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Old 07-04-2009, 05:26 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

FireflyK of OAA, unknown area - Alabasta? - Cassia Tomasi- Ooh, cliffhanger!

Though I couldn’t say much for the intelligence of the Aqua grunts, I could say this much- they had the common sense not to lock me in the storage room. My cell was empty, tiny- so short I couldn’t even stand up, not even with my meager height of 5’2- and completely devoid of any sort of useful items. Not that I could do much in my current state. My body protested every attempt to move, and the aftershocks still coursing through me left my limbs limp and unresponsive, my grip as weak as any newborn child’s.

There was little left to me but to wait- or to make the choice. Giving up the team was not an option, nor was anything that might challenge the safety of my Pokemon. That meant I couldn’t simply give in and tell, nor pretend I had no useful information. Either of those would make me useless, and eliminate the need to preserve me life- or theirs. I feared they’d make an example of all of us, to be honest. A swift death was, at this point, beginning to look like something to fight for, even if it meant death for all my Pokemon as well. Certainly it was better than much more of this torment. And, unfortunately, the people in charge were a lot smarter than the grunts who hauled us prisoners from cell to cell. Fooling them even into giving me simply a quick death would not be easy.

Though I’d been dressed in simple prisoner’s clothes-designed to prevent me from concealing any sort of weaponry or turning them into one- I had managed to retain a small item. A long time ago, a friend had given me a tiny charm, promising me it would save me when I needed it most. I wasn’t one to put stock in superstitions, and even if I had been, I’d been in plenty of very bad scrapes before, and the charm had done nothing to help. Now, however, I took the tiny item, which I’d concealed between my toes, and clung to it. I had nothing else left, and any bit of comfort, anything to remind me of my life outside of this place, was welcome. My fingers pried at the tiny silver setting, and scraped across the even tinier, nearly unnoticeable, ruby sliver set within it. To my surprise, however, the ruby came free with a defeaning, echoing noise. My senses whirled, and I clung to the nearest thing I could find- a unnaturally warm leg. The bars of the cage disappeared, though I could almost still feel their comforting chill upon my arms and back. Now, however, I was leaning against something far less cold, and far more… Alive.

My blurry eyes opening, I peered up, wondering if I was hallucinating again- or perhaps dying. Electric shock had actually not been the most painful thing I was subjected to, but I didn’t doubt that it was the most dangerous. A heart attack would not be outside the realm of possibility, and with the guards all off eating the evening meal, there was little chance I’d be revived in time. Thinking perhaps whatever I was holding to was death, I opened my eyes slowly, only to see that I was clinging to a leg- a orange skinned leg, to be precise.

Startled, I attempted to leap up, managing to turn weakly onto my back. Now, I was gazing up into the face of an impossibly tall woman. She had to be at least seven feet tall, dressed in the most gorgeous swaths of reds and other bright colors, and adorned with a multitude of gems- mostly rubies, which hung from her large earrings, clung in henna-like, intricate patterns to her hands, and dripped down the train of her dress like raindrops. She, too, was a sight to see, with her bright orange skin, the yellow runes twining down her arms, and of course, her bright, intense purple stare. Her hair, too, was unusual, long and thick and curly and black, but with the strangest, dancing highlights of fiery colors. Of course, it took me several seconds to notice any of these things. What first caught my eye were the enormous, flaming wings sweeping out from behind her, and the sheer power she seemed to radiate. If this was death, I wouldn’t fight. She looked far too powerful, and to be honest, so long as her wings weren’t going to burn me horribly like hellfire, going with her could be comforting. She could easily carry me- which was good, since I certainly couldn’t walk- and better yet, her appearance, gaudiness and sensuality aside, screamed “MOTHER”. I had always sworn I’d be mothered over ‘my dead body’, but since it seemed I WAS actually dead, I figured it would be okay to let someone care for me, just this once. I was desperately in need of it, and besides, who would know?

To my surprise, however, the moment I attempted to sit up, my head spun. My feet were cold, my stomach grumbled, and I had one of those impossible to reach itches on my back- somewhere between the marks of the whip, the electrodes, and the holes left by… Well, I didn’t remember, and I didn’t want to think about it too carefully, either.

Just as I was beginning to reconsider whether I was dead or just insane, the woman stepped forwards, confidently seating herself beside my prone body. “You’ve never seen a phoenix before, have you?” she purred, resting a hand on my forehead gently. Her other hand traced over my back, soothing the marks torn and burned into it. “Let me tell you why I’m here.”

