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Old 02-09-2009, 06:31 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Accepted, SuperBoy. n_n I'll add you to the list.

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Old 02-09-2009, 06:36 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Originally Posted by Tombi View Post
Accepted, SuperBoy. n_n I'll add you to the list.
Thanks, Tombi. I appreciate it.
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Old 02-09-2009, 09:59 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Okay, I was planning to get the roleplay up tonight, but as there was no sign of Gaby, it'll have to wait. =w= I'm off now anyway, so I'll talk tomorrow.

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Old 02-09-2009, 10:22 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Tombi, why am I not on the list of accepted peoples?
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Old 02-10-2009, 12:40 AM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Gah, I'm sorry Sensei. x ___x I couldn't get on, my cousin didn't leave the house. Do you mind just PMing me Satyr's history so I know how to write Satar's? D: Since they're brothers and such, they'd go together, amirite?

Anywhoo, I'ma start on it now.

Name: Advies 'Satar' -insertsatyr'slastnamehere-
Age: I was thinking 20, Sensei halp, yush?
Gender: Male
Appearance: Satar stands tall at 6 feet, pale skin with a not-too-muscular build. His gray hair, dyed from the original black, falls just a little above his shoulders, part of his hair falling right between his brown eyes, which always show a solemn expression unless excited by something. Unlike most Tengoku (correct me if I'm wrong, Sensei, I forgot if it was all of Tengoku or just Kei) people, he has pointed ears like an elf, but unlike most, his are unnaturally short, almost human-like. This doesn't really affect him all that much, aside from getting confused for a human at times when not on the job, where he tends to wear a black leather jacket above a gray shirt with a skull painted on it. For pants, he wears a simple pair of black jeans and for feet, a pair of high top boots. When on the job, like all Sinnerlesse members, he wears a black tuxedo suit with a red tie and glasses. Nothing really special about them, he just found them and liked them. The glasses make him look professional, he says.
Personality: Calm, calculating and intelligent are three good words to describe Satar. Not easily phased, he tends to not show a lot of respect to his superiors, other than Obu. At least, it seems that way, when he actually does respect them, just fails to see the need to use 'sir' or something of the sort when not referring to their leader. He can be a bit of a cheeky bastard sometimes, though, even if he doesn't realize it. His calm demeanor is only ever replaced by a more cruel side when dealing with his brother, Satyr. He shows absolutely no respect to him and has even plotting one or two deaths against him, seeing him as 'useless' and 'a shame to be in a family with him'. Aside from him, he tends to be reasonable, at least, with the others. It's rare for him to smile, and he only does this when excited, fighting or if he's expecting something good soon. The latter is accompanied by a bit of a hyperactive tick, i.e. he'll constantly move his leg. He is very loyal and will not stand for betrayal, but isn't exactly incapable of a betrayal himself if the situation arises.
Special Ability: Can change his blood into any other type of liquid. From water to poison to liquid nitrogen. It's dangerous to this too much, however, because his entire blood system could turn into what he's trying to make it, and therefore, cause his death. Also has incredible precision with a bow and arrow, but isn't as well up close.
Weapons: Prefers evading combat, but is decent at hand-to-hand combat and can work his way around a poisonous dagger. Excels at archery, however.
Position: Advisor to Obu.
Other: Suffers from constant headaches (I know there's a name for this), which tend to lower his ability to think things through correctly. This has almost cost him his life one or two times.

If the appearance conflicts with anything, let me know and I'll change it. :3 *donenow* OFF, TO VESPERIA. *skipskiptrip*
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Now you know. <3
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Old 02-10-2009, 03:13 AM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Sweet, new Merines. BRB, I gotta dig up a C.X. SU. =/

I decided to file Carcinos Xephyr under creatures, cuz, I guess he belongs there, really. =/

Name (Must be in full): Carcinos Xephyr
Species: Carcinos
Age: Appearance: 30 | Reality: ??? (Thousands, possibly infintite)
Gender: Appearance: Male | Reality: ???
Appearance (Pics allowed, but description is a must): Carcinos form: A massive lumbering crab. It has a gray / turqoise carapace. On land, it is very slow, easy to dodge, and very weak. In water, it becomes extremely fast, with lighting quick strikes, and is extremely hard to injure. | Human shapeshift: Fair-skinned, and dresses in black, baggy clothes with a cape. He also has a scar over his deep blue eyes and chest. Wears fingerless gloves. Average muscle, but that is merely a deception. Only image I have is not TRULY of him: Only of another form, Satana Nexus Xephyr. With luck, you'll NEVER have to see him. That form is NOT good, and the second worst of them all.

