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Old 08-14-2009, 03:34 AM
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Default Re: Fanfic pet peeves?

Originally Posted by scalec View Post
What bugs me? My first fanfiction. Written and semi enjoyed here. Ugh! I was so embarresaed from it that I just quit writing it.
So from that, I guess my peeves are actually when things get really corny in a fanfiction. I'm not a fan of corny movies either. I actually end up leaving the room and hiding in the pantry because of the sheer corniness of it.
And, since my move to, I get really annoyed when stories are given a fine begining but then are never continued after that first chapter.
Of course...I shouldn't be such a hypocrite, now should I?
And then of course (I remember having this same discussion with Lunar Latias earlier in my time here) is the classic overused and annoying villian. I love good villians. Cruella DeVil for example. Awesome character right there.
And Sytherwolf's villian, Cyclone (The Vaporeon, right?) is one of my favorites. Evil but not always evil...but yet evil seems to be the best side of him.
That was quite confusing. Anyways.. I can kinda relate to your first point. But generally, alot of stuff I start I stop because of sheer boredness or because it's actually really.. well.. crappy.

The second part I kinda understand. If I'm getting the right message, I hate it to. Like how there is only one side to a villan and is 100% evil.

By the way guys.
I just made an amazing discovery...
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