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Old 02-01-2009, 04:26 AM
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Default The Tales of Yesteryear

The Tales of Yesteryear
All that you know is at an end


Imagine a world, where one action can lead another to stop, where one action can cause one already done to never happen, where the very rift of time is being ripped apart so that the very laws of cause and effect are being torn at the very seams. A world where crime happens because a law is made, where a man goes deaf, and ten mintutes later, a twig is shoved up his ear, which would've caused him to go deaf. Now imagine if this world, this unimaginable world, is your world.

After a Sinnoh mobster, Gerald Nighton, murders the President of the Pokemon World, Irwin Difands on the day of his inaguaration, havok strikes. The greif stricken Vice-President, Anderssan Rightessa, goes to the peak of Mt. Coronet, taking an army of soldiers with him, planning to use the power of Dialga to reverse time and prevent what would soon be known as the Assasanation of 2013, or as many called it-The End of Time As We Know It. He succeeds in subduing Dialga, but in an amazing feat, Dialga is able to go back in time, and stop the creation of many of the weapons that were used to subdue it in the first place. Now, Dialga has the upper hand against the President, and goes in for the kill, but just as disaster was about to strike, Palkia, rips space open, and swallows Mt. Coronet into the abyss, thefore destroying Dialga, Andersan Rightessa, and countless other soldiers and milions of dollars in technology.

Because Dialga no longer exists, the fabric of time is being warped, letting time skip fowards, or jump backwards in time, a second could be a year, or one day you're driving a hovercraft, and the next, you're in the Stone Age. Where Mt. Coronet used to be, is now a black abyss, where religous men say is the realm of the dead. Palkia, who escaped being destroyed, has taken refuge atop Mt. Pyre, protecting itself by turning the entire mountain into a virtual fortress. While various other legendaries are being captured by governments and terrorist organizations, trying to find a way to get to the almighty Arceus, the only one that has the needed power to restore order to the world.


The different regions are having a bit of trouble, due to the fact that they are largely inable to get the things that they cannot grow.. Travel from one region to another is possible, but when traveling to past times, one must be extremely cautious not to mess with anything that could cause the future to be screwy. Also, future technology is not utilisable in eras where the technology has't been invented yet, and of course, current technology is viewed as obselete, but usually the differences in time occur by region and the sea around it in a fifty mile radius. The technology used to go from one place to another reverts to its form that woud've been at the current time, so be sure to consider what kind of transportation you use to go from place to place. The different regions and their times and how that effects them are as follows:


Hoenn is in the year 3500 C.E. Robots, who were given artificial intelligence that is as impressive as a humans, overthrew the human rule and humans are now simply slaves, forced to reproduce to simply to make a new genration of slaves. Be cautious when you go to Hoenn, for they view you as slaves, but at the same time they underestimate your spirit. Their technology is amzingly advanced.


Sinnoh is in the year 2013 C.E., and is in a state of havoc over the assasination. Think what wuld happen if the president of the USA was killed. There are riots, murders, and prejudice ary. You must be careful not to look at someone the wrong way, for most people carry a knife in their pocket, and Mandarin Rightessa, Anderssan's son, is the new president. The technology is the same as it is now.


The year is 2400 C.E., and things are serene. The people have learned to worship Palkia as a god, and dispose of their dead by throwing them into the Abyss. They scoff at anyone saying that Palkia is evil, and they're technology is extremely adavanced, but is second to the robots that have weaponry built into their bodies.

Birth Island

The year is 5,000,000,000 C.E., and the entire world has been consumed by the Abyss. The rest of the Sevii Islands have since sunk, and the radius of the Abyss is one mile around Birth Island. There is no life and no technology that is known of, and no one that has gone in has ever come back.

Orange Islands

The Orange Islands are in the year 100 C.E. The technology is primitive, but people have been getting a powerful grasp on physics and language. There are many islands, and the people are very, very friendly.


Orre is in the year 4,000,000 B.C.E. Humans have just evolved from the forms of monkeys, and have formed a primitive form of the english language. The technology is extremely simple, things such as the pulley are conventional, and the wheel has been in popular use for only 150 years.


Johto is in the year 400,000,000,000,000 B.C.E. Humans are non-existant, and there is only Pokemon. Pokemon of virtually every size and shape can be found, for there is much differenc in terrain from mile to mile. Technology is non-existant.


The year is 600 B.C.E. The worship of Arceus is highly disbelieved, unlike the beliefs of the next 5000 years. Instead, they believe in the legends of Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. Their technology is less primitive than the Orange Islands in the first century, but is not of very much use to anyone, except for the dams and such.


The year is 1600 C.E. The people are opressed, and monarchy rules the land. Taxes are much too high, and people are depressed. Technology of ships and flight is getting rather sophisticated, but relies on the natural elements, rather than electricity.


There are three main groups in the world. The first of them are the Time Trekkers, men who are aware of the actions of Palkia and are out to stop it, and have sent envoys to the Abyss, but none of whom have come back. They are based in Sinnoh and Kanto, but send envoys to other times, and written about these so that the public knows of it, but are discredited in the 25th century. Then there are the Apostles, a group of people who plan to capture Arceus and use it for their own nefarious deeds, which include world conquest. They exist where all humans live, but are unaware of the problems in time. And then there is the Council of the World, a 21st century based group, also known as the government. They are in the dark aout how the time and space warps work. You are free to make your own group, but it must be approved by me first. Also, I am only going to allow three user created groups, so be sure to see how many user created groups there are.

