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Old 05-13-2010, 01:49 PM
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Default Re: Metal Sonic's Academy for Role Play enrichment!

Originally Posted by Chaos_Control View Post
Username: Chaos_Control
Character name: Impmon
Age: Unknown
Race: Digimon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Impmon
Beelzemon Blast Mode

Personality: Impmon is a trouble-making Digimon who usually harasses others. He can be considered "Evil" by others, but he is actually more misunderstood. He forms very odd opinions about others, and so often seem to like AND dislike certain individuals at the same time. Impmon also seems to have a quick temper, and often taunts everybody else when he's in a good mood. Just don't get him angry when he Digivolves, especially when he's Beelzemon Blast Mode.

History: Not too long ago, Impmon had two young human partners, Ai and Mako, who always argued over who gets to play with Impmon as if he were a toy. He often picked on Takato, Guilmon, and their friends. He formed strange opinions of Calumon and Renamon in particular. Guilmon was especially kind to Impmon, even if Impmon threw constant insults at the red dinosaur-like Digimon.

When given the power to Digivolve to Beelzemon by the Twelve Devas, Impmon became blinded by power, and deleted every Digimon he could, including Jeri's partner, Leomon. Later, he realized the error of his ways, and returned to the world of the humans, and Ai and Mako gave him a toy gun, which broke when the D-Reaper attacked, but Impmon obtained the power to become Beelzemon Blast Mode.

And recently, he learned how to Digivolve to Champion and Ultimate, and no longer has to skip to Mega whenever he Digivolves.

Special powers: Impmon's attacks are BadaBoom, and Summon. Devimon's atacks are Touch of Evil, and Dark Wing. NeoDevimon's attacks are Guilty Claw, and Deep Sorrow. Beelzemon's attacks are Double Impact, and Darkness Claw. Beelzemon Blast Mode's attacks are Corona Destroyer, and Dark Ringer.

Theme Song: (when Impmon) (when Devimon/NeoDevimon) (when Beelzemon)

Other: ?
This is hideously short. You're lacking a lot of description personality-wise, and the history really doesn't support anything. Also, you should separate the attacks and abilities so it's not so confusing. Needs; a lot of detail in Personality and History. Look at the SUs of the other people.

Originally Posted by Sukiro View Post
Username: Sukiro

Character name: Shin Kuriushi

Age: 20

Race: Pokemon Trainer/ Death Scythe Fighter

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shin stands 5"4 which is mostly an average height of a teenager, she weighs 120 pounds. Not too skinny not too fat but normal. Her hair has brownish and redish like layers which are straight that go up to her waist. It's color turns light light brown when in the sunlight which gives a nice effect of showing her dark hidden streaks that are burried beneath the lock of hair. She wears two yellow ribbons so her hair doesn't get messy when the wind starts to blow. She creates two little pigtails that are tied above the temples (2 cm) away. Her eyes are blood red and her eyelashes aren't very long like other girls. Her nose is a little pointy but still cute. She wears clear lipgloss but people notices the glossiness on her lips. She wears a pendant with a red aurora jewel that is shaped like an oval with silver wrapped around the aurora. The pendant goes up to her chest which isn't very long.
She wears a red jacket with 6 black buttons and a pocket on the left chest, the pocket is the size of a childs index finger with only one item that you can hold into that pocket. The end of the arm's jacket are black streaks that go to her shoulder, almost like a soccer uniform. Underneath the jacket is a black top saying I ♥ Japan in big bold white letters while the heart is pure red. The t-shirt goes down to her legs but above the knee's. She wears tights that are black. It goes up to her ankles. Her shoes are flats and are also black. She loves colors that go with black. The flats are sparkly and they have a tight strap that lookes like a buckle.
Her waist has a big black shiny belt that keeps her Pokeballs in place. She has 2 extra pockets incase her belt is already filled with a lot of Pokeballs the pockets are about 5 cm to be exact.

Personality: Shin is a bright and loves to battle with her pokemon, she fell in love with pokemon at the age of 3 which inspired her life. She never get's tired of pokemon and always save the wild pokemon from the evil enemies known as "Team Rocket". She participates in many battles whichever is availabe at her rank (Trainer).
Shin is also serious when it comes to lack of improvement such as losing a battle from the arena or not saving one of the wild pokemon from team rocket. She gets a little tempered whenever she thinks about those "negative times" But once her Pokemon comes out of their Pokeballs she soon brightens up very quickly. She's also sporty which means that she loves to run around and jump alot, even swimming. Her love of sports doesn't stop and she never quits.

When Shin was 3 years old she loved Pokemon and always wanted to run and hang out with them, her dad was a professer so she got to see a lot of Pokemon with her dad and she learned it all by heart but every eveloution of the Pokemon kind of makes her confused because of the appearance. At the age of 9 she was about to have her first pokemon, she couldn't wait to choose the Pokemon. When she got to the lab with her dad she looked at the pokeballs the pokeballs said piplup,treecko,vulpix and eevee. Shin chose piplup and she was very excited to train with her first pokemon. She was disappointed when they didn't get along very well, but her dad always told her that if you treat your Pokemon correctly it'll treat you correctly also so she followed her dad's words. Years have passed and Shin was 18, her Piplup eventually evolved into an Empleon which still surprises Shin. Her following pokemon that she works with now are Ninetails,Arcaine,Steelix,Grovyle, Kirlia and Manectric. As all of her Pokemon and Shin herself battle together their friendship increases each day, each day Shin always thinked that she would soon become a Pokemon Master.
Shin got a call from Yuuri (Her Aunt) that her father had passed away from Colon Cancer, Shin was deeply sad and she couldn't catch up with any of her battles. Her loss of passion with her Pokemon decreased and she couldn't do anything except cry. Her Pokemon were worried about her and they tried their best to help Shin lighten up, after a few days Shin got better and got to her normal self again. She always remembered her father's word and told herself that he'd always stayed insider her heart and remembered the tough days that they've been through that soon turned out to happy one's when they both smile together