My hands have yet to build a village, have yet to find water in the barren desert, have yet to plant a flower, and I have yet to find the path that leads me... I have not loved enough, but the wind and the sun are still on my face.

I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.

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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Mina Advent
Team Gurren Lagann (Human)
Cyral, Alabasta

The earth rumble even more as Alabasta and most likely the whole world was being feeling the effects of the green colored coral meteorites. Several of them seem to have been landing in different areas of the desert island of Alabasta and if Mina had to guess, they were also landing else were on the great sea.

Mina at once ducked and saw that one was landing nearby only a few yards from her. She looked in the direction and saw a huge explosion in the distance. Several screams could be heard as people which included Aqua, Gurren Lagann members and ALabasta soldiers began to make a run for it.

"Well that saves us some bombs. It seems like those weird meteorites have solved the problem for us. Or some of them." said Mina as she got back up and looked around. Mina could see that less of those meteorites were coming and knew that it would end soon. Still the tremors could still be felt.

"MIna, we have some problems. It seems like the tremors and the meteorites are causing us some trouble. The battle seem to be in risk." said a man. He had a bandage wrapped around his neck and held a blade in his left hand.

"We need to leave," said Mina. She at once pulled out a pokeball and looked at the man, "Pass a message to the others saying that we are getting out of here. This battle has lasted too long and the current events are leaving us with little choice. It is becoming unsafe for us and those Aquas. We are going to meet up in a town called Ido."

The man nodded and did a loud whistle. Soon a few digletts appeared and the man relay the message to them. While the man did that, Mina had released her garchomp, "Well rested now?"

Chomp nodded and Mina at once got on. Still screams could be heard as people morn in pain. Mina shook her head and saw the man beginning to make his way in order to get out of the city.

"Hey, also try to get out as many injured people as you can. We can't just leave them here," yelled Mina. She at once picked up a nearby wagon and tied it around Chomp. "We are going to try to help them in Ido. Still getting out of here is a priority."

The man nodded and soon he did the same to recalled the digletts. Still once that was done, Mina did a light kick to Chomp's side and began to run off.
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

OoC: Eww short post ;-;

Lupus Canis Fenrir
The Cullen
En Route to Alabasta

My wounds were…healing, to say the least, and although they hurt, there was some progress. There was no word on the two freighter battleships, but we expected them to be long sunk. In addition to that, reports of a sub sinking were flying around; this sub would be the last of the Aqua naval machines. The Cullen had an aircraft carrier, one hundred fifty of the small ships named Flyers that I was in, a destroyer, a battleship, and plans for two more things, one of them being an arsenal ship used to absolutely destroy enemies.

As for Black Rhino, it was coming alone great, and Steel Rain was going a bit slower. BBMGT was steadily trudging along, and I now knew all the details of it, though I was sworn to secrecy. All I knew is that it would be the newest Aqua vessel’s downfall.
The first ship that we attacked was reportedly sinking (OoC: Like Mikey said to Carly, it’s been two days and my stuff went through ^^;), and the other one we had no news on yet, though we expected it to be underwater in a good amount of time.

As we were cruising towards Alabasta, I came across a man on a Flygon, and a girl on a Feraligatr, as well as hearing a snippet of conversation
. "So, currently, I'm a renegade of Aqua, and they don't seem to want me back unless it's for more 'medical studies'...and to return those archive notes I borrowed...where are my proper name is Jaskyul, but for pronounciation's sake, Jazz will be acceptable as well."

So…an Aqua renegade. I’d confront them both, and I think I heard of this man on Capris. “Well, hello there,” I said, walking towards them. I must’ve looked weird with several bullet holes and smoke coming from them, but I supposed that was that and it would really not compare to my fourteen feet of height.

“Now, hello. I believe the man is from Team Gurren Lagann, I’ve seen his face around. I’m from The Cullen, and I’ve just destroyed two of Aqua’s battleships. They won’t be happy about that, will they? Now, come on, board my ship. You can’t stay in the water like that, you’ll get hypothermia, and I’m going to Alabasta. I’ll gladly make a U-turn and bring you back to Wano or Dawn if you like, though,”
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Scott “god of Beheading” Mako
Level 5 Fruit User: Snow Globe Apprentice
Team Water
Galvile, Alabasta

Scott watched in amusement as the girl fiddled with her Pokemon for a little before quickly becoming bored. He started wandering off, his mouth opening and close as he tried to think up a song that would fit the moment. Amazingly enough, he could think of nothing, and was forced instead to star humming a few bars of some commercial jingle that he had picked up a long time ago.

