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Default Eevee Isles - Population: 100,000

Eevee Isles – Population: 100,000


Gabe and Mia had been dating for several months now, almost a year. They liked being around each other and truly loved one another. Sadly, however, Gabe and Mia were separated. It started when Gabe’s cousin, Alex, began to study Eevee. Alex was a scientist who had recently been fascinated by Eevee, and its ability to evolve into many different forms due to its split DNA. However, Alex became so passionate with his research that the experiments he did on an average wild Eevee became…torture. He did procedures such as studying the insides of the Eevee by bringing the insides out of its body…

Eevee withstood pain. Rotom took notice of this, and decided to put a stop to the scientist’s studies immediately. He forwarded what he knew to Azelf, who knew this was horrible. However, Rotom and Azelf got the wrong person. One night, Rotom lured Gabe and Mia over to an old abandoned mansion. There, in an empty, dark room, Azelf and Rotom gagged and tied up Gabe. Because of Gabe’s similar appearance to Alex, Gabe was taken to Eevee Isles by mistake. Eevee Isles is made up of a main island and a few islands that surround it. It is located in southeast Kanto. In a tower in the center of the mainland, Gabe was held captive. Azelf used his willpower to trap Gabe until he admitted to his mistake and promised to never do it again, to keep balance. Gabe wouldn’t admit to anything because he didn’t do anything, and he was held captive.

Mia was depressed because of Gabe’s disappearance. Uxie foresaw this, and decided to rightfully punish Alex, as Azelf and Rotom seemed too ignorant to take care of it themselves. Uxie punished Alex by starting a disease known to many as Eeveeitis. When infected with Eeveeitis, you would soon obtain adaptations that belonged to a certain Eeveelution, and rarely, belonging to an Eevee. Alex was the first victim, when Alex woke up the next morning with Eevee ears and the day after that with a tail. During the lecture Uxie gave to Alex, the Eevee escaped back into the wild. Little did Alex and the others know, Eeveeitis had a catch—after a certain date, you’d permanently transform into an Eeveelution. The only one who knows this is Uxie.

All of those infected with Eeveeitis move to Eevee isles, where they don’t have to worry about infecting others. If you don’t already have an Eeveelution partner, then once on Eevee isles, you’ll meet the Eeveelution corresponding with your Eeveeitis adaptations. Many people have tried to escape Eevee Isles with the help of their partner, but the border security is too tight. Only the smartest people infected with Eeveeitis would be able to think of a correct strategy to get off the island…

Little did the Eeveelutions know, outside the peaceful Eevee Isles, a war had recently started. It seemed that Eeveeitis had spread from Sinnoh to Kanto by boat, and this was a bad time. Team Rocket had just taken over Kanto, and now Team Rocket troops were invading Sinnoh. It was crazy in all the big cities around Sinnoh, and nobody knew what to do about it. Could the Eeveelutionaries get off Eevee Isles? If they could get back to Sinnoh, then things were just worse with airstrikes constantly over every cities, and troops coming from every direction with weapons and strong trained Pokémon accompanying them. How would the Eeveelutions put up with this?


The rumor has been confirmed true. In mid July, the large amount of people infected with Eeveeitis will die. Their bodies will suddenly fail them—nobody is sure how it works, but Uxie let this slip and the rumor has spread. This would bring a huge unbalance, and it is obviously too strong of a punishment that everybody is being punished for Alex’s mistake, especially Alex himself. If Azelf finds out that Uxie could be wiping out thousands of people, who knows what would happen! So many theories, the main one being Azelf going berserk and attacking Uxie. Would Mesprit be caught in between if they were caught in this situation, being so close to both of them? Nobody may know, all people can do is guess what could happen before they die with nothing to do about it…Nothing to do about it?

