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Old 10-02-2010, 09:02 PM
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Default [MTG] Building on a Budget: Eldrazi Ramp

4 Cloudpost (2)
2 Mountain
13 Forest
5 Island

4 Expedition Map (1)
4 Reap and Sow (1)
4 Growth Spasm (1)

4 Nest Invader (1)
4 Kozilek's Predator (0.6)
1 Belbe's Portal (2)
4 It that betrays (5)
4 Broodwarden (1.2)
3 Spawnsire of Ulamog (3)
4 Invoke the Firemind (3)

(brackets are prices of cards I took directly off

On mtgo, this deck is basically dirt cheap. Growth spasm was the most expensive card, I think. Can probably build the whole thing under 10 tickets.

Keep in mind that this is the first iteration of the deck, and obviously needs tweaking because I don't have the time to tweak atm.

Anyways, some comments:
The old standby 12 post ramp package is back (expedition map, reap and sow, cloudpost). I didn't include sylvan scrying because it's more expensive on paper (~50 cents each) and vesuva is priced out of our range. Growth spasm is there to pick up the slack. Usually I see at least 1 forest and 1 island/mountain in hand. If I'm lucky, I see a cloudpost. I would prioritize getting 2 forests first to be able to play most things that needs green. This is by far the trickiest part about playing this deck: the decision to go coloured mana OR cloudpost is going to take some time to master.

Every card is an eldrazi, so it's obvious what you call with the portal. Overall, the portal saves you on mana for every card except for nest invader. The finishers are It that Betrays, because they are quite the badass at stealing things. Broodwarden should also fit into a niche of the 5 mana when you're sort of in between and need some fat.

Invoke the Firemind I chose because it's cheaper than braingeyser and mind spring. It does, however, have more versatility. There is almost never a time when I don't like seeing that card, as it always refills my hand and finishes off a walled-up enemy if needed be (or my opponent like is low, but killed off all my eldrazi). Don't forget: draw first, then burn.

The deck seems no more/less consistent than any other ramp deck, so being able to act on the fly is important. If needed be, take out some of the more expensive eldrazi for some of the cheaper ones, like spawning breath or changelings from Lorwyn/Morningtide. Changelings are by default Eldrazi spawn (mutant ninja turtle too), and do get the bonus from broodwarden.

Broodwarden with the rest of the krew: 2/2 tokens.
Broodwarden + spawnsire: spawnsire makes a bunch of tokens because you have all that standing mana, they just happen to be 2/2's
Ramp + Invoke the firemind and/or spawnsire: mana sink
Invoke the firemind + Belbe's Portal: draw cards for more free stuff
Most of the smaller eldrazis help ramp to the top as well

Adding money to the deck:
Awakening Zone
Eldrazi Temple
Eye of Ugin
3 mythic Eldrazi
Tooth and Nail
Mind spring/braingeyser
Dual coloured lands (usually green with whatever you want)
Mirror entity (combos with Broodwarden)

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