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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 09-25-2008, 04:29 AM
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Uizuma Sutiiven

Age: 120

Species: Half Demon/ Half Human

Description: Though he is half demon now, the human half is what normally takes over his appearance, in which case, he appears as a 14 year old boy. He is about 5' 9 1/2" and has long, shaggy hair the color of snow. His eyes are a crimson red and he has a deep black symbol etched in his flesh under his left eye. He wears a dark brown trenchcoat which has two concealed pockets inside them. He stores most of his stuff in these; he has two double barreled, double trigger handguns that he designed himself. Under that he has a black shirt and baggy, gray pants. His choice in shoes are odd; they are large boots entirely made of an extremely durable, lightweight metal that he brought with him from his dimension. When excited, his body will return to more of a true appearance, in which he has large claws, fangs, a long, skinny tail, and midnight black feathered wings. He can't return fully however, as the human half weighs him down. (may add pics later)

Personality: He seems to half a really dark personality. He tends to keep to himself and acts cold towards anyone who tries to socialize with him. His emotions are usually under check, giving him an air of indifference and uncaring. However, it is quite the opposite. Sutiiven cares too much about other people, which is what got him thrust together with a human during the crisis, mutating him and killing the boy. He never got over what happened to the two of them, and continues on with a lot of pint up fustration. Now he acts indifferent because of his anger, and he pushes people away because is so mixed up inside and doesn't want to include them on his problems. Oddly enough, he seems to get a bizarre thrill out of fighting and shooting things up, despite his hatred of violence in the past. the adrenaline pumping in his blood can make him insane, so much so he can't stop smiling evilly. (which is really scary, seeing as he looks kinda crazy already. 0.o;)

Background: Uizuma Sutiiven was originally an inhabitant of the third universe to collapse during the Crisis. However, not only from that universe, he was from a different dimension there, Wareme. In this alternate dimension, the two main tribes, and ultimately species, were originally called the Kiyajuu and the Annontori. The Kiyajuu were tyrannical and malicious, unable to understand the feelings of others. They wished to rely only on themselves, believing they were the greatest beings on Wareme. The Kiyajuu were known in the past for taking over the majority of the land in a massive takeover, but without them, the Annontori would have been devoured by the more barbaric tribes of Wareme. It was under their protection that the Annontori's intellectual, peaceful ways could thrive and gain progress in things like agriculture and medicine. Thus, the companionship of the two were mutual. They lived like this for many generations, but when the three universes began to falter, the two tribes finally began to feel unasy about each other. The Kiyajuu started wondering why they were bothering to protect such a weak and inferior tribe. Surely those Annontorian's were plotting their demise, and since they grew all the Kiyajuulites food and made all their medicine, they could easily poison them all. The Annontori were not without their suspicions either. With such well known brutality, the Annontorian's had been weary for much longer than the beginning of the Crisis. However, when the Kiyajuu uprisings began, the peaceful Annontori developed their own weapons and perfected their old skills; they had been waiting for this to happen for a while, and had prepared for it. The two clans seperated in a large jolt and almost immediately declared war. Transformed by their hatred, both groups evolved into entirely new types of Waremians, and thus the Demon and Troll War began.

Uizuma Sutiiven is a powerful captain in the Demon's (Annontori) Green Ospreys, the designated air forces of their army. At the height of about 7' 4" with black scales, a long, thick tail, leathery wings, and piercing horns jutting out from the back of his head, he is a very intimidating opponent. The war has already been going on for a while now, and both sides have substained heavy losses. During a massive raid on a Troll's (Kiyajuu) bunker slightly west of the Crevicial Divide, the large group of Ospreys were ambushed in an aerial dogfight, many of which were taken prisoner by the Trolls. The remaining of the squad, led by Uizuma, is forced to land in enemy terrain and conceal themselves in the dense foliage. Continuing on their mission during the cold, heartlessness of the afternoon, they make it all the way to the outskirts of the base before the final collapse of the Crisis. A massive crevice caused by the huge amount of shaking opens up under one of the new recruits feet, and he falls to his sure to be death. Without thinking, Uizuma lunges after him, only to suddenly be ripped from the dimension in a vortex, set on course to a different universe. As he travels through space and time, his temporarily torn apart body collides with the path of another unfortunat soul; a young boy from another universe. Uizuma's soul is far too dense to leave the other undamaged, and as they reenter and are being assembled, his body is mixed with that of the now soulless human. Uizuma awakens with his new body outside the gate of the park.

