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Old 08-31-2010, 05:08 PM
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

Name: Rin

Species: - Flareon

Gender: – Female

– 17

Block: - 4

Description: – Rin looks like your average Flareon, except her eyes are a piercing red, and the fur around her neck, on her head and her tail are black instead of yellow.

Quirks or Skills: - Sense of smell; Rin has a very good sense of smell, and can pick up nearly any and every scent around her.
Stealth; over time, Rin has developed a skill in stealth, and is able to sneak around completely unheard, unless someone has extremely good hearing

Bad Perks
Bipolar personality; Rin's moods change very quickly. One moment she can be calm and content, the next, trying to snap your neck.

Personality: – Rin is a quiet Pokemon most of the time, only speaking when she feels the need. She isn't very social, but will interact with others if it's for her benefit. It's questioning whether or not she can actually make friends, although around certain Pokemon it seems possible, if the meet her interests. She is very smart and observing; always checking out something before getting involved, although there are times when she casts this aside and becomes reckless.

Rin has a very short fuse, and gets angered easily. As would be expected from a Pokemon placed in Block 4, she has violent tendencies. Since being put in the "prison", she has calmed a bit, although being in her cell has made her restless and irritable, as would be expected.

Background: Rin was born as an Eevee into a pack of other Eevee and their numerous evolutions. However, her pack wasn't exactly normal. All of the Pokemon had previously had a trainer who had abused, mistreated and eventually abandoned them. Or in some cases, the Pokemon had run away themselves. She was raised to hate humans, no matter who they were, what they did or how old they were. Her parents, an Umbreon and Espeon were kind and caring parents, raising her with care, although her curiousity with humans disturbed and angered them.

As an Eevee, she frolicked with the other children, living a happy-go-lucky life like any other pokemon should. However, as she grew older, her curiousity about traveling and Pokemon Trainers became greater - so great that it led her to leave the pack in search of a Trainer of her own. She found one; a young boy who was just beginning his journey. However, Rin had never had any experience in battling; she'd always spent her time playing with the other children rather than training with the older Pokemon of the pack. Her trainer was impatient with her, training her restlessly in hopes of making her stronger. Rin wasn't quick to catch on, which displeased her trainer, leading him to force her into evolution, although she didn't turn out like a normal Flareon. When more reckless training did nothing, her trainer abandoned her for a powerful Umbreon he obtained.

Rin was heartbroken and alone for several years afterward. Her pack wouldn't take her back because she had rebelled against them, and no humans seemed to care enough to take her in because of her odd coloring. She lived on her own, teaching herself to battle and becoming gradually stronger over the years. Hate that had been planted in her heart after being abandoned began to blossom, and she sought to take revenge on humans for the wrong that had been done to her. Pokemon were no different; Rin hated everyone and everything. No one was worthy of trust. They should all die.

These thoughts led her to begin stealing and killing just to satisfy her hate. She robbed Pokemon and humans alike for food and other means of survival and killed anyone who so much as looked at her the wrong way. The old Rin had long ceased to exist. However, one day Rin made a simple mistake in a robbery, delaying herself a moment too late, which led her to the prison she is in now. Since then, she's calmed a bit, but certainly not enough.

Other: --

Um.. yay? I know the history is horrible; they're my worst enemy. >< Let me know if I should change anything. I apologize for the fail of this SU.
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Old 09-01-2010, 03:54 AM
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

Name: Majick(pronounced Ma-gic)
Species: - Lucario
Gender: – Male
Age: – 26
Block: - 4
Description: – clicky. Credit to whoever made this
clicky. Credit to whoever made this as well.
Majick is a shiny Lucario, however, instead of the yellow like "normal" shiny Lucario, his skin where the yellow should be is blood red, distinguishing him from other Lucario, even if yellow wasn't distinguishing enough.

