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Default _| Encounters of the Eighth Kind [SWC Entry]|_

Encounters of the Eighth Kind


Author's Note: This is my first story that I've spent over a month doing, so I hope you like it (Because I know I did ;)). I also would like to thank Bullfinch and Kai-Mei for proofreading most of this. So here is my story, enjoy... l

“Get up, we have to go down to the barn and tend to the Pokémon,” a loud yet calming voice said from my door way. I groaned and stuck my head under my pillows. They were so comfortable and fluffy like a Mareep’s wool. “You don’t want a repeat of what happened yesterday, do you?” he asked. I shot up and looked at him. He was already dressed in his work clothes, which were the same as what I had to wear. His dark green eyes, slightly darker than mine, stared at me, warning me that something was going to happen if I didn’t get out of bed. I got up and went to the small eight by eleven mirror that was on my wall. My golden brown hair was a bit unkempt, but I tucked it in under a dark grey baseball cap without combing it. I went into the bathroom and washed my face, proceeding to my brown, hand carved drawer that my dad had made some time ago. I opened it and pulled out a dark green t-shirt with a small golden Stantler on the bottom left shoulder area. I changed from my shorts into some blue faded jeans with a hole on the left pant leg. I grabbed my brown boots and headed out towards the kitchen.

I grabbed a protein bar and headed outside where everyone else was. Something appeared to be going on. Usually, everyone of the farm was already working, especially on a day like this. The sun was shining up in the sky, a cool breeze swept by every now and then, and the clouds provided nice shade. Now I wasn’t a farm person, nor did I grow up on one, but I was getting the hang of how things went around here. The only reason I was here was because my dad thought it would be nice to send me and my older brother here for the summer. He said that's what his father did to him and his brother and that it showed him skills he would've never learned without coming here. I wasn’t too happy about it at first, but I’ve grown used to it.

I knew everyone was supposed to be working, but everyone was all close together talking about something. I couldn’t make out anything anyone was saying. I kept moving closer and closer to get a better understanding as to what was going down. As I did, a small Spinda walked up to me and pulled on my left pant leg. It extended its arms up to me. I smiled and bent down to pick up the small teddy bear looking Pokémon. It had a lightning bolt on its forehead which I kind of liked. His expression was blank. I remembered seeing this Spinda before. I was there when it had hatched from its egg. I looked around to see if his mother was nearby, but I couldn’t see her or any other Spinda.

“Yesterday, four Miltank, three Buneary, and five Tauros went missing.” Axel said. Axel was one of those people who liked to take charge. He always looked serious. His dark blue sweater vest told me he was not planning on working outside today. He brushed his reddish brown hair out of his eyes and continued. “All the Spinda have disappeared. That Spinda that you are holding Cameron is one that went missing, or so we thought until we found it by the Lake Mari. Which brings me to one of the Miltank was found early this morning by lake; however, it was already dead. The veterinarian who examined the deceased Miltank could not find any marks or signs of struggle, or that it had been hurt in any way at all. We are sending a team down to investigate the area and see if they can find any other of the farm animals. We have a list of who is going since we don’t need everyone there. Listen for your name. First is Trent Morin, then Niko Rhideheart, Emit Ryker, and Cameron Ryker. All of you report to the front, the rest of you go ahead and get to work for today.” My brother had been called just before me, so we were both going together. I was kind of glad because I was not sure what was going on, he had been paying more attention that I was.

Emit grabbed my shoulder and pulled me aside. He had a tight grip and a serious look on his face, so I knew not to mess around.

“When we get there, be careful, something doesn’t feel right.” He warned. I just looked at him, unsure whether it was a joke or if he really was serious. What could possibly be going on that would cause this much drama? A dead Miltank? That happens all the time. Sometimes, wild packs of Mightyena would trap and kill some of the farm animals as means of survival. I didn’t see what the big deal was, which kind of made it suspicious. This had to be something more. If they really wanted to see if any other of the farm animals were by the lake area, they would have sent the tracking squad like they always did when a Pokémon went missing. Why they were sending us was something I wanted to know, but I just shrugged it off, and adjusted my cap to the left a little. I was kind of irritated that I didn’t know what was going on, but I said nothing. It was not the right time to ask.

“Okay!” I finally said, sounding a little bit disappointed.

“You two, gather over here…” Trent called out to us. Niko and Trent had been talking amongst themselves about something. It probably had something to do with what we were sent to investigate. “We need you to discuss what will be going on.” He said, running a hand through his hair. He always fixed his hair a different way each day. Since I had been here, I had never seen his hair style the same two days in a row. It was always different. Today his jet black hair was spiked up into three sections; it kind of made me want to laugh. I looked at Emit and he nodded at me. We both approached Trent and Niko overhearing the last part of their conversation before they looked at us. All I heard was: “Don’t tell them…” and that was it.

“Don’t tell them what?” Emit questioned, with a hint of suspicion in his eyes.

"Something that we saw last-" Niko started saying before he looked into Trent's glaring eyes. “Nothing… it was nothing!” Niko quickly said, making it obvious that he was hiding something. Trent gave him an angry look and then looked back at us.

“We are getting ready to leave, you have everything you need?” Trent asked, pulling out a silver Pokéball and tossing it to his left side. An enormous blue Dragon Pokémon with red wings stood by his side. It had a spiked head and two large, strong wings.

“SALAMENCE!” It roared. Niko pulled out a similar ball and tossed it near the Salamence. Out of the ball came a large, small winged, orange Dragon Pokémon with two small antennas.

“Dragonite!” It yawned as it stood next to Salamence. Emit took out his black Pokeball and tossed it into the air, releasing a large winged, sharp clawed, Pterodactyl. It had a wide set jaw with razor sharp teeth, and a long, spike-ended tail. It flew magnificently above us. I felt left out so I took out my scorpion looking flying bat Pokémon. The purple Ground type Pokémon stretched its wings and extended his stinger.

“Gliscor, Gli, Gli!” He cried out happily.

“We are ready to go!” I responded, looking at the four, Flying type Pokémon. I cradled the Spinda in my arms as I stared into his spiral shaped eyes. “What happened to you last night?” I whispered to it.

“Let’s go then!” Trent said, acting as if he were the leader. He hoped onto his Salamence and Niko got onto his Dragonite. Emit attached himself to his Aerodactyl and me to my Gliscor, and in an instant, we took off. The view from the sky was pretty amazing. I could see miles and miles ahead of me. The beautiful, glimmering lake where we were headed could be seen up ahead. The way the sun’s rays shined down onto the lake looked relaxing.

“Over there is where we should land!” Trent called back towards the three of us, pointing to a spot on the banks of the lake. “That is where the dead Miltank should be!” I was hoping that we could stay at the lakes and have a relaxing time; I mean what was there to investigate anyways? A dead cow that probably got eaten by a pack of wild Mightyena, I don’t think so. There had to be something that either I was missing, or that they were not telling me. I really disliked not knowing something.

We landed right near the water, feeling to cool breeze brush past out our faces. I put Shyde back into his Pokeball. This would have been quite nice if only we had come on better terms. I took a deep breath and nearly gagged. I could smell rotten meat somewhere near us and knew that it had to be that Miltank we were sent to ‘investigate!’ I looked around and spotted the dead milk giving Pokémon sprawled out on the ground. It was kind of awkward. I placed the Spinda’s head pressed against my chest so that it wouldn’t see what I saw. Trent moved forward to closely examine the foul smelling Pokémon that was lying dead on the ground. I found this odd because Axel never mentioned any of this. Was it recent? Then, all of a sudden, Niko let out a cold shriek. He grabbed his head and sunk to the ground, clawing at his ears. Trent grabbed one of his hands while Emit grabbed the other. Niko had a blank expression on his face; it was just a bit creepy. It was as he was in a trance.

Then, he snapped out of it and looked at us.

“Didn’t you hear it?” He asked nervously? We all looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

“Hear what?” Emit asked. I was not sure that I wanted to know.

“It sounded like hundreds of voices whispering in my head at once?” He said, his eyes tearing up. “They sounded as if they were in pain, like lost souls or something.” We didn’t know what to say. We just stood there, exchanging glances.

“BOOOM!” A loud explosion could be heard in the distance, but what startled us was the rustling of the bushes behind us. My first guess was that it was just a wild Pokémon, but then I saw something that didn’t look like any Pokémon I could recognized. It looked like a tentacle of some sort, but totally mechanical.

“Did you guys just see that?” I whispered, not taking my eyes off of that spot.

“I’m not sure what I saw!?” Trent said, sounding a bit uneasy. Nothing was making sense. Nikos’ mysterious behavior, the loud explosion, or the object we just saw that retreated into the forest.

“I think we should go after it!” Trent said, after a while of silence. “It is probably gone, but we should at least check it out.” I walked over to the dead cow to examine it better. The Miltank did look as if something had eaten it, but that wasn’t how it died. A wild Pokemon probably came and ate a little bit for a quick easy meal.

