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Old 05-18-2009, 03:18 AM
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Default KFT Presents: A triple feature! Three decks in one thread! Ya-Ha!

I have multiple deck ideas for the upcoming Spring Battle Roads. Luckily enough, I have multiple Battle Roads here in Minnesota. So these are my three deck ideas, Snorlax, NeoVeelutions, and Turtwig. Whichever one does the best will be the deck I take to Nationals (probably.)
If you need translations for Rising Rivals cards, they can be located here.

Anyways, onto the decks.

Deck #1: Snorlax
Pokemon (20)
1x Snorlax LV.X (RR)
3x Snorlax (RR81)
2x Weavile (SW)
2x Sneasel (LA)
2x Claydol (GE)
2x Baltoy (GE)
2x Xatu (SW)
2x Natu (SW)
2x Unown G (GE)
1x Darkrai G (RR)
1x Azelf (LA)

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (27)
2x Snowpoint Temple
1x Moonlight Stadium
3x Bebe's Search
3x Roseanne's Research
2x Volkner's Philosophy
1x Cynthia's Feelings
4x PlusPower
4x Poke Healer +
2x Night Maintenance
2x Warp Point
1x Luxury Ball
1x Pokemon Rescue
1x Premier Ball

Energy (13)
7 x Darkness Energy (Basic)
4 x Darkness Energy (Special)
2 x Call Energy

The Strategy for Snorlax is simple. Using Claydol and Snorlax Lv. X, you can easily get a huge hand advantage. Then, when Snorlax is asleep, use Xatu to give the Sleep to the Defending Pokemon. Then, Darkrai G will hurt them between turns, and you can attack with Heavy Press or Excercise. Both of these attacks damage is increased by Weavile and the Special dark energies, and PlusPowers. Unown G is for the inevitable Macheap match.

Deck #2: Neoveelutions
Pokemon (20)
2 x Jolteon (RR)
2 x Vaporeon (RR)
1 x Espeon (MD)
3 x Eevee (MD)
1 x Eevee (RR)
1 x Flygon LV.X (RR)
1 x Flygon (RR)
1 x Vibrava (RR)
1 x Trapinch (RR)
2 x Claydol (GE)
2 x Baltoy (GE)
1 x Skuntank G (PL)
1 x Azelf (LA)
1 x Unown G (GE)

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (27)
3x Broken Time-Space
3x Bebe's Search
3x Roseanne's Research
2x Volkner's Philosophy
1x Cynthia's Feelings
4x Poke Blower +
4x Poke Healer +
2x Night Maintenance
2x Warp Point
1x Luxury Ball
1x Pokemon Rescue
1x Premier Ball

Energy (13)
7x Lightning Energy
6x Water Energy

This deck's plan is simple as well. Use Jolteon's Evolve Thunder to spread until you can knock things out for 60. Then, switch gears to Vaporeon using Undevelop and snipe FTW. Espeon provides more HP and Flygon gives free retreat and a counter to many popular decks. Power Swing isn't too shabby either. Broken Time-Space lets you use Undevelop and evolve on the same turn FYI.

And finally, Deck #3: Turtwig!
Pokemon (16)
4x Turtwig GL (RR)
2x Alakazam 4 LV.X (RR)
2x Alakazam 4 (RR)
1x Uxie LV.X (LA)
2x Uxie (LA)
1x Dialga G LV.X (PL)
1x Dialga G (PL)
1x Toxicroak G (PL)
1x Skuntank G (PL)
1x Unown G (PL)

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (32)
3x Snowpoint Temple
4x Cyrus's Conspiracy
4x Roseanne's Research
4x Energy Gain
4x PlusPower
3x Poke Turn
3x Power Spray
2x Night Maintenance
2x SP-Radar
2x Warp Point
1x Luxury Ball

Energy (12)
9x Grass Energy - Basic
3x SP Energy

Little did anyone guess that such a good deck would be able to be built around a common. Anyways, The strategy is to take any damage done to your bench and put it on Turtwig GL using Alakazam 4 Lv. X and then use an Overgrowth-powered Giga Drain to blast it all away. Dialga G provides an excellent way to shut down many decks, and Skuntank lets you add more damage as do the PlusPowers, and with Toxicroak, you can execute a Toxitank strategy. Once again, Unown G is for Macheap match-ups.

Well, those are the decks. I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on all three, but even one or two will do. If you're going to give me your thoughts on none of them though, then GTFO.

Thank you for your time.
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