He didn’t pay any attention until she took a page out of his book, grabbing his arm. The lean young man looked down at it with an arched eyebrow, wondering exactly how this was going to happen. Still, he figured it best not to slaughter his pip, and so instead he shuffled off as she tried to drag him along. She was mumbling about something, looking very distracted, and finally started climbing up a tree. ‘A nice response,’ the young man thought to himself, ‘I like it. Perhaps she can find me a banana up there.’

After a while of looking the girl seemed to have found what she was looking for, because she dropped back down with an air of satisfaction. “Alright, there is a group of around 10-12 soldiers just up ahead,” she said as she fell back. “Haha, now you’re taller than me!” she said, eliciting yet another raised eyebrow from her companion. “They have something, don’t know what it is, but that is what I want to find out. No clue who the soldiers work for or anything like that. Or if they are even real soldiers, maybe they are just nicely funded thugs with some cool guns.” At about this point Scott found himself staring in surprise that she could keep talking seemingly without a breath and yet still she went on, “Either way, I want to see what they have. And since you promised me that there would be a ‘slaughter of a multitude of soldiers,’ we can do just that?” She smirked a little, adding “after all, we are teammates now?”

The lean figure coughed a little, wondering exactly what had happened to change their relationship around so suddenly. Before he was in complete control of the situation, and now it seemed the exact opposite. ‘Doesn’t matter,’ he thought to himself, ‘I have to appease my new friend to keep Team Scott alive. The leaders have to help out their soldiers every once in a while.’

A quick movement produced a Poke Ball from his belt, and he dropped it a few feet away with a somewhat lazy toss. His Mamoswine, Frank, popped out with a bang. He came to Scott in a huff of movement, trampling the grass underfoot. “Master!” the furry creature said as he rubbed his head against his human master, his voice rumbling in pure satisfaction as the smaller man rubbed him behind his ear. “Oooh master, that’s the spot.”

Scott, as the recipient of fruit powers, could understand all ice Pokemon just as well as they could understand him. He pulled his hand from his ice behemoth, looking around his body. The big Pokemon was covered in the younger man’s weapons, special holsters created so they didn’t stab the big body they were housed on. The giant figure didn’t even notice they were there, too dopy to care.

“What to use, what to use,” the human thought ot himself as he stared at his weapons, his eyes finally settling upon his odachi. “This will work, practice makes perfect they say!” He carefully removed the giant weapon, slinging the giant sheath on his back. With practiced precision he slowly withdrew the blade, feeling the unleashed power fill the area. “You might want to cover up,“ he mumbled to his companion, “I’m not the best at control yet.“ When the blade was finally free the area soon filled with a freezing chill, the defensive aura surrounding the young man’s body like a well worn pair of shorts.

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Stella Fairines
Galvile, Alabasta

Stella shivered slightly as the temperature changed drastically from a pleasant warm to a chilly cold. The shiver was minute, a small spasm that raked her body before dissipating into the air. Stella, being as thin as she was, did not have the best insulation. But ignored the temperature never the less, simply slipping on zippered sweatshirt over her exposed arms.

“Quite a weapon you have there,” she nodded towards the sword, one eyebrow raised as she pondered how the sword could change the temperature. Or maybe it was Scott himself, he was a bit odd, it wouldn’t surprise her if the cold air was coming from him. She tapped her foot thoughtfully, Stella didn’t use many weapons. She usually put her small frame and amazing agility to work, sneaking behind her victims and breaking their necks or hitting a pressure point. Though blood was very appealing at times, the clean way would make it boring. It would be no fun to watch her new teammate spill people’s blood while she had to simply crack their necks peacefully. The woman reached into her bag to retrieve two short bladed swords. Barely more than daggers that could easily stay hidden in her backpack. While Emmy disapproved of the weapons Stella had grown fond of them. She wasn’t as practiced with them as she was with her bare hands, but they were fun.

The fairy-like woman shot a sideways glance at the large Pokemon Scott had let out. It was a clever trick to hide one’s weapons on their Pokemon. It would have saved her when she had a few run-in’s with the police back when she was still in the circus. Stella flipped up from the ground, landing gently with her toes pointed. “How are we going to proceed?” She asked, a distracted tone in her voice as she walked tiptoed along a small line of dirt, arms out on either side like a gymnast. “You’re the leader, not me. I don’t want to speak out of place or anything.” she giggled and jumped into the air, trying to land back on the dirt line. It was a success, no doubt years of walking on balance beams and tight ropes had made Stella like a cat. She almost never fell without doing it purposely.