It had two openings, which kind of surprised me. It didn’t look as if this were done by a pack of wild Pokémon; they would’ve attacked all over, leaving cuts and tears all over the Miltank. This large cow however, only had two major slits. One that did in fact look as if something had ripped it apart with their teeth, but the other one was different. It appeared as if something had ripped out of its chest to stomach area, like it just busted out of the Pokémon using its body simply as a host. I did not know of any Pokémon that did. This was all bizarre.

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Default Re: |-Visitors: The Eighth Kind™- [OWC]|

“I guess we should go check it out.” Niko said in a monotone voice as he snapped out of whatever he was in. A dark, rain-filled cloud covered the area we were in, slightly darkening the perimeters. Other than that cloud though, it didn’t look like it was going to rain. A cold chill went down my back, making the hairs on my neck stick up. Suddenly, this place felt a little bit mysterious. I could not explain it, but something was happening in that forest. I looked at Emit, waiting to see what he wanted us to do. I really wanted to check it out, but if he didn’t want me to then I was not going to disrespect him and would go with whatever he wanted me to do. I was kind hoping he would want to go into the forest, but I knew he wouldn’t want to.

“You guys can go on ahead, we are leaving!” Emit said flatly. I already knew his answer before he’d even said it. I was about to say something when a thick, metal arm shot out of the bushes and grabbed Niko by his right leg and dragged him into the green, dark forest. I could hear his screams get quieter and quieter each second. Another one shot out and snatched the Spinda from my hands.

“NOO!” I cried out. I was about to dart after it, but Emit stopped me. Emit took out a red Pokeball and tossed to his left. A bright white light flashed before our eyes as a reddish, brown colored fire monkey took its stance. It had patches of white fur on its chest, head and legs. His large flame that was burning on his head fired up a couple of feet as he roared loudly.

“Crossfyr and I will go and bring back Niko and Spinda!” Emit stated as he took charge. “You two stay here and wait until we get back.”

“Who put you in charge?” Trent said angrily. “I have more experience and I have more authority.” Emit let out a small laugh as he sighed.

“You have no experience whatsoever and you definitely have no authority here.” Emit bluntly said. “If you want to go, then be my guest; just don’t get in my way.” Then he turned towards me. “I will give you some of my power, or a part of my team that will protect you if anything comes up.” Emit jumped over the bushes, his Infernape following close behind.

“Screw him, he can’t tell me what to do!” Trent angrily said. He pulled out a black sphere that contained his Pokémon and tossed it in front of him.

A large, purple, scorpion-like Pokémon emerged from the Pokeball. Its body was made of many purplish body segments with two large stingers on the end of its tail and claws. They both jumped into the forest, following Emit to find Niko. I had not seen either of them act like that before. I guessed that the situation brought out someone new in each of them that I had never seen before. I just stood there, waiting for a sign or something to happen.

It was not short after that I heard loud screams come from the forest. I knew that it was Trent, and by the sounds of it, it appeared that he was in pain. I grabbed the Pokéball that my brother gave me and another one from my pocket, tossing them on each of my sides. A tall humanoid, fox resembling Pokémon stood before me. It was a light brown color with darker brown plates around his chest, knee, and wrist areas. In his hand he wielded two spoons that amplified his psychic powers. A dog looking Pokémon emerged from the Pokéball a few milliseconds after Psyshock the Alakazam did. His blue and black body began glowing a bright blue color as he scanned the forest with his aura powers. With my brother’s Alakazam, and my Lucario, I felt a bit safer.

"ZAM!” Psyshock growled as Midas continued scanning. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew that I was going to find out soon. Nothing was making sense, but I was hoping that things would clear up. I heard a small crackling sound behind me coming from the lake. I turned around and saw that the water on the surface of the lake was freezing, but the temperature was still the same. It didn’t feel cold or anything, but for some reason the lake was freezing. I looked up into the sky, and there it was. The Sun. Burning bright in the sky, but something was causing the lake to freeze, but what?

Then, the center of the lake began glowing a deep dark blue color. I heard a buzzing, followed by a large football-shaped metal robot-looking thing hovering over the frozen lake and towards me. The glowing light was incredibly bright. Suddenly, the ice broke and a large plesiosaur looking Pokémon shot out of the lake. The beautiful whitish pale Psychic Pokémon roared loudly as it crushed the robot drone with its bare teeth. Three more drones came from the woods, trying to detain the Legendary Pokémon. Lugia shot an Ice Beam attack at one of the drones. He swung his tail at the other two drones, smashing them to pieces. His skin was sparkling as the sun hit it; the ice he was dishing out matched his blue undersides. Lugia flew off high into the sky. The drones were not done, though. All the broken pieces came together to form a large sturdy looking drone. In the sky, I saw a small, quick flash as an object came plummeting down towards us. It looked like one large blade of energy. Though it was not visible, I knew it was the Lugia using Sky Attack to cut right through the drone, finally destroying it. The Diving Pokémon took off in the way that Trent, Niko, and Emit had gone.

“WRRRAAANNNGGG!” I jumped at the sound. It sounded like a large piece of metal being bended. I only knew of one Pokémon that made that sound. It was Deoxys, the space Pokémon. This was not the first time I had heard this sound, I had heard it many times before in different occasions. Sort of as if he was watching me. I then heard something flying towards me at an incredibly fast speed. A flash of red light crashed into the ground a couple of yards away from me. The force from the impact knocked me off of my feet. I got up and slowly walked over to whatever crashed into the ground. As the smoke began to clear up I saw its gray, skinny legs. I noticed that one of his legs was dismembered from its gray body. The limb began to glow a bright green color as it floated back towards the body. Small red and blue vein-looking wires crawled out of the area where the leg should’ve been and connected itself with the fallen body part. The Deoxys slowly rose to its two skeletal but strong legs as the sound of something smaller but stronger could be heard coming closer. The DNA regenerating Pokémon jumped in front of me as it began to change forms. His legs began to widen and become flat at the end with a bluish-green spot on each of its knees.

The tentacle-like limbs hung down at his sides. His head took the shape of a helmet. His entire body was much broader than his Speed Forme. He brought his hands up in front of his as a large, thick barrier formed in front of him as he braced for something. Then, I saw it. It was all too fast, but I saw a bright purple light of energy blasted down onto the barrier, bouncing off of it and heading back in the same direction that it came. The Deoxys changed back to its speed form. It looked at me with its tiger-like, eyes then towards my Pokémon. He wanted to say something, but he just kept watching me, as if he were looking for something.

“Return them, their assistance won’t be needed at this moment. Now come with me.” Deoxys said in a robotic voice. I didn’t move; I was trying to analyze everything that had just happened. I felt like I had no choice, especially since I still was clueless on the matter. Plus, it sounded as if something big was coming this way. “Be not afraid. You have been chosen for a special mission” He said calmly. I was unsure, and I knew that he knew that I was unsure, but I did so anyways. I pulled out their spherical holding containments and pressed the middle button sending out a ray of red light, taking in the Alakazam and Lucario. As I did that, the Pokeballs began glowing a white color. The two around my waist mimicked it. Then, the four balls disappeared.

Deoxys slowly moved closer to me as his tentacles wrapped around my body, lifting me off the ground. His skeletal limbs then let go of me as I was floating off the ground. He began to levitate off the ground, going higher and higher. I didn’t have to do anything since his psychic powers were moving for me. Then in a flash, we were gone.

When the bright lights disappeared, I could see nothing but clouds in front of me. I looked down to try and determine where exactly we were, but I couldn’t see anything. I looked into the Deoxys’ slate grey eyes as they burrowed into mine. They began to glow a bright, relaxing blue color, my eyes doing the same. My eyes were now a hundred times better than the human eye. I could see the ground clearly as if I was at ground level; my new vision was incredible!

We continued flying until we came towards the deep blue Madswain Ocean near the northern part of the world. Deoxys headed towards a cave at the far end of the coast line. When we were inside, I almost lost my breath. Several legendary Pokémon were gathered here with a human by their side. The Legends that were in the cave were the legendary dog Pokemon, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. Followed by the three elemental birds, Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres. The Guardian of the Seas and the Guardian of the Skies were also present. Ho-oh and Lugia weren’t known to be collaborating together, but these two appeared to get along just fine. The Continent and Sea Basin Pokémon were also together. Like Ho-oh and Lugia, Groudon and Kyogre were known to be in constant combat with each other. I looked back at Lugia and noticed that it was the same one from the lake. The last Legend that was in the cave was Rayquaza. What I saw on his emerald green back was something unexpected. Emit was sitting on his back. He jumped off and walked towards me. He looked at Deoxys, shaking his head in disbelief. Emit looked around the room before looking me in the eyes.

“This is the Extraordinary Partners In Combat headquarters, or as we call it, E.P.I.C.” Emit said, informing me of what exactly this was. “For the time being, this is out base of operations.”

“This is just a cave!” I cried out, still in shock. “And what exactly is going on? Why is this organization even here?”

“E.P.I.C. was formed over fifty years ago by the legendary Professor Oak.” Emit explained. “We agents are stationed around the world with our Guardians looking over us as both us, and our partners protected this world.”

