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Old 05-24-2009, 11:52 PM
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Post "Flying fish" Deck: Devestate your opponents Lv.X

This is my deck based around Flygon Lv.X. You can 100% devestate your opponents Lv.Xs or stop them from coming out! Here it is!


Flygon Lv.X [Rising Rivals]
3~Flygon [Rising Rivals]
2~Vibrava [Rising Rivals]
3~Trapinch [Rising Rivals]
4~Milotic [Great Encounters]
4~Feebas [Great Encounters]
Aerodactyl GL [Rising Rivals]
Claydol [Great Encounters]
Baltoy [Great Encounters]

2~Bebe's Search [Rising Rivals]
Cynthia's Feelings [Legends Awakened]
2~Underground Expedition [Rising Rivals]
Great Ball [Stormfront]
2~Roseanne's Research [Mysterious Treasures]
2~Proffessor Oak's Visit [Mysterious Treasures]
4~Rare Candy
Dusk Ball
2~Memory Berry [Platinum]
2~Poke'dex HANDY910is [Platinum]
Level Max [Platinum]
Warp Point [Majestic Dawn]


17~Water Energy

Here's the idea, Get Flygon Lv.X with 3 water energies and a memory berry, send up my fully powered milotic and keep using twister to discard energies,then eventually send up flygon and i have several options,Extreme attack for 150 to a Lv.X,murder for most likely around 100 damage with Power swing, or pass do nothing,discard the top to cards from your opponents deck with wind erosion and use vibrava's energy typhoon for 20 damage for each energy in their discard pile. Claydol and Aerodactyl for draw power.

P.S.Milotic can't be affected by lv.Xs attacks

Tell me what you think,its at like 3/1 or something hasn't been built long

Yay! I got a Pok'emon 2009 World Championships shirt! Only 90 in existance! (jealus!) Thankyou A.J.!
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