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Old 04-13-2010, 10:28 AM
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Default some help with ev training.

hey im putting together a squad with no legends for competing with my friends. as far as i know none of them even know ev training exists so i have that over them but im still not a pro when it comes to it. at the moment im working on getting all my squad to lvl 50 before the long haul up to lvl 100. im not up to scratch on natures either so dont burn me if these are bad choices.

Feraligator, naive nature (starter)
ice fang

venusaur, sassy nature (gift)
razor leaf
poisen powder
petal dance
worry seed

blaziken, quiet nature (gift)
blast burn
brave bird
focus blast

metagross, quiet nature (gts trade)
bullet punch
metal claw

i also have a hardy nature gible that i still need to train and a spiritomb, he's on my pokewalker right now for some reason so i cant check its nature right now.

the current move sets will be changing when i have time to spend looking at them but for the moment trianing is my priority. i've managed some ev training on metagross and im currently doing it with venusaur cos he's only lvl 41 just now. im really needing info on what the best approach for a spiritomb would be, my plan for gibble soon to be garchomp once trained will be to ev his speed and attack but how do i know how the stats will turn out. i've had a look at serebii so i understand what pokemon increase what when ev training. am igoing to need a pen and paper to make note of what im battling or something also i think the best option for spiritomb would be its defences and a balanced moveset that can damage a great deal of types.
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