“Protect this world from what?” I asked, trying to figure this entire thing out. None of this made any sense, and on top of that, I knew they weren’t telling me everything.

“We protect this world from cr-“ One of the agents began to say as Emit elbowed him in the stomach. The other agent groaned as he nodded in agreement.

“I will tell him what he needs to know!” Emit sternly said. The agent nodded and walked away, going towards Entei. “We protect this world from certain things. For example, you remember Team Rocket, Team Galactic, and Team Cosmo?” He asked.

“I remember Team Rocket, but not that much of the rest.” I said.

“That is because E.P.I.C. was formed after Team Rocket, and we’ve taken them down without the world knowing too much about what was going on. This prevents the world from going into chaos. It keeps order and maintains the humanity that keeps these people going. Are you following me so far?” I nodded, still speechless and trying to put things together. What I couldn’t believe was that I had not noticed any of this before. I thought I knew almost everything about him, but now I felt I knew nothing about him anymore.

“You should tell him you know!” The agent paired with the Entei said, “You can’t keep it from him much longer.” Emit gave him a dirty look, but he walked over to the back of the cave. I walked over to the agent with the Entei.

“What should he tell me?” I asked, knowing that he wasn’t going to tell me, but I had to ask anyways. He looked at me and sighed. You could tell he wanted to say something, but he was holding back.

“I want to tell you, but it isn’t my place!” He explained. “Besides, it will be easier to hear from him. By the way, I am Agent Peter Manning, and that is my partner, Entei.” The orange, long mane Pokémon roared loudly. I looked at Entei and saw its eyes change colors. I ignored it and guessed that that is what happens to him.

“I’m Cameron, Emit’s brother,” I introduced, “but you probably already knew that.” I wondered how much he knew about me. It felt kind of weird talking to someone who you knew nothing about, but they knew a lot about you.

“You do know that Deoxys is your new partner, right?” He asked, sounding a bit jealous, but I wasn’t so sure. I kind of liked the idea of having a Legendary as a Guardian.

“I kind of figured, but wasn’t too sure.” I said, turning towards the DNA Pokémon. He smiled at me, knowing that I finally understood who he was. Emit walked over to me, placing his hand on my shoulder. Part of me wanted to pull away, but the other part wanted to hear what he had to say.

“I can’t tell you everything right now; you just have to understand that right now!” He said, sounding a bit confused. “It will all make sense soon. I just wish I could tell you, but I don’t expect you to fully understand right now so it’s best to wait. You just have to trust me.” I had no idea what to say, or even what to feel. My head was starting to throb. I was fed up with not being told the whole truth. I took a deep breath to try and relax myself and walked out of the cave, Deoxys following close behind.

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Default Re: |-Visitors: The Eighth Kind™- [OWC]|

I sat on one of the rocks, staring into the bluish green ocean. The waves weren’t crashing into the rocks, but they were not calm either. The cool ocean breeze felt nice as it hit my face. Deoxys sat next to me, staring into the same direction I was. I figured he would try and convince me to go along with all this, but instead, it was the opposite.

“I know this is a lot to take in, but you have to understand what’s really going on.” He said, sounding more and more human every time I talked to him. Maybe it was just that I was getting used to him, and we were ‘bonding’.

"How can I if no one tells me anything?" I sighed. "It's hard to understand something when you don't really know much."

"I will tell you everything you want to know later, but right now something isn't right." He said looking back at some of the members.

"Something with them?" I asked, but he didn't reply. He lifted both of his skeletal limbs, forming a sphere that glowed different colors, turning from a dark purple to a light yellow. The orb of light began forming into a mini globe of the Earth. I could see the land features on the small neon sphere. It floated towards me, with a stream of light following close behind it. It looked like it was going in slow motion. The globe floated into my right hand. It felt surprisingly heavy for a few seconds, and then was extremely light. Suddenly, the sphere expanded and was about four feet long in both width and height. A small dark blue spot on the globe was glowing brighter than any other place in the area.

“You see that spot right there.” Deoxys pointed with his long, skinny tube looking arm. I nodded as I turned my attention from that spot to him. “That is where you need to go, that is where you will find more answers. I can’t tell you why yet, as I am still unsure, but when you reach that place, send me a signal. Whatever you do, be careful.”

“But how will….” And that was all I got to say before my body was engulfed by a blinding bright white light. In an instant, I was transported across the globe. It felt as if my body was in little pieces, like confetti, and a strong wind was blowing me away at an incredibly fast pace.

When my body felt heavy again, I knew I had arrived. A few seconds afterwards, the light dimmed down and was back to normal. I looked around and saw that I was at the outskirts of Mufalaburg City, one of the biggest cities in Malor. Malor was on the opposite side of the world from my hometown, Reio. Mufalaburg city was supposed to be one of the nicest places in the world. The sapphire blue waters of Mufalaburg attracted millions of people each year. Not just that, but the emerald green forest and the crisp clean air made a great camping place. Though this time of year camping isn’t allowed in the higher areas that lead to the mountains. The thing that attracted the most attention in this city was the Well of Manusa, named after the Queen who used to rule this region. It is said that once every month, the well would glow and that if any light from the well were to alight on your body, you will find what you’ve been looking for. It was this legend that drew thousands of people each month.

I had no idea where to go, or what I would find. As I thought this, the small orb Deoxys had given me appeared before me. It expanded like it had did earlier. I saw the blue glow again, but then I saw something else that seemed interesting. It was two new colors on the map, a green one and a red one. The red one was back where Deoxys had teleported me from, so I assumed that one was him. The green one was closer to the blue light that Deoxys had pointed out as my destination earlier, so I was quite sure that the green light was me.

I looked up into the sky, and for a split second, I thought I had seen a huge ship. Whatever it was, it was now gone. I didn’t pay much attention; I had more important things to worry about. It was probably just a hallucination or some sort of trick my mind was playing on me.

I turned back to the glowing globe I had in my hands. It looked like the safest way to get to my destination was to travel off roads. I didn’t know how long it would take for me to reach this place, but I had to get there before nightfall. If not, then I would be stuck looking for it in the dark. I had not taken more than ten steps before a bright light appeared besides me. It got brighter and brighter as an outline began to take form. I saw a long pointed tail take shape and knew who it was. It was Shadow, my partner, who was supposed to be in training where I had left him. His sleek shiny coat glistened in the sun’s rays. I knelt down on one knee and hugged the sinister looking dog Pokémon. Despite the way he looked, he was extremely loyal and quite friendly. I looked up at the sun. Judging by where it was located in the sky, I guessed that it was four o’ clock, which meant that we had about two hours before the sun went down and the light goes out. .

“I guess we should go this way.” I shrugged as I looked at the map. Shadow nodded his head in agreement, wagging his tail happily. I sighed and went off the road. I hoped that I was right and that this way was indeed faster.

As we walked further into the forest, I could feel something watching me. It wasn’t just one thing; it was multiple things watching me. It felt kind of disturbing, but kind of relieving at the same time. I was not sure why. I tried to ignore it and kept walking. I knew Shadow could feel it too, but we didn’t say anything about it. I just felt weird though. You can tell they are looking at you, but you can’t see or hear them anywhere. I tried to just ignore it since I could not really do anything about it right now.

After a few minutes, I noticed that it was getting darker and darker, but the sun was still shining bright in the sky. I looked up and saw static just above the tree line.

“Shadow, launch one of your fire balls up into the sky.” I quickly said, trying to figure out what was above us. The large black dog took three steps away from me and arched his head back. His large curled horns tucked around the white rings around his neck as he took in a breath of air. I could see the white rings around his neck expand as a whitish, blue ball of fire shot out of his mouth. He jumped towards me, swinging his long tail back and forth. We both watched as the fire ball reached the tree line and were shocked as the ball came hurdling down towards us at a faster speed than that of which it was launched. Shadow lowered his head as he sprung up into the air, did a quick back flip and swatted the ball of fire away with his tail, which had turned rock-hard. A few seconds later, a loud electrical sound came from all around us. We could both hear a small chanting sound. It was so faint that it was almost inaudible. A group of something was coming this way, and whatever it is, there are a lot of them. The increasing sound told me many things.

“Okay buddy, as you can already tell, they have us surrounded.” I whispered.”It is also possible that they have something to do with that incident from earlier. Whatever they are, they must be big. Shadow shook his head as he let out a low tone growl.

I looked at the source of the sound as was shocked. These creatures were so small. I had only heard of these creatures once. I counted at least fifteen of them. They looked like little raindrops with small thunderbolts on their sides. Their orange and blue bodies began to flash in unison, creating the loud noise that we heard. Ten Rotoms circled us. Seven more levitated above the ten, then five more doing the same… three… and one on top.

The last Rotom was the igniter. It set off a spark that went through the bodies of the other Rotom. The electricity connected, creating this electrical net around the three of us. It was at least forty feet wide thirty feet wide. My guess was that we had to battle this thing, but I wanted to try and get out of this without having to battle… at least that was the logical thing to do.

