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Old 03-11-2009, 08:43 PM
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Lightbulb The Elite Zodiacs

Because my tournament did NOT work out I have decided to make a clan that I hope will work better for me.

This is how the clan will work. There will be twelve of the elite members, that will each pick a zodiac animal. The 12 selected will be in charge of a squadron consisting of 15-20 other members that will have the same zodiac symbol. There will be monthly challenges to decide who will be the leader of the zodiac group. A potential challenger does not have to challenge, but the option is there. If you don't understand these rules please feel free to PM me or comment me on this thread.

There will be a point system in this clan (ZP- Zodiac Points). For doing clan deeds and other helpful things you will get points. With these points one can go into the shop (To be opened when the clan gets started) and buy things from me. The points will vary on how well the job is done. The jobs are as follow:

Team Breeder
It will be your job to breed Pokemon for our team (15-25 people wanted)

A Team Breeder will get between 50 and 100 ZP per week. If they breed very well, and according to what the clan needs then there will be a bonus. If you do not breed or the bred Pokemon is not what we are looking for there will be a decrease.

In order to apply for this job please do the following:
How often you breed
Best bred Pokemon

Shiny Hunter
Self explanatory, 20 people wanted.

To apply:
How many shinies have you captured?
What is your favorite shiny that you have captured?
Method of obtaining shinies.

Team Banner Maker
Make banners for everyone in the clan.

To Apply:
How many banners have you made?
What is the best banner you have made {link}

OK now for the actual zodiacs and their respective Pokemon.

The Zodiac

Rat [Rattatta, Ratticate, Raichu]
Boar [Mammoswine, Grumpig]
Ram [Stantler (sorry guys this is the only one I could think of)]
Dragon [Gyarados, Salemence, Flygon, Tyranitar]
Dog [Houndoom, Mightyena,
Rooster [Pidgeot, Blaziken (any other bird Pokemon but the legendarys will do)]
Monkey [Primeape, Infernape, Aipom, Ambipom]
Horse [Rapidash, Suicune]
Snake [Seviper, Arbok]
Hare [Lopunny,
Ox [Tauros, Milktank]
Tiger [Arcanine, Entei]

Sorry I couldn't think of very many examples, but those are the more obvious ones


Hunting for shiny Beldum and Charmander XD They are the bestest shinies!!! XD
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Old 03-11-2009, 08:47 PM
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Default Re: The Elite Zodiacs

Is this a joke? There are so many things wrong with this thread. I'll just be blunt and name a few.
1. Wrong forum.
2. You're new, try joining a clan first
3. Very un-organized, no fancy fonts, nothing.
4. Spamming smilies.
5. There are hardly any battlers on pe2k that are'nt already in a clan.

I'm sorry, but this looks like you typed it up in 5 minutes, and obviously didn't read over it before posting...
{Mah Linkz}

{Steel Leader in the*Official* Pe2k Gyms} {Dark TurtwigxThe Politoed Hunter}
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