RP Sample:
I don't have any sample on this forum, but I have done it before, I'm a grader, and I write creatively a lot, so...yeah.

Other: This took me forever!

The Nameless Soldiers

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: C-3PO
Age: Doesn't have one, but his date of creation was a long, long time ago.
Species: Protocol Droid
Description: C-3PO is a gold protocol droid. He's shaped like a human, only it's quite obvious he's a droid. Being a droid, he can't change his facial expression at all, though he can express his feelings through his voice. Though he was built by a seven-year old, he functions pretty well and has pretty shiny platings (though they've been permanently scratched quite a bit from his adventures). His parts aren't loose at all, and he looks a little uncomfortable walking on his two legs, which are rather stiff. He can't run like that, obviously.
Personality: C-3PO is a very embarrasing droid. Everyhting he does embrasses him, pretty much. He worries a lot, and he's a very lucky droid to survive the large amount of unlucky stuff that happens to him. He would like to just settle down and take a break from all those unlucky things. He believes in manners all the time! Also, C-3PO isn't that sarcastic. It's only his actions that are funny, and he doesn't do them on purpose.
Background: C-3PO was created by a young kid on the desert planet of Tatooine. He went through MANY different adventures in the Star Wars series (comics and all). One day, while he was cleaning up the Millenium Falcon by himself... He kinda tripped, hit a button, and came to Kanto, leaving behind all his friends. He landed right beside the National Park, coincidentally. After talking to the locals, he knows a fair amount on where he is and stuff.

Nowadays, C-3PO spends his time as a "community droid", working for the community. He also helps the National Park in the cleanliness of the entrance building. He's gathered one Pokemon friend during his work, an adventurous Rotom he named R2-D2 after his friend that he left accidentally during the Millenium Falcon incident. He intends to head inside the National Park one day because of pressure from his Rotom.
RP Sample: I'm really lazy atm, so if you need this, click my URPG stats and look at my stories. Preferably the ones at the end of the list, those are more recent. xD
Other: If you did watch the Star Wars movies and you know how stupid C-3PO was, well, fyi, he's a bit smarter now. Smart enough to survive by himself... barely xD

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Jake

Age: 15

Species: Human

Description: Jake is 5'6" tall. He usually wears a white T-shirt with a black jacket. He has sandy curly hair, with Hazel eyes. Paid a lot of money to get a gold tooth. Has a badge embroided into his jacket flap, the Beacon badge from Sinnoh. Carries a chain with him where ever he goes. Gym badges and PokeBalls are attached to that chain.

Background: (Your character’s history, which should include getting to this universe if they are not normally from it, two six sentence paragraphs minimum)

RP Sample:

Other: He's Left handed

~Will Edit Later
[Squitle Egg]

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Janie Williams

Age: 13

Species: Human

Description: Janie has always stuck out from the crowd. While most people where she lived were blonde, she has brown hair, almost the color of chocolate, which falls to her shoulders and curls outward at the very end. She hates to wear it in a ponytail, for multiple reasons. The first is simply that she enjoys having her hair down, and the second is that it is layered, which makes getting all the hair up an almost impossible task. Her eyes match her hair with a warm, full color, which show much expression, the most common of which might be curiosity. Her skin is a light tan, not white, but not very dark either. Sort of slim, not extremely skinny might be the words to describe her build. As she wears a lot of styles of clothing, there is really no set look that is truly hers.

