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Old 04-18-2004, 04:50 PM
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Default Chronicles

Chronicles is a fanfic I've been working on for the last few months and now I've finally decided to post it on PE2K to see what people would think about it. Of course I won't post it all at once so to build up suspension in readers. Before we begin the fanfic, I should give a preview or rundown of what has happened in a previous fanfic (I don't what happened to it) so you won't get all confused while reading it.


Chonicles is a fanfic about a 12-year-old Pokemon Trainer named Aharon Kakkarot from the town of Zapta. He got a Bulbasaur named Vine-Trap as a present from his father who happened to be the town Pokemon Professor. Aharon decides to take Vine-Trap and enter the Pokemon League in the Kanto Region. On the way, he eats these unknown kind of beries that allow him to talk to Pokemon. He has completed his badge collection and defeated the Elite 4. Now, he must defeat the Champion to become the Pokemon Master. Now, enjoy Pokemon Cronicles!


Aharon Kakkarat, a trainer from the town of Zapta, stood in shock as the recent announcement continued to pound in his ears. The World Champion Pokemon Master was coming to challenge him. He always wondered why he was sent to a new stadium for this battle. After all, when you are unexpectedly forced to move stadiums you must question why. And Aharon just found out why. Aharon didnít throw his pokemon out until the champion let his Charizard into the ring. Aharon chose a green pokeball from his belt and kissed it.

"Good luck my friend" Aharon whispered. He took his right arm back as he got ready to throw. "Vine-Trap, GO!"

Aharonís pokeball sailed into the arena and landed in the middle of his side. As Aharonís pokeball opened, his Venusaur appeared in the ring facing the Charizard, who had a smug satisfaction on its face.

"Aharon has just let out a Venusaur. It looks like he doesnít want to fight against the World Champion," said the announcer. The World Champ snickered at Aharonís choice and pointed to the plant pokemon.

"Charizard, fire spin," he commanded.

Without waiting an instant after hearing the command, Charizard launched its most furious attack on the poor plant type pokemon. Venusaur was soon blocked from sight of everyone as the fire consumed him. The champ looked a little pleased with himself but when he looked at Aharon, his face turned to fear. Aharon was smiling the way a predator does when he found his prey.

"Game over," he gravelly said. He turned his attention to the inferno. "Vine-Trap, use growth and then absorb the fire."

The fire surrounding Venusaur slowly dissipated into the pokemon. And if that wasnít enough, Venusaurís flower started to pulse with power.

"I canít believe it," screamed the announcer. "Venusaur just absorbed the fire spin without receiving a scratch."

"Finish it, RAZOR BEAM!" Aharon shouted.

Venusaur immediately launched out his razor leaf, followed by his solar beam. The two attacks converged into one and hit Charizard hard, forcing him into a wall that shattered under the force of impact. Charizard fell to the floor unconscious. The crowd gasped in astonishment. Was the battle over?

Aharon glanced at the Champion as he talked with the judges. He was arguing furiously as his face turned red and became very agitated with them. The judges just sat there talking with each other, ignoring the mad man. Finally the champ and a judge stepped to the center of the arena next to Aharon and Venusaur.

"And after the series of discussions, the winner of this battle is," he began.

A sudden silence settled over the field as the judge lifted the belt of champions . . . and presented it to Aharon while the champ looked on in astonishment.

"And we have a new champion," the announcer screamed. His voice echoed throughout the stadium, partially drowned out by the crowds cheer. "Aharon Kakkarat has won the battle with his Venusaur. It is unbelievable."

The crowd was roaring to their feet and cheering for the new champ. The cheer intensified as the 8 gym leaders came out into the stadium, and Lt. Surge plucked Aharon up onto his shoulders. The 8 gym leaders paraded around with Aharon and Aharon beamed proudly as he held up his new prize and cheered with the crowd.

Stay tuned for Chapter 1. It'll be up in a couple minutes.
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