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Old 10-09-2010, 12:12 AM
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Default Re: Harry Potter and the Spawn of Voldemort (MA15 for Violence and Romance) RP {SU op

Ashley watched as Jade took the blue handkerchief and used it to wipe her tears away.

“Thanks,” she said as she handed it back to Ashley. “I appreciate it.”
"It's no problem at all." Ashley said as she walked over to her bed and placed her wand and the blue handkerchief on her pillows, then returning to Jade's and Nancy's side.

“Was it one of those dreams again?” Nancy had asked. Ashley saw that the girls who were woken up by the screams just rolled their eyes and went back to bed. Ashley ignored all of them as she turned back to face Jade and Nancy, seeing Jade nodding her head to Nancy's question. “I keep telling you to see Professor Potter about those dreams, Jade. He might refer you to Madam Pomfrey for some dreamless sleep potions. It could be a good thing for you, and the rest of Gryffindor,”

“And worry him with my stupid nightmares? No thanks, Nancy, the man’s had a hard enough life without having to baby-sit children more than usual.” Jade had replied.

“I’m just say-” Nancy began but stopped short, giving out a sigh. “You’re so stubborn sometimes, Jade. And that’s not always a good thing.”

“You’re nosy,” Jade responded playfully. “That’s never a good thing.” Ashley gave a little smile as the mood in the room lightened up a little bit. “Thanks again, Ashley. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier, it just… didn’t seem like a smart move with the way everyone was glaring at me. You seem like a great person, though, right, Nancy?”

“She sure does,” Nancy had replied. “Isn’t your Dad the Transfiguration teacher? I think I read about you in the Daily Prophet.”

"The Daily Prophet? Yeah my dad is the Transfiguration teacher, but why would I be in the Daily Prophet?" Ashley asked in a confused tone. Ashley looked over and saw that Jade had rolled her eyes at Nancy.

“Don’t tell me that your read Pansy Quill’s article about Ashley, too. That girl is going to end up just like her mother, hated by all.”

“So I read the paper, sue me.” Ashley quickly walked over to her trunk and found the Daily Prophet buried underneath a few set of clothes. She hadn't gotten a chance to read it yet, but she saw that it was dated only yesterday. Ashley quickly scanned through it until the black bold headline read 'Ashley Weasly attending Hogwarts.' She then sat on her bed and began to read it out loud to herself.

Ashley Weasly, the daughter of Ronald and Hermione Weasly, is attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a seventh year for the first time in her life. Sure it is great that she is attending, but why is this her first time? Why has she been hiding all of these years? My sources say that she has been attending Muggle schooling while being home schooled by her parents, doing Hogwarts school from home. The last time I recalled, underage magic is illegal until your seventeen, but Ashley has been doing magic outside the school ever since she was an infant. May I remind you that her whole father's side of the family are all blood traitors, and her mother's side are all Muggles. It looks like her blood should be cleansed, seeing how dirty it is.

Some people say that Ashley shouldn't of have giving the right to have these special treatments and that it's all do to favoritism. Since her uncle and aunt are Harry and Ginny Potter, people have said that Ashley is one of the favorites, so she can do anything she wants. I don't think this is fair though. If other children from Hogwarts wanted to do the same thing Ashley had done, I am sure that Harry Potter would never allow it. I think that Ashley is a spoiled little brat who will always get her way.

There was more but Ashley didn't want to read it. She ripped up the papers and threw it to the side, then looking over at the two girls.

"How does she know this information about me? She's making me sound like a stuck up girl. Sure I was home schooled and everything all this time, but that's allowed. Surely my uncle would grant student's wishes of they wanted to be home schooled. There would just have to be ground rules like what happened with me. I could only use magic for school work and my parents would have to be there. It's not like I was going down the damn street shooting spells every five seconds. This is just rubbish!" Ashley let out a deep breath and calmed down, then looking over to Jade and Nancy.

"She is completely mental. My family had to deal with her ridiculous mother when they were my age so I just have to deal with her daughter." Ashley looked down for a few seconds, then back up at what seemed to be her two new friends. "I'm sure that my uncle Harry could help you. He went through something similar that you're going through, Jade, so he understands. And as for the other students giving you looks and such, just ignore them. If they don't want to talk to you then that's their problem. You guys seem awesome so I would love to hang out with you two." Ashley gave a smile and continued to sit up on her bed.
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