I opened my hand and the globe expanded again. We were much closer now to our destination. I sighed. It didn’t look as if we were going to be able to get past these guys so I decided to try and beat them. From the way it looked, if I beat this one, the rest would let me go. At least I hoped that’s what would happen.

“Shadow, start with Faint Attack.” I called out. His sneak attack should catch it off guard, giving us a good start. Shadow nodded his head in agreement and dashed towards the Rotom. He was moving at an incredibly fast speed. He was less than fifteen feet away from the Rotom when he disappeared. The small Electric Pokémon looked stunned as it looked in all directions for the Dog Pokémon. Shadow reappeared on the left side of the Ghost Pokémon, catching it off guard. His mouth was filled with flames as he bit down onto the Rotom. I was surprised that it worked since Rotom was part Ghost and could make his body transparent, but I guess the shouldn’t really be on me since Rotom did not see it coming. The little raindrop-looking Pokémon began producing a large amount of electricity around its small body. I recognized this attack, it was using Discharge.

Discharge was a pretty strong Electric type move. The Pokémon would just shoot greenish yellow electricity from its body all over the field. Not only that, but it was also known to have a high chance of paralyzing its opponents. This was a good choice for it to use since it won’t affect the Rotoms that are surrounding us.

“Shadow, use your Fire Spin attack and try to create two small fire tornados near the center of the battle field.” I called out. I had a plan that would hopefully get us out of here.

The large hell hound looking Pokémon jumped forward. He cocked his head up and began rotating it counter clockwise. A long spiral of fire came out of his mouth, and within seconds, a flaming tornado was formed. Shadow was about to start on the next one with the Rotom sent out the burst of electricity it was storing up. It hit the both of us. This was not like any ordinary electricity I had been zapped with. It tingled a little, but it did not hurt. I could feel myself slowly lose conscious as I fell to the ground. I could feel something picking me up. With that last amount of energy I had, I lifted my head off the ground and saw that Shadow was also lying on the ground. I knew this couldn’t be good. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I could feel the sense of defeat coming over my body as I blacked out. Even though I was unconscious, I could feel myself being carried away. I didn’t know where they were taking us… hell, I didn’t really know anything. I could hear the Rotoms communicating with each other, but I couldn’t understand them. I could hear two different voices as well. Those voices appeared to be human, or at least were speaking in English. Then, suddenly, I passed out completely.

I felt something cold on my forehead as I slowly began to regain conscious. I slowly opened my eyes as the suns light blinded me. I felt exhausted, but I forced myself to get up. I quickly scanned the area, but couldn’t find my partner.

“Get back!” A middle aged man with the ideal famer look shouted out loud. His large crčme colored straw hat flew off of his head, revealing his dark ocean blue rounded eyes that matched his overalls. The rust golden dyed buttons on his overalls shone as bright as the sun’s rays hit them then darkened as a large, shady cloud covered the sun. His dark brown hair fell in front of his face when his hat was blown off. In his right hand was a short barreled shotgun, maybe about eighteen inches long. A teenage looking boy was on his knees next to this farmer, trying to bury his face in his arms. The teenager’s white plain t-shirt was stained with dirt smudges all over his shirt as if he had been working all day or something of that sort. His blue jean pants had grass stains and grease marks. An explosion could be heard in the background, maybe four to five miles away. The man reached out his large muscular arm and grabbed the boy’s shirt, pulling him up.

“We have to go NOW!” He said sternly, but trying to sound compassionate at the same time. “It’s too late now… there’s nothing we can do now. Get over it and move on.” The boy slowly stood up, his eyes were bloody red and a bit puffy as if he had been crying. An angry expression formed on his face. His freckled nose cringed a little and with his hand he wiped the tears off of his face, smearing some of the dirt that was on his face. The trees and vegetation in that area appeared to be dying and changing from a lush green color to a dull grayish color. Everything was changing to that color, from the leaves, to the bark; any plant-life was changing to that color.

“I’m going back for him.” The boy angrily said. “There is no way in hell I am leaving him back there. I’ll try and save that Houndoom as well.”

“Houndoom?” I quickly said. “Where is he?” My voice was then filled with anger as I tried to calm myself down. If anything happened to him, I was not sure what I would do.

“My Arcanine and a Houndoom are injured back there.” the boy said. “They ambushed us.”

“Who, the Rotom?” I asked, assuming it was them because of what they did to us.

“No, they are helping us.” He said, “In fact, they are the reason we all are here right now. The things took them.”

“Helping you?” I asked. “They attacked me.”

“They were probably defending their territory; you don’t know who you can trust out here!” The man said with a grin on his face. “With those things running around, you never know if a person is who they seem to be.”

“Which way is the Houndoom at?” I asked. That was my main focus right now, finding Shadow. The boy pointed to his right. I took off in that direction.

“Wait for me!” He called out, but I didn’t slow down. I heard an electrical sound a couple of yards in front of me. Then I saw it. The same Rotom Shadow and I were fighting earlier. It looked into my eyes as if it were trying to read my thoughts. I saw Shadow close behind him, he was lying there motionless. I hoped he was still unconscious. I’d rather him be unconscious than dead. I moved passed the Rotom and knelt down next him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. A sense of relief rushed though my body as I felt the beating of his heart. I looked beside him. I had not noticed it before, but there was a large mane, orange and black striped Pokémon lying next to Shadow. I reached over and felt that it was also unconscious. The boy had finally caught up with me as he dropped to his knees next to his partner.

“C’mon buddy, wake up.” I said, softly shaking him.

“That won’t work.” The boy said, not taking his focus off of the Arcanine.

“What do you mean it won’t work?” I asked. “Why won’t it?”

“I’m not sure, but they shot him with something.” The boy said. It was then that the Rotom moved between the Arcanine and Shadow. It sent off two jolts of electricity, sending them into the two unconscious bodies on the ground. I could see Shadow slowly regaining conscious,

It didn’t take long for Shadow to get back on his feet. I looked over to the Arcanine and saw that he was also back up and moving.

“You had me worried there for a second, buddy.” I said as I hugged him. The Rotom created a small sphere of electricity on the ground. It looked into my eyes again and then gave a small nod.

“I think it wants you to touch that thing.” The boy said, though I could barely hear him. I slowly reached for the ball of electricity that was now floating off of the ground. I could feel the same tingle I felt earlier, except this time it was different. It felt warm and fuzzy, and it did not cause me to pass out this time. The electricity surrounding the sphere diminished as a weird looking Pokéball was in the palm of my hand. It was black with a yellow lightning bolt on the top. The Rotom moved forward and clicked the center of it. The ball snapped open the way a regular ball would, sending out a green light that quickly engulfed the Rotom as it disappeared into the sphere. The ball only shook once before it stopped moving. I stood up and looked at the Pokéball.

“It connected with you somehow.” The farmer said. A few seconds later, another explosion went off. “Okay, now we really have to go.”

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Default Re: |-Visitors: The Eighth Kind™- [OWC]|

The farmer and the teen boy had taken off towards the explosion. “We’re headed back to the battle field, and hopefully we will meet up with the Resistance and take out the enemy. It only a matter of time before the next explosion is going to be set off.” The boy said. I guessed that he was informing me on what was going on. I began to follow the two, maintaining my distance a few feet back and keeping my ears and eyes open for any movements. “These creatures move swiftly and were hard to spot. If you were not paying attention, you were as good as gone.”

“What creatures?” I asked.

“No one knows what they are, or why they came here or what they were after. One thing’s for sure though, we’re taking them down before they destroy this planet. We can’t contact with anyone in the outside. We’re pretty much backed up into a corner here. There are mountains on all sides; the only way to get into this area is by flying. The invaders somehow jammed our frequencies and all connections. We had sent out a message a couple of hours ago, hoping that help would arrive soon before it was too late.”

It seemed that all he was saying was nonsense. I had no damn clue what he was talking about. I pulled out my globe so that hopefully I can tell where I was. I saw that my destination was extremely close.

“Where did you get that?” The man asked. I closed my fist.

“Found it.” I said. I was a pretty good liar when I wanted to be, but this guy could see right through it.

“You’re one of us, aren’t you?” He said. He opened his palm revealing a similar globe, the boy did the same. “We’re part of E.P.I.C. as well.”

“So you two have guardians?” I asked, thinking of what the chances were that I’d find two people from the same group I was in.

“Yeah, Regigigas is my partner and his is Regirock.” He said. It made sense now that these two totally different people, would get along so well, or well enough to survive this long. The Regi group almost always worked well together. It would make sense to me that their partners would as well. “I am Matt and his name is Ty.”

“So where are you both going?” I asked.

“We’re headed to the E.P.I.C. Resistance that isn’t far up ahead.” He said, showing me on his globe. I pulled out my globe and saw that it was in the same area that my destination was in.

“Looks like we’re going to the same place, how much longer until we reach the area?” I asked, hoping we weren’t too far.

“About fifteen minutes if we don’t run into trouble.” The boy said. “Once there, they will give us our next mission in ending this crisis we’re in.”

“Have you seen these things we’re fighting?” I asked, wondering what they looked like. I hoped that they gave me a good description, or at least some general idea of what they looked like.