Quirks or Skills: -
Quick fighter- Has remarkable speed whilst fighting.
Fighting experience- Got great fighting experience when a gang of several much larger Pokemon decided to attack Majick one day in Block 4. Majick wiped the floor with them, killing three of them, and severely injuring the other two so much they had to be killed by the guards to put them out of their misery, though the guards wanted to keep them alive to suffer.
Aura Sphere- His Aura Spheres are much faster than normal Aura Spheres. And they have more power in them, which is why they are larger. Also his Aura Spheres are a blood red colour like his skin, which is quite odd.

Bad decisions- Majick at times that are really bad, can make totally bad decisions.
Lack of Tactical genius- Majick is not a brilliant fighter. Though he has strategy, he lacks the tactical prowess to match someone who excels in tactics.
Slightly Mental- Ever since the Radio Waves Majick has been slightly loopy. He's still sane, but part of him.. isn't there.
Pride- Majick prides himself way too much at times, which, when things go wrong, can be bad.

Personality: – Majick is one sick Pokemon. He lacks respect for most other Pokemon, he totally hates humans, and tries to find ways to kill them, in new "exciting" and painful ways. He has a deep hatred for Pokeballs, and guns. If you get on his bad side, you are totally and utterly screwed as if you somehow escape his onslaught, he will hunt you down like a wild boar of old(>.> i couldn't think of anything besides a pig and a wild boar :P).

Majick is quite territorial, and if you step into his "hood", he will teach you a lesson. One Pokemon that entered his cell without permission ended up in the infirmary with all its bones broken. Majick is ruthless, merciless and a cold killer. At times, he has been known to enjoy killing, and seems to revel in slaughter. Some say this is because of his state of mentality, but in truth, it's just how Majick is.

Background: –
Majick was born to a Lucario tribe travelling across Sinnoh. He was a rare Pokemon, and was even rarer than his normal brethren. He was born a blood red Riolu, now, this had never been seen. He was, what the humans called it, a shiny. But not a normal one, they were yellow. For being different, and abnormal, he was outcast, abandoned. That day something in him snapped, and he has somehow held onto it all this time.

Twenty five years passed by before he found the Lucario tribe again. During this time he had evolved into a strong Lucario. The tribe was shocked at his return, scared. Seeing his family who had abanoned him made him deeply angry, and he slaughtered every last one of the Lucario, even their babies, who had just been born. He made the leader suffer especially, skinning him alive.

A group of humans happened to be travelling by, and found Majick standing over the chaos of the dead Lucario tribe, and they foolishly approached him. He killed them without any thought. That was when the radio wave effect hit him, and he was thrown into a heavy, uncontrollable rage. He destroyed the entire forest. Leveled it. Majick led a rampage to the nearest city, where he bombarded the humans there with attacks for several days, before soldiers arrived and arrested him as the effect was wearing off.

That was a year ago, and Majick has been inside the hellhole ever since. Majick wants out, and is willing to do anything.

Other: – He likes Flames :3 So likes Fire Pokemon.

Hope that is alright :D
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

Teehee :p

Name: – Raksha (or the 'Demon Cat' to many outsiders)
Species: -Persian
Gender: – female
Age: – 26
Block: - 4

Description: – Raksha is distinguished by her torn right ear, ripped down the center so it is split in half. Her tail is bent, and there are several crescent-moon scars stretching over her left eye. She also has a thick leather collar with a battered, almost broken bell on it.

Quirks or Skills: - Raksha has the ability to sneak up on anyone almost unnoticed. This cost the life of six guards when she was first placed in Desperation, but now her collar hinders any chance of more murders. She also has the ability to pick locks with suprising ease. However, her skill that earned her her terrible reputation was the terrible tortures she thought up for her enemy. Some may call her inventive. Most call her sick and twisted.