Another set of shivers sprung through her body, suppressed by her now tensed muscles. It was an odd trick that Scott had. Whether it was mechanical or magical Stella honestly couldn’t tell. But there was no way the weather had changed on its own accord like that. The central point of the cold was most defiantly radiating from Scott. She could tell, back turned to him, that the farther she got the warmer it became. That was when it finally popped into her head.

After those months and months of reading about the darned fruit she had finally found a use for the information. She had read of one that gave its consumer ice manipulation. The power to control, bend, produce ice from the tin air and master it. Her brow furrowed, her back still to him. So people were searching for the fruits? Not just her. Stella frowned again, was he dangerous? He could have killed her by now if he was or intended to. Maybe it was good to have him as a ally, if she got her fruit and he had his the possibilities were endless. Not that Stella had come up with a plan as to what to do after she got her fruit. If she did at all. Maybe they were all gone. She relaxed her face but her muscles still tense like a cat’s ready to pounce. She figured she could trust him for now, but if he turned on her she would have to be ready. And the knowledge of his power put her slightly on edge. Turning around with a now seemingly carefree face she raced back to him, engulfed by the cold again. “Nothing too flashy, I hope. If one escapes it wouldn‘t be good if he had an amazing story to tell back to his leaders.” She added before carefully eyeing the goose bumps that had raised on her wrist. The cold was definably coming from him
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Week Three RP Results

And another week has bit the dust. Kind of like- Hey look! A cow! Still the results are a bit late but you know. Who cares. I don't and really we had a good reason. I waited for Ski but it seems like I got full rein on who to give points out this week. We all know that is a good thing right?

Well before we get to the results. Remember, me and Skis can tell if you are having fun. Or at least me. So if you are having fun then we tent to give points to those people

So to the results~

First Place: FireflyK (Carly) of One Against All-
I admit, I am not a big fan of big post but yours were great to read. As I said before, a bit long but still cool to read. Still I can tell you had fun making those post of yours and I am glad you are having fun. So yeah. Way to go.

Also because you got first place. You get to name the thread. PM me your name soon.

Second Place: ID Saraibre Ryu (Saber) of TeamAqua -
Because your name starts with a S! Well...Ok. Wrong. Still as I said last week, you were going somewhere and where you went was very cool. I can tell that if this RP was as awesome as it could be then what you done would have made a big shake up inside Aqua. Still I can't wait for the epic duel between whoever you go against. Also I like the thing with Aura that you have decided to take advantage of. Aura, a very underappreciated factor of the pokemon world that gets overlooked. So cool beans there. What stopped you from not getting the first place was because I remembered first and I don't want to drag and drop things. Also you had a lot of character development done since I can tell that it took a lot to do what you did in your posts. Not wanting to be used by Team Aqua for their wants and to be 'free'. Cool idea there.

Third Place:k_pop of The Cullen-
I gave you a point because of your character's last name. Well that is one reason why I wanted to give you a point. Or more like I just want to say I liked your character's last name. The real reason why I gave you a point was because of your interesting idea of bring in another element into the RP. I know you are planning to do something with this so it be cool to see what happens. HOpefull you can move fast and shake up some things in the RP. The bigger the shake. The better the fun. Also I love the use of your pokemon which hasn't been done often in the past.

Fourth Place: Cipher Lord of The Cullen-
You made boom. You are our Boom Award for the week. Also I like the spirit that you came with. I didn't like the random Aqua ship but really I can't complain. It was cool to see somebody eager and ready to do something and as much and crazy it was. We all need a bit of craziness in the RP. Still for some reason I can't come up with things to say for you. So yeah. Keep it up.

Honorable Mentions:

Lusankya of Team Gurren Lagann: It pains me to not give you a point but oh well. You did good and all but I think you could have been a bit more active and flashy which in the end didn't get you a point. The post you made were great but it kind of was just was needed. You are going somewhere but I want to know where. Well I know where but still I think that a bit more post would have helped you to get a point.

Alana Marie of One Against All: I love how your character interacted with Scott's. Priceless. I am sure that most normal people would have walked away but still cool. Still I know it sucks to have just conversation post since you can't do much. Still I just wanted to say I like your post.

