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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Arrow End Fate-{The Obelisk and The Guardian}

Well this is my first fan fiction and I'm sure it could use some work, but I would like some critiques from some people on here to see how bad I am. So here goes.
`````````````````````````````````````````````````` ````````````````````````

It was said that on one day, seemingly like any other, two trainers would awake and begin their Pokémon journey. The two trainers would bring their Pokemon to harbor powers only seen in Legendary Pokemon. One trainer would aim to save the world, and the other, to destroy it. The trainers of legend are referred to as the Obelisk of Time and the Guardian of Space. Telling which trainer will do which task is impossible, even to the trainers themselves. Another impossible feat is telling which trainer will be successful.

Chapter 1

“So when are you gonna start your journey?” The raven haired, middle aged woman asked. The question was directed at another raven haired girl, but this one was younger and shorter and sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“Mom, you and I both know that I wouldn’t make a good trainer.” The girl responded.

“That’s not true, Adrian. You’d make a great trainer. You already have three Pokemon and you haven’t even gone and gotten your starter Pokemon. If you go and get one you’d have four and there would be no way anyone starting could beat you.” Mom argued. Adrian lowered her head and sighed.

“But remember what happened last time I battled, mom?” The question was directed at her mother but the question made her remember too.

“Gibs, use dig!” Adrian commanded. The dark blue land shark Pokemon quickly leaped into the air and came down burrowing in the ground. Gible quickly made its way towards the purple blob that stood opposite of her trainer, preparing to strike. Within seconds, the Gible was ready to strike. She exploded out of the ground, but her enemy’s trainer was quick to react commanding his Muk to dodge the attack. Adrian was so taken by surprise she couldn’t respond. Her opponent took the initiative and responded for her.

“Muk, use Toxic now.” The trainer calmly let out. With her Gible still in the air, Adrian didn’t know what to do. She turned away, not wanting to see the outcome. She hoped her partner Pokemon could withstand the blow. She heard a cry ring out through the air and she knew who it came from. Turning back, she saw her precious Gibs on the ground struggling to get up.

“Call it off, the battle is over!” Adrian’s mom exclaimed. Adrian was shocked that her mom ended the battle. Gibs wasn’t down yet. In fact she was trying to get back up.
“Mom, what was that for?” Adrian asked running over to her mom who had already made it to Gibs side. Her mom ignored her and murmured something to Gibs. Her mom waved her hand in front of Gibs’ face. Gibs acted as if she didn’t see it, and soon Adrian’s mom realized Gibs wasn’t acting.

“Just as I thought,” her mom started, “the Toxic Gibs took was at close range and Gibs took it head on.”

“So, what are you saying?” Adrian questioned, not knowing if she wanted the answer or not.

“Well I’m no doctor, but I’m quite sure Gibs is blind.” Her mom replied.

“That wasn’t your fault. Besides, you’ve trained Gibs to battle with out the need of eyesight. How many trainers could do that in such short time?” Her mom asked. Adrian ignored her, still wrapped up in her flashback. She shook her head and snapped out of it, coming to as her mom finished talking.

“Mom you know this family hasn’t had luck with this type of stuff. Aaron went out on his journey and we haven’t heard from him in a year and dad doesn’t even come home anymore.” Adrian paused. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach, but this wasn’t from her flashback. “If I go, I just know something bad is gonna happen and I’m not talking about another of my Pokémon becoming blind. I mean something really bad. If I go, I don’t think I’ll ever come back.”

“Adrian Marie Ziras, you can’t think like that. Your brother is fine and your father is just wrapped up in his work. You’ll see. Not only that, but you’ll see when you go on your journey you’ll be fine too and I don’t want to hear anymore about this. You can do this. I know you can.” The tears filled her mom’s eyes as she spoke. Though some of the words she spoke were true, a child could tell that she didn’t truly believe that her son and her husband were still alive. Adrian’s father sent Adrian a Gible, a Munchlax, and a Growlithe. He visited once afterwards, a few days after her Gible and Munchlax evolved. This was also a few days after Gibs went blind as a Gible. Once he left, he said he had a sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen, but he had to work so he left. They never received a call from him since. Adrian’s brother Aaron said the same thing before he left and never came back. Adrian felt something different though. She felt she wasn’t going to return, but not because she’d get lost or she’d die. She felt it was something bigger than that. She just didn’t know what.

“Fine, I’ll go. Tomorrow I’m leaving.” Adrian stated standing up to leave. She dragged herself upstairs before her mom could respond. She found herself crying too with everything going on. She lost her father, her brother, and she got her partner Pokémon injured. Not to mention she was about to leave and never see her mom again. She rested her head on the door to her bedroom and let the tears fall. It seemed like hours that she stood there, but she couldn’t help herself. The tears didn’t stop when she felt herself falling. She just assumed her legs were giving out and she’d slide down comfortably like they did in the movies. She didn’t. Adrian fell forward, landing directly on her face with a loud bang. Her whole body hurt from that fall, but her pride hurt more than anything.

“Well that hurt.” Adrian mumbled rolling over on her back. She looked up to see a dark blue giant standing above her. The giant aimed her head down at her, getting her sent. “Come on Gibs,” Adrian started between sniffling, “help me up.” Her Pokémon obliged, extending her claw out to Adrian. Adrian grabbed it with one hand and Gibs easily lifted her off the ground placing her trainer and friend on her feet. Gibs smiled, showing all of her sharp teeth. Adrian laughed and wiped away the rest of her tears.