Personality: –Raksha reguarly renews her reputation among the residents of Desperation. She is known as a killer; and not a merciful one. It is not often you see a truly insane person, and Raksha is it. Talk to her and you're dead. Stare at her too long and you're dead. Even if you cross her path between Block Four and the canteen, you could get away with your life, if she is in a good mood.
Trouble is, she's never in a good mood.
Raksha posts no comment or opinion on anything. She regards anyone she meets with a cold, calculating stare, and it is said if you look closely, you can see a hint of red in her eyes. But no-one ever looks closely, apart from the suicidal cases. Not many people know anything about her, and those that do are often in hospital. She hates her collar with a passion, and is regularly seen biting and scratching at it; but even Persian teeth cannot bite through the solid carbon-infused titanium strip hidden underneath the leather.

Background: – Raksha was born as a stray Meowth on one of the many dark alleys of Saffron City. Living in peace with her friends, it was a good life-untill one unfortunate night the local animal pound caught up with her. She spent four months in the dingy gloom of the cages, growing tough and harsh, her new outlook on life pushing her to become stronger and better, until the newly-evolved Persian established dominance among the other Pokemon.
It was midnight on the night of the radio waves, and as they struck the delicate balance of sanity and insanity in her brain, she turned on her cellmates. Her face twisted in grim enjoyment, she slaughtered them with one swipe of her vicious claws, then turned on her keepers.
'Wha-what are you going to do to us?' one squealed, as he scrabbled up against the wall.
As Raksha stepped over the motionless body of one of the humans, she thrust her blood-stained muzzle into his face.

'Run.' she whispered.

As the keeper scrambled up, as sprinted, terrified out of the door, the Persian shouted one last farewell.
'Remember me, fool,' she hissed 'As Raksha, the stalker of your nightmares!'

And that was how Raksha earned her name, and title as 'The Demon Cat'. She stalked the shadows of her hometown for two years, using the pound as her base, untill, at last, the citizens of the city engaged in a massive hunt that ended in fourty people dead and her eventual capture. Now, she resides in Block 4, terrorising the residents and plotting her untimely escape.

Other: – 'You ever heard of me? You will after today, belive me.'

And reserve this one for me, please!
Name: – Enrique
Species: - Jolteon
Gender: – Male
Age: – 19
Block: - 2

Description: – Enrique's most noticeable feature is the tatoo on his right shoulder; a black lightning bolt that stretches all the way down to his toes. He also has streaks of black in his spiky white mane, and a shiny silver ring pierced into the tip of his left ear.

Quirks or Skills: - Enrique, with his flexible, cat-like paws, can turn almost anything into a weapon. In his careful hands, a shard of steel can be turned into an adept army knife, with deadly serrated edges, and even a sturdy leather grip for the base. No-one knows where he gets the extra materials, and he prefers to keep it that way. His talent has elevated him to be one of the most well-known and heavily protected members of the prison, with even the Block 4's coming to his door with scrap to be turned into deadly killing machines.

Personality: – Enrique, despite his smaller size, can be quite intimidating. His small army of hired muscle from Block 3 reinforces everything he does, in return for weaponary, and the swagger in his guarded step suggests his extreme arrogance and devil-may care attitude towards the other cellmates. He is a vicious character, but rarely fights.
Background: – Your character’s history and background. Cover the details regarding the kind of childhood they had, what their parents were like and how they’re life has changed on the inside. At least 2-3 paragraphs
Other: – Anything else about your character you’d like to add.
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

DA, Kaioo and Kitkatt. Your all accepted :> Sorry for not accepting sooner.
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

Yay. I shall make my suckish first post now. :3
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

I'm guessing that SUs are still open? Because I sign up. Now.

Name: Ryui
Species: Riolu
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Block: 4

Instead of black, her should-be-black fur is white, and her usually white nubs are silver. She also has an orange bandana around her neck.

Quirks or Skills:

-Bit overboard with the whole 'bad' thing
-A bit of a klutz

+Speeeeeedy and Agile
+Good at pretending to be bad
+Charmingly Manipulative

Ryui is usually a nice girl. Timid, polite, and patient. The only thing bad that she would normally do was steal something very unimportant, such as an Oran Berry.

