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Old 10-24-2010, 02:08 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon GENTEK Incident: SweetHEART's "Tests"

The dude drinking coffee, or the dude firing his lazor?

Name: Omega

Age: N/A

Race: Self-aware security automaton

Pokemon DNA: N/A

Appearance: Omega is a massive behemoth of a machine, towering at almost three meters from the top of his domed head to the base of his black iron feet. Sporting a rusty red paint job with amber photoreceptors set against a black mask beneath the yellow-and-black dome of its head, dented in almost exactly between the eyes and giving it the appearance of glaring. Its main body is mostly circular, fanning out a bit in the back to give a bit of room for cooling vents, its main locomotion drive at the base of the main body protected by a piece of metal hanging down in front of it, connected to what look to be motorcycle exhaust tubes. The right arm is in three parts, the outer ones in the same color as the rest of its body, with the middle segment being silver, is connected to the body by a square piece of armor displaying the capital Omega symbol, while the left is merely connected by a black cylinder. Its legs are jointed in similar fashion, with wheels located on the back of the bottom segment of legs for faster movement. An arsenal of weapons are hidden in its body.

Personality and History: The automaton known as Omega was developed at the same time as the HEART system. Knowing that the computer would be in danger from its test subjects after a time, they designed Omega to deal with any and all threats to the operating system. As such, it is often said that the automaton has a violent disposition, sometimes openly attacking prisoners who so much as mention rebellion. This automaton is feared and hated almost as much as the HEART system itself; equipped with psyonic jammers, an arsenal of weapons, the ability to lift up to nine tons and armor thick enough to withstand direct hits from some of the most powerful Pokemon attacks and Human concussion weapons, all of the dissenters foolish enough to challenge Omega have been pulverized. Omega's programmed loyalty to the HEART supercomputer is absolute; unless its orders conflict with the automaton's self preservation programming, it will readily follow any order it receives. Omega has begun to show his own personality developing from its AI, and it is notably violent.

Other: Omega's targeting computer was incorrectly calibrated upon its completion; his shots can be anywhere to a three foot distance. As a result, most of Omega's armaments are suppression spray (Including but not limited to a minigun, a flamethrower, and a grenade launcher). A worn label on the automaton's side reads "CAUTION: Unit Omega is designed and authorized to use lethal force against any and all threats to HEART supercomputer system. EXTREME CAUTION IS ADVISED. GENTEK is not liable for any injuries and/or death caused by Unit Omega"
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Old 10-25-2010, 04:10 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon GENTEK Incident: SweetHEART's "Tests"

@Jack Frost: For your first role play, your SU is great, but the wording looks like something when im on a writing speil and not caring about grammar. Your spelling is wonderful, just make sure to use word or something to correct your grammar. They have open office and that is free and checks grammar for you. Use that haha! Other than that, your character is pretty unique and pretty realistic as to the screw ups by GENTEK lol. Accepted.

@Metal Sonic: I dont think you need an explanation, haha good to see him again. I'm going to guess hes a total antagonist unless he can be reprogrammed or something? I would say though, that you should probably make a protagonist because i dont see omega being a major until later. Unless he commands some smaller security units or something. Accepted.

@Winter Cherry: Thanks for the new sign up and i accept it! =D another interesting character lol

Thank you everyone, now i would like to end on the note that OPEN OFFICE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO MICROSOFT WORD. Infact, open office may work better than word. They share the same functions, except one is free.

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Old 10-25-2010, 04:34 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon GENTEK Incident: SweetHEART's "Tests"

Awesome, I love the idea behind Shi's character, now I just gotta get someone to post so I can bring him in...

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