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Pokemon News Here you will find the Pokemon news that is on the website, posted here also so you can reply with any comments/questions.

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Post Black & White: Did You Know? II

Once again, here’s your dedicated reporter, Trainer17, bringing you more details, facts and possible spoilers that you either might want to know, or must know in the upcoming Pokémon Black and Pokémon White games. In the last update, we did minor glimpse across topics of concern, majorly involving Characters whom are from the Games. Today, we’re going to focus about a particular in-game mechanic, and plenty of spicy treats you might have been waiting for!

Seasonal Cycles!

Did you know that Pokémon Co. shared its latest media blast for Pokémon Black & White back in August 13th, providing a look at some of the features that have been circulating following recent Coro Coro Comics issues and Pokémon Sunday episodes?

One of the big features for Black & White is a Seasonal System. The game will move between spring, summer, fall and winter. You’ll find that different Pokémon appear in different seasons. Additionally, some parts of the world will only be traversable in some seasons. So here we go, compared to the previous game(Diamond, Pearl, Platinum), whereby only some places were affected by Seasons, in the upcoming Black and White, the whole Gaming is affected by this Season Cycle(as you can tell from the pictures; same location different Seasons)!

This brings us to another mystery. If you’ve guessed, Shikijika the Deer, you’ve got it right!

With this, its conclusive that some Pokémon may change colour according to the Seasons, or will have other different seasonal variation!

Early Shipping!

Did you know that according to PokeBeach’s report yesterday, Black and White have shipped early – many Japanese have already received their copies and are posting information and images on forums like 2ch. So the following updates may contain major Spoilers. Do not read if you do not wish to know any of them!

Gym Leaders!

Did you know that there are 11 Gym Leaders in Pokemon Black and White compared to all the previous Games? Take a Look!

  • 1st Gym: Dento, Poddo, and Kon – Grass, Fire, Water – Tri Badge – Sanyou City. All Pokemon up to Level 20 will obey.
  • 2nd Gym: Aloe – Normal – Basic Badge – Shippou City. All Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey.
  • 3rd Gym: Aati – Bug – Beetle Badge – Hiun City. All Pokemon up to Level 40 will obey.
  • 4th Gym: Kamitsure – Electric – Bolt Badge – Raimon City. All Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey.
  • 5th Gym: Yakon – Ground – Quake Badge – Hodomoe City. All Pokemon up to Level 60 will obey.
  • 6th Gym: Furou – Flying – Jet Badge – Fukiyosa City. All Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey.
  • 7th Gym: Hachiku – Ice – Icicle Badge – Sekka City. All Pokemon up to Level 80 will obey.
  • 8th Gym: Iris / Shaga – Dragon – Legend Badge – Souryuu City. All Pokemon will obey. (Black Version will house Iris, while White houses Shaga)

More on Character N!

Did you know that N is officially affiliated with Team Plasma?

He rides with you on the ferris wheel under the guise of being your friend, but is actually taking orders from Geechisu to free your Pokémon. But we don’t know is whether N is actually an Executive of Team Plasma or a Top Grunt or anyone higher than a Grunt.

Your Mom!

Did you know that your Mom is now official in the Games? Oh yes! Your Character’s Mom is now revealed in Pokémon Black and White!

Gym Badge Silhouettes!

Did you know the shapes of this Games’ Gym Badges turned out to be? Quite slim and fit if you ask me. Check it out!


  • The PC only has eight Pokémon storage boxes. This is quite a low number, so it’s possible that once the Elite Four have been defeated and the National Dex acquired that more will open up. Comparatively: Pokémon Yellow had 12 boxes back in 1999 for only 151 Pokémon!
  • You battle Belle’s starter Pokemon with your starter Pokemon. If you choose Mijumaru she has Pokabu.If you choose Pokabu, she will have Tsutarja, and so forth.
  • The game guides show that Black version has Iris as its eighth Gym Leader while White has an old man named Shaga as its eighth Gym Leader; Shaga was shown next to Iris in a commercial the other week. Be sure to see our previous post for information on all the Gym Leaders. There are a total of 11 Gym Leaders in eight Gyms.
  • The HM’s in the game are Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive.
  • Tsutarja evolves into Jyanobii at Level 17.
  • Your third battle with Belle pits you against a team of: Hahderia (Lv.18), Yanappu (Lv.18), Munna (Lv.18), and Chaobuu (Lv.20).
  • You get a new TM called Volt Charge for beating Kamitsure. It’s TM72, a special attack, base power of 70, accuracy of 100, and 20PP. This replaces Avalanche from Generation IV.
  • Mega Drain now has a base power of 75. It used to be 40.
  • There is a new attack called Burn Up. It’s a Fire type physical attack with a base power of 50, accuracy of 90, and 20PP.

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