.

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Old 12-20-2010, 05:29 PM
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Default [SU]The Dark Era[SU]


In the ancient times when the world had only been in its first thousand years of creation. There lived creaturse off which no one could imagine. Dragons, ogres, mermaids, and other kind of creature you could imagine. The magical creatures. The magical creatures had lived peacefully with the humans. But soon conflict had broken out between the two sides. The magical creatures began to eat humans which is what most of them needed to eat. This angered the humans and so the Century Battle came upon them. A long and bloody battled lasted for 100 years. Many humans and magical creatures were killed in this raging war. The humans had finally had enough and they sealed all the magical creatures off into the Dark Dimension, a place where there existed nothing. The magical creatures had lived there for thousands of years. Being corrupted by the powers of the Dark Dimension.

Now in the present...

It was a crystal clear winter day when tradegy befell the world. A dark portal had opened in the skies releasing millions and millions of dark creatures who began attacking the humans. These creatures where covered in dark auras and began destroying everything. They killed many humans causing devastation around the world. Soon enough they had taken over the entire human world. The army could not stop the Dark Army and so Earth fell down to the power of the Dark Army. The magical creatures who had been trapped for so long in a lifeless place were now taking power and revenge of the human world. There leader was the Queen of the Gaurdian of Death. The Sorceress, Demeitra. Along with her army she was able to conquer and enslave the humans. The Earth is a poor condition now adays. The wind won't blow, the seas are always stormy, and natrual disasters occurr very often now. Everyone beleives that the planet is dying because of the darkness, Demeitra and her army have spread. Is all hope lost? No, there may be hope.

The day that Demeitra entered the human world with her army, something happened that no one noticed. The Gaurdian of Light, Demeitra's twin sister, Ella awakened used her powers to awaken the powers of the Guardians. The Gaurdians are humans who were chosen by destiny to become epic heroes. But on the bad side some of the Gaurdians were also on the Dark Army. The Gaurdians who plan to protect the world and defeat Demeitra have banned together to and plan to start a grand revolution. But Demeitra found out about the Gaurdians in her Dark Army and she plans to counter act and destroy the good Gaurdians.

~Your Role~

You are either a Gaurdian of Life or a Gaurdian of the Dark Army. You must use the powers that destiny bestowed on you to help change the world. It's up to you if it's for better or worse.


1.) No godmodding, bunnying or flaming
2.) All PE2K forum rules must be followed
3.) Keep it PG-13 (No sex or blood showers)
4.) Must have at least a paragraph per post
5.) Try to use correct spelling and grammar
6.) You must be committed to this RP
7.) Have fun!
8.) NPC are controlable by anyone, except for Demeitra. Only I can control her.


Name: (First and Last)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (16-29)
Appearance: (Picture or paragraph of description)
History: (one paragraph at least about your characters past. Include how they discovered their powers.)
Gaurdian Power: (Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightning, etc...)
Abilites: (What abilites do you have? Must be related to your Garudian Power. Limit of 4)
Force: (Gaurdian of Light or Gaurdian of the Dark Army)
Weapons: (What your character uses in combat)
Other: (Any extra information)

(No personality section because we will see their personalities as the RP progresses)

Selena-Gaurdian of Water (Mickmon95)
Bruce-Gaurdian of Ice (Mickmon95)


Name: Selena "Sel" Lockheart
Age: 17
Gender: Female
History: Selena was born and raised on Earth. She was there when Demeitra and her force invaded Earth. Her mother and father were killed trying to protect Selena from the Dark Creatures. She despises the Dark Army for killing her family. She had hid the take over out living in the caves. She had heard rumors of the Gaurdians one day coming back to save the world. But as the days past by she soon lost faith in them. She went out at night to scavenge for food and water. She did her best to survive. One day she went late at night to go pick apples from a tree.

She was tackled down by a bull like Dark Creature who had three eyes and five tails. It had six legs as well. Selena had taken quite a blow the chest so she ran away as fast she could, but the bull caught up to her. She was standing in front of a pond as the bull charged at her. She put her hands up instictivley and a stream of water from the pond whipped the bull into a building. She then ran back to the cave where she had lived. She realized she was a Gaurdian, the one of water. She then began practicing her powers to become strong with them. She then went out at night to free some of the enslaved humans from time to time.
Gaurdian Power: Water
Abilites: The ability to breathe underwater, to turn invisible, to control any source of water around her.
Force: Gaurdian of Light
Weapons: Selena fights with only her power over water.
Other: None

Name: Bruce Dodger
Age: 19
Gender: Male
History: Bruce is a half-werewolf. He was one of the magical creatures who was sealed in the Dark Dimension. He followed Demeitra and quickly became one of her most trusted soldiers. He hates the humans for trapping them in a dark and lonely universe. So he was all for conquering the human world. He wanted them to suffer as they did trapped in the Dark Dimension. On the day of the attack he rampaged all over the place in his Werewolf form and killed many humans. He destroyed many buildings and this made him happy. He participated in many of the battles fought to conquer. He was training one day with an ogre. And he was losing badly. So he got mad and shot his hand forward and he froze the ogre. He then knew he was a Gaurdian so now he was appointed with the task of killing the good Gaurdians.
Gaurdian Power: Ice
Abilites: To freeze any thing, to create masses of ice, to shape the ice as he pleases, and to make his body into ice. But when his location is hot he cannot create ice and uses a sword.
Weapons: Bruce uses weapons he makes with his ice.
Other: None
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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