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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-30-2010, 07:51 PM
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Exclamation [WAR] Unkempt Residence (Editing)

Dear Journal,
Today, I woke up to an empty house. "Maybe my parents went to the store?" I thought. I tried to call them and they didn't answer. I went around the neighborhood knocking on all of my neighbor's doors, but none of them were home. I chose to stay in my house for the rest of the day, because the sun was as hot as hell's inferno. An exaggeration of course, but I didn't want to risk the skin cancer. So I came back inside, and logged onto the computer. None of my friends were online, and none of my bookmarks had any sort of update. Maybe there's a city-wide vacation going on, and they forgot me? Or our city is infested with a toxic gas. I suppose I'll keep writing here every day untill they come home. Who knows, maybe we're in the midst of a mass extinction.
|Day: 3 | Month: 1 |
I’ve officially taken refuge in the high school parking lot. Not only is it my home away from home, it’s also the highest point in the city, so if there is any activity at all, I’ll be able to see it. Plus, the high school is stocked with water fountains, vending machines, and the “Senior Lunch Special”. During graduation, the lunch ladies always stocked up big on special food for the seniors. For the past two years I always dreamt of being able to partake in that delicious smorgasbord. Well, now it’s finally my turn I suppose. I would’ve preferred to wait a year and eat it with my friends than have it all to myself now.

Enough about that, let’s move on to my “campsite”. I’ve brought my laptop from home, and set up a table for it to rest on, with dozens of extension cords running through the bushes to the inside of the school. I also have a television that I brought from home, so I can watch re-runs of everything and at least have some form of entertainment. At least until the programming runs out. I have water proof covers that I can quickly toss over these, in case it rains. Now as for why I chose to set up in the high school parking lot, there are a few reasons. I’m sure you remember my last two entries, when I was still in my house. My parents, being the crazy people that they are (err… were), locked the thermostat up tight. I don’t have the patience to search for the key. Plus, our fridge was running low, so I figured instead of hauling a bunch of food back to my house, I would go somewhere with plenty of food. The first two spots that came to mind were the grocery store, and high school. If I break into the grocery store, the alarm would drive me crazy. Of course there’s an alarm at the high school, but I happen to know the code (long story). So naturally, the high school was the best place for temporary residence.

