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Old 05-21-2010, 03:23 AM
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Default [SU]Wonderland at War[SU]

Note that this is based off of Quinrose's manga, Heart no Kuni no Alice, canon character's credit go to her.

Okay, when Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he left out one itty bitty detail—Wonderland happens to be a warzone in all reality. Yeah, we all knew the Queen of Hearts was a nutcase, but would you believe the Mad Hatter is a mafia lord and the March Hare is his partner in crime? And who would’ve guessed that the Cheshire Cat packed a pistol, the same for the White Rabbit as well, only he isn’t nearly as hesitant to shoot people who irk him. Then you have Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, the adorable twins who tote around axes and have a collection of some of the most deadly weapons ever made in their bedroom in the Hatter’s mansion. Then there’s the caterpillar…only he isn’t exactly a caterpillar, he’s a incubus! This is nothing near some little girl’s candy-induced pothead dream, this is a full-fledged nightmare not meant for the faint of heart. Though, out of all his errors, Carroll did get one thing right—the Wonderlanders seem to be attracted to outsiders.

It’s nothing they can explain, but in theory, it’s an outsider’s only natural defense to the insanity of Wonderland. They have this aura about them that makes even the most coldhearted Wonderlanders love them regardless of them being willing or not, or gender at that. The most famous of these cases is a girl by the name of Alice Liddell, who was dragged into Wonderland by the White Rabbit himself. Alice, who captured the citizens of Wonderland with her “charm” and wandering around the world from place to place unharmed as she pleased like she was in her own world until she was finally allowed to go back home. The end result was severe damage and chaos following as the sides went to war again, with more force than before.

Five years following Alice’s visit to wonderland, the Queen of Hearts has finally pieced together a plan to take over the whole land without another battle. She’s ordered the White Rabbit to venture to various outside worlds and bring back outsiders to charm the various groups opposing her and finally take over Wonderland. The White Rabbit complied willingly and brought several outsiders of varying ages and genders to Wonderland, but much like Alice, they refused to listen to orders and split off to different areas of the world. Now, they’re apart, clueless, and only protected by their single outsider’s defense of making the citizens of this strange world love them. Sure, that’s mostly all they need, but will it be enough to keep the Role Holders from playing them like pawns and getting around their single defense, or save them from their enemies on the battlefield? Or will they work to end Wonderland’s turf war without a fight so they can return home—will they even want to return home after this?

Role Holders: Wonderland is run by a group of people known as the Role-Holders. They are insanely powerful, and there are four that actually have complete control over their respective areas.

The Queen of Hearts (Currently held by Vivaldi): A younger woman who certainly has the original queen’s love for beheading, but also has as much a love for cute things, and has a secret room of stuffed animals. She tends to be very bossy, especially towards Peter, and Ace is rarely ever around, so she spends much of her time yelling at the King. She runs the Castle of Hearts area.

The White Rabbit (Currently held by Peter White): A rather girly looking young man with bunny ears and the ability to turn into a rabbit who originally brought Alice to wonderland, claiming to love her. Sadly, Alice didn’t like him nearly as much, and left. Recently ordered to bring more outsiders to Wonderland by Vivaldi, Peter complied.

The Knight of Hearts (Currently held by Ace): A young man who works as a knight for Vivaldi, he’s constantly getting lost and ending up where he shouldn’t. He also works part-time for Julius, helping him with his job as “mortician”.

The Mad Hatter (Currently held by Blood Dupre): A young man who deals with death on a daily basis, he is actually a mafia boss and has his own mansion. The March Hare and the Tweedle twins work for him. He often comes across as cold and emotionless, not really caring for others, though in speaking with Elliot, the opposite becomes apparent.

The March Hare (Currently held by Elliot March): Blood’s right-hand man, Elliot is actually a bit kinder than Blood, and can’t stand Dee and Dum. He has struck a deal with Blood, agreeing to break the clock of whoever dies first.

Tweedle Dee and Dum (Currently held by Dee and Dum): Troublesome twins with a thing for heavy weapons and death, in spite their outwardly young appearance. They can commonly be seen hanging out with Boris(The Cheshire Cat), in spite of the fact their bosses are rivals and they’re supposed to be the Hatter Mansion’s front-gate guards.

The Mortician (Currently held by Julius Monrey): Master of the clock tower, Julius is a bit of a loner, spending his days fixing the clocks that serve as the Wonderlander’s hearts to make new citizens; many people hate him for this. Probably another reason he happens to be a loner, though he’s really a pretty nice guy. He also works with Ace part-time, and allowed Alice to live with him during her time in Wonderland five years ago.

