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Old 11-28-2009, 02:07 AM
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Default ASB Concern

The Anime-Style Battling League really is a great addition to Pe2k. The concept is innovative, it's a bit easier than URPG, and it provides entertainment. However, in order for the ASB league to keep it's control and stability, it needs to stay active. Although it has a lot of members, sometimes it takes days for someone to finish a single battle, yet find a referee to start one. Not trying to talk about the quality of the members or the officials, but the importance of the quantity.

With a large number of members engaged in the ASB league, it needs to stay active, just as the URPG does if it wants to stay successful. Also, lack of activity could destroy the interest for the people that want to take part, especially if they know that it'll take a couple days to either find a referee or a battle, and even more days to finish it, if it even finishes.

The idea is truly great, but if it wants to continue, it needs activity.
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