Four of her five senses are nothing special, but the last one, hearing, is extra sensitive. If asked what she would rather lose, sight or sound, she would definitely choose sight. She’s not superwoman, she can’t hear an ant cough a mile away, but her ears do naturally tune in to her environment. Every conversation seems loud to her, causing her to prefer to stay by herself in quieter areas. If someone says “Janie”, she seems to almost be able to hear it from anywhere she is.

The biggest thing that she hates about her looks would be the acne. Usually turning up around the beginning of fall, they are such a bother. Red imperfections crowd around the edges of her face, and, while she struggles to keep them under control, it can be hard sometimes. By midsummer, they are generally all gone, but really, she is only rid of them for half a season.

Personality: Janie is really smart. Her mind understands things easily. Most academic things are simple for her, especially English. She loves to read and write, which is what she spends most of her free time doing. Mental math is her favorite, but also the thing she struggles with most. Where she came from, Math and English were the only subjects that offered advanced courses. She justifies her hardship with math as a matter of age, but still works hard on it. Some would say that she is too hard on herself, and perhaps that is true.

Academic prowess doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Her logical side doesn’t let her do a lot of the crazy things her peers absentmindedly do. Her brand of fun isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Sure, she has cut loose over the years, becoming more outgoing, and by now she is friendly with just about everyone her age and younger. She can be really random, though, saying things that, to a lot of people, make no sense whatsoever. In her mind, in her world, they make perfect sense. That’s all that matters.

Janie’s outlook on life is that she was put on Earth to serve a purpose, as was everyone. She has no idea what that purpose is, though, and continually waits for a sign. At least, that is what she wants her lookout on life to be. Her mind wanders and comes across her deepest, least thought of imaginings. What is her lookout on life? Why are we here? What is the world to become? How did I feel before I was born? Where am I going after I die? What’s the point? Those questions occasionally haunt her, making it sometimes hard to focus on the present.

Background: The ideal student she was, eager to learn and always enjoying the age she was. She got straight A’s for the first five years of her school career, not including kindergarten. Not much of a challenge was presented to her at any given time, except in Pre-Algebra in sixth grade. Still, she made it through that class with a constant B+. All of her homeroom teachers praised her work, but really, she never had occasion to try. At this time, her social network was miniscule, and she hardly got out. Her world was just her home and school, plus the route she starting taking to bike to school starting in sixth grade. It was solitude, but to her at that time, it was simply the norm.

The summer after sixth grade didn’t go by nearly as fast as every single summer before it. She went to a summer camp, learned to sail, kayaked over freezing waters in a wetsuit. She walked on ropes strung high in the air, she played the camp games. Unknown to her, it was the beginning of her social development. Four days sailing, three days kayaking without a break, could that be called being social when your group was only six big? To Janie, it couldn’t. Sitting on life preservers in the middle of the night in a flimsy tent while lightning flashed right outside in a group of three, could that be called social development? Janie didn’t think so. Kayaking for hours and hours and a still, silent lake, could that be called social development? Not to Janie. It all was, though, and it worked her shell open just a crack.

A summer camp was regular for her, she had gone to one every year after third grade. Why should that one have been any different? Band camp was the new thing that summer. She played the trumpet for a long time every day for a week, but it was all worth it. Strong friendships were formed in that one week, new people, her own age and older. They were formed into teams for the week, and competed in events that she had never heard of before, her team coming in first. But that didn’t matter, for the team was a team, and she finally felt like she belonged to something.

Seventh grade started. With her more rounded personality, she had a lot of new friends, and she was happy. There was still a hole in her heart, though. Something was missing. It took a few weeks of reading the newspaper before she figured out what. Pokémon. A story about a new part opening caught her eye, sparked an interest. She begged her parents let her go, if that were her only birthday present. They looked into it, and replied that they would think about it.

