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Old 11-07-2010, 12:48 AM
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Default [SU] Gemmeny's Academy of Pokeoligy and Competition


Gemmeny's Academy of Pokeoligy and Competition. One of the best Pokemon boarding schools throughout all the regions, it attracts hundreds of students every term. During the school year, students live within the massive dorm systems, but they can return to their homes during the summer and winter breaks if they so choose. With such a large school, students are split into four houses. These houses are…

Unda House --- Ignis House -- Gramen House - Desumo House

During the school year, the houses compete against each other in various challenges. During lessons, students triumphs will earn them house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, each student in the house with the most points is rewarded with a rare pokemon.


Gemmeny’s Academy is located in North-east Johto. The only way to get there is by train. Once you are accepted into the school, you are supplied with this starter pack:

1x Academy Pokedex - For various class purposes, as well as projects to document various Pokemon on Gemmeny's grounds for projects. Also has a visual communication device that can be linked with any other student's Pokedex.
1x Team Badge - These badges are one of the four shown above that corresponds with the students team.
1x Baby Eevee - As a welcome gift for each student. Does not count towards the student's party of six Pokemon, but also may not be used in any events.
1x Academy Map -


A roleplay I did over at Bulbagarden to celebrate getting my casts off. People seemed to enjoy it, so I have modified it slightly, and here it is!

Brake any two, and you’re out.

- No GodModding/Controlling other characters/Controlling time/Instant Hitting
- No one liners
- Swearing is fine, just don't do it 24/7
- No tennis
- I'm just about okay with first base, but nothing past that! Plus, if your character does happen to be part of a couple, please don't let your post revolve around eating people's heads off! >.<
- No killing people. Period.
- No sub-plots or side characters. You should all know that.
- Try not to post an OOC post without anything IC.
-If you have any questions, please message me.
-Reservations last 24 hours.

If you’ve read, and understand, these rules, then put the phrase “Anon is Sexy” or any variation there of anywhere in your sign up.

Da Formz:
Three characters max. One teacher limit.

Name: First and last, please.
Age: 10-17
Gender: Pretty self-explanatory…
Sexuality: Gay/Bi/Lesbian/Straight
House: Student only. Unda, Ignis, Gramen or Desumo. This will not be your actual team, but will be put into account.
Subject: teacher only. Could be Tactics, coordinating, some other Pokemon-related subject, or even a normal one, such as art or music. Also state if you would like to be a house leader.
Apperance: Hair, eyes, cloths, ect. One paragraph minimum.
Personality: How your character acts/behaves. One paragraph minimum.
History: Hometown, first Pokemon, ect. Two paragraphs minimum.
Pokemon: Up to six. No legends.
Class use Pokemon: Teacher only. Please include a list,, if any, of the pokemon you will use in class, as well as a description of what they are used for.
Other: Anything else? Perhaps how sexy I am?

I think that’s everything… If you have any questions, ask away!
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Old 11-07-2010, 12:51 AM
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Default Re: [SU] Gemmeny's Academy of Pokeoligy and Competition

My students:

Name: Joseph and Joshua “The Clones” Antonimous

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

House: Unda


Joe and Josh stand tall for their age at six foot, and have a pale complexion. They have black, messy hair (though Joshes is approximately an inch longer) and bright, turquoise eyes. They have slightly longer and sharper canine teeth than average, meaning they can make them protrude slightly from their mouths and back again. They each have a thin, four-inch long scar on the side of their face (right for Joe, left for Josh) because they were born Siamese.

They usually wear black, sometimes “mixing-it-up” with blue’s, green’s and pinks (Josh normally dresses more gothic). They’re never seen without a pair of fingerless gloves (style may vary). They each have a silver chain around their neck that have a small, glass vile on it which is said to contain the water from the lake of a Lugia. They wear them for good luck.