“I swear you had more teeth as a Gible than you do as a Gabite.” Adrian joked. Gibs let out a sarcastic laugh and stuck her tongue out. Adrian couldn’t help but laugh again. “Anyways, where are Gur and Atlas?” Adrian asked Gibs. Gibs took no time walking to the window in the left corner of the room, stepping over the several plush animals that littered the floor. Adrian followed instead kicking the animals out of the way. She stopped when she was a few steps behind Gibs.

“Obelisk!” The booming voice roared. Adrian jumped, thinking everyone had heard it. Gibs didn’t move a muscle. Adrian found it weird, considering Gibs spectacular hearing. Gibs noticed Adrian’s shock and let out a short growl. Adrian and her Pokémon had such a connection she could understand every growl and grunt. The growl Gibs let out was Gibs showing her concern and asking if Adrian was alright.

“You didn’t hear that? That, that voice, it screamed at me. You didn’t hear it?” Adrian frantically asked. Gibs shook her head. Adrian did the same, convincing herself that she was just tired and stress. She looked outside the window to see her other two Pokémon outside. Her Snorlax, Atlas was sprawled out on the green grass that covered Adrian’s backyard. On top of his massive stomach laid an orange dog like Pokémon, Adrian’s smallest Pokémon, Gur the Growlithe. Adrian stood there admiring the relationship between Gur and Atlas. Her dad told Adrian he found them together. He told her that he watched them together when Atlas was a Munchlax. Munchlax would follow an Arcanine and her litter of Growlithe because Arcanine had food stuffed in her mane. Munchlax never posed as a problem, so the Arcanine left him alone and even gave him extra food when they had it. One day Growlithe got separated after being wounded and Munchlax stayed behind going against normal behavior and giving the Growlithe food. Her father managed to capture the Pokémon at the same time and sent them to get healed. Adrian quickly made a bond with them as they stayed with Professor Oak, just like she did with Gibs when she was a Gible. Her father had no choice but to release them to Adrian. Adrian loved that story, and thought it was so cute. She could just watch Atlas and Gur play and nap together for hours. Gur was the only thing besides food that could wake Atlas up, and if it was a team battle, Atlas refused to battle unless it was with Gur.

“It’s a shame,” Adrian started, “that we have such a nice life here. We have everything we need here but we have to leave and start on our journey. That’s not the bad part though. The bad part is that we will never see this place again. Not only that, but I feel it in my heart that there’s more to this journey then winning gym battles and catching Pokémon. If that voice has anything…” Adrian stopped and Gibs cocked her head wondering what Adrian was going to say. “Never mind, just go tell Gur and Atlas that we’re leaving tomorrow so they better be ready. You too Gibs, I’m relying on you.” With that Adrian gave Gibs a light peck on her nose and let her go. She continued to watch her Pokémon through the window and watched as Gibs joined them and attempted to climb Atlas’ massive stomach to wake up Gur. Adrian of course laughed, wondering how Gibs was able to stay such a happy Pokémon after the incident. She got a little nervous when she realized she hadn’t battled using Gibs since the incident, though she trained her to battle without eyesight. Being her strongest Pokémon, she knew Gibs would have to battle quite often if she wanted to win against tough trainers. Adrian was starting to wonder if she was cut out for this.

“Do not ignore me Obelisk. You cannot ignore you destiny.” The booming voice returned, but this time it didn’t yell. It spoke in a calm voice.

“Who are you?” Adrian questioned, looking around.

“Close your eyes and come with me, Obelisk, and I will show you.” The voice stated. Adrian closed her eyes tightly and felt things begin to shake. A loud whirring noise filled her ears forcing her to place her hands to her ears. She let out a shriek as she felt something pulling on her from behind, then from the front, and after from her sides. The pulling became stronger and stronger by the second. It felt as if someone was pulling her skin inch by inch. Adrian couldn’t take it and let out a scream and fell to her knees with her hands on the ground. She found herself crying again, with tears gushing from her eyes. The tears burned her skin when they touched her skin, causing her to scream even more. It felt like hours she was stuck, now unable to move, unable to speak, unable to breathe. She couldn’t even open her eyes. Everything was trapped inside her besides her tears. She tried to force a scream but nothing came out. She tried again, but the same result. With one final try she let out a terrifying screech. This scream came out and echoed. Adrian felt nothing. She felt no pain, heard nothing besides echoes, and could no longer feel the burning tears. She began to think she was dead. Maybe her mom finally cracked and set the house on fire, and Adrian burned to death, but that didn’t explain the voice.

“Open your eyes, Obelisk. Come and realize your destiny.” The voice commanded. Adrian pushed herself up and opened her eyes. She saw nothing but darkness.

“Turn around child.” The voice said. Adrian obeyed and quickly did as he said. She was amazed and intimidated by what she saw. A giant door stood in front of her. It had to be the height of twenty Snorlaxs. The door was lined with chains and had no openings beside one slit all the way at the stop. Adrian could see two glowing purple eyes glaring at her through them.

“What, what do you want from me?” Adrian questioned, sounding as polite as she could.

“It’s simple Obelisk. I want you to free me.”
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