The months dragged on slowly. It was the first time that Janie was actually looking forward to getting older. November brought snow and ice and horrid weather, and yet still no decision was made. November faded into December, slowly getting even colder, as if it were determined to freeze any of Janie’s hopes as her birthday approached. Red and green lights appeared on every street, a plastic Christmas tree in every home, and eventually the giving holiday arrived. The answer was revealed. Out in the backyard stood three Pokémon, a Lickilicky, a Gyarados, and a Linoone. Actually, the Gyarados just kind of flopped on its side, but it was still there. Her father told her that he used to train Pokémon, and thought that then was the perfect time to pass some of them on to his daughter. He did have one requirement of his angel, though, and that was to care for his newest capture, a small Glameow.

Janie spent the next month devoting all of her time and energy to the little cat, feeding it, exercising it, bathing it, training it. It was with her at all times, except for when she went to school. Otherwise, she couldn’t go one place without a Pokémon following her. The work was enjoyable, though, and she made sure to show how much she loved it when her parents were around especially. At long last, her birthday came. It was late January, but still the start of the year. The first month of the year, the beginning, whatever one wished to call it. Those words could be used to describe the progress of her dreams. The day right after her birthday, she was presented the three Pokémon she had been promised, but had to return the Glameow. Her parents arranged for a private tutor, and sent her to Kanto. Only one concern followed her out, and that was the fact that the monsters she now carried didn’t have too strong of a bond with her quite yet, that they may not listen to her. She promised that she would overcome it, but will she for sure be able to?

RP Sample: The Lorain Files
That is a writing sample of mine from summer, and I have been trying to follow the thesaurus suggestion. I haven’t tried to get anything harder than a Simple mon, but I’ll be adding on to that story… hopefully starting the next part soon.

Other: Nada

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Brandon Russell


Species: Human

Description: Brandon is approximately 6'1", wears black rimmed glasses that are slightly stylish, has short red hair, and has a wardrobe FULL of Dallas Cowboy shirts anf blue jean pants. He also wears white socks with black and white shoes with a red nike logo on the sides.

Personality:Brandon generaly is a nice person with a great since of humor. He likes jokes and can take a joke, but does not like people making jokes about his friends and family.
He tries to be patient but has a short temper fuse.

Background: Brandon is in the 8th grade and is a football player

RP Sample: I write stories in my spare time but i never actually finish them.Otherwise i have no other experience.

Other: none
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Shaun
Age: 13
Species: Human
Description: A young boy that started his quest to figure out a strange code. Obsessed with Zapdos.
Personality: Kind and willing to help.
Background: He walked up to the Professer and asked for a Mudkip. he recieved it and went out to complete a Pokedex.
He ended up in Kanto. Nuff said.
RP Sample: theres Too much to say.
Other: ...

Thanks, Kayla Ann!
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Robert Goldsmith
Age: 20
Species: Human

Description: Robert has a muscular body build with a slightly lean look. He stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. His eyes are a strange amber color, more akin to gold colored. His skin looks of a light tan-ish hue. He is dressed in a pair blue keans with belts around the waist and around the lower legs to which flame red cloth is attached to the lower portion of the pants. His sneakers are black on the sides with gold stripes up the middle and tongue. However, the most unique feature of this man is his hair. It has the same coloring, shape and length as the mane of the legendary Entei. He wears a sword strapped to his belt. The sword itself, from hilt to tip, is pitch black with strange runes lining the blade. The sheath is pure white with similar runes etched along it.

Personality: Robert is the type of person that can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. He is outwardly friendly to all he encounters, be they human or pokemon. To those in need, he is more than willing to give advice, guidance, or moral support. Rarely will he ever give hand-outs, at least not unless he means to instruct the recipient on how to use what is given to support themselves. He despises people who pick on the weak and helpless, those who betray and abandon thier pokemon, and those who seek to only use pokemon to cause others misery, suffering or pain. He is a man of honor and will never go back on his word once given. In dealing with wild pokemon, he prefers to befreind pokemon rather than to outright battle it. However if the pokemon in question prefers to battle in order to have the trainer prove himself, then Robert will battle without giving any quater as holding back, in his min, would be nothing short of an insult.