“No, we haven’t, but we have heard a little about them, and that little but we heard, I’ve told you. “Matt said pointing ahead.

“You see that cave that’s up ahead?” Ty said, looking towards the area that Matt was pointing at.

“Yeah, is that it?” I said, hoping that we had finally made it.

“Yeah, we’re here.” Matt said as his eyes began to glow white. “I just signaled Regigigas, letting him know that we are here.” Ty had done the same with Regirock. I didn’t know how to do what they did just yet, but Matt saw that I hadn’t done it yet.

“Ha, I guess they didn’t tell you much huh?” He said, shaking his head.

“No, not really,” I responded, “as a matter a fact, I just found out today so I don’t really know much of anything.”

“Don’t worry!” Ty said, “That will all be cleared soon.” I just nodded. I was getting tired of everyone telling me that. I wanted to know what was going on now, not find out when whatever was going on caught up with us.

We were pretty high in altitude now. I could see a chain of mountains. On the bottom of the mountain we were on, I could see an enormous, metal looking, ship. It had to be about as big as a small building maybe. I could see three large spikes that were giving off a light that show into the sky.

“What is it shooting out? I asked.

“That’s a transmission that it is sending out.” Matt said. “We’ve been tracking it for some time now, so we know what they want.”

“… and what is that exactly?” I asked, wondering what they wanted. Different scenarios popped into my head from recent alien invasion movies that I’ve seen. Some wanted us for experiments, others to put their young in, making us the host, and some to use as prey while they hunted. Many different things were going through my mind. I had always been fascinated by the idea of life on other planets. I just wished that had encountered some on better terms.

“We’re not entirely sure yet since we can’t understand them, but we do know that they have been taking some of our Pokémon aboard their ships. Who knows what they are doing to them.” I thought about that for a second, and then I remembered earlier that day at the lake.

“Earlier today,” I started, trying to remember as much as I could, “a group and I went out to investigate a Miltank that was dead at the lake. I saw a huge tear in the stomach area. I think something came out of it. Then, a little bit after that, something attacked us and took two of our group members.” Matt and Ty looked at me.

“How long ago was this?” Ty asked, sounding a bit shocked.

“About fifteen hours ago.” I said, scratching my head. Time had certainly gone by quickly. They both looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces and a confused one on mine. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” they both said in unison. I just shook my head; I should have known that they would not tell me, no one tells me anything. “We’ll I’m going down there and checking it out.” I didn’t know what I was doing, but I wanted to know more.

“What?” Ty said angrily. “You can’t go down there. They’ll kill you on sight.”

“How do you know that?” I asked. “Have you even tried to communicate with them?”

“No, but based on what we’ve seen, we know they’re dangerous!” Ty said. I could sense a doubt in his voice.

“Well, we’ll just see!” I said, taking off down the mountain. Shadow, loyal as can be, followed close behind me. A small sparkle in the sky caught my attention. I looked closer and saw a thin, nearly invisible force field covering the ship. The only reason I saw it was because of the sun’s rays bouncing off it. I heard soft, rapid moving footsteps behind me. I quickly turned and saw Ty coming in behind me with Matt not far behind him.

“I hope you know what you’re doing, kid!” Matt whispered as he caught up to me. I nodded my head even though I had no clue.

“Is that what I think it is?” Ty asked as he stuck his hand in front of him. I nodded again as a spark shot into his body. He let out a small cry and pulled his hand back and shaking it a bit. “A force field, nice!” He sounded rather impressed by it. “How are we getting by it without getting detected?” I lifted my hand and placed it on the force field. I could feel the energy flowing though my body, but it didn’t shock me the same way it did to Ty for some reason.

“Are you crazy?” Ty asked, “Doesn’t it hurt you?” I just calmly shook my head as my hand passed through it. I put my entire arm though. I still didn’t feel anything, so I went all the way through. Shadow put his tail though and saw that he too was able to go through. Ty’s Arcanine did the same, going through the force field with ease. Ty tried again to go through, but the same thing that happened before happened again. Matt also tried, but was unsuccessful.

“What the hell, why can you three go through and we can’t?” Ty asked, sounding a bit jealous.

“I’m not sure, but I noticed something as I passed through, hold on, give me a sec.” I said, pulling out the black Pokéball with the yellow lightning bolt on it. I tossed it in front of me. The small, yet powerful electric Plasma Pokémon floated before me. “Rotom,” I said. I still hadn’t thought of a name for him yet, “Try shooting some of your electricity at the force field behind you.”

“Roootom!” He said in a motorized voice that I though sounded kind of cool. The small lightning bolts on his sides spun rapidly as he charged a strong bolt of electricity at the force field. A small hole appeared in the force field, and then closed quickly.

“Ha, did you guys see that?” I asked, “Try it again, Rotom!” The small Electric Pokémon charged up another electric attack, but stronger this time. As soon as the hole appeared, both Ty and Matt jumped through it.

“How did you know that would work?” Matt asked, sounding a bit angry, my guess was because he didn't think of that first, I wasn't sure.

“Well, when I passed through it, I felt this tingling sensation of electricity flowing through my body. It was then that I remembered that I had felt that when the Rotom electrocuted me with his electricity so I figured that it would work.” I said, wondering why he’d be mad.

“Interesting, that was pretty smart.” Matt said as he began to lead. As he passed by me, that same evil looking grin formed on his face. There was something odd about it, or at least something that made me uncomfortable about it, but I figured that was just what he did. I didn’t really know him so I couldn’t say for sure.

We walked quite a bit. We were so close to the ship, maybe about a quarter mile away. I was about to say something when Matt walked into another force field. He rubbed his forehead as he stepped back, shaking off the volts of electricity that were going through his body. Ty’s Arcanine and Shadow tried to go through, but they got shocked by it as well.

“Maybe they changed the force field in case someone broke past the first one.” Ty said, which I thought made sense.

“He’s right!” Deoxys said telepathically. “I know you haven’t been briefed yet, but you have some of my powers. You can go through the field and make a similar opening like the Rotom did with the other force field. Remember, I can be easily reached if you are in trouble, though I will already know. I will teleport there in an instant. I’d be there right now, but Arceus called a meeting and I have to go.”

“It’s cool,” I responded. “Let me know when you’re out.”

“I will.” He said.

“So, how are we getting through this one?” Ty asked.

“I got it.” I said as I walked up to the cloak. I raised my hands put them through. I spread them apart, making a small opening. It was big enough from all of them to go through though.

“Deoxys contacted you?” Ty asked as he passed through. I nodded. I saw a quick evil looking grin form on Matt’s face, but just as it had appeared, it had vanished. I just shrugged it off.

“You know, Deoxys didn’t want anything to do with us until he started looking after you.” Ty said, “I wonder why.” I just shrugged and continued walking. We had finally reached the ship, which seemed bigger up close.

“Now what?” Matt asked. I looked around and saw some air ducts near the end of the ship.

“We can go in through there.” I said, heading over to them. I tried pulling them off, but no luck.

“Arcanine, melt those bars with your flames!” Ty said as his shaggy Pokémon launched flames towards the bars, but nothing happened.

“Maybe if Shadow helped they’d melt?” I said, “Give it a shot buddy!” Shadow moved forward, his black coat was looking really shiny for some reason. He took in a deep breath and launched a long stream of fire at the bars. His Flamethrower melded with Arcanine’s flames. It took about three minutes for the bars to melt. “Okay, now we have to wait a bit for it to cool down before we can go in.

“Okay, but how will we jam their communication systems?” Matt asked.

“That’s them up there, right?” I asked, pointing to the three spikes coming from the top of the ship. Matt nodded. I was thinking hard about it, but nothing came through.

“What you need is coming your way!” Deoxys said telepathically again. “Just be careful though, something isn’t right but I can’t figure it out yet.” I wondered what he meant by that. What could be wrong? The only thing odd was Matt’s random creepy looking grins.

I listened quietly and heard a soft buzzing sound. I knew of two Pokémon that made that sound with flying, Ninjask, or Yanma.

It wasn’t long before a large, red dragonfly Pokémon with four red-banded wings came rustling out of a large oak tree. Its large greenish grey bug eyes stared at us. I saw that its tail had two flat extensions from the sides and two spikes in the center. Its body and six pairs of legs swayed back and forth as it slowly approached us.

“That’s what we can use.” I stated. I knew Yanma and Yanmega could jam their signal with the shockwaves they could create by flapping their wings. “Shadow, you stay back on this one, I’m going to use Rotom.” Shadow nodded, but I could tell he wanted to do this battle. The Yanma turned away from us, it was going to try and escape. I tossed Rotoms Pokeball in front of the Yanma. “Use Thunder Wave, stop it from moving.” I called out. The small Plasma Pokémon smiled and set out three electrical bursts towards the Yanma, each hitting right after the other.

I could see sparks going around the Yanma. It was trying hard to stay airborne, but it couldn’t flap its wings very well. Angrily, the Dragonfly Pokémon’s eyes began to glow a deep sea blue as rocks around him levitated off the ground.

