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Third Generation Discuss the third generation Pokemon games: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen.

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Old 07-24-2009, 12:32 AM
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Default Re: FR/LG Team Ratings and Moveset Discussion

My Team:

Charizard - Fire/Flying (Modest) Ability: Blaze

Dragon Claw
Overheat/Aerial Ace

Obvious starter is obvious, but since I'm playing Leaf Green I'm unable to obtain a decent fire pokemon since Ninetales became down-played after the special attack and special defense split. I love this for the fact it's one of the flying types that I can get without having to waste space on my team with a Pidgeot, Fearow, etc, or just a random HM slave. Plus Fly is one of the few useful HM moves.

I usually try to avoid having two same-type attack moves on a pokemon, but Charizard's moveset is kind of limited to those moves. Flamethrower is my standard STAB with 15 PP for long battles or multiple battles. Overheat for the huge STAB to kill off anything in front of me, but sometimes I vie for the extra accuracy of Aerial Ace for those pokemon who only seem to want to make your accuracy 0% or increase it's own evasiveness to be impossible to hit. Dragon Claw is good for other Dragon's and still a decent move to boot.

Nidoking - Poison/Ground (Bold) Ability: Poison Point

Brick Break
Strength/Sludge Bomb

This thing is a pretty awesome tank and learns a variety of moves. Until I beat Giovanni at the eighth gym, Dig is my standard STAB. Earthquake does massive damage to anything that doesn't resist or immune to it. Megahorn takes on those pesky Psychic types especially those special defensive Drowzee's and Hypno's. Strength is another semi-useful move, has pretty decent power backed by Nidoking's pretty nice attack. Brick Break is a pretty decent fighting move against Magnemite's/Magneton's. Depending if I have a poison type already on my team or not, after I go through Victory Road I'll replace Strength with Sludge Bomb for STAB and the ability to poison isn't bad at all.

Vaporeon - Water (Bold) Ability: Water Absorb

Aurora Beam/Ice Beam
Quick Attack

This thing is a godsend, it as saved my butt in-game so many times it's almost hard to count. Surf is still a HM move, but it's usefulness outweighs it's inconvenience with it's STAB. Aurora Beam is usually for my first run-through of the Elite Four since I need the extra PP, but I usually replace it with Ice Beam sooner or later taking on dragon's and grass types alike. Bite is classified special in generation 2 and 3 so it is pretty decent and has the ability to flinch. Quick Attack is a pretty useful priority move for those monsters that my Vaporeon just barely lacks the power to 1KO.

This thing's stats are amazing, great HP and both defensive stats. Decent Special Attack, and speed. It destroys almost everything.

Alakazam - Psychic (Timid) Syncronize/Inner Focus

Shadow Ball
Shock Wave/Psywave

Fast and powerful, a special sweeper like no other. It powers through almost everything, disregarding the resisters and steel types. Psychic is pure power, and the chance of special defense drop on the target is pretty great. Shadow Ball to destroy most other psychic types and ghost types. Recover is obvious, no explanation for this is needed. The final move is kind of dependent on how the game is going, again Psywave is same-type attack, but it still has more PP than Psychic and the ability to confuse is pretty useful in certain situations. And Shock Wave for the accuracy once again, but still pretty nice attack.

The ability depends, as they're both situation moves. But since Bite is a pretty common move and has the ability to flinch, I usually go with Inner Focus

Raichu - Electric (Adamant) Ability: Static

Quick Attack
Thunder Wave

Another decent sweeper, this mixed sweeper is pretty well equipped to take on quite a few things. Slam is a decent physical move which has it's own chance to paralyze a pokemon. Thunderbolt for the STAB, pretty strong, pretty accurate, felt it was better suited than the more powerful, less accurate Thunder, along with the chance to paralyze is also useful. Quick Attack for the second priority, again it's useful for those pokemon that Raichu just barely lacks the power to 1KO or needs to absolutely outspeed. And Thunder Wave cripples nearly every pokemon in-game disregarding ground and other electric types.

This sixth pokemon is always hard for me to figure out which would go best, it usually changes from game-to-game. I'll usually go with one of three pokemon, they are Victreebel, Dragonite, or Gengar. If anyone would like to rate them, I'll list what movesets I usually have them on.

Victreebel - Grass/Poison (Modest) Ability: Chlorophyll

Sleep Powder
Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Sludge Bomb

Sleep Power is really useful for crippling certain pokemon, and it gives me at least a turn to set up. Sunny Day not only allows my Charizard to be able to do even more damage, it allows Victreebel to get off it's STAB Solar Beam in one turn instead of the usual two. Sludge Bomb is a secondary STAB, useful for when I can't set up Sunny Day and again, the chance of poisoning is still useful.

