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Old 09-18-2010, 10:39 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

Yana Rali

I threw my arms behind my head and sat, half ignoring the thumbs up I was given by the trainer that owned the Rhyperior I noted earlier. Bryn just waved in response, I said nothing. I was rather unhappy with Crystal’s response. A room with a glass roof, that was utter torture, and it blacked out a night, more torture. Bryn only patted my shoulder, reminding me of that herbal room. It sounded nice enough, but at this rate, sleeping seemed like a better option. Or jumping off the boat and taking a swim on my own sounded fun too.

I looked at Bryn, she returned the gaze and we sat staring at each other for a few moments. We were having one of those silent conversations that made people think you were crazy. Finally I put both my hands to the table and brought myself up out of my seat.

“Alright, next best thing is, if you can’t look up, look down.” I said, pulling out Bryn’s Pokeball. “Alright buddy you take a break for now.”

Bryn did a fake yawn before she vanished into the only piece of tech I found remotely useful, though I barely used it. Then I pulled out another Pokeball, pushed the button and let out my lovely but shy Ariados. She was almost as a shiny Ariados was, only a slightly different hues marked her body. She shook herself out, looking at me and wondering where we were. I explained this was the whole deal with the letter and she understood quickly. I motioned her to get on my back, and quickly she did, wrapping her front legs around my shoulders and her back ones around my waist, like an insectoid backpack. She was a bit oversized for me to carry but it wasn’t like I hadn’t done it before.

I started to find my way to the training room some people I was sure were going to go to. I was going to do training of my own, hence why Shayda was out getting a piggyback ride. I made sure to avoid anyone, walking down only the empty halls, which was difficult in this case. I listened to brief conversations, wondering who was going to the training room and who wasn’t. Eventually I made my way in there, knowing my attempted avoidance of people was bound to fail at some point.

I came into the room, it was huge, full of space with a nice set of an arena on the floor. I wasn’t here to train by battling however, I was here to train using one of my other methods. I noticed another guest, returning a Pokemon to their Pokeball. I didn’t catch what Pokemon it was, but I ignored them, I wasn’t much for any socializing at the moment. I just wanted off the damn boat. I looked around, trying to find the darkest spot on the ceiling. After I found it, I walked over closer to it, pointing at Shayda and showing her the spot in question. I then ducked my head a bit as my Ariados brought hers up, knowing what was coming next.

In a few moments, Shayda stuck a strong thread of web into the corner, and began to pull herself, and myself, up it into said corner. After about halfway she let my switch our positions around so that I was now on her back, as opposed to Shayda being on mine. She then spun another thread, then another, soon forming a small web, making a silky platform for herself and me to sit on. I went and jumped on the web, knowing that the strength of my Pokemon’s web could easily hold my own weight. My Ariados sat next to me, I patted her head in a lovingly manner.

“That was even quicker than the last time. Keep that up girl.” I wasn’t worried if anyone heard or not, not even that other guy, Shayda’s web wasn’t her trump card technique, though it made short work of flying and fire types back in the day.

I laid back in the hammock like creation my Ariados made, enjoying the birds eye view of the room. It made me feel a bit more comfortable on this boat, but the sooner we were off the better, or I was going to go insane. Also, this was a height where Shayda could see anyone else who was in this tournament, without getting a case of extreme timidity. She may have been timid, but she was excellent in battle, and extremely intelligent for her species.

“I wonder who else we’ll see in here...” I thought aloud, petting my Ariados.

I was still bothered by the fact I couldn't think of who that one person was...I knew it would bug me, and it would probably prevent me from sleep until I figured it out. Maybe he would show up in here for training, maybe not, I really didn't feel like looking for people.
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Old 09-18-2010, 11:50 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

Red and Araceli
On the Boat

"Oh, looks like we have a room together." Araceli had opened the door, seeing two nicely-made beds. Red could sense that hint of hidden excitement in her voice, but made no comment. She released her pokemon out of their pokeballs, letting them relax and stretch their legs. Noisette ran off from beside Araceli, deeper into the room, greeting her friends. "What are you waiting for?" She turned to her partner, who softly replied, "...Oh." Red then called out his own team. They all happily greeted their master, waiting for his orders. "Relax." He began. "No training today."

He didn't have to say anymore.

The room wasn't too packed, but that was no worry, everyone would be in their pokeballs again soon enough. As the two trainer's pokemon conversed, Araceli and Red sat at the small table on the other side of the room, sitting across from each other.

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Old 09-19-2010, 02:17 AM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

May and her Pokemon

instantly recognised Crystal, who seemed to be host. She started to speak after I arrived into the boat.