“Ancient Power!” I heard Ty whisper, as if we didn’t know what move it was.

“Rotom, try and counter with Ominous Wind!” I said aloud. Rotom began spinning his arms rapidly as he created a ghastly purple mist that flew towards the Yanma. Rotom was going to keep launching the Ominous Wind when the rocks had pelted him. Rotom shook it off, but I knew that attack had hurt him.

“Charge your attack!” I said, “Don’t fire until you’re ready.” Rotom spun its lightning bolts again, powering up his next attack. The Yanma was not oblivious; it knew what we were trying to do. The Yanma tried hard to move its wings. I saw a small red bead come out of its eyes and hit Rotom, but Rotom didn’t appear to be hurt by it. Yanma began vibrating its wings rapidly, sending out several sonic booms towards Rotom. I thought that they would miss Rotom, being a ghost and all, but I was wrong. I had realized what that red beam was, Foresight.

Rotom didn’t stop charging, no matter how many times it got hit. Yanma grinned and began producing a loud ear piercing sound; it was using Bug Buzz. Rotom took that opportunity to fire his attack. I could see huge sparks coming off Rotoms atmosphere; I knew this was going to be a powerful attack. Rotom lunged forward and sent out the beam of electricity. The bolt hit the Yanma, putting an end to the sound it was making and changing it to more of a shrill. The amount of energy in that move was unbelievable. The Yanma was knocked out, which wasn’t a surprise seeing the attack Rotom had dished out. I knelt down besides the Yanma and was about to tap its head with my Pokeball, but I wasn’t sure if it wanted to go with me or not so I deiced not to, at least not yet.

The Yanma slowly got up, still a bit dizzy.

“Can you help us out?” I asked the Yanma. “We need your help.” I knelt down and whispered in its ear incase those aliens were listening. “Go to the top in about thirty minutes and disrupt their frequency with your Sonic Boom attack.” The Yanma nodded and flew off into the forest.

“Why’d you let it go?” Matt asked, I could sense that this came as a shock to him.

“I have another plan, she wasn’t needed after all.” I said. I didn’t want the creatures aboard the ship to know what we were saying in case they were listening in, so I had to lie to Matt and Ty. I moved forward and tripped over something in the ground. I could see two holes in the ground. One of the holes shot out a jet of sand into my face. My mouth was filled with sand as I gagged, spitting out as much as I could. The ground began to slightly rumble as the ground rose up. A small Pokémon, the same color as the dirt on the ground appeared before us. It yawned, showing its large mouth and teeth. It was a male Hippopotas. I could tell it was a male because it was really light brown, females were known for being dark brown.

I knew this Hippo Pokémon was somewhat lazy, but this one was ready to battle. It was probably mad that I disrupted it from its sleep. Rotoms attacks would do little damage to him so I was going to have to use Shadow on this one. Despite the type disadvantage, I knew Shadow had a better chance in winning this than the Hippopotas did.

“Shadow, you’re up.” I said, “Be careful with this one, its already angry. I know, maybe we can blind it with its anger, taunt it.” Shadow ran around the Hippopotas, sticking his tongue out and laughing at the Hippo Pokémon. I saw that it was working; the Ground type Pokémon started moving towards Shadow, shooting a blast of sand into his eyes.

Shadow stopped moving and tried to clear his eyes with his paws. Hippopotas jumped into the air and body slammed into Shadow. My plan had totally backfired. This Hippopotas was independent for a reason. It was not normal for one of these Pokémon to be alone in the wild. My guess was that these creatures brought it here and then released it for some reason.

“Shadow, use your ears, not your eyes!” I called out, trying to give him a sense of direction. The Fire type dog Pokémon stood still, his ears turning from side to side. The Hippo Pokémon charged again towards Shadow. Using his ears, he locked onto the Ground Pokémon as he shot a Flamethrower at it. The small Hippo Pokémon was running too fast to avoid the Flamethrower and collided into it head on.

“Try and taunt it again, but watch out this time.” I called out. Shadow once again circled the small, but large Pokémon, making faces at it. He could now see a little bit, which was what we needed. As soon as it charged at Shadow, he launched another blast of sand towards the Houndoom. Shadow jumped into the air, dodging the attack and sending one of his own. His Flamethrower was coming in fast towards the Hippopotas. A few seconds before the Flamethrower hit, the Hippo vanished into the ground.

“Start charging your Solarbeam attack, but be cautious doing so.” I said. I could see a trail of dirt heading towards Shadow. The trail had stopped a few feet ahead of the Dog Pokémon. The ground underneath Shadow gave in as the Hippo Pokémon slammed into his underside sending him flying into the air, which is what I had planned.

“Okay, fire it now!” I shouted. Shadow arched his head back in mid air and launched a green beam of solar energy towards the Ground type. Hippopotas tried to dig again, but the attack was just faster, hitting its backside. The Ground Pokémon fell on its belly. I could tell it didn’t want to battle anymore.

I slowly approached it. He lifted his head and looked at me. He then jumped into my arms. I knew it wanted me to get it out of here.

“Why don’t you come with us?” I said, “And if you want to, you can leave when we get out of here later.” The small Pokémon nodded calmly and fell asleep in my arms. I didn’t really have anywhere to go, and I don’t know how it got here. I pulled out a Pokeball and tapped it on its head. A red beam of light shot out and covered the Hippopotas, taking it in.

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Default Re: |-Visitors: The Eighth Kind™- [OWC]|

“Okay, now that you’re done, let’s sneak in then.” Ty said once I arose from the ground. I had a feeling they knew we were coming, but I didn’t care, I wanted to find out what was going on. We crawled through the vents until we could see a hallway. I heard a metal scraping sound as something passed by us.

“Usually, controls are on the top floor, let’s head there.” I whispered as whatever had gone by us was disappeared. I removed the air vent bars. These were easier for some reason. We climbed down and were now in the ship. We walked around, but nothing could be found. Not a person, alien, Pokémon, or anything, nothing at all.

Why would nothing be on this ship? These aliens had to be way farther advanced that us if they could travel to our planet. They had to have better security than this. They had to know we were on the ship.

“Don’t you think it’s odd that we haven’t seen anything yet?” I said, turning towards Matt and Ty. “We haven’t run into anything in this entire ship.”

“You have, you have just failed to notice them.” Matt said, with a twisted expression on his face.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ty asked, “Where?”

“Right in front of you the whole time.” He said as his body began to transform. His body got broader as his head went from being oval shaped to almond shaped. Two red antennas sprouted from his head, but they weren’t the same as the ones you see in the movie. These antennas grew all the way to the ground with barb looking points on the end. His eyes melded into one as the formed into a bar with a red light in the middle. His dark grey skin appeared to be really smooth. He formed another grin, revealing several rows of sharp teeth. His legs were bigger, but they definitely didn’t look like they were meant for running. His arms turned into scythes like a Scyther, the quickly changed to those of a Weavile with five sharp blades as fingers.

“No ******* way!” Ty said as he moved back. Matt grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer.

“You of all people should’ve noticed this.” Matt said. “You humans are worthless. About more than half of the E.P.I.C. team has been captured and replaced by us. It was a bit hard in the beginning, but you all are so trusting with each other, it’s disgusting. Right now, we’re planning on taking over all of the legendaries.”

“Why?” I asked, trying to get as much information as I could out of him.. “What could you possibly gain from taking over our planet?”

“We, Krivens, need something you humans have to survive.” He said, “We’ve gone from planet to planet, taking over hundreds of different creatures and getting what we need to survive. Here on Earth though, there appears to be much more of it.

“What is that exactly?” I said, continuing to ask questions.

“You don’t need to know.” He said. “At least not yet.” He extended his arm and my brother’s Pokéball that had Alakazam tore through my pocket. The humanoid Psychic Pokémon came out of the ball and stood next to the Kriven.

“What are you doing Alakazam?” I asked angrily. Why the hell was he going with the creature. “Stop controlling him, give him back.”

“Stupid human, I am not controlling him,” He smirked. “If you haven’t figured it out yet then you are seriously hopeless. I don’t know what they see in you.” What did he mean he wasn’t controlling Alakazam? If he wasn’t, then why was my brother’s Alakazam with this alien, and more importantly, what did he mean when he said ‘I don’t know what they see in you.’ I wasn’t sure, but I had to get away from here.

“NOW!” I cried out as Shadow swung a grey, glowing tail onto the creatures arm. The arm was cut in half and Ty dropped to the ground. Shadow then sent a Flamethrower towards the creature impersonating Matt giving us time to run. “C’mon, we have to get out of here.” Shadow, Ty, and I ran down the hall and up some stairs. “We have to get a message out warning any non captured E.P.I.C. members to be careful.

I heard a siren going off, but it was very hard to hear with the human ear. I tossed out Rotom’s Pokéball.

“Can you use your electricity to open that hatch?” I asked. Rotom nodded. There were two rods sticking out. Rotom placed his right lightning bolt shaped hand on one of the rods and his left on the other. He zapped electricity through the rods, but nothing happened.