On Eevee isles there are people known as Eeveelutionaries who want Eeveeitis to be cured. Many Eeveelutionaries have decided to do something about this, even if they’d die in the process, because they’d die anyway. If the Eeveelutionaries could get Alex to understand what he has done and to confirm he’ll stop, then maybe confronting Uxie would help. The problem would be more of getting to Uxie than convincing Alex that he caused Eeveeitis. The Eeveethusiasts, who are enjoying their Eeveelution adaptations, are the ones who are going to prevent the Eeveelutionaries from doing anything that would ruin their wonderful powers for them…

Caught in between this mess are the Eeveeists—the one with the highest population. An Eeveeist is an Eeveelution who wants to keep their adaptations, but knows about the punishment and doesn’t want to die. Usually if an Eeveeist doesn’t believe that the Eeveelutionaries will succeed, they join the Eeveethusiasts knowing they’ll die, but those who think that the Eeveelutionaries will succeed join the Eeveelutionaries knowing they’ll lose their adaptations—and others just stay put, enjoy Eeveeitis, and wait for an end or a new beginning.

Choose your role—Eeveelutionary or Eeveethusiast. As an Eeveelutionary, you must get to Alex, who currently resides in Eterna city. Alex has a variation of Eeveeitis, where instead of dying, he’ll soon be fully turned into an Eevee to the point where his memories will be taken over and hidden in the back of his mind while becoming a full Eevee, and the rumor is that Alex will be used as an experiment another scientist will perform to know how the Eevee he experimented on felt. It will be hard to find Alex, as he is currently hiding from the public so he won’t be taken away from Eterna City. However, an unconfirmed rumor tells that finding the Eevee that Alex performed tests on will somehow reveal Alex’s location in Eterna City.

But why would you need to find Alex? Even more rumors. The Eeveelutionaries believe the rumor that if managing to get Alex to understand what he did, to apologize, make a promise to never do it again, Uxie would stop Eeveeitis. However, if the Eeveethusiasts can’t stop the Eeveelutionaries from getting as far as Uxie, then the Eeveelutionaries will learn that Uxie won’t give it up that easy…

While trying to carry out your plans, both Eeveelutionaries and Eeveethusiasts are trapped on Eevee Isles. Only the smartest can get out. Guards are all over the borders, and will attack without mercy if you try to escape. Along with that, if you are ever spotted outside of Eevee Isles then almost everyone will call officials to take you away. There’s pressure on anyone infected with Eeveeitis, and all the supporters. But things are even worse back in Sinnoh, with Team Rocket Troops invading and airstrikes floating above the cities.





Format Info:

Name: Character name
Age: Character age- preferably between 13 and 28
Gender: Character sex- male or female
Eeveelution: The Eeveelution morph you are- Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, or Glaceon
Role: Eeveelutionary or Eeveethusiast

Appearance: Character appearance, supply an image if possible along with a paragraph or more that describes it
Skills: What your character is good at and bad at, a paragraph or more
Personality: How your character acts, their thoughts, their view on things, three paragraphs or more
History: The events that lead up to becoming infected with Eeveeitis and the events of the RP, 3 paragraphs or more

Please do not make your signup as short as this one, it is only for the purpose to show what I want in your signup. Please make it as long as the “format info” says.
Name: David Tennah
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Eeveelution: Glaceon
Role: Eeveeist


<Insert picture here>
David is tall with blue eyes and brown hair.


David is good at combat but is very loud and can never sneak past people.


David was once quite happy but is now very self-centered.


David was born on a farm and lived with his family but became very negative when his parents died. Soon he was infected with Eeveeitis and was taken away from the last person he had, his older sister, and was loaded onto a boat to Eevee Isles. He loved his adaptations but he wanted to get off the island to get back to his sister.


• Do not argue with what I say*
• Do not make extensive OOC discussions in the RP
• Look at the Discussion thread for any updates I may post whenever you post
• Do not flame others*
• Use proper spelling and grammar*
• Spell-check and type up posts in a word processing program if possible
• Do not god-mod*
• Do not bunny unless permission is given*
*Strict rule

Accepted List


Pending List
• Dylan Lonator, Age 21 (Starring Shy)

I am forever bound by chains to PE2K
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