The only problem with this is the amount of time it takes to set up sometimes is just too much. Along with the lack of Rock/Water or Ground/Water types, there really isn't much use for this one after Lavender Town.

Dragonite - Flying/Dragon (Adamant/Jolly) Inner Focus

Wing Attack

Strong and bulky, this thing is a literal attacking monster. Wing Attack is a pretty decent STAB with tons of PP, allowing me to take on any grass threats if my Charizard is taken down earlier in the match. Slam is just a decent attack, disregarding the lack of accuracy it's chance of paralyzing the opponent is pretty great. Outrage for my second stab, and the power along with the ability to attack from 2 to 3 turns is pretty useful, the drawback being the instant confusion after Dragonite is unable to attack anymore. And Agility is useful for those times when I know I'm gonna be coming up against a speedy foe, like another Raichu and want to be able to outspeed and faint it so it can't Paralyze me.

My only problem with this one is that it takes so long to get and by the time you get it, it stops to be useful.

Gengar - Ghost/Poison (Modest/Timid) Levitate

Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball
Destiny Bond/Sludge Bomb

Fast, powerful, but kind of fragile. Hypnosis is nice for putting pokemon to sleep, but the accuracy is horrendous and never seems to hit when you want it to. Confuse Ray is useful for the fact that it's not volatile so I can get it off and still be able to pull off a Thunder Wave or other status ailment if I need.

Shadow Ball being the main STAB is pretty awesome and Gengar learns it naturally which is pretty great. Sludge Bomb for a third time is a great STAB and the ability to poison is sometimes useful. And though I hate to say it, Gengar's typing leave's it open to those pesky Psychic's, especially the super speedy Alakazam, Destiny Bomb is my last resort move for when I'm sure Gengar is going to go down, but I can revenge kill at the same time which is useful for specific pokemon.

Again, even with Shadow Ball, Gengar is left open to Psychic types. And Gengar is kind of a fragile pokemon. Though this is my main choice in a sixth pokemon usually.

Well that's about it, feel free to rate this or not if you actually read everything I typed. :v I soft resetted for a decent Charmander, Abra (Game Corner), and Eevee for those wondered. Got lucky with with pikachu and gastly, and was forced to catch like a million nidoran females so I could trade with one of the computers nidoran males.

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Old 10-29-2009, 10:47 PM
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Smile FR/LG Team Ratings and Moveset Discussion

I have to make a 6 membered pokemon team of the following 8 pokemon choices:

and one of the starters..

Any advice for which 6 I should choose and what natures or movesets I should use for each of them.. Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!!
Old 09-11-2010, 07:54 PM
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Default Re: FR/LG Team Ratings and Moveset Discussion

Can you guys rate my team? :3

~ Sleep Powder
~ Leech Seed
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Giga Drain | Razor Leaf

Pretty decent lead. Just hoping I don't run into a Charizard or Ttar before Sleeping them and throwing on Seeds.

~ Rest
~ Body Slam
~ Shadow Ball
~ Sleep Talk | Selfdestruct

Should have breed for Curse, but was too lazy, working on it now though for the last move. (:

~ Wing Attack - Couldn't get IV's for HP Fly. ;~;
~ Rock Slide
~ Double Edge
~ Earthquake

Rock Head ability, so Double Edge wrecks everything. ^^; One of my favorite Pokemon competitive wise.

~ Earthquake
~ Slash | Tri Attack
~ Aerial Ace
~ Hidden Power

No idea about the last move, I'm just hoping I get a decent HP, lol. >>; He's fast and strong, but fragile. </3

~ Surf
~ Psychic
~ Thunderbolt
~ Ice Beam

Beautiful Special Sweep, even if she's sometimes outspeed, her power is amazingggg. :3 BoltBeam is just, orgasmic and hardly anything resist.

Chansey@Leftovers (Blissey soon)
~ Seismic Toss
~ Softboiled
~ Thunder Wave
~ Falmethrower

Kind of a filler Pokemon. I didn't want another Normal type since I have Snorlax, but she's a decent team player, an with Flamethrower added on, completes my type matches. (: If nothing else, she can cripple with Twave. <3
Old 12-02-2010, 04:14 AM
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Default Re: FR/LG Team Ratings and Moveset Discussion

i need a good moveset for typhlosion, gyarados, and stantler
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