“I know why.” Ty said. “There is another set of rods here, both need to be charged at the same time. Rotom can’t reach though so what are we going to do?” I thought about this for a second then remembered the Ground type I had captured earlier.

“We can use Hippopotas since electricity won’t hurt him.” I said. I tossed out the Pokéball and the Pokémon yawned again, stretching. “We need your help. We need some electricity to pass through your body so we can open the hatch, is that cool?” The Hippopotas nodded sleepily as it placed its paws on the rods. Rotom once again charged the rods, sending a bolt of electricity to the Hippopotas. It was working; the electricity was passing through its body and into the rods. The roof was beginning to open. When it was fully open, the three rods shooting out the beams were visible. On the side of one of the rods was the Yanma with a few of its friends.

“I thought you sent it away?” Ty said.

“I did, to get more of its friends.” I said. “Okay, each of you target a rod and send your Sonicboom attack towards them. This should hopefully give us enough time to send out a quick message. The Yanma were either nodding their heads, or that was just the way their heads moved. Their wings began to create these sonic waves.

“Deoxys, can you hear me?” I said telepathically.

“Sort of, what’s going on over there?” He asked.

“Has the meeting started?” I asked.

“No, not yet, it’s about to, though.” He said.

“Okay, get out of there now, teleport yourself here, hurry.”

“Done.” He responded, and within seconds, he arrived. “What’s going on here?”

“Remember when you said something was wrong, well you were right!” I quickly said. “This E.P.I.C. team has already been breached. There is a creature somewhere below us, he took over Matt’s body. The creature said there were more legendaries that were being controlled.” Deoxys didn’t say anything. “They want something from us, but he wouldn’t say.”

“I had suspected something was going on with them.” Deoxys finally said. “That is why I didn’t tell you much about them because I felt something was wrong. I have a suspected list of the legendaries who are being control; you can’t trust anyone right now. I think Mewtwo, Darkrai, Cresselia, Raikou, Moltres, Latias, Groudon, Ho-oh, Regigigas, Registeel, Regice, Azelf, Palkia, Articuno, and Rayquaza have been taken and replaced with their alien clones.”

“If the Legendary was taken, their human partner was also taken, right?” I asked.

“Correct.” Deoxys said, realizing afterwards why I asked. “Oh, they have him, but they haven’t gotten rid of anyone yet, so we still have time to save him.” I nodded. Emit had been taken. What had really made me angry was that I had not noticed that he was any different. I didn’t notice that he was already gone. He was my best friend and I had no idea that he was taken. Deoxys and Ty could tell that it was bothering me.

“There is no way you could’ve possibly known.” Ty said, remembering what the creature Matt had said to him.

“You didn’t know him like I did, that was a mistake on my part.” I said. “I should have known.”

“Don’t do this to yourself.” Deoxys said as he moved closer. “I am pretty sure he wants you to get him back, not be hitting yourself over the head with this. We will find where they put them and we will take them down and destroy them.”

“All we have to do is find out where, and I think Matt will be more than willing to talk.” Ty said. “If not… then we will force him too.”

“Okay, then it’s set, we’ll go off and find them.” I said. Shadow moved by my side and brushed his head on my knee. I knew he’d be with me. “Are you three coming?” Rotom, Yanma, and Hippopotas all nodded in agreement, eager to get going.

“Alright then, let’s go!” I said, feeling a little better. I put them back into their Pokéballs, except for Yanma who had went with Deoxys. I knew I couldn’t let Emit down. I had to find him where ever he was. We headed back down the stairs. There were three halls. The one we had came from, one to the right of the stairs, and one to the left. “Ty, take the one on the left, Deoxys, take the one on the right. I’ll take the one we came from.

Deoxys looked at me, and then took off to the right. I headed down hall we had originally come from. It felt kind of different now. I saw a flashing light at the end of the hall. It looked as if it were going out. I knew from watching horror movies that it was not best to go near those places because something bad always happened, but I figured if that’s what it meant in the movie, that’s where the creature who took over Matt’s body should be. Shadow whimpered quietly behind me. He knew that something was over here as well, we just didn’t know what. I slowly moved towards the end of the hall and came up to two electronically activated doors. I saw a small control panel with symbols I had never seen before, which made sense since this is an alien ship. Rotom came out of his Pokéball and went into the machine, using his electrical powers to open the door. He was already waiting for me on the other side. I looked around and saw several lab tables with Pokémon already on them chained down. Some of them were already dead and cut open.

“What the hell is this?” I said, shocked and feeling a bit sick. I heard a cry for help and saw that some of the Pokémon were still alive. “We have to get them out of here. Shadow, see if you can melt the chains of the Pokémon without hurting them. Rotom, use Double Team and try to break the chains with Swift. Yanma and Hippopotas, come on out. We need you Yanma to use Air Slash to try and break the chains, Hippopotas, try and bite them off.” Hippopotas didn’t respond, he was staring at something. I followed his gaze and saw two baby Hippopotas and a large male Hippowdon trapped behind some sort of glass. I placed my hand on his head. “C’mon, we’ll get them out of here.” I ran towards the glass and placed my hands on it, getting shot back by a blast of energy.

“Whoa, that hurt a bit.” I said. My head felt as if it was spinning and I couldn’t see straight. I heard a loud banging sound hit over and over again. When the dizziness went away, I saw the Hippopotas ram into the glass again. Whatever that energy was, it wasn’t hurting him for some reason. I grabbed the Hippopotas. “Is this your family?” Hippopotas shook his head. Are they from your group?” He nodded. I knew how he felt. It’s hard to see your kind in that kind of state. At least now I know how this Hippopotas got here, it was part of their experiments. How he got outside was still a mystery.

“Deoxys will come and break it down.” I said, not knowing why I didn’t call him earlier. “Deo-“ and that is all I said before he appeared before me. He dropped the creature’s body besides him. He didn’t say anything, he just looked around. I knew he was as disgusted as I was. He lifted his red and blue skeletal arms and pulled the glass down with his psychic powers. The two Hippopotas and the Hippowdon ran out of the cell. I hadn’t noticed, but there were two more cells with Girafirig, Linoone and one Spinda with a lightning bolt on his forehead. Those cells were different, but Deoxys took them down. With a swift movement of his tentacles, all the chains broke and the Pokémon were freed. I ran over to the Spinda and hugged it in my arms.

“Did they hurt you?” I asked. The Spinda shook its head and snuggled in my arms. I could tell that it was exhausted.

Ty ran into the room, his Arcanine close behind him. He quickly scanned the room.

“What happened here?” Ty asked.

“Trust me when I say you really don’t want to know.” I said.

“We have to get out of here fast!” Deoxys said. “The other drones are coming here as we speak. They know that we know what’s going on. I’ve already let the other legends and their trainers know of what’s going on so we have to meet them at rendezvous point. This place however, is one that I cannot teleport us to. We will have to travel there by flight.” I nodded, pulling out three Pokeballs. The black Pokéball with the yellow lightning bolt on it belonged to Rotom; the second one belonged to Hippopotas. It was a brown Pokéball with tan spots. The last one was a blue and green Pokéball with a red stripe in the center, it was for Yanma.

“Hey Deoxys, didn’t Yanma go with you?” I asked. He nodded.

“He is probably finished by now.” Deoxys said. “We were taking apart their communication room, he should be on his way here now.”

“Okay, can you teleport the Hippowdon and two baby Hippopotas back to their pack?” I asked as Yanma appeared in the room.

“Sure, but first I want to see if they can sink this ship from the outside.” Deoxys said, teleporting us outside before anyone said anything. “You two stand on opposite sides,” he said to the two baby Hippopotas once we were outside, “and you stand in the front of the ship. Cameron, take the Hippopotas you caught out and place him on the other side.” I nodded, it was the first time he had used my first name so it kind of took me by surprise for some reason. I hadn’t noticed before, but his voice sounded completely human, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anymore. Or at least I couldn’t, maybe it was just me. Once I was behind the ship, I let Hippopotas out. I could see the ground begin to rotate, forming a whirlpool made of sand in the ground. As I saw this, a name from a show that I liked came to mind; Mixmaster. I knew then that’s what I wanted to call Hippopotas.

“Hey Hippopotas, you won’t mind if I call you Mixmaster right?” I asked, hoping he’d say he didn’t mind. Hippopotas looked at me with a big smile on his face and shook his head, seeming happy about it. I could feel the ground beginning to rumble. It took the two baby Hippopotas, the Hippowdon, and Mixmaster about fifteen minutes to sink the entire thing. Once the whole group was gathered together we were ready to leave. Deoxys placed his right skeletal limb on the Hippowdon’s head. Once he got the location from the Hippowdon, he teleported the three there.

“I think I hear them coming.” Ty said as he looked high into the northern part of the sky.

“Looks like that’s our cue!” I called out as I put Mixmaster back into his Pokeball. I pulled out Yanma’s green and blue Pokéball and walked up to him. “Ready?” I asked, hoping it wanted to enter the Pokéball. The Yanma gave several nods before touching the red-striped center of the sphere. A bright red light shot out and took it inside. The ball shook twice then remained motionless.

