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Old 12-05-2010, 12:42 AM
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Default Should Sparks Fly Sign Up

Note: This is the animated series, not the live-action movie.


"Daddy, Daddy! Look what I found!"
"It's beautiful, sweetheart."
"Mommy, look!"
"Very pretty..."

Those were the good days, the days before Magatron took over Cybertron and killing innocent bots. I remember the shouts and the the screams and the bombs exploding, in a time when you didn't even feel safe in your own home. I was very young, only about four or five solar cycles. Daddy had to go away for a while, and it was just me and Mommy. We were barely scraping by for those ten solar cycles when it was just her and I, but we were happy. We found happines in the simple things of life, a flower swaying in the breeze, icicles hanging on the buildings, and other things... But, one day in the middle of the freeze stage(winter), they came. They destroyed our house and I was buried by all of the rubble, and they took Mom away. All that was left that I found was her wedding ring, still glimering even though it was covered in dust and ash from the gas explosion. It was then that I decided that I had to find Papa. He would know what to do...

I shot off, hurdling into space, not knowing where I was going, but I would search until I found Papa. Thus, my journey began...

-2 Solar Cycles Later-

-Sari's POV-

The moon was shining and I gazed out the window of the base, staring up at the Detroit skyline. Something bright darted towards the park. "Hey Bumblebee! Have a look at this!" I called, turning back to the window.

"What is it, Sari?" He asked, coming over and stooping to see out the window.

The white light turned red, then orange as it sped through the atmosphere. It crashed into a tree and then into an empty swingset. "It's a meteorite! C'mon! Let's check it out!" I shouted excitedly.

I grabbed Bumblebee's finger and ran excitedly out of the base. Not bothering to climb into the driver's seat when he transformed, I rushed to the park. I ran to the crash site and found something that wasn't a meteorite. It looked like a battered hunk of metal, but you could barley make out the curled up form of a body. But it was chared...Badly. "What is it?" I asked.

"Beats the oil out of me..." Bumblebee said as he transformed back into his bot form and looked over my shoulder.

"Mabey Optimus or Ratchet can identify it." I suggested.

"Good idea Sari. Lets take it back to base." Bumblebee said.

He picked up the burned thing and carried it back to base.


It has been two years since the Autobots arrived in Detroit, and so far things have been rather peaceful. That is, until a two seprate metiorite impacts turn everything upside down. One brings good and everyone knew, the other harmed quickly and quietly, like an armed assassin like nobody can find. Until the harmful affliction reaches Detroit, everyone is bustling. Something new has crashed into the city, and everyone's nerves are on edge. It is clearly some kind of cybertronic organism, but is it an Autobot or Decepticon? Thanks to Ratchet, he was able to sort out the jumbled mess of metal, wiring, and high tech audio equipment. It was revealed to be a young female autobot, but her memory was wiped during collision with the Earth.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee and Prowl have returned from dealing with a traffic accident to find everybody in a frenzy. The run to the infirmiry to find the young bot. She is concious, but can't remember anything. But the killer is creeping through the city, taking prisoners in it's icy grip, slowly building up an army of the undead. Will the autobots be able to defeat this unseen horror?

-No godmoding
-No character stealing
-Romance allowed, but keep it PG-14
-Have fun!
-Put "A Search in Vain" above your entry to verfy you have read the rules.

Available Character/Form

Optimus Prime-
Megatron (Still in Professor Sumdac's lab)-
Unseen Horror-

Human or *Robot:
*Robot Form:
*Vehicle Form:
Crush (if any):

My Character-

Name: Strikewing
Age: 52 solar cycles (18 in Earth years)
Human or *Robot: Robot
*Autobot/Decepticon: Autobot
*Robot Form: Um, I'll get back to you on that...
*Vehicle Form: Purple Jaguar Convertible
Bio: Strikewing is the daughter of Prowl and she is very skilled in the ninja arts, just like him. She trained at the Autobot Academy before going to search for her father. She was never good with guns or any other useful autobot weapons. Her real profession is spying and asassin work, as well as close-range fighting. She loves music and is probally the most shy Autobot you could meet. She has two personalities: quiet and peaceful like her father, or loud and spunky. She worked as a DJ at one of the most popular clubs at Cybertron, and was called DJ StrikerZ. Although she is in love with Bumblebee, it is very difficult because of Prowl's disapproval.
*Weapons: Everything that her father has
Crush (if any): Bumblebee
Other: Very shy and devoted to her father
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