"There is a place where you can watch the sky, but it will black out when the sun starts to set since the stars can give people directions. The glass ceiling is in the training room with the pool, filled with natural herbal water. The herbs were added to help relax Pokémon when the water is heated, but help them get energized when the water temperature goes down,"

I smiled. This might be easy, but there was no way I would let Blaziken in the water. I would only let him in the other parts of the boat. But then again, I could let him be in the water, but soon come out, and I use a Hairdryer on him.

"Sounds good! I can't wait until we start!" I said, hugging my Glaceon. I looked around, and found the way towards the Training room. I walked into the room, nothing bad happened. A few trainers were already there. Most I didn't know, not like my brother was there yet.

My Pokemon all ran off, half of them into the pool, and the other half anywhere else. The Pokemon trained against each other, and had the most fun of their lives. At least, until I grabbed three Pokeballs and called the three in the pool back.
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Old 09-19-2010, 09:01 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

"Houndena here is a one of a kind. He hatched from an egg I took care of myself. I gave my Houndoom, Surge, and my brown Mightyena, Layla, to Brock to take care off, and next thing I knew they became parents. I think that the traits got mixed because Surge was experimented on at a really early age."

“Intriguing. I didn’t realize people were conducting genetic experiments on Pokemon,” Douglas said in awe. “Let me know when they can make a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard, sign me up for that!” He laughed slightly at his own joke.

“In all seriousness though, I hope they don’t go that far. There’s nothing wrong with your Houndena, as the two bred 'Mons were very close together in type. But what if they learn how to start making hybrids with more types than two, like Psychic-Dark-Fire-Electric, or create Pokemon with any ability or move they want?”

“In all honesty, an near-invincible Spiritomb is the last thing I want to see,”
Douglas muttered. He stared somberly at his own Spiritomb, taking the Pokeball off his belt and mulling over it quietly. What if he had that kind of ability at his disposal? Would he never use Choronzon in battle again, or abuse that power to its fullest? He couldn’t trust himself, let alone anyone else with such a Pokemon. He hoped he wouldn’t have to see it come to fruition in his lifetime.

He drove his mind away from the topic quickly, his liveliness returning to his mood. “Well, that was certainly an interesting conversation. Alright then, I’m off to go spar and get my team ready. I hope the Tournament goes well! “ Juggling the Pokeball between his hands, he began to leave, but his Rhyperior was still entranced by the Houndena. Smirking, he snapped his fingers. The giant Pokemon shook its head, regaining its focus, then proceeded to follow its trainer off the deck.

The two arrived at the training arena. Someone was already there, a girl with a Glaceon. He took no heed of this, and quickly released his Pokemon. “All units, in order, now! Sound off!”

Rhyperior, Magmortar, Kingdra, Magnezone, Spiritomb, and Sceptile all appeared before him and barked what could be the equivalent of “Sir!” Those who could salute did so with energy: the ones who couldn’t bowed slightly instead. He returned their salutes. “At ease. Tournament starts soon, and I want some practice in before this thing starts. You know standard procedures- find someone you have a type disadvantage to and start sparring! If you are the advantageous combatant, find a new partner who you are weak to after your match. Once everyone, excluding Spiritomb, has fought a disadvantageous battle, report your results to me, then observe the others. After everyone has finished, you may relax in any fashion you please. Start!”

All the Pokemon barked again and quickly matched up with each other. Rhyperior vs. Sceptile, Kingdra vs. Magmortar. Spiritomb, having no advantage or disadvantage over the others, matched up with Magnezone until Magnezone could fight a battle against a type it was weak to, which would probably end up being Rhyperior.

All of them had the utmost devotion to their Trainer, and their fighting styles displayed this. They fought with such zeal, such a drive to be their best, that one might think that this was an insanely important fight. He was proud of his Pokemon- and whether they won or lost, he would never lose respect for them.
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Old 09-19-2010, 09:32 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

Ash Ketchum and Cassandra Evans
Boarding the boat

Pikachu happly obliged to Persian's offer, hopping up onto her back with a cheerful greeted. Ash smiled down at the cat-like Pokemon, kneeling to scratch her behind the ear.

"Hey, Persian." He greeted softly, then shifted his attention toward the boat. A lot of the trainers had already boarded, but there was still a decent number left on the docks.

"I'm gonna go ahead and get onboard." Ash looked up to Cassie as she spoke, giving her a nod.

"Okay. Give Keiru a good whack for me, would you?"

Cassie simply laughed as Ash smiled, and turned away, heading toward the boat.

Kiseki Kagami and Aden
Boarding the boat

Kiseki gave a startled yell when Ashleigh suddenly grabbed him, dragging him in the direction of the boat. Now he knew how Ichiru felt all the times he'd done this very thing to him. It was kind of funny how the tables were turned now.