Personality (As long as possible): Carcinos Xephyr is the reincarnation of the first Carcinos, Cancer. His motives are uknown, but his nature is very fickle. He is fearless, sometimes sarcastic, and full of pride and honor. When someone interferes with his goals, he gets extremely brutal and violent. When not fighting, he is a master of espionage, sabotage, facades, and double-crossing. He usually betrays each side so much that it is difficult to tell if he's with or against you. However, the results are always the same- whatever it takes to please his master. He has an extreme hatred against another Zodiac, Ydor of Pisces, who shares the same element as him, Water.

Special Ability (Nothing too amazing, please. =__=): Levatation, Elemental Waves, (With Zodiac Sabre) can summon a lesser Carcinos to aid in battle. Zodiac Sabre grants him new abilities with 'favor.' I don't expect favor to be used much, but the more favor he collects, the more unstoppable he becomes. The first of the favor is Cancer Favor.

(with Cancer Favor, Water Manipulation, Elemental Wave changed to Tidal Wave)
(Also has an 'armored' form, in my Avatar. This comes with Carcinos Favor. Weaponry changed to Morphic Zodiac Sabre and Zodiac Shield.)

History (I depise these, so I don't particularly care about them.): Carcinos Xephyr is the reincarnation of the first Carcinos, Cancer. When Hercules was sent to kill the Hydra, Hera sent down a giant crab to aid the Hydra. Hercules managed to kill them both, but Hera admired the crab known as Cancer and gave him a constellation in the sky. However, Cancer did not contend well to his starry prison, and wishes to break free and ruin the mortal world... sending his reincarnation, Carcinos Xephyr, he hopes to uncover the mysterious means as to how to free himself and his allies from the heavens, as well as wreak havoc upon the mortal world responsible for condemning him.

Other (Anything else?): Carcinos Xephyr talks in Greek. He can learn English from dictionaries, though.

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Old 02-10-2009, 06:57 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Weird, I always thought Carcinos was some sort of weird crab thing. o.o Accepted, anywho. I'll try to get the RP up tonight.

