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General Hang out here and talk to people participating the Ultra RPG. Talk about anything related to the Ultra RPG, or just any casual discussion with fellow participants of the Ultra RPG. New to Ultra RPG? Come in and see what's it all about.

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Old 11-14-2010, 04:14 PM
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Default Forum FFA Signups (on BMG)

NOTE: Official thread is on BMG. To sign up for the Forum FFA, you need to sign up on the BMG forums first (URPG's branch),, and PM Pidge your sign up sheet which can be found later in this post. You also PM all of your move selections on BMG.

link to official thread:

  • 5 Slot
  • 3 Pokemon each
  • Revolution
  • No Items
  • Place your Pokemon in 3 of 5 slots.
  • All 3 Pokemon will be sent out and active at the same time as everyone else's 3 Pokemon.
  • You can change slots. Changing slots is similar to switching Pokemon. You will lose your Subsitute, boosts, drops, etc. If your Pokemon are under Perish Song, Leech Seed, Encore, etc. you will probably want to move to get rid of it. Changing slots has the lowest priority. Your Pokemon can only change slots to one adjacent to it, and it must be unoccupied at the time of the changing (you can coordinate it so that one Pokemon takes the slot of another if the faster one moves out of the way first, and then slower one moves there too). Changing slots forgoes that Pokemon's move that turn. You can not move up or down.
  • When a Pokemon targets another, you name the row and the slot number, not the row and Pokemon you want to hit. (for example: Charmander, use Flamethrower on Noobguy's SLOT 3, not Charmander, use Flamethrower on Noobguy's Caterpie)
  • At least one of your Pokemon must attack each turn. This means you should treat as though one of your Pokemon is affected by Taunt (except it can't switch) each turn. When you have one Pokemon left, this rule does not apply to you anymore. Violating this rule will result in the loss of a random Pokemon on your team.
  • A Pokemon can only target another Pokemon in the same SLOT (or column) as it. Otherwise, it will miss. You can target any Pokemon the same SLOT, it doesn't have to be directly above or under you.
  • You have 48 hours to send your moves each turn. Not doing so will result in disqualification.
  • The Pokemon you send must remain in your possession and can not be given away or traded away until you are out. However, you may add moves and place them in the daycare, and even use those newly obtained moves if you desire in the FFA.
  • Intimidate Negated
  • Sleep Clause (one Pokemon per row may be induced to sleep by an opponent at a time)
  • KO-ing a Pokemon will heal 33% to each member of your team as well as healing all major status conditions (Prz, Brn, Psn, Slp, Frz, Con) on your team. Additionally, all your Pokemon gain +1 in a stat of your choosing, signified by your PM you send for that turn.
  • Attacks that hit your own allies as well as the whole opposing team (Earthquake) will target your own allies, as well as one row of your choosing. It hits with 75% power (unless 1 Pokemon remains, then it's 100% power, like in double battles). This targetting also applies to Haze and Perish Song.
  • Attacks that hit all enemies, but not your allies, will affect a row of your choosing. These are moves like Blizzard and Growl.
  • Stealth Rock, Spikes, and Toxic Spikes affect an entire row of your choosing (it's in the same group as Blizzard and Growl anyway).
  • OHKO moves disallowed. Evasion moves disallowed. These can still happen due to Metronome or moves like Acupressure.
  • Imprison is allowed, but affects only a single row/player of your choice.
  • Weather and Trick Room affect everyone, every column.
  • Mud Spot and Water Sport affect everyone, every column.
  • Snatch takes the first feasible move in the column of the user.
  • Outrage and other moves that target randomly hit any Pokemon in the same column randomly.
  • Roar/Whirlwind randomly swaps a Pokemon's position with another Pokemon in the same row.
  • Pokemon may be forced to move SLOTS without losing any of their boosts/drops/other things in order to prevent stalemates as the ref sees fit. Columns may disappear as this happens.
  • Each row will have the player's name attached. I've decided to include this because when you battle someone, the game reads: JOHN AND KATE would like to battle. Also, it's easier to ref. Additionally, coordinating teams becomes easier. Lies and deception are encouraged?!

Here is an explanation of how moves like U-turn and Baton Pass will work.

Player 1:
Crobat use U-turn on Player 2's SLOT 1, go to SLOT 3.
Smeargle use Cosmic Power
Skarmory use Agility

Player 2:
Donphan use Stone Edge on Player 1's SLOT 1.
Eevee uses Tackle on Player 1's SLOT 3.
Infernape uses Nasty Plot.

Crobat uses U-turn on Donphan [SLOT 1], switches with Smeargle. [notice change of SLOTS and loss of stat boosts]
Infernape uses Nasty Plot.
Smeargle uses Cosmic Power.
Skarmory uses Agility.
Eevee uses Tackle on Smeargle, but it's out of range.
Donphan uses Stone Edge on Player 1's Smeargle. Hit. No crit. [note: Donphan targetted SLOT 1, originally Crobat, but it hit Smeargle instead due to the switch]


Player 1:
Crobat use U-turn on Player 2's SLOT 1, go to SLOT 3.
Smeargle use Cosmic Power
Skarmory use Agility

Player 2:
Donphan use Stone Edge on Player 1's SLOT 1.
Eevee uses Tackle on Player 1's SLOT 3.
Infernape use Mach Punch on Player 1's SLOT 3.

Infernape uses Mach Punch on Player 1's Smeargle. KO
Crobat uses U-turn on Donphan, but it's not going anywhere! [note, Smeargle is KO'd, so it can't switch with it]
Skarmory uses Agility.
Eevee uses Tackle on Smeargle, but it's fainted.
Donphan uses Stone Edge on Player 1's Smeargle. Hit. No crit.

You only need to use Bulbagarden's Forums's PM system.

How do you enter? PM me the following.

Choose three of the following slots to start out in, and type the Pokemon and Ability in it, gender will be in your stats if anyone needs to look it up.

Link to stats:
Other: (insert questions, comments, whatever)

How do you submit your moves? All you do is PM me. If you send multiple PMs, only the latest set of moves before the deadline will be accepted.

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur, use Growth on yourself
Charmander: Charmander, use Flamethrower on Player 4's SLOT 3
Squirtle: Squirtle, move one slot right
Boost: if you KO a Pokemon, the rules say all your Pokemon heal 33%, are cured of any status condition, and all your Pokemon get +1 in a stat, put the stat you want here, even if you don't think you will KO anything that turn (put Atk, Def, SpAtk, SpDef, Spe, or Acc)
Other: (insert questions, comments, concerns, etc.)
Thread is posted here just in case anyone from Pe2k without BMG accounts want to participate but didn't know about this.
urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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