“Cameron, I want to request that you get Yanma and send him to gather some of his friends. I want them to fly around this area and shot their sonic waves to disrupt the frequency.” I nodded.

“You can do that, right Yanma?” I asked as it took it back out of the ball. It nodded as it flew off into the sky at an incredibly fast speed.

“I should put this little guy in a ball too.” I said as I pulled out a white Pokéball with a red stripe in the center. I tapped it lightly as it was sucked into the ball. A soft clicking sound was made, but the ball still opened and the Spinda stayed in my arms. ”Okay, I’ll carry you. Alright, let’s go!” I saw Ty and Arcanine’s body begin to glow from a deep purple color to a light yellow color and then vanished. Shadow was next, followed by me. I had gotten quite used to this teleporting thing, it sort of felt nice. When we had arrived, I noticed an instant drop in temperature. I couldn’t see anything yet, but I sure could feel it. My eyes had finally focused and I saw white all over the place; a few trees, but mainly all snow. I couldn’t move and I could already feel myself going numb, which I found ironic since you couldn’t really feel anything when going numb. Deoxys teleported in front of me and placed his hand on my head, reaching over and doing the same to Ty. His body was glowing red as that energy flowed into our bodies. I could feel the warmth all over my body as suddenly, I was not cold anymore. I looked at Shadow and Arcanine who were already warm.

All of a sudden, the ground began to shake as a rocky figure emerged from the ground. His body was completely made from rocks.

“Rocky!” Ty said happily as he moved towards the rock-covered Pokémon.

“I told Regirock to meet us here; you two should not be separated for a long time.” Deoxys said. “Once they have captured one of the two, the second one will be vulnerable. That’s how they find the other pair. Have you located it Regirock?”

“It has been located,” Regirock responded in a low voice, “several miles below us. If you are ready, I will take us there.”

“We are.” Deoxys replied. We all gathered around Regirock as the ground below us gave in. We, however, did not fall. I looked around, trying to see what was making float down.

“It’s Regirock. Deoxys said, beginning to explain. “Like Registeel and Regice, they can control the magnetism around them causing them to levitate… or float down like we are.” I was glad he could read my mind because I didn’t really want to ask and make myself sound stupid.

What seemed to take forever, actually only took about two minutes. We were going so fast, but I couldn’t tell. Once my feet were firmly on the ground, I looked around the cave. It was pretty enormous, with a large lake at the end. I saw that all of the legends were here. All of them meaning the ones that weren’t captured. They were tearing the groups apart. Zapdos, Suicune, Entei, Kyogre, Mew, Lugia, Celebi, Latios, Manaphy, Shaymin, Heatran, Giratina, Jirachi, Mespirit, Uxie, and Dialga were also present. I was shocked at how many of the legends were taken. The legends, along with their partners were talking to one another about what was happening. I recognized Entei and his trainer Peter. I was about to walk towards them when a bright white light flashed around the center of the cave.

When the light cleared, a whitish, grey centaur with a large mane appeared before us. The room was instantly silent. I could see his dark green eyes look around the room, studying everybody. I could hear the loud sound of his golden hooves hitting the floor as he approached me. His eyes began to glow a deep blue color as he moved closer. I could feel him entering my mind.

“They are after something, it’s something that you posses that they are after.” Arceus finally said. “I just can’t figure out what. Once they find that, I feel that we won’t stand a chance.”

“He said it was it was something they needed to survive, something that apparently had a lot of here on Earth.” I tried to explain, even though it wasn’t much.

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Default Re: |-Visitors: The Eighth Kind™- [OWC]|

“I don’t think that’s all necessarily true.” Arceus responded. “I think he purposely misled you. I am not quite sure yet, but we have to find out what they are after. We don’t know why they did what they did to those poor Pokémon. Deoxys, guard him well, I know they will try and grab him.”

“With my life.” Deoxys said proudly as he placed his hand over his heart.

“We will be there with you.” Ty said. I felt kind of weird being under so much protection, it made me wonder what those creatures really wanted. I also knew that I had to find my brother and bring him back.

“What about the other team members?” I asked.

“We’ve already arranged a team to go and rescue them, but they might be dead already.” Arceus said. I just stared at him angrily. Deoxys glared at him, then looking over to me.. Arceus them remembered that Emit was one of those people. “I didn’t mean it like that; I just meant that we have to look at the possibilities.” Deoxys raised his hand, telling him to silence himself.

I walked towards the lake and looked into the water. I had to find a way to locate them. Deoxys stood behind me.

“I know what you’re thinking.” He said.

“Yeah, I know, but you can’t stop me, I am going to find him.” I said.

“I know, I’m not planning on stopping you, if anything, I agree with you.” He said. “We can leave in the morning; I know where we might find them. It won’t be easy, but I won’t leave your side.” I nodded happily and looked at the Pokéballs of the Pokémon that had joined me today. I knew that with them, Shadow, and Deoxys, I’d find my brother again. I thought about how Yanma was doing, I knew it was still alright because Deoxys had kept contact with him. I took the three out of their Pokéballs to ask them if they really wanted to risk it and go with me.

“Those balls you were in were just temporary transport balls.” I said to them. “I didn’t want to catch you guys until I was sure you wanted to come with me on this journey. It will be a hard one, so if you’re in, touch the center of one of these three balls.” I placed three different Pokéballs on the ground; one for Hippopotas, Rotom, and Spinda. I waited to see what they would do.
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Default Re: _| Encounters of the Eighth Kind [SWC Entry]|_

Pokemon Attempted: Rotom, Spinda, Hippopotas

8ok to 115k Character Range

Character Count (Without Spaces): 65, 582

Character Count (With Spaces): 81, 3o8
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Default Re: _| Encounters of the Eighth Kind [SWC Entry]|_

Your introduction to the story was mind-blowing, I really, really enjoyed reading it, as it was a brilliantly written, completely amazing opening to the story, and I couldn’t believe how good it was. The extent of detail you delved into for the introduction was brilliantly done, and I loved it. Your story has one of the best introductions I have ever seen, and the detail was extravagant. I must say you did a simply superb job, and I loved the usage of the detail. Quite honestly one of, if not the best introduction I have seen in a story.

If you wanted to improve on your introduction, you could possible expand it out more by describing your character in more grand detail, expending all your creative juices in a wondrous explanation that had the reader wanting more from the story. Your introduction pulled me in instantly, and I could not stop reading. Brilliant work.

Your plot is original, I really loved the plot. You have a wondrous array of imagination in your mind to come up with a plot such as this. I applaud you on the brilliant job you did on painting a picture of the plot for the reader, and quite honestly you succeeded in the writing of the plot amazingly. If you wanted to improve on your plot you could think up more remarkable, more surprising ideas that nobody would ever suspect. Try and throw yourself outside your comfort zone and aim for the heavens, soar like an eagle and let your mind explode with ideas, until you bring forth a wondrous, mind-blowing story that surprises everyone to how amazing you are. All in all, your plot was grand, I loved it, nice job.

From what I saw, you only had a few mistakes, and quite frankly they weren‘t heavily major ones. Apart from that, there was nothing wrong with the grammar used in your story, and I must say it takes some skill to do something so amazing with so little grammatical error. I applaud you on a job well done, and I cannot wait to see more from you, and I expect high things from how well written this story was.
“I’m not sure what I saw!?”
you only need the exclamation mark here, because the speaker isn’t asking a question, and therefore there is no need for the question mark.
I did note that in a sentence you referred to Deoxys as an it, after originally referring to it as a he.
I noticed that one of his legs was dismembered from its gray body.
it’s something that you posses that they are after.”
posses should be possess

Your use of detail was lovely, and made me totally enjoy reading the story. The way the detail was written was superb, and was simply amazing in how it was displayed to the reader, and painted us a picture of what you wanted us to see. If you wanted to improve on your detail, then go into more expansive arrays of detail, expanding the story into a far more in depth story, though that is not to say your story was not amazingly written and heavily in depth. All in all, nice job, I really enjoyed reading this.

You must remember, however, that when someone speaks, that is a paragraph , and then you make a new paragraph for another speaker, or when something else is going on.

The battle was nice, and I enjoyed reading it. The way you splayed the detail of the attacks was nicely done. The battle between the Rotom and the Houndoom was a nicely written battle, and I enjoyed reading it. The battle was a nice array of detail and I can say it was one of the most expertly written battles that I have seen. The way you described the attacks was phenomenal. Now, the battle between the Rotom and the Hippopotas was brilliantly done, and I loved how you put a Pokemon whose attack was halved against a ground type into combat with a ground type. The battles were well written, and I congratulate you on a job well done.

Enough. Need I say more?

Your story was expertly written, I enjoyed it totally. I could not ask for a better story than to ask that next time you aim for the upper region of the character count, if you‘re aiming for a 40,000-55,000, aim yourself to get at least 50,000. Push yourself just that little bit further, and you can achieve far greater things. Now, for the big important thing. The story was wondrous, I loved it, it was brilliant. Rotom,Spinda and Hippopotas Captured
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