Dr. Scotts of Team Aqua- Same as Lusky. More activeness and stuff. Love your moments. Keep them up.

One more week of points giving! Lets make the best of it! I want to see more intensity! More passion!
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

OCC: Glad you like the name Mikey. I thought it was fitting and it sounds good. ;D
Anyway, since no one has said anything against the gorgoneions, and it seems like things have kinda stalled, I'm gonna keep goin with what I started. ^^'


Lulla Nami
nothing but a mermaid
The Cullen
seafloor, east of Nusia

Lulla sped back to her cousin’s home as fast as she could without losing the Pokemon trying to follow. Drift bellowed in welcome as she passed. The Luvdisc returned to the school the Mantine kept watch over, but Lulla did not stop. Her Pokemon waited outside while she entered the mermaid’s home built into the reef.

Kilsey looked up as Lulla dashed inside. “You’re back! We didn’t thin-” The older maid interrupted.

“There’s no time!” she said panting. “We have to get out of here and warn everyone!” At this point, Kilsey’s mother came in, asking what the fuss was all about. Lulla explained as best she could while her aunt took care of the gash in her arm. “Trouble is coming, big trouble. We found a cave hidden in the Coris Trench. There are creatures living down there, and I don’t mean Pokemon.” She began describing her encounter with the gorgoneions; the scaly hide, wide mouth with needle-like teeth, ragged fins and hissing speech. “They’re bigger than most merfolk, and strong. I shot one in the shoulder with a harpoon and it barely seemed fazed.”

“Surely they won’t bother us if they’re living under the island,” Kilsey said hopefully.

Shaking her head at the younger mermaid, Lulla told her it was not that simple. “They’re planning to attack.” Both mermaids looked at her fearfully. “They think everything that has been lost under the ocean belongs to them.”

Her aunt snorted. “Sounds like a certain, former ruler.”

Nodding, Lulla continued. “That’s not all though. Those Devil Fruit that the Historians found…apparently these creatures held them in some high regard. I have a feeling that’s what really made them angry. Tye says that he heard them talking. There were hundreds living in the cave we found and there are more colonies all through the ocean. They’ve already attacked merpeople on the edge of cities, and we know they were stealing your Luvdisc and probably the Clamperl too. The surface is not safe either, they have some kind of pla-”

A loud bellow from Drift and an explosion of electricity cut her off. The three mermaids raced outside to see the Pokemon who were waiting outside fighting off a pair of the gorgoneions. Kilsey and her mother gasped at the sight of them, but Lulla lunged into action. She pulled a short harpoon bolt from her bag and loaded the gun. Snapping a capsule on the end of the harpoon, she took aim as it began to glow then fired. The sharp bolt struck a gorgon in the back. A roaring hiss escaped him as he spun to face the mermaid, but he did not have a chance to attack. The capsule Lulla snapped open had released all the chemical inside, and the blue crystal it came in contact with, exploded. The other gorgon looked stunned as his dead companion sank to the ocean floor, a hole ripped in his back. He screeched when a Water Pulse from Drift slammed into his side while he was distracted, then turned to flee.

“Flotsam! Jetsam!” The Carvanha quickly responded to Lulla’s call, charging after the slower opponent. The gorgon roared as he was stuck by a double Dark Pulse and fell to the sandy bottom. Lulla, Mira, and her aunt caught up while Flotsam and Jetsam watched their enemy, teeth gleaming.

His gills flared wide as he gasped for air, but still he glared at mermaids’ approach. “Hsssk! Hiiigh dwellersss!”

Tye was right, the raspy voice was incredibly hard to hear properly. Lulla watched him warily, but did not say anything. It was her aunt who finally said something. She returned the creature’s glare, not willing to let him intimidate her. “Why did you come to my home?”

“Hiiigh dwellers teavesss! S’all diiiie!”

Lulla tried to make sense of what he said. “Thieves? Is that what you said?” He did not respond, only continued to glare.

The older mermaid’s blue-green face darkened in anger. “Why are we thieves?”

“S’all hiiigh dwellerss teaves! Stil watersss! Sssurffazz dwellerss stil landsss! Leeves gorgoneionss in cavesss!” As he spoke, his voice became more angry and harder to understand, but Lulla felt she had the gist of it.

Her aunt looked at her, hoping Lulla had understood. “I think he said we stole the water and humans stole the land. That left them to live in the caves beneath everything.”