Robert ws not originally of this dimension. In his former life, Robert lived as a mercenary Arcanine pokemorph who traveled the land, giving aid to those in need and taking jobs to hunt down wanted criminals and murderers. Then, one day, a dangerous and evil tower that was bannished away five hundred years ago returned to his world: the Dark Spire.

Being one of six heroes to answer the call of King Matthias Mewtwo, Robert and his party were blessed by a spell that would protect them from the dark magics of the Dark Spire, allowing him to keep his sanity and to protect him from possession. According to the King, his advisor and daughter went missing on the same day the Spire appeared. he sought thier rescue and a means to eliminate the spire so that its dark influences would release the people of the neighboring kingdom that were gripped in its madness.

Robert and his comrades scaled the hieghts of the tower, overcomming monsters, traps, puzzles and illusions on the way. But nothing could have prepared him for what lay at the top. There, the vazier stood and fought the party with everything he had. In the end and with his final breaths, the Vazier Alakazam uttered a forbidden spell, turning himself into an enchanted, pitch black sword. The princess soon appeared afterwards, explaining that all of this was to prepare the group to fight the true evil, and that the Vazier did not kidnap her, but planned for the king to send a group worthy to face the true master of the tower. Then, lifting the sword aloft, the Princess Mew released the blade and let it impale her. The magics of the sword caused her body to turn into an enchanted sheath and open the portal to the realm of darkness.

Inside, Robert and the party faced the creator of the tower, the evil Victor Darkrai. The battle ensued, but just when the party thought victory within thier grasp, Darkrai recovered his healt completely and paralyzed the party. Darkrai had been storing up his power to deliver the fatal blow to the party, but when he released the blast, Robert, unsheathing the dark sword, met the attack head-on. The runes activated along the blade's length and soaked in all of the dark magic, embuing it with immense power. The soul of the vazier shattered Robert's protection spell and possessed Robert in order to use him to chant the forbidden spell of Almatria.

The powers that the sword had absorbed became purified and both sheath and blade circled Robert, sending waves of evolutionary power into him, awakening the true heroic soul that lived inside the young arcanine. The power transformed Robert from a mighty warrior Arcanine to the demigod Entei. The roar of the newly transformed Entei force-activated the teleportation pendents of his allies, sending them outside of the tower. For seven days long, both demigods, Darkrai and Entei, battled atop the evil spire. Walls of fire and dark energy encased the spire, forbidding entry or exit. On the seventh day, Robert Entei felled the evil Darkrai, and with the sorcerer's defeat, the tower crumbled into dust.

After that day, no one saw Robert ever agian, although he did survive and lived atop Valeonus Mountain, living a peaceful life and watching down over the four kingdoms as a protector of peace. However, several years later, the clash of dimensions ocurred, force-merging the dimensions together. Robert survived the merge, but found that all of the power he once had were now gone. Not only that, he had turned into a human and lost all memory of his past life. All he had left were his clothing and the sword and sheath which were the deceased Alakazam and Mew. But even with the shift, the souls of the two remained in the blade. Although the runic magics on sword and sheath were negated, the souls lived on inside of them and retained thier ability to speak to Robert telepathically.

Ever since that day, Robert has wandered the land, seeking a new life in it, as well as a reason for being. Though he remembers nothing from his past, he seeks also to find a way to regain his memory, to learn of the years that in his mind seemed like a blank page.

RP Sample:
Other: The sword and sheath speak telepathically into Robert's mind. Only he can hear them. Outside of that, the sword and sheath have no power.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Seeing as there's no sticky, I believe this is the old one. >_<

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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