"I'll catch up with you later, Aden!" He called back to the redhead behind him as Pachirisu clung to his head so as not to fall. Aden responded with a silent wave of acknowledgment, chuckling and shaking his head as he started for the boat himself with Flareon at his heels.

When Ashleigh stopped at the boat, Kiseki nearly fell over. Pachirisu wasn't so lucky and fell from the top of her trainer's head, caught just in time by Kiseki, who simply laughed at her expression. He looked back to Ashleigh as she spoke, nodding with a smile.

"This should be really fun." He paused for a moment, and the smile faded from his face. "Ah, I forgot where my room is..." In his arms, Pachirisu smacked her forehead, shaking her head at her trainer.
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Old 09-19-2010, 09:44 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

Keiru Ketchum
Front end of the boat, on his own

Keiru breathed deeply, deep in meditation. His mind was filled with images of his journey, he was meditating, clearing his mind of the troubles ahead, and preparing himself for the battles.

Keiru released his team, staring intently at them as he opened his eyes.

"You guys better not fail me." Keiru stated, emotionless. "I don't want any of these trainers getting any bright ideas and thinking they can challenge me for my championship."

His team nodded, and began sparring with each other.

With Kiseki, on the boat

Ashleigh slapped Kiseki's head softly, in annoyance mostly.

"Sometimes you really annoy me Kiseki. We're in the same room." Ashleigh glared at Kiseki.

Ashleigh instantly smiled, grabbing onto Kiseki yet again.

"If I remember correctly, we're in room 40. Let's find it!" Ashleigh smiled, and ran down the corridor, dragging Kiseki with her.
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Old 09-20-2010, 06:17 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

Kiseki Kagami
On the boat; with Ashleigh

Kiseki flinched when Ashleigh slapped his head, appearing slightly offended at first. He looked down to avoid her glare, attempting to apologize.

"So--ah!" He gripped Pachirisu in one arm, cutting himself off with a startled yell as Ashleigh grabbed him yet again, dragging him after her toward the rooms. Now he really did know how Ichiru felt... Not that he, being of the same energetic personality, was going to complain.

Cassie (Tired of typing Cassandra =3=)
On the Boat

Cassie boarded the boat silently, venturing onto the deck, which was already becoming quite populated. A lot of the trainers had already gone to their rooms, and most of those that were on the deck were either in conversation or training. A boy in a red hoodie with a Pachirisu was being dragged toward the rooms by a blonde haired girl - obviously the two knew each other.

Cassie put her arms on the railing bordering the boat's edge, leaning on it a bit to look over the edge at the water. She wasn't quite ready to go to her room yet, and there was something about the water that calmed her. She could always let her Pokemon spar with each other, like some others were doing, but she'd just wait until she went into her room for that. She didn't want to get in the way of anyone else boarding the boat.
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Old 09-20-2010, 11:32 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

On Board

Brock was in the kitchen. While the chefs on board were decent enough, Brock was there none-the-less, whipping up fantastic stews and various types of Pokemon food The other cooks were busy preparing whatever foods Brock wasn't cooking up.

Lucy leaned against the wall watching Brock work his culinary magic. "Well, for as long as I've been married to him, I've never needed to cook my own foods. I've been able to focus solely on training. Looks like I'll be able to put it all to the ultimate test in this tournament." Lucy spoke to Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier.

"Sounds to me like there's quite a bit of role reversal. Still though, why did you decided to leave the Frontier? You were almost unstoppable as a frontier brain." Scott asked as he moved his dark shades a bit.

Lucy placed her hands over her belly. "Well, I'm not leaving it for good. I'm just taking a bit of a break from it, travel with my husband to all of the breeder contests. They're pretty much unlike any other. There's no battling involved, but rather the judges hold each Pokemon to a breed standard, what the perfect representative of each Pokemon breed is supposed to be like. So far, Brock is among the top five breeders in the world. Not to mention, with the care and expertise he's given my Pokemon, my Pokemon have become even stronger and healthier. Once Brock's ready to choose a place to stay, then I'll take my spot up again." Lucy explained.
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Old 09-27-2010, 01:45 PM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

The baby (PocketMonsters) magic is divided into close alliance, orange islands district quartz orange alliance, city district city alliance, all three league also includes a short story of series vortex islands. In the orange islands, xiao gang, institute of wood, leave XiaoJian and little wisdom, misty travel, until all alliance, and return by xiao gang.
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Old 09-29-2010, 12:27 AM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

OoC: Okay, seriously? What is it with random posts being posted in my RP? It's getting really annoying. Okay, my rant is over. Also, I have just lost all of my ideas for this RP, so I have no idea when I'll post an IC post again.
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Old 09-29-2010, 12:44 AM
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Default Re: [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]

Ooc: Dude, that's a SPAMbot. Look at his sig, please. Anyway, we should get back in character.
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