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Old 09-13-2010, 07:57 AM
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Default [SU] The War for Axian[SU]

The land of Axian was ruled by the Azaruth family, a royal line of Pokemon who were the first Pokemon to see life on Axian. The Azaruth family has ruled Axian for over seven hundred years.

Mulac Azaruth was the first king of Axian, and he ruled Axian with a just, but iron fist. The land prospered under Mulac, and the cities boomed with commerce, with excitement. Technology was invented to further the growing population, electricity, production. Fifteen years into Mulac’s reign his youngest son led a rebellion, wanting the throne for himself.

The Great War of Axian split the land, the East greatly supporting the son, Prince Felwork, whilst the West remained loyal to King Mulac and his royal army. Some cities refused to go with either side, remaining neutral and out of the conflict.

King Mulac’s army engaged Prince Felwork’s army at the wastelands east of Aubertian Desert. This would be the first true battle of the war, and the wasteland became known as the Abyssmal wasteland, because over 45,000 Pokemon lost their lives, yet neither side gained any ground, or any advantage over the other.

The second battle took place in the luscious Jing Plains, the most fertile grass Axian had ever seen. The battle was intense, lasting for several months. During the battle, Jing Plains was scorched into dirt, a new wasteland, as Felwork drastically tried to use fire Pokemon to burn out Mulac’s men.

The second battle was a huge victory for Mulac, as his men, spurred by the destruction of Jing Plains, were infuriated, and fought with more vigor. Several years passed, and King Mulac managed to defeat Prince Felwork in his last stand at Desertpoint City.

With the death of Felwork, the land plunged back into peace, and this peace lasted through six centuries. King Meldreck and Prince Auxian came to a misunderstanding over who should be general of the army, and the two fought each other. The war lasted for ten years before Auxian fell at Tacturan Plains.

Prince Auxian’s brother, Prince Mieta became king two years after the war as Meldreck died. Mieta had two sons, Prince Blade and Prince Keiru. Mieta died twenty years later, and Prince Keiru, the youngest, took the throne. Blade was none too please with this, and disappeared.

Blade went missing five years ago, and has returned. Bringing with him a numerous army. He has massive support, Nearly three quarters of Axian taking his side. King Keiru has mobilised his army to combat Blade, who was proclaiming himself the Emperor of Axian.

Fierce fighting rose up across the land, Amatian all but falling to “Emperor” Blade. King Keiru branded Blade a traitor to not only the Azaruth family, but to all of Axian. Blade on the other hand, branded Keiru a traitor, claiming that Keiru had had no right to the throne as he had been the youngest.

King Keiru’s army became referred to as the Royalists, Pokemon staying righteous and loyal to their King and ruler. Whilst “Emperor” Blade’s army became referred to as the Separatists- or as Blade called it, the New Empire- Pokemon wanting King Keiru off the throne, and his elder brother Blade on the throne.

The Royalists have no idea why so many have joined Blade’s cause, and seek answers to as to why so many have rebelled against the monarch. The Royalists and the Separatists engaged each other on the fierce battlefield of the Abyssmal Wastelands, this was their first true battle as both sides were led by their respective rulers, much like the first King of Axian had done 700 years ago in the Great War of Axian.

The battle was evenly matched, until Keiru put his plan into action. The troops of the cities Desertpoint, Midland, Swampside and Corrupus defected onto the side of the Royalists, and the Separatists were defeated. To counteract this betrayal, Blade ordered the seizing of the neutral cities of Goran and Amax, as well as the captures of Royalist cities of Stemflow, Mudskin and Groundpoint.

With swift movements, the Separatists advanced into the long standing Royalist stronghold of the Kixerian Mountains, seizing the cities of Utah, Mountainview, Courseline and Heavyshield. With that, the Royalists were pushed out of Kixerian Mountains, holing up at the cities of Oxfoot and Tibian. The Separatists, keen to carry on their wave, seized Oxfoot, and attempted to seize Tibian.

On the brink of defeat, the Royalists made a last stand effort at Beachead City, fighting the Separatists off as long as they could to get King Keiru out of there. Beachead fell quickly. The Royalist’s last stronghold, the great region of Viraxian is a massive fortress of Royalist activity.

