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Old 12-09-2005, 02:05 AM
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Default Pokemon:

In this game you play as the new trainer in Lilycove City. After reccuing Prof. Palm Tree from an attack of Wingulls [yes they are back], you get to choose a starter Pokemon. As soon as you get a starter Pokemon your rival bursts in and tells about Pokemon League 10. You are challenged to a battle. After winning or losing, you find out the League is in space. After leaving you head off to Mosedeep city over the battle bridge. When you get there, everything is explaned: Each trainer is put in a group of two. Those three will got with each other to the planets. The groups will go to the planets to get their own badges. They are not a team. You are paired with Zuguno, a trainer that rarely battles. Your first trip is to the moon to battle the leader of the Collosal Battle Gym.

Battle Route:

Moon: Collosal Battle Gym
Moon: Shuttle City
Moon: Crater City
Moon: Rocket Base

Mars: Team Magma Base
Mars: Plasto City

Jupiter: Reign Battle Gym
Jupiter: Astroid City
Jupiter: Reign City
Jupiter: Team Aqua Base

Jupiter`s Moon: Platam City
Jupiter`s moon: Snagem Base

Venus: Stadium Battle Gym
Venus: Heat City
Venus: White City
Venus: Neo Team Rocket City

Inside the Shuttle: Cipher`s Strike
Jupiter`s moon 2

Neptune: Master`s Battle Gym
Neptune: Master`s City

Inside Space: Attack of Team Rocket
Inside Space: Attack of Team Magma
Inside Space: Attack of Team Aqua
Inside Space: Attack of Team Snagem

Neptune: League City

Master Shuttle: Attack Of Neo Team Rocket
Master Shuttle: Attack Of Cipher

Champion Galaxy

Cold Planet: Elite Four Samui
Pokemon: Walrein Sealeo Polliswine Jynx Lapras [All Level 50]

Hot Planet: Elite Four Steam
Pokemon: Charizard Typhlosion Blazikein Magmar Torkoal [All Level 53]

Mystic Planet: Elite Four Lance
Pokemon: Flygon Salamance Dragonite Gyrados Dragonite [All Level 55]

Wave Planet: Elite Four Rukario [Acting as Wallace]
Pokemon: Swampert Feraligator Blastoise Slowking Miltolic [All Level 58]

Milky Way Galaxy Pluto: Champion Nascour
Pokemon: Walrein Torkoal Flygon Miltolic Tyranitar Metagross [All Level 60 & Shadow]

Gym Leaders:

Collosal Battler Nick
Pokemon: Gastly [Level 10] Gastly [Level 10] Salebye [Level 12]

Reign Batler Bobby
Pokemon: Ivysaur [Level 20] Grovile [Level 19]

Need Help Creating it! To be Continued...
Old 12-09-2005, 03:05 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon:

Rules for the Game Projects board: if you have a plan for a game, but don't know how to make the game itself, please do make a thread for it (you need to know how to make the game first).

*Thread locked.
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