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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-19-2004, 01:19 AM
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Default X the manga FanFic; The seals and the messengers return...

The earth, a semi-perfect sphere, rotating in an endless orbit around the biggest star in our solar system...So doesn't need humans...they only destroy it's life, and they only destroy for themselves...

It's about time that we took control...we, the dragons of the earth, shall end life, to purify the earth, and start life again...

So long has it been since the last battle, 200 years exactly, and because of that, it has become a world of order, of peace, if the dragons of the earth return, they must be stopped...before they cause an exhorbitant catastrophy...the end of humanity...

And for that...we, the dragons of the heavens shall stand in their way and fight, for what we were created to die for...

¨The wind has changed it's course my lady...and has harshened...¨

¨I have felt it Kuno, this is queer, it has been calm this fall.¨

The cherry blossom trees were leafless, motionless and flowerless. It was a certain change in the weather. Lady Nekoi stood up and headed towards the pond outside, in the mansion's courtyard. She gently trimmed the water with her fingers, as she knelt down and softly, as a falling feather, blew a delicate breath of air into the pond, which rippled elegantly, and mystically changed it's color. A dark red filled it, shading the few fish that swam there. Lady Nekoi let out a piercing screech as she fell backwards, and groped her chest, from where a sword started to emerge. Her limp body was elevated into the air and burst, Lady Nekoi's blood filled the courtyard, for it was the only thing left of her. A long hilt and bladed sword pierced through the ground as it fell. Kuno rushed in, where he gasped and fell to his knees, the prophecy...the battle, it was coming back...the end...was...near... He picked up the bloody sword and headed towards Lady Nekoi's son's room, where he entered without knocking and faced the teenager, who was practicing his onmyou powers, he instantly dropped his book. His pupils disappeared into his green iris...

¨Koritori, the time has come for you to take on your family's responablity...¨

The elevator doors rang open. The crowd inside it quickly scattered to the different stores on the floor. The only person left was a young woman, wearing a pink dress and a light green jacket. She kept licking her lolipop and staring wide-eyed at the humongous compound that was the Toky mall, newly built. She ws a fairly pretty girl, she attarcted attention to her by kneeling down too much.

¨So Yoru, whatcha think of the view?¨

She turned back to face an empty space. She giggled and turned back, then left the elevator, throwing th ecrushed lolipop out. A lithe shadow seemed to follow her. She looked around and spotted a blonde man, carrying a strange looking case, which in it's handle, was a splendidly carved dragon, that seemed to be holding earth's on each claw. She skipped tawrds him and giggled a gain.

¨I'm sorry sir, but I suupose that you're a seal, aren't you?¨

She batted her eyelashes several times.

¨Huh!? Who are y-you!? How do you know!?¨

The man seemed to perspirate far more than normal.

¨Thought so, too bad...I thought you where cute sir¨

She smiled a cute, apologizing smile and grabbed his arm, leading himto the girl's bathroom. The man was even more confused than the people staring at them.
At the bathroom, she assumed a summoning pose and chanted an eerie language, not japanese. A tinystar shaped figure emerged from her outstretched hands, and swiftly grew and grew to cover the whole mall.

¨Teehee! We can battle now!¨, ¨YORUUUU!¨

The lithe shadow materialized into a black fox that growled at the man.

¨Heh, I can't believ that a dragon of the heavens is a young girl...I'll finish you!¨

The case opened and he took a strange looking staff out of it. He walked out of the bathroom and headed to an empty, eerie mall, where there was nothing, only the nuilding was there. The crowd of people diappeared...

¨I'll kill you! teehee!¨

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