The Caterpillar (Currently held by Nightmare Gottschalk): A bit of a mystery, he is said to be the embodiment of all bad dreams, and only appears to people when they’re asleep. He seems to have some kind of deal going with Peter, as it is him that allows Peter to bounce between worlds and bring outsiders in. He claims to be an incubus, and seems to be somewhat sickly.

The Cheshire Cat (Currently held by Boris Airay): An odd young man with no regard for safety or his own life, Boris is always seen slacking off and hanging out with Dee and Dum, who are on totally opposite side of the turf war—their bosses absolutely hate each other with a passion, yet he’s been seen hanging around the mansion and hanging out with Blood and Elliot as well.

Other (Mary Gowland): Owner of wonderland’s amusement park and Boris’s boss, Mr. Gowland—yes, I said Mr. – happens to have a bad relationship with Blood Dupre after Blood found out his first name and constantly mocks him for it.

1. The people of Wonderland don’t have hearts, they have clocks. After the citizens die, their clocks are sent to Julius for repair, and once completed they become a totally different person. This is why people hate Julius.
2. Top Role-Holders in charge of their respective areas(Vivaldi, Blood, Julius, and Mary) can control time within their areas, it could be tea time for five hours if they want it to be!
3. I will allow Role-Holder replacement, as these roles must always be filled, no matter how soon after the character’s death it has been. Vivaldi was actually taken from her home to fill the role of Queen of Hearts.

Rules and stuff
All PE2K rules apply, people...
1: For the love of RPs--NO GODMODDING!!!
2: No one's invincible, take a hit every once in awhile, more often than not.
3: For the sake of the RP--PLEASE be active, and if you can't be active, let me know!
4: Don't constantly make fun of RPers, if they make a mistake, kindly let them know, don't bite their heads off.
5: No bunnying without permission.
6: Please limit use of profanity.
7: Keep things PG-13. (Both romance and violence)
8: Try to have decent spelling and grammar, I can understand typos, but not anything really bad.
9: If you read the rules, I wanna see "Welcome to the Wonderland" in your SU somewhere.

SU Sheets

Role Holders
Age: (A guess, anyway if canon)
Role: (What role they have)
Appearance: (3-4 lines minimum, pics okay.)
Personality: (3-4 lines minimum.)
History: (One to two paragraphs, what they've been up to recently)
Weapon of choice: (Nothing too crazy, shapeshifting objects are cool, though.)
Other: (Anything else?)

Side: (Are they allied with someone?)
Appearance: (3-4 lines minimum, pics okay.)
Personality: (3-4 lines minimum.)
History: (One to two paragraphs, life before Peter picked them up and dropped them down a hole, and how he did so.)
Other: (Anything else?)

*Please note the foreigners are not allowed to start off with weapons. Depending on who they're allied with, they may recieve one later, though.


Winter_Cherry as Julius Monrey(Role Holder), Ace(Role-Holder), and Shiro Fuyu(Foreigner)

No one, and let's hope it stays that way! ^_^

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Default Re: [SU]Wonderland at War[SU]

Name: Julius Monrey
Age: 26(?)
Gender: Male
Role: The Mortician
Appearance: A better pic of him...
Julius is a tall and imposing looking man who seems to have a love of what he works for, because he wears several clocks on his outfit, one as an earring in his left ear and another larger one where you would normally find a tie. Other than that, he tends to keep his lower-back length blue hair pulled back into a ponytail and has to wear square-framed glasses part-time when he's working with anything close(such as his clocks or reading something), indicating he may be farsighted. He wears a black suit with gold edging and the coat of it has tails the go to the backs of his knees and a green and gold vest under it, a better shot of it is here. Along with that, he wears simple shoes and has the kind of expression that wilts flowers most of the time.
Personality: Julius, due to the fact everyone hates him and he lives alone with little living contact, comes across as bossy and cold to other people. Due to this, he has problems dealing with other people's issues, and can't stand crying most of all. He's content to sit up in his clock tower and fix the hearts of the people of Wonderland alone, with the occasional visit from Ace to do work. He's really nice at heart, he allowed Alice to live with him five years ago and that softened him up a little, but that went out the window when she left, and he went back to being more silent than ever. He'll cave at the slightest provacation, though.
History: Julius was still in charge of the clock tower five years ago when Alice was dragged into Wonderland. After she showed up walking through his house, clueless. After explaining to her about Wonderland, it was clear that Alice Liddell needed a place to stay, and allowed her to stay in the one "safe" place Wonderland had to offer, his house. Living with Alice and her mysterious charm softened him up, and like everyone else, Alice pried his secrets wide open as well. He became more open, but not much more, and he shut back down to everyone but Ace when she left.