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Old 02-10-2009, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Name: Nayeli Monika
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nayeli is a very vain young woman, wanting to impress all those around her, both her social and business contacts. She has a look for every occasions, for work, for an outing and for fancy gigs and interviews. Always, Nayeli is known to look her best, perfect for wherever she may be. For work she throws on a figure hugging suit, a skirt and a matching jacket, of which she has various styles of. Paired with tights and sensible heels, Nayeli always looks the part in the office, her long, brown hair tied sharply and neatly back in a plain bobble. For a night out she has posh, yet casual, outfits, all with a different style. I cannot begin to explain them all to you. Always perfect for wherever she is heading, In her wardrobe you will also find an assortment of dresses, perfect for a big interview or a night out where she might score some juicy information from unsuspecting celebrities and individuals.
Nayeli’s hair, brown and long enough to reach the small of her back when let loose, is, as noted, tied up in a bobble for work. On a night out she might style it in a number of ways, often to match her outfit, be it dead straight or luscious curls. Her makeup is impeccable, her eyes a deep brown and with skin lightly tanned, but not so much as most out there.
Personality: Though Nayeli may appear nice, beautiful at all times, this is not to be said of her personality. Of course, she knows when to be polite, whether she likes it or not, and she knows when she can be snappy and demanding, which she is lot, but all she is really interested in is herself and her career. She is willing to do just about anything to get ahead in her job, no matter how dangerous it is or how many people she will hurt and sacrifice to get there. She is not afraid of making a fool of other people. Exposing their deadliest and dirtiest secrets the moment she gets her hands on them.
Nayeli can be a charmer though, with an eloquent way of speaking and the knowledge of what the right words to say to the right people are. She has an unchallenged ability to squeeze information from her clients and will go quite far, though not that far, to get what she wants from others. Most people are oblivious to just what Nayeli is really like and this suits her just fine. Better to get people’s secrets by allowing them to think the best of her.
Nayeli can also be noted to have spectacular courage, going into many dangerous placed in search of the words for her next article, though she carries small weapons on her just to be safe, but it can also be noted that she is the worst person for holding a grudge. As soon as she gets it into her head that she doesn’t like someone or someone is against her she will never let go of that feeling, often stabbing them in the back of going out of her way to make them look bad. Of course, nobody would ever dare do the same to her.
Special Ability: Nayeli’s first ability is extremely convenient considering her career, having super sensitive hearing. She herself is not aware of the current limit of this hearing, but she can home in and listen to a conversation from across the other side of the hall. This works well for getting gossip and sneaking news out from unsuspecting individuals and is one of the reasons that she has gotten so far in her job.
A second ability she possesses is what she likes to cal her ‘elephant’s memory’ because, though sometimes it is unfortunate, Nayeli never forgets. She has Eidetic memory (photographic memory) meaning that she can recall events from years back with unparalleled accuracy. It is debatable as to whether this is a special ability, like her hearing, or whether it is normal, as such a memory is a natural occurrence in people across the world. Nayeli has been known to question, though rarely, how fortunate she is to have such a memory as she can often accidentally remind herself of things that are probably best left forgotten.
Weapons: As a journalist, not a fighter, it is not often that Nayeli finds herself in a situation where she needs weapons. However, on more dangerous jobs, she often carries a dagger hidden in her garter, or a gun in the inside pocket of her jacket. She has not been trained and so is not the best of fighters, but of course, she has never before had a reason to need to be trained as such. Never before…
History: Nayeli’s background is not so interesting. She grew up poor, but aspired to be something big, a famous journalist. Like all journalists, Nayeli started at the bottom, working her way slowly up to the top and stepping on whoever she had to get there. She started her work at the age of 16 and is now a well recognized and professional journalist for the popular magazine, SCOPE.
She has been known to have interviewed many famous faces out there and has wrestled some of the juiciest gossip known in the writing world. She is renowned for her ability to prize great information from the people she meets and provde the right proof to back it up. The woman that all aspiring journalists look up to, that they want to be.
Of course, recently she has been very interesting a few certain people…
Other: Nayeli will be a citizen character.
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Old 02-11-2009, 05:17 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Originally Posted by Tombi View Post
Quite simply... no. o.o One, Kiri does not have a queen, it has an empress. Two, she only has one person who she allows to be in proximity of herself and that is Dante, one of my other characters who is a guy with black scabbed wings that constantly bleed. Three, how did Adeivor manage to get into Kiri without being captured? Also, if he had been in Kiri, no WAY would he have been able to get anywhere near Keibatsu. Ever. Also, Obu already has an advisor, which is Satar (Gaby's character), and he always has a 'loyal, trsuted servant', which is Aa, my character. :3

Fix that and you're in.
Yeah sorry about that Tombi... I should have asked you that information first before posting that new sign up. With that new information I completely revamped my second sign up. It is on page 10 in case you cannot find it. If you spot anything wrong again please tell me and I will edit it immediately.
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Old 02-12-2009, 07:08 AM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Name (Must be in full): Jade Frost
Species: Centaur with a unique twist (explained below)
Age: 25
Gender: Female I tell you, female!

Appearance (Pics allowed, but description is a must): Jade only resembles a normal centaur in that she has a horses legs and hooves, a white tail and a horse's body. Her coat is one of a deep red color. None of that sets her apart from the other Centaurs, but what does make her different is that she has two massive white wings
* on her back. They are both sturdy and large enough to lift Jade's modest weight (for a centaur). What also is different about her is her upper body. It is covered with small, white and red feathers that cover from her belly to her arms and all the way to her neck. The one thing "normal" on her is her normal human looking face. It is fairly pretty with a small nose and bright green eyes set in a round, well tanned face. The hair on her head is bright green with streaks of blue in it.

