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Old 09-02-2010, 03:11 AM
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Default Sentimental Generation (Sign-Ups)

Sentimental Generation

Sentimental Generation is a casual RP. The plot isn't about some apocalyptic crisis, government takeover, or weird people with weird powers. It's just people and their pokemon living an everyday life and the struggles that come with it....Now...


You live in Mintale Town

You're sitting there, having come home from work/school/kickass party/pokemon battle, and your watching tv/reading a book/with your girlfriend/training your pokemon/making dinner, and you wonder when something amazing is going to happen. You ponder on this for several days as you go about your daily life having pokemon battles/being a student/working/slacking off/chilling at home/going to kickass parties and you come to the conclusion that nothing exciting has happened because YOU never took the initiative to make something happen. But it's not like you have an idea, you just know that you have to do SOMETHING before you become stuck in the mold of society. You have to break out and do something special, something awesome, something the world will never forget.....

But then of course you have responsibilities, like going to work/going to school/paying your rent/feeding your pokemon/having friends/maintain a relationship/take care of yourself/etc. You know you can't run away from all of THAT. That stuffs important! And those are the things that make life worth living. Those experiences are by far the best the thing that's ever happened and you haven't realized it until now! All this time you were looking for something worthwhile and it was right in front of you the entire time!

From then on out you make a decision to live life to to it's fullest, whether or bad, with your friends/family/pokemon/total strangers and everyone you meet because no matter what happens, it's gonna be worth it.

Character Information

You can fill up to three of these if you wish. Keep in mind you must keep track of all of your characters.

Name: First and Last necessary
Age: anything but not too young or too old. be reasonable
Gender: Male, Female....or whatever...
Occupation: Do you have a job? Are you a student? Are you laid off/unemployed?
Appearance: What'cha look like? Pics allowed but description necessary
History: You gotta have some kind of backstory.
1. You can have up to six pokemon at a time with you
2. Give us the species and any nicknames and other details
3. Don't need to list moves, though keep in mind we're being realistic here
4. Any other pokemon not on your person don't need to be mentioned here
5. Oh and....
6. No legendaries!
Other: Anything else about your character we should know about?


This is the pokemon world, but we're living life as we know it today. Remember that.

Romance is cool. Go as deep as you want, keep detail to a minimum, however
As I said, sexuality isn't an issue here.
Language, say what you want, but don't be offensive.
Respect other players and even the NPCs
No overly crazy stuff
No Bunnying w/o persmission
No God-Modding
*Abide by all PE2K Forum rules

The List





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Old 09-02-2010, 03:15 AM
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Default Re: Sentimental Generation (Sign-Ups)

[Reserved Space]

Mintale Town

While not listed on the map, I expect Mintale Town to be location at best, relatively close to Pewter City, perhaps a suburb, southwest of Viridian Forest, and just south of Pewter City.

A terrible, terrible map:

Mintale Town

A hilly suburb location with many local and mom and pop stores. It's a quiet place with many neighborhoods and friendly people.

Cobalt Coast
East of Mintale Town

A beach and a popular fishing spot, Cobalt Cave is often the place for people young and old to cool off. It's also home to many tropical pokemon.
In a hidden corner of the beach is the Secret Cove, which is a famous kissing spot and deal maker for the young couples of Mintale.

Mt. Snowfall
Northwest of Mintale, possibly in the mountains near Indigo Plateau/Johto

Mt. Snowfall is a chilly mountainous area so high up that it's constanly snowing throughout the year! It's an amazing to place to see the view or at night to go stargazing.
At Mt. Snowfall there are the Ruins of Truth. It's said that if you can solve the puzzles within, you be lucky for an entire year! However nobody has ever solved the puzzle, and the puzzle changes every full moon.

Springleaf Field
Just east of Mintale Town

Springleaf Field is a massive field of flowers and windmils, and it encompasses all of east Mintale and onward. It's a popular spot for small children and energetic pokemon to play in.
On clear skies the warm sun opens all the flowers, making a beautiful sight to see. There are also many greenhouses there as well.

Viridian Forest
Just northeast of Mintale Town

Viridian Forest is great place to go camping all times of the year. It's also home to all sorts of pokemon. However it is easy to get lost in the forest.
There's an urban legend of a ghost boy and his teddiura who have been went into the forest and have been trying to find their way out for well over 100 years.

Pewter City
North of Mintale Town

Pewter City, home of the Boulder Badge and the Pewter Museum of Science. While not exactly bustling with the latest trends and fasions(leave that to Celadon), Pewter City does have a life of it's own.
Various shops and mall to visit, as well as the Museum of Science and the Pokemon League Gym, led by Brock, there are plenty of ways to spend time in Pewter City.

Viridian City
South of Mintale Town

Viridian City is home to the eight official Kanto Gym Badge, the Earth Badge, owned by Blue, the Grandson of Samuel Oak, the world renowned Pokemon Scientist. Also in Viridian City is the Pokemon Academy, where students from Mintale Town, Pallet Town, Viridian City and Pewter City attend school.
Being closer to Celadon City than Pewter, Viridian City is more up to date with styles and fashions, and has several popular shopping centers that are popular with men and women alike.
Viridian City is also home to the Trainer House, a popular bar where trainers often have pokemon battles. Occasionally the bar itself sets up tournaments, and is known to have competitors the likes of Gym Leader, Idols, and other Famous People.

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Old 09-02-2010, 03:49 AM
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Default Re: Sentimental Generation (Sign-Ups)

*moves reserve to this RP*

Love the way the plot came out! :D

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }
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