Special powers:
Death Scythe Weapon
Shin hides her powers from everyone and always release it when facing through the tough missions of saving a Legendary Pokemon. Only some enemies she knew saw her secret power. She only has 2 powers since she's a beginner

Three Chains of Death
As the user controls their mind and focuses with their Death Scythe, their connections of shock waves manipulate together to creating a equal balance between the user and the Death Scythe. The user suddenly creates a massive blow of Three giant chains that strech out to more than 1000 km. The three chains wrap around the user and the space itself between the enemy creating a spider web made out of chains. It may look like a lot of chains but only three are there. The user can strike anywhere at any point, but if the opponent is trying to escape the chains can make a burial chamber.

Healing Prayer
If the user or any of their teammates are hurt the Death Scythe can Heal them with their healing power creating a large burst of light that may ruin the eyes. The user tells the teammates to close their eyes incase the burst of light is too bright.

Theme Song:

Other: Ninetails,Arcaine,Steelix,Grovyle, Kirlia,Manectric and Piplup
I see no problems with this other than little comments about how cool this character sounds xD Only little quip I have is that little heart in the appearance... I can never figure out how to type it XD That, and Shin sounds more like a guy's name than a girl's to me, but that's personal and holds nothing against your SU.

Nicely done, new feller! *stamps Shin with an 'Accepted'*
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Old 05-15-2010, 09:36 PM
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Default Re: Metal Sonic's Academy for Role Play enrichment!

Username: Metal Sonic

Character name: Asagi

Age: Roughly 26

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Asagi (the real one) Is in the forefront

Personality: Asagi is often described by the word 'eccentric', if not crazy. A weapons enthusiast from a privately-owned island, she's surprisingly intelligent, despite her simple, laid-back demeanor and slight clumsiness. She's a nice person in general unless she's angry, in which case it's safer to let her blow off some steam elsewhere rather than risk being hit with her Morning Star. Asagi often behaves in a naive manner, and seems to view herself in a negative light. She's very kind hearted, if a bit odd. She is well aware of just how bad her life sucks.

Asagi is unique in her trade; very few people are able to switch weapons in the middle of a fight at all, yet she is able to do so with a multitude of weapons and fighting styles smoothly. She prefers being with friends rather than being alone, but she's perfectly fine either way. Asagi's most defining characteristics are her mood swings and boundless determination; it doesn't matter the situation or the goal, if Asagi sets her mind to doing something, she will do it regardless of any obstacles. She often has mood swings between energetic and depressed, though she's really just that sensitive emotionally. Likes fluffy and cute things, as well as weapons of all kinds. Despises snakes and certain classes of demons. Enjoys practacing with weapons and singing, along with other activities.

History: Asagi's life is marked by a rollercoaster of ups and downs in the extreme, which is perhaps the reason her mood can change so swiftly. At four, her father died, at five she caught the world-record-breaking fish off the coast of her island home. At seven, a hurricane ripped through her home island, ripping apart their house and destroying all the weapons her father had made except for two strange weapons she'd never seen anyone use, two pistols. After some time, she and her mother rebuilt her house, and her mother remarried to a man who hated her and often attacked her. Finally, at the age of eighteen, Asagi trained herself in the use of a wide range of weapons and set out to make a living for herself on the mainland, away from her abusive stepfather.

On the mainland, Asagi's skills with weapons gained her noteriety with the military, and she became a hero of sorts, her name known and revered for miles around. She worked as a hero for hire, taking down some of the biggest criminals plaguing the port town of Amberground and castle town. Just last year, while Asagi was visiting relatives on the Eastern continent, the town of Anui was destroyed, and rumors begun circulating that Asagi was the culprit. When she returned, she was attacked by hitmen hired by survivors of the attack, and public word spread that Asagi perpetrated the slaughter of the people of the town. Asagi was able to convince King Harribel of her innocence, and is currently working to clear her name. Many do not believe her claim of innocence and attack her without warning in towns. She lives on an island off the coast of Amberground port. To date, she's been abused, cursed, left for dead, stabbed in the back, and kicked off a cliff. Regardless, she's recovered just fine except for a scar on her knee, which actually came from her tripping down the stairs in her house one morning.

Special powers: ???; Asagi's unique magic is a type not seen for thousands of years. Its name has been long forgotten, but it allows the user to fire bullets of magic from weapons, manifesting in Asagi's weapons of choice, her dual pistols. The bolts are light blue, and can be of any element or non-elemental. They hurt just as bad as a real bullet, and have the same effect.

Weapon Master Asagi; A self-trained fighter on par with the Ksstar militia. Asagi is capable of using any weapon in her arsenal, including her pistols, a massive Morning Star, a rifle, a short sword, and others. It's often noted that her jacket has dimensional pockets, meaning she can hide any number of weapons on her form with no signs of it being there, or said weapons weighing her down. The only weapons she openly displays are her trusty pistols.

Inhuman agility; It's often noted by her opponents that Asagi is incredibly agile, able to dodge attacks and turn it into a counter in ways most people feel pain just by watching. She is also shown to have exceptional strength, evidenced by her ability to almost effortlessly whirl her Morning Star (A massive spiked ball on a chain in black color).

Theme Song: Asagi my Love- Prinny: Can This Really Be the OST?

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