Personality (As long as possible): Jade is fiercely independent. She hates relying on others for anything but is quick to ask if anybody needs her help, even though she refuses almost any help offered to her. Jade is also proud of her upbringing and while she doesn't look down on other races nearly as much as most young centaurs seem to, she still talks as if being a (mixed) Centaur puts her above the rest. This is an example of how Jade's true feelings are not always evident. Some who do not know her simply mark her as a "stuck up Centaur" while those who do know that Jade isn't stuck up at all, quite the opposite.

She has a good relationship with her parents and is quick to attack anyone who thinks to trash talk them or Centaurs in general. "A smart, kind person with razor sharp thorns" is the most simple way to describe Jade. Jade is normally a "free soul"--she picked up the "traveling bug" from her parents and loves to travel. But when she does find herself in groups, she is normally the leader it seems, except in the company of other Centaurs. They look down on her, because her mother was not a Centaur and because she easily befriends humans and other such non-Centaurs. The fact that her Centaur peers usually want nothing to do with her could be a reason why she is so kind and gets to angry when she sees an injustice taking place.

Special Ability (Nothing too amazing, please. =__=): Besides knowing how to fly (using her wings), Jade has learned to produce light in her hands. She can make the light very dim or very bright (about the strength of a large flashlight). Jade also can speak in English, German and normal horse tongue.

History (I depise these, so I don't particularly care about them.): Jade was born to Jay Frost who happened to be a very smart Centaur and a teacher at a rural school somewhere in the folds of Tengoku. He had studied at the higher universities in Tengoku and hold a position as a high payed teacher at one of those universities. While still a young man, Jay Frost decided to take a year off and travel around the world. So he travelled and to his disgust, he saw many horrors that people faced that were not their fault. After seeing all the problems that troubled people, from money grubbing rodents in Fusokufuri who didn't care who they hurt as long as they made a few bucks; and governments who ignored their starving people while wasting money and giving some of those poor people's taxes to corrupt government officials; and pointless wars that were fought with no care to her got hurt, Jay Frost left his job and started to serve the less fortunate in every way he could. It was while he was helping out the town of Ametsuchi after a minor forest fire that he met a very intelligent winged horse called Alana. He fell in love, married Alana and together they had Jade. Soon after that, Alana and Jay settled down in some little town nobody knew of and taught at a little school there. The Frost family still traveled though, helping others and exploring Tengoku.

When Jade was around 19 years of age, she left the little town she had lived in most of her life and set out to learn at a university in one of the bigger cities. She studied there until she was 23 and then left to see what work and adventure she could find. Everything was fine for a while, but then problems started to arise as talk of the Cruxis started. Jade lost some friends to their cause and while it seemed that most people did not talk about them at all, several of Jade's friends seemed to know a lot about them. All of this is and has been worrying her.

Other (Anything else?): Jade is strong enough that if you convinced her that the cause was worthy, she might ride a small person on her back until she got tired of it. It is usually considered shameful to do this however, and it would only happen in cases of emergency or if the person is a very close friend of Jades.
Kingdom Jade lives in: Palupia
Any rank in Kingdom: She would technically be called a citizen of Palupia.

*You said in the description of Palupia that "Its common creatures include Centaurs..." but you did not say that someone couldn't have a mixed race centaur (basically, Jade is a mix between a type of winged horse and a Centaur). I am requesting that you please allow Jade to keep her wings and if not, then I'll edit this (if signup's aren't totally closed by then).
I am sorry I did not get this up before the RP started. I am still going to try and come into the RP seeing as it's only two pages in and not everyone accepted has posted [In the RP thread] yet.

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Old 02-12-2009, 07:44 PM
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Default Re: [SU] The Merines - No More Cruxis, Guardians/Tengokuans Needed. [SU]

Yeah, everyone's accepted. Hope to see your posts soon.

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