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Old 03-04-2009, 02:16 AM
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Life as a Bronco
Highschool is though for everyone right? Animals have it easy though they do not have school but thats what we think. Years after the humans disappearance animals began to grow birds would grow legs and well the animals they could talk.soon the animals took off from where we left starting schools and armys all the same as we did. there where no wars only unsolved grudges and hate. from politics to working they became smarter and they all had a personality of there own.They elected a President Bernard Dixon he was if you could not imagine a Eagle. He made schools all over the land of the great US and just like human's animal teens despised schools all the same.Now it may seem different but no there where more groups then ever there is your skater boys , the jocks, the anime lovers,the preps, the emos and even the nerds but thats not all the groups go father there's the outsiders the losers and even the wimps and then theres you.

Your Role
Welcome to Richard Buck Mustang high! you are a bronco either your a freshmen trying to fit in or a senior make the freshmen life hell. Like all schools it's important to be involved weather your a band geek or a foot ball star there must be something you do. Your either popular or your not. But if you have no talent what will you do play football? Yes when the jocks from the last team leave off to collage theres no one to fill the shoes but the coach has a way to make that happen. you don't have to be a football player you don't even have to play sports.(it's not about killing or anything it's about life as a teen but a animal teen and if you don't want to play a game about teens then you won't be unless your an animal and very good at hiding that)

1.Basic rules apply bunnying unless you where told you could then that cool
3. i don't mind you swearing just don't be like "*!^@*&%!#*&%$*&^%$@!*#*^&$#@*&^%" all the time.
4.there will be violence come on pg13 though same with romance but it may be implied but very softly
5.Put (I love nannerpuss if you looked at the rules.)
6. have basic spelling and grammar you don't have to be a wizard just make sure i can read it and i am getting good at it myself
7. can't think of anymore rules
8. ah no god modding your animal i mean if you have a rhino person their going to be able to lift a lot so don't have a caterpillar or a butterfly benching 990 but you could have a big powerful animal that normal would not be

Gender:(.....male or woman)
Age: ( 13 to 19)
Animal:(What are you dalmatian ,wolf ,tiger. if you are a canine you can be a mix breed same goes with big cats so yes you can be a liger.)
appearance:(they are anthro don't know what that means look it up.Picture is ok but have a 2 to 3 sentence no pic then 3 to 4 sentence)
Personality: (this is a big thing here are they prep what 4 to 5 sentence)
History:( put down anything does not have to be long don't just make it really short though so i would say 2 to 3.)
Clique:(who they role with the gangsters the jocks of so do they run a group)
Hobbies:( what do they like to do fight what don't make it killing ok. up to 8 hobbies)
RP ample: any thing does not have to be long
I"M OUT THIS @#$%@

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