STOLE the ocean!? How can anyone steal the ocean!?” Becoming flustered, Lulla’s aunt did not see the long dagger drawn by the gorgon.

His screech cut through the water as Jetsam clamped powerful jaws down on the knife wielding hand. The Carvanha received two hard punches before his sister used Crunch on the gorgon’s fleshy throat. A dark, brownish blood flooded the water as he gurgled once before going still.

While Lulla removed the dazed Jetsam from the dead gorgon’s arm, Flotsam, who literally looked green around the gills, began heaving. ~That has to be the worst taste I’ve ever had in my mouth!~ Coming from a Carvanha, that was really saying something. Lulla swam back as the blood began to spread.

“Come on guys, we need to get out of here. Everyone else needs warned.” Her aunt nodded as she swam back to the reef home with Jetsam in her arms, and the other Pokemon following.

About half an hour later, Lulla and Kilsey were swimming north towards Araconch with Drift close by. Kilsey’s mother went south to Cetra with the Luvdisc. She would warn the mermaid city then follow Lulla’s directions to the Cullen base on Toroa. They needed to start warning the humans, whether they were friends or foe.
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Que Dialo
Team Gurren Lagann
En Route to Kivisan

The Aqua woman's reply was very long-winded and elaborate. And honestly, it rather got on Que's nerves, who much preferred straightforward speech. The Feraligator growled at his Flygon, who gave a small whimpering noise. Que patted her on the head to reassure her. She was a very timid Pokemon.

"An honest question, though a very vague one. Clearly, I'm swimming out in open water, but that isn't the answer you're looking for in plain clarity. Really, I'm looking for somewhere to make land, and look over a few things I acquired before I left a problematic scenario back at Aqua. You're also not from there, but a different team. You seem to be going somewhere correct? Unless my sense of others anticipated actions has gone array..."

Ugh, just shut up already, Que thought to himself as he tried to puzzle out what the woman had just said from the ocean of babble. She was looking for somewhere to make land. She had 'acquired' some things before she left Aqua. A deserter?

Her Lanturn pointed at another pod of moving shadows in the water, and she sighed. "Excuse me a moment. Ilgen, Shock Wave this time. You overkilled the last chasers with Thunder."

The Feragilator suddenly used protect as the Lanturn dived. There were some flashes of light underwater, and several stunned water Pokemon floated back up to the surface.

"Sorry about that. They've been on me since I left. I must cost more than I think, after they discovered I became a psychic...besides my genius analyst skills... So, currently, I'm a renegade of Aqua, and they don't seem to want me back unless it's for more 'medical studies'...and to return those archive notes I borrowed...where are my proper name is Jaskyul, but for pronounciation's sake, Jazz will be acceptable as well."

By this point Que had his arms crossed in front of him, and he was tapping his finger on one arm with the other hand in impatience. Again he sifted through the woman's- Jazz's words, picking out the phrases that were actually meaningful. So she was a psychic. She also thought she was a genius analyst. She had stolen some archive notes. So, was the psychic powers from a Cursed Fruit? Que couldn't remember any fruit that would give someone psychic powers. A product of some Aqua experiment, then?

"Well, if you'd like," Que said, being polite despite his annoyance, "you can hop aboard my Flygon. I'd reckon that the water Pokemon chasing you would have a harder time hitting a flying object." He glanced down at the ocean, then back at Jazz. "I'm heading to Kivisan," he added.

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Mina Advent
Team Gurren Lagann (Human)
En Route to Ido, Alabasta

Mina could feel the bouncing of Chomp as he ran on the Alabasta's sands. She looked behind her and saw that the people she was carrying in the wagon were ok. Some of them had some wounds that needed dire help while others seem like they could handle it. Still things were getting bad back there and MIna knew they couldn't stay there. With the battling against Aqua and now those strange green rocks. Mina knew that nobody would want to be there.

"That is the fourth one," said Mina at she notice they had passed up one of the green rocks that fell from the sky. She found it strange that since they left the city that these rocks were still here. Mina guess they most have hit places all over the world then.

Mina continued to look around and saw many member of Team Gurren Lagann following her. Some of them were traveling with fellow members while most of them were trying to carry other people from the city with them. Surely they were missing some of their ranks but Mina understood it was a price that had to pay when they go to battle. The best thing that MIna knew was that they took a big chunk of Aqua's forces down with them.