Now, with it being Kansas, there’s flatland almost all around. But my high school was special. The main buildings, as well as the parking lot, are on a good sized hill, with the soccer and football fields just bellow. Just beyond that to the south there are a number of restaurants. East of those are the houses: rows upon rows of house. I’ve always wondered why the city planner chose to put all of the houses in one spot. It’s not like it’s a small city or anything. Anyway, I suppose I better wrap up this entry for now. I’m going to surf the internet real quick, maybe I’ll find signs of some humans out there, somewhere in the world.
|Day: 3 | Month: 1 |Entry # 2|
No luck. Four of the most popular forums on the net haven’t had any activity since the incident. All of the local and national news websites are still broadcasting what they were several days ago. There was one point when I came across a blog that had been updated yesterday. I could've sworn I had found some sort of human activity, but then I realized it was my post, asking if any of my friends were out there. I’m starting to get hungry. I’m going to pull all of the technology in for the day, and help myself to a plate of the “Senior Lunch Special”. Guess this brings an end to my third day of loneliness.
|Day: 16 | Month: 1 |
I’m on the move now. If sitting at the highest point in town for two weeks proved fruitless, there’s definitely nothing left in this town. I’m going to make a quick stop back at my home and get some supplies from the road. After that, I’m going to head a few cities over.
|Day: 17 | Month: 1 ||
I’m finally here in the next town, but just barely. When I was ravaging my house for supplies, it burst to flames! My speculation is that our beast of a water heater caused this. Since no one has been here to clean that archaic thing, it probably just lit like a fuse. Either that or our unkempt gas stove was the perpetrator. Either way, I lost most of my possessions. The only supplies I made it out of there with were my laptop and a backpack stocked with two extra sets of cloths and an extra pair of shoes. I’m questioning the need for clothes altogether though. I’m going to have to re-stock up on food. I’ll have to hit the grocery store in town. I’ll get to that later. First I’m going to scan the city. Since I don’t have anything else of importance right now, I guess I’ll bring this journal entry to a close.
|Day: 17 | Month: 1 |Entry # 3|
I’m just amazed. Not a single soul in sight. It’s so strange that a person can just wake up one day, and any trace of any living thing, humans and animals alike, is just gone. There aren’t even dead bodies! Nonetheless, I will continue the use of this journal in hope that one day, if I am unable to find any organism on Earth, that some future generation will find this book and be able to document what life was previously like, and what happened to the past generations. Plus, as of now, you’re the only thing I have to talk to. I’m getting a hand cramp (an extremely painful one at that) right now, so I guess I’m done writing for the day.
|Day: 22 | Month: 1 |
I’ve been increasingly hungry as of late, and I’m running out of things to eat. Also, any pain I receive, whether it is a rock in my shoe or a paper cut, seems to hurt ten-fold. I guess this is just the result of being alone. As far as my search goes, I find it needless to say that I have yet to find anyone. At this point, I’d even be happy to see a zombie. But that’s unlikely, since nothing has been going my way. In fact, everything is the exact opposite of what I want, it seems. I can’t really think of anything else to say for today, and it’s getting late. Guess I’ll go set up shop somewhere and sit out the night, and I mean that in the most literal way possible, I'll be sitting there all night. I haven’t been able to get any sleep, no matter how hard I try. I’m sure I’ll just collapse soon enough, and when I wake from that fainting spell, maybe I’ll be lucky and see the bright and shining faces of my loved ones surrounding me in a hospital room. Oh who am I kidding, if I haven’t found anything yet, I’m sure I never will.
|Day: 34 | Month: 2 |
I saw a rock today. That’s pretty much been the highlight of this week for me. I’m in my 7th town (or is it 8th?) with still no signs of life. I’m probably somewhere in Oklahoma by now. I’ve gone through 4 pencils and 2 pens. Looks like I’ll have to break into another store. Or should I break into someone’s house for a change? Decisions, decisions.
|Day: 40 | Month: 2 |Entry # 2|
Power has been shut down almost everywhere. I guess with no one to maintain the electricity squares, they’ll power themselves down. Good thing I haven’t been using my laptop to document my travel, as that thing is no use anymore, since I can’t charge it. I actually had fun destroying it. Pieces of shiny metal flying everywhere, circuits sending spark after spark into the air. But when I threw it down the hill, the sight of it rolling away just reminded me: everything is gone. It’s all left. Why am I even here? Why couldn’t fate of taken me with the rest of humanity? Maybe I should start believing in a god. It seems like an otherworldly power is all that could be with me now.
|Day: 47 | Month: 2 |
It’s HOT. Way hotter than it usually is. If I had a thermometer on hand, I’m sure it would say it’s around 110. I’ve been drinking everything in sight, which isn’t much. For some reason most of the stores are out of water, and sinks aren’t working. Lakes and water parks are almost dried up, probably because of how hot it is. I need to find shade. I’ll update later.
|Day: 52 | Month: 2 |
I don't know how i'm still alive. I thought a human could only go so long without water. Oh, I started seeing hallucinations today! At least I think it was a hallucination. I was walking down the street, and this guy was walking towords me. He was wearing all red, even his skin was red. Maybe he was sunburnt, or it was some sort of tribal paint for survival. He also had these weird things on his head, like horns or something. Now am I going crazy or what? OH! And get this! He was radiating heat! Ya! Maybe he was just that hot. Oh anyway, this is how our conversation went:
"Oh, thank god I found someone! How have you survived all of this time?"
"Survived? What do you mean?" he questioned.
"You know... survived? Not died? Continued living?" I frantically responded.
"Oh you still think...?" He continued with a hysterical laugh. "Most people catch on by now. Oh well. I'm just here to make sure things are going there absolute worst for you here."
"What!?" I blurted. "Caught onto what? And what do you mean 'here'?"
"You know, here." He replied, pointing all around.
"You mean this city? Of course things are going terrible. It's hot, and I have no water. But I guess since there are two of us, that means theres still hope for humanity. Were there any others with..."
"I suppose it could be hotter" He said, seemingly ignoring my comment. Then he scribbled down some words on a piece of paper that seemingly appeared out of thin air. "All right, see you in a few months."
And leaving me with the sight of a wicked grimmace, he seemed to vanish before my eyes.
And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!


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