Korrok, the region on the other side of the Korrok mountains has remained neutral, even with the Separatists threatening not only them, but their monarchy, and livelihood. The battle is beginning to heat up as the Royalists bring out the big guns. The Royalists have brought out their Battleships and their newly invented Tanks. The Royalists are now launching their counterattack against the Separatists, and the war is now entering the most fierce stages.

Which side will you choose? Are you a Royalist, loyal to the rightful ruler of the throne, and to the monarchy? Or are you a Separatist, fighting against the monarchy, and the end of the Royal presence, and having an Emperor?

1. No Legendaries.. They don’t exist in Axian.
2. No godmodding
3. No Bunnying
4. Three Post Travel- Preparation for Departure and the leaving of your location, The Travelling, The Arrival
5. All Pe2k rules Apply
6. Your character can die.
7. Posts must be at least two paragraphs or more in length.
8. Give other people a chance to RESPOND to your attacks
9. No auto hitting..
10. Don’t use your OOC knowledge to set traps etc. YOU may know it, but your character won’t.
11. Technology will NOT advance further in the RP
12. Humans do not exist in Axian.
13. Have fun

Sign-up Sheet

Name: First/Last.. Pretty Obvious…
Side: Royalists/Separatists
Species: What species of Pokemon are you?
Appearance: Picture acceptable, as well as a GOOD paragraph or more. Without a picture at least three paragraphs.
Personality: A good two and a half paragraphs minimum. What is their outlook on life, on the war etc.
History: Their life up until now. At least three Paragraphs, preferably more.
Weapons: What weapons does your character have? Guns are not allowed. Maximum of two weapons.
Other: Anything else

The Sides

Led by King Keiru Azaruth, the 21st King of Axian. The Royalists are a heavily organised, greatly trained army consisting of some of the best warriors that Axian has to offer. The Royalists are specially trained to handle hand-to-hand combat, as well as long range, medium range and short range combat. The Royalists have Battleships, around fifteen Yamato-class Battleships, and two Super-Yamato Battleships(click to learn about the Battleships), as well as Tiger I and Panzer I and II tanks.
The Royalists have also developed aircraft, though they are unarmed. The aircraft are used for Paratrooper drops, usually done in the middle of the night. The Royalists also have three Midway-class Aircraft Carriers which each hold around fifty planes. The Royalists also have around fifty Fletcher-class Destroyers, which accompany the Royalist fleet.
The Royalists capital is located in the Tungsten Grasslands and is called Vulkurian Metropolis.

Led by self-proclaimed Emperor, Blade Azaruth. The Separatists consist mainly of Pokemon that used to be civilians, as well as some well-trained ex-military Pokemon. The Separatists though lacking in a fleet that can compare to the strength of the Royalist fleet, do have a fleet consisting of (Pre-war… before WWI basically) ships that were really old compared to the Royalist ones, this was mainly because the Separatists took whatever the Royalists scrapped. The Separatists had a much larger fleet than the Royalists, nearly triple the size, but they didn’t have the firepower to match. The Separatists also have numbers on their side, with nearly double the amount of Pokemon in their army than in the Royalists. The Separatists capital is located in the Octorran Barrens, and is called Vixerian Metropolis and is one of the grandest, most magnificent cities in all of Axian.

Other Factions

Groups of Axian cities who refused to enter the conflict, or backed out from the conflict. Both the Royalists and Separatists aim to try and persuade the Neutral cities to join them, but the Neutral cities are very reluctant, because joining the war would make them targets. The Royalists would NEVER even think of attacking Neutral cities in an attempt to FORCE them to side with them, however the Separatists have been known to do so, as Blaterrian City was originally neutral.

The Nexus
An army from another land. The Nexus have yet to appear, and nobody knows who, or what they are. Rumours have been spreading though, of a massive force approaching the land of Axian, having heard tales of its ongoing war, and its enormous riches. The Nexus is an almighty faction, and heralds from the land of Domixus.

The Map

Blood Red is the Royalists.
Dark Red is the Separatists.
White(White) is Neutral.

The Realms of Death


The peaceful, relaxing heavenly word of Aviation. It is a drastic contrast to the horrors of war in Axian. There is no war in Aviation.