"Mina, Mina," said a voice in Mina's ear.

Mina places her hand to earpiece in her ear and said, "What is it? Is that you Dante?"

"Yes, it is me," said Dante. "I am so glad that you are ok. I thought you killed or something. I was really worry. Still it looked like somebody cut the communications and I tried to fix it but I only got a little done. Still are you ok?"

"Yeah yeah." smiled Mina. She wiped some sweat from her face and said, "Who the heck you think I am? I am the hottest thing here that for sure. Still what is up?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Also I wanted to tell you something. It seems like Sean wanted to pass the word that you are going to get something soon. He been working on it for a long while and is going to try to get it to you soon. Still he is working on it."

Mina nodded and guessed that was nice that Sean was working hard even with everything happen. Still Mina remembered something and said, "Can Sean also work on something else for me. I realized that I may need this soon."

"Oh?" said Dante with a puzzled look. "What is it?"

"Well I got told reports that there was Devil Fruit users on the battlefield back there against Aqua. Well the thing is that those people are uneffected by regular attacks. I was wondering if there was anything that could be done so I can hurt them."

"OH! Well I can help with that." said Dante. Fast typing could be heard as a ping was finally heard to stop. "There is something called SeaStone. IT is a special stone that according to rumors can negate the abilities of the Fruit Users. It is suppose to be very strong. Almost as strong or stronger then diamonds. So far that is the only known thing to stop any Fruit User."

Mina smiled as she came up with an idea. She then nodded and said, "You think we could make weapons out of it?"

"Umm...I think so. I have to ask Sean about it but try to tell me what you have in mind and I see." said Dante.

Mina nodded and said, "Well cool." She could see IDo in the distance with it's tall walls. "I need something. Something that I am sure Sean can do."
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

OCC: Taking your suggestion to borrow from the Gungans, Mikey. =P And I hope it’s ok that I have Kilsey go off on the side. If not, I’ll change it. ^^’


Lulla Nami
not gonna change from a mermaid
The Cullen

Kilsey waved goodbye to Lulla as they parted. The younger mermaid would be going straight to the palace. While there was still no king, the elders needed to be warned of what was coming. Lulla meanwhile, was going to the edge of the city. She decided to stop at home since it was on the way. Traveling along the reef, there were many more merpeople here than around Cetra. Some of her neighbors would wave as she passed. When she finally reached home, Lulla was surprised to find the place empty, but being in a hurry, she went straight to her room in the back. On the far wall, were two weapons locked into brackets. Pulling a key from her bag, she took down a five foot trident, which most merfolk knew how to use, and an atlatl that she slid into a loop on her belt. About fourteen inches long and elegantly carved, the short, wooden weapon had three posts at the end to cradle a booma. She then pulled a chest from under her bed and opened the lid. Inside, were several spheres, about five inches in diameter, with blue plasma that swirled inside each shell. She took out four of the boomas and set them into special slings inside her satchel. There was a row of short harpoons under the insert she lifted out. Each one had a small, plasma-filled sphere near the tip. Taking as many as she could carry without being hindered, she filled the four empty slots around the barrel of her harpoon gun then put about a dozen more of the bolts, the spheres carefully protected, into her bag.

She just closed the trunk when a squeal came from the door. Lulla was practically tackled by two mermaids; one had sky blue skin with pearly hair and scales, the other was pale-green skinned with sapphire blue scales and hair. Iona, the pearly maid spoke up first. “When someone said you swam by, heading home, we almost didn’t believe him. I can’t believe you’re home!” she said in a very bubbly voice.

Mahri, the sapphire maid nodded her agreement. “You’ve been gone for so long! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see our reefmate again.”

Standing in the doorway, was a merman who was quite muscular, despite the bright red scales and unmistakable features of a Magikarp. He chuckled as Lulla struggled to work her way out of the other maids grasp. “You wouldn’t believe how fast they went through the door when Togey said that he saw you.” He noticed weapons pulled off the wall, a stocked bag, and reloaded harpoon gun all laying on Lulla’s bed. Orn narrowed his eyes in confusion. “It looks like you’re getting ready for war.”

The other maids took notice as Lulla quickly gathered her things. She threw the satchel strap over her head and shouldered the harpoon gun. Picking up her trident, she looked at the others seriously. “I guess you could say I am getting ready for war.” She showed them the strange pole-ax. “You’ll have to swim while I explain, I’m kind of in a hurry.” The three friends looked at one another before quickly following her out to the reef, each armed with a weapon.