But, because the radio waves strangely didn't affect her, she had to follow suit of the other Pokemon, so as not to get killed. She then really wouldn't steal anything but a single TM. But she turned into, as only an alias, a selfish, brutish bully. But nothing more, third time using that phrase. But ever since the capture, she has been pure evil, just nasty, selfish and brutal. Despite her age and size, she packs quite a punch. Only a few members of her home Block would challenge her to a battle. She is rude, selfish, blunt and vile. A true cover personality worty of the infamous Block 4.

Ryui was born a normal Riolu. In a breeding center. She was the daughter of a nice Loppuny and Lucario, Pokemon to a trainer named Dante. She was treated nicely, getting the orange bandana from him the first time they met eyes. He was curious about her coloration, but that's another story. She was given a lot of what she wanted, but was not completely spoiled.

But, anyway, to the actual interesting part. After all the radio waves were emitted, she had no choice but to run away with her parents from Dante. They took her to the breeding center where she was born. Then they punched and kicked and Dragon Pulsed unlit the whole place was shattered into bits. Then they took her to a quiet ally in a small town that had been left alone for good reasons. But, anyway, Ryui's parents planned to burn it to the ground. They gathered a Charizard and a Probobass, and burnt and crushed the place. Ryui couldn't even watch as the houses burned, the children screames, fire alarms were set off.

After the business was done, Ryui's paerents totally forgot about her and ran off with the other Pokemon into the distance, hearing what Ryui didn't. The Jennies. When they got to the town and saw little Ryui standing there, they took her away to Desperation, throwing her into the infamous and dangerous Block 4. But she had taken up a harsh personality for emergency use, back when the radio waves were first emitted. And this was an emergency. So she used it.

Other: Her Famous Quote-"You'll be lucky if you even remember this conversation!"
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

Please reserve, I may bring back my old character or bring in a new one.
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Default Re: Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)

Name: – Raynox

Species: - Charizard

Gender: – Male

Age: – 16

Block: - 4

Description: – Raynox looks like any normal Charizard except that he has odd tattoos on his wings. Also he has a scar running over his left eye and large long scars running horizontally across his back and tail. He has an arm band which has flames covering it.

Quirks or Skills: - He is good at making wepons.
He is also good strength wise and can break and melt many things without even trying.

Personality: – Raynox is quite hotheaded and has a short fuse. He is basicly unpredictable and hates the company of other pokemon. He likes to keep to himself and is rarly ever seen with someone else. He is strong and one of the most feared among the others in Block 4 and only a few would dare confront him.

Background: – Raynox lived in a volcano on an island in Kanto. He was born into a Charizard clan and was tought to fight from a young age. There were constant fights to make sure only the strongest were in the clan because the weak were not exepted. Raynox managed to fight his way to the top and was soon feared among his clan and through all the battles he has been through he has gotten many scars. He was soon apointed leader and that was when he got the tattoos on his wings.

When the radio waves were emitted Raynoxs' clan went on a rampage and killed all the innocent people on the island. Raynox wasn't affected by the radio waves but joined in anyway. He killed the people and pokemon and only one trainer stood upto him with his water pokemon team but Raynox destroyed them along with the trainer and that is who he stole the armband from. After all the people on the island were dead Raynox and a few other Charizard had flown to the mainland of Kanto and started killing the humans there.

When he was taken to Desperation all the other Charizards had been shot or had fled to the island which thy claimed theres but only for a few days untill they all got murdered. So he went to the prison alone. Ever since than he has built up his reputation as a badass pokemon that shouldn't be messed with and has hated humans. He wont even talk to another pokemon unless to battle them or they're a Charizard aswell.

Other: – The only thing he ever seems to say is. 'Humph, So annoying.'
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