Styx is a realm of torture, horror and eternal pain. Styx is a fiery world, the 'sea' a river a blood, the Pokemon, mostly insane.
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Old 09-13-2010, 07:58 AM
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Default Re: [SU] The War for Axian[SU]

Name: King Keiru Azaruth
Side: Royalists
Age: 26
Species: Tyranitar
Stands at 6 foot 9 inches tall, Keiru is a Tyranitar that stands out. His skin is a blood red colour, and he has a deep scar going across his chest. Keiru's eyes are a deep blood red. He wears great golden armour, clad from head to toe in the armour. On the breastplate is the Azaruth insignia- a Red cross with a White W over it, and a gold sword spearing through it.

Personality: Keiru is a smart Pokemon, knowing the fundamentals of battle. In tough conditions, he can formulate a plan with ease, even under immense pressure. Keiru is a grand strategist, and can counteract to his brother's strategies quite quickly as he supposedly knows his brother through and through- other Pokemon think he has a psychic link with his brother-. Keiru is known to be ruthless in battle, a fiery individual, and a remarkable commander, able to lift morale of his men just at the sight of him.

Keiru is swift to move into action, and is a remarkably kind and caring individual. He feels remorse at having to fight his brother, but knows it is for the best of Axian. Keiru used to be foolhardy and rushed into things in his first year of ruling Axian, and some fear he will return to his olds ways, however he has yet to turn back to the way he used to be. Keiru has a temper, but it is rare for it to be seen, but when it is seen, it is explosive, and fiery. Keiru is an almighty sight on the battlefield, striking fear into his foes.

Keiru is a just individual. He is not like a normal regal, as he does not feel superior to his followers, rather he feels he is their equal, and listens fully to their suggestions.

History: Keiru was one of three children born to King Mieta. Keiru was the second of two boys, and the youngest of the three. When Keiru was only 6, his sister, Mariana, died in a fatal accident in the Royal Palace. Keiru was stricken with great sadness as he and Mariana had been great friends. Blade blamed Keiru, as Keiru had always edged Mariana to do things that she would otherwise of not done. Four years later, and Keiru and Blade fell out with each other, over Mariana's death, the two fighting. Keiru gave Blade the scars he has, and Blade gave Keiru the scar he has.

Mieta punished his two sons by placing them in the stocks. Keiru and Blade stayed away from each other after that, and 10 years later, Mieta died. Initially, Keiru did not take the throne, as Blade attested to Mieta's will, claiming that Keiru had falsified it. A year went by before the claims were found to be false, and Keiru was crowned as King of Axian. Blade vanished a day after Keiru had been crowned. Keiru, at first, was not a good ruler, making many mistakes.

Many of the people were outraged by the foolishness Keiru showed, and there was nearly an uprising in Snowta City. However, Keiru managed to dissuade them from revolting, promising to change. He did as he had promised, and showed his worthyness to rule Axian. He gained massive support thanks to his just, and swift decisions in The Courseline City Riot, managing to stop the riot before there were any casualties, and managed to come to a compromise between the two business corporations that had sparked the riots.

Keiru was caught by surprise at the news of an army marching from the East, and was even more surprised at the news it was his brother, Blade. Within a week, Octorran had been swiftly conquered by Blade's army, and Keiru amassed an army to combat Blade's forces. The two armies engaged at the Abyssmal Wastelands, intense fighting rising up. Though Keiru's army had many victories, Blade's army outnumbered them, and crushed them in many more battles. Blade's forces trapped Keiru and his men at Beachead City, and his men died to help Keiru escape. Keiru, angered at the loss of nearly two hundred thousand soldiers, put his entire army into movement. His military was swiftly put into action, and landed in several key cities, allowing for a foothold in the territories held firmly by Blade's forces.

The Royal Sword of Azaruth
The Royal Battleaxe of Azaruth
Other: N/A

Name: "Emperor" Blade Azaruth
Side: Separatists
Age: 28
Species: Tyranitar
Blade stands at 7 foot 3 inches, and is greatly taller than Keiru. His skin is emerald green, and he has a scar shaped like an X over his right eye, and a large scar over his left eye. He is clad from head to toe in cobalt blue armour. On the breastplate of the armour is Blade's insignia- a flaming sword skewering a bronze Tyranitar skull.
Personality: A good two and a half paragraphs minimum. What is their outlook on life, on the war etc.
History: Their life up until now. At least three Paragraphs, preferably more.
Weapons: What weapons does your character have? Guns are not allowed. Maximum of two weapons.
Other: Anything else

Will finish later >.>
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