Araconch palace

The young mermaid swam straight for the palace as soon as she parted with Lulla. She knew what she was supposed to do. However, upon reaching the grand building, she found disarray. She darted around the busy merfolk, seeking out one of the elders. After a moment, the heavy hand of a royal guard came down on her shoulder.

“What are you doing young one? Can’t you see this is not the time to be wandering around?”

Kilsey had always been a rather fearless mermaid, not one to be intimidated. She looked up at the large, Poliwrath merman. “I have to speak with the elders. It’s very important.”

The guard was slightly surprised that she was so direct, but he was obstinate. “No one sees the elders right now. There have been sightings of strange green objects hurled from the depths to fall on the land. Everyone’s worried the humans will blame us.”

“It has to be the gorgoneions! Look,” she said holding up the pole-ax, “this is one of their weapons.” This really caught the merman by surprise. He was not the only one. A mermaid older than Kilsey heard this and snorted.

“She’s crazy! Making up creatures, expecting folk to believe her.” She turned up her short nose at the younger maid.

Kilsey glared at her then turned on the guard. “I wish to see my grandfather, High Elder Lydo.” The older mermaid’s eyes grew round in shock, while the guard simply smiled and stood to attention. He took the heavy weapon, asking Kilsey to follow.

They went through a tall door at the back of the wide chamber. Kilsey couldn’t help but steal a glance back at the other mermaid and recognized the angry sneer on her face. That was one of the maids Lulla had pointed out, one who had teased her as a child for thinking so differently. She smiled sweetly at her, before turning back to the room she just entered. At one side of the room, she saw her grandfather. The guard was handing the strange weapon to Lydo, a stout merman with pink skin and a crown-like shell on his head. The Slowking-man looked at his granddaughter questioningly, and Kilsey could only wring her hands together. Glancing around at the other elders, some of whom were still arguing over other issues, she realized this was going to be difficult.

surface of Cyancross ocean, leaving Araconch

Lulla had explained everything to her friends before she even left the reef. All three immediately set off to gather as much support as they could find to back up Kilsey at the palace. They knew Lulla would not react unless there truly was a threat. Meanwhile, Lulla, who had to find a way to get out the warning on land, swam alongside Tsuna. The large Gyarados kept her head low to keep pace while Tye sat on her back, concentrating.

“Well?” Lulla called to the Lucario. “Anything?”

Tye had his eyes closed, the appendages on his head lifted, while aura surrounded him. After another moment, the aura faded and he opened his eyes. “We’re in luck. There’s someone just north of us.”

“Good. Maybe if the radios are working, we can get a message out before we reach Anacor.”

The Lucario fiddled with the long weapons held across his lap. Swimming along the surface was easier for Lulla if she did not have to handle both polearms. “I believe I could sense Fenrir, so it may be a Cullen vessel. Of course, it’s a little strange that I could sense his aura from this distance, and he seemed…different. And there was another strong aura I did not recognize, near his.”

Lulla could only give him a quick glance as she swam, but she saw worry on her friend’s face. “There’s something else. What is it Tye?”

He hesitated a moment before answering. “There is a strange aura coming from the islands. I cannot pinpoint exactly where, but something is radiating faintly from the land.”

Looking ahead, Lulla increased her speed. “Then I guess we better hurry, before things really hit the propeller.” Tsuna matched speed with her mistress, heading for the boat Tye had sensed.
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Default Re: [WAR VIII] WAR VIII Role Play: The Melon War

Week Four RP Results

Busy busy week. Took me all of Sunday to figure out who to give out points to. Got to say it was tough but it is time for me to announce who I am giving points to. So let keep this short.


First Place: k_pop of The Cullen-
You were active and active and active. Got to say you did a lot in this week compare to the rest of the RPers. Love it. Would say more but it is late for me.

Second Place: Lusankya of Team Gurren Lagann-
Good job. I have to say that I am loving the interaction between you and Saber. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Third Place: k_pop of The Cullen-
You were active and active and active. Got to say you did a lot in this week compare to the rest of the RPers. Love it. Would say more but it is late for me.

Fourth Place:
Lusankya of Team Gurren Lagann-
Good job. I have to say that I am loving the interaction between you and Saber. I can't wait to see where this goes.

I like to thank everybody who took part in this RP and that we can keep RPing.

Also expect an RP post from me sometime tomorrow. I been busy with off site things today.
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