Lately he's been holed up in his clock tower more than ever, busier than he's ever been in his life from all the fighting casualties. He's been running Ace ragged and he's overall grim about the whole situation these days. Even so, he's the only one really doing his job and going to insane measures to keep up with the numbers upon numbers of clocks coming into his tower.
Weapon of choice: A pistol
Other: Nope!

Name: Ace
Age: 25(?)
Gender: Male
Role: The Knight of Hearts
Appearance: D'aaaaaw, isn't he cute?
Ace pretty tall and well built, though where in the world he gets time to train other than his part-time working for Julius is beyond me and probably everyone else, since he spends ninety percent of his time lost in the woods separating the areas from one another. He seems to love the colors red and black, as his eyes are a deep crimson in color, almost matching the clolor of his trenchcoat/jacket, while the shirt under the jacket, his pants, and boots are all black with various heart insignias throughout his outfit. His hair is a reddish-brown color and is shaggily cut. When he goes to work for Juluis, he sheds his trenchcost for a ragged white and blood-spattered cloak and a mask.
Personality: Ace is your average happy and careless for no reason kind of guy. He's the kind of person you either love or hate on the get-go, and he's known for being clumsy and getting lost. He surprisingly doesn't mind getting lost, though, it gives him a chance to slack off and relax rather than do work, though it's still not something he's completely in control of. Thanks to working as Julius's "grim reaper" of sorts, Ace also seems to have gained a twisted and ruthless alternate personality that would destroy the very thing he loved if it really wanted to without a tear, at one point he actually threated to kill Alice while talking to Boris. Other than that, he's the kind of guy that would love to make friends with anyone willing and wants to changes his ways, though what about him he's hoping to change remains a mystery.
History: Ace has been keeping up his double-work for both Julius and Vivaldi, and has been Julius' only real friend ever since Alice left. He's carried on both sets of duties very well, and his relations with some of the others around wonderland has gotten a little better, but not very much, he's still constantly bugging people with his sucky sense of direction, which has only very slightly improved, even with maps he mananges to get lost, though people are starting to wonder if it's on purpose, or if he really could manage to get lost to everything, even his own funeral, if anyone bothered to hold one. He's spent plenty of time swinging a weapon, as that seems to be nearly all he seems to be doing next to collecting clocks and at least trying to offer to help fix them, though Julius refuses to let him. He came across Shiro shortly after she was dropped into Wonderland and took her to Julius, and commonly enjoys playing around with her now.
Weapon of choice: Ace carries both a pistol and a sword.
Other: Constantly getting lost.

Name: Shiro Fuyu
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Side: Neutral, lives with Julius
Appearance: Shiro's the kind of cute little kid that you just want to hug, she's that cute. Then again, with her being so short and thin, you'd think she's younger than she is in the first place, which gets her off the hook for nearly everything, and if the size doesn't get you, her eyes and voice will. She has almost flawless olive-toned skin, with large grey eyes and shoulder-length dirty blonde ringlets that frame her face, making her looks much younger than she already is. It's these features that get her out of a ton of trouble, and make everyone think she's just a cute face, which they have totally wrong, by the way. She was taken by Peter at night, while she was half-asleep, and he didn't have enough sense to grab anything for her, so Shiro is stuck wearing a mid-calf length white flannel nightgown covered in picture of cartoony starwberries and no shoes, making her look even more childish.
Personality: Shiro is smater than she appears, but she's even pretty smart for her age, as well as overly proper until someone asks her not to be. Otherwise she's your average cute little kid, totally friendly and sweet(well, with the exception of towards Peter--she wants to kick him the next time she sees him) to just about anyone. She loves helping people out, and hates the fact that people are being used for their natural abilities in Wonderland. She's also very playful, like any normal kid is, and love playing with Ace. Amazingly, though, she's also pretty content to sit and watch Julius work on clocks when she isn't playing diplomat for the rest of the foreigner's rights, and Julius refuses to hand her a weapon, that's what he considers himself and Ace for.
History: Shiro was born the youngest of two children in a wealthy family in England, though both her parents were Japanese--her father moved them to England for a higher-paying job. She was raised mostly by her older brother, Kuro, since her parents were rarely ever present.
Other: (Anything else?)

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