They’re very sarcastic and stubborn. They both love music, and as such, always have a large shell flute on their possession. They care for one another, and rarely trust others. They both have mild ADHD (Josh also has MDS (Mild Depression Syndrome)) which causes them to be hyperactive at inappropriate times. Because of this, and several other *ahem* contributing factors, outsiders consider them to be insane, often referring them to people who can “help” them.

Joe and Josh were born in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. They lived in a house adjacent to the gym, and loved to go visit their mother there, who was the gym leader. When they were nine, however, tragedy struck, and their mother died of breast cancer, leaving Candice to take over.

They never knew their father, so they were moved to Pallet town to live with their aunt Delia. They enjoyed living with her for a year, and then began their journey at age ten. They travelled the four regions, Joe competing in contests and Josh in gym battles, and also in various tag events.


Joe: Umbreon. Venusaur, Dewgong, Arbok, Shedinja, Pachirisu.
Josh: Espeon, Charizard, Gyrados, Hippowdon, Ninjask, Munchlax.
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Old 11-07-2010, 01:11 AM
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Default Re: [SU] Gemmeny's Academy of Pokeoligy and Competition

Hey this roleplay sounds great. I know reservations last for a day so reserve me and I'll try and get it done but just letting you know that I am interested.
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Old 11-07-2010, 05:44 PM
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Default Re: [SU] Gemmeny's Academy of Pokeoligy and Competition

Oh nooeees you betch! You stole my ruleeezz!! xD

Name: First and last, please.

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Sexuality: LEZ-BEE-YAN! No, straight.

House: Does it even matter? I know how your house deciding system works xD

Apperance: Hair, eyes, cloths, ect. One paragraph minimum.

Personality: How your character acts/behaves. One paragraph minimum.

History: My first Pokemon went a little like this...xD

Pokemon: Up to six. No legends.

Other: ASH AND STEFAN FROM TMB ARE SOOOOOO FIT!!!...What? Anon? Oh. Whatever. We've been through this, like, 50000 times xD

Uh...I'll finish this later. I've gotta restart my laptop cuz my internet's going weird again :S

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Old 11-07-2010, 06:42 PM
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Default Re: [SU] Gemmeny's Academy of Pokeoligy and Competition

Name: Ethan Radon
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bi
Gender: Male
House: Unda
Ethan stands at 5 foot 7 not too bad. He has a kind of light creamy skin tone. He has light brown spiky and messy hair. Ethan likes to keep his teeth super white, which is how he usually has them. Has dark black eyes and a slightly bigger forehead than most kids his age.

He usually wears his blue jacket, a white button-down undershirt, a red tie and a gray belt. He wears pants that match his jacket and he wears black converse with red laces. Has a black rubber band around both of his wrists. He has a necklace with a ruby pendant around his neck.
Personality: Ethan is a very smart and bright young man. He is usually quiet and enjoys listening to music alone. He loves spending time with his pokemon and likes to talk to his pokemon more than people. He has trust issues with others and loves to play his guitar. He is kind with most people but is easily angered. He is hard-headed and stubborn. But a good friend to his good friends.
History: Ethan was born in Sunnyshore City. He lived there with his father for his whole life. His father was a good friend of the gym leader, Volkner. His father was a tough love kind of parent. He disciplined Ethan into being a good person. Ethan's mother died right after he had been born. Both Ethan and his father rarely talk about his mother since its a painful subject for both of them.

Ethan's first pokemon was his trustful partner Lotus (Piplup). They both became a team meeting and catching pokemon throughout their journey. He arose victorious from all of his gym battles and pokemon contests, but did not have so much luck in the Sinnoh League and Grand Festival. He lost in the semi-finals of the Sinnoh League and lost in the final round of the Grand Festival. Since then he had been off training in Johto. Now he has been accepted into a great school.
Lotus (Piplup) Female

Blossom (Togekiss) Female

Darcy (Pichu) Female

Aurelia (Garchomp) Female

Turnus (Mamoswine) Male

Venus (Eevee) Female (The one given as a present by the school)

Other: None

Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!
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