User Created Groups

The Time Protectors

Time Protectors:
-A small group of scientist, pokemon trainers, and ordinary people who are entirely focused on restoreing balance to the spacetime continueum by restoring Dialgia to power. The group strives to maintain as little change to both past and future so as not to damage the space time continueum any further. They seek the power of the legendary pokemon Celebi in order to harness the power to travel through time to the moment to before Dialgia was destoryed. They are based in Sinnoh in the year 2013.


The entire world is prone to Time Warps. Time Warps is when an large area or a large area automatically jumps fowards or backwards in time. All warps happen at random, but semmingly uncanny intervals. Space Warps are only affect the land around Mt. Coronet and Mt. Pyre, or other signifacantly large Abysses or wherever Palkia is. When a space Warp happens, a small peice, sometimes medium, but never large peice, of land is sucked into the abyss. If nothing is done about the enraged Palkia at the top of Mt. Pyre, the entire world will eventually be sucked into the abyss.

Legendaries and Projects

Previously stated above, all sorts of people are attacking legendaries, trying to use them to access Arceus. To get a legendary, it is the equalivent of a 15 post project. For projects, you can make whatever, as long as it doesn't exceed thirty posts.

No Whining
No God Modding, Flaming, Spamming, etc.
What I say Goes
Have Fun


Name:first and last
Group: You have to pick one, or tou can make your own.
Personality: This and the next two must be good length
Goals: Keep world domination to a minimum
Pokemon:optional1-6 no legends
Weapons: also optional
Skills: 5 is the maximum

New Group Sheets

For more info, read the groups part of the post.

Goals: We already have world conquest, so keep it original
Time: Remember, you can't be located in Birth Island or wherever else there aren't humans.




01: Frozen Prince

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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

This seems like a interesting idea for a role play. To me it seems to be a cross between Pokemon and the awesome video game Chrono Trigger. Anyway here is my completed sign up below. If you find anything wrong with it just tell me and I will edit the information immediately.

Name: Simon "Holmes" Weather

Age: 23

Time Protectors:
-A small group of scientist, pokemon trainers, and ordinary people who are entirely focused on restoreing balance to the spacetime continueum by restoring Dialgia to power. The group strives to maintain as little change to both past and future so as not to damage the space time continueum any further. They seek the power of the legendary pokemon Celebi in order to harness the power to travel through time to the moment to before Dialgia was destoryed. The group is located in the Sinnoh region in the year 2013 C.E.

He is a extremely intelligent young man who always loves helping anyone out when they are in need. He is very cool, calm, and collected and no matter how bad the situation is he never loses his train of thought. Sometime however he has very depressive moods that drag on for long periods of time before he returns to normal. He is incrediblely knowledgeable when it comes to all forms of techology especially when it comes to Time Travel physics. He loves battleing and training with his pokemon. His favorite hobby is oragami because it relaxes him alot. And also is extremely Angoraphobic (Fear of High Places). He also has the unusual tendency to get lost no matter where he is going which usually gets him and his pokemon in trouble. Also he is extremely goofy around girls which usually results in very goofy behavior.

Simon Weather was born in Twinleaf Town as the only son of the brilliant scientist professor James Weather after his mother died due to complications during his birth. For many years Simon lived a peaceful life aiding his father with his various scientific studies and works thus resulting in his quick acceleration through school.

On his 11th birthday he recieved a letter from Rowan to meet him at his lab for a special present. Simon excitedly ran off towards Sandgem Town as soon as he woke up and soon met up with the professor. He told him that she had recieved a rare pokemon that he thought Simon should have as his first pokemon. Simon agreed and they both went off into his lab.

Inside they made there way to the back of the lab and on a small table sat a pokeball with a water droplet symbol attached to it. "I just received this from a old friend in Fushia City. I already have my hands full with all these pokemon already and I thought you would like this one here." said the professor as he picked up and handed Simon the pokeball along with some extra pokeballs and a brand new pokedex. Simon was curious so he opened the poke-ball releasing the pokemon in front of him.

With a beam of white light appeared a small dark purple Croagunk only about 2' 05" and croaked deeply before Simon knelt down and offered it a handshake. The Croagunk understood and responded by shaking his hand with his opposite hand. Simon thought long and hard that moment until finally deciding to nickname his new pokemon "Leto" to which Croagunk nodded in agreement. Simon was extatic and after thanking the professor returned his pokemon and ran off back home. From that day Simon continued to grow closer to "Leto" captureing a team of pokemon and aiding his father with his various research.

Everything in his life was running until the day Dialga was destroyed and the balance of the world shifted drastically throwing the various regions into chaos. The people of the small town of Twinleaf desperately searched for answers quickly turning to the knowledge of James Weather. His father was a beacon of leadership as he brought together various scientists who began searching for a solution to the various time warps affecting the world. After weeks of research came up with the solution to there problems in the form of the legendary pokemon Celebi. All there information pointed the last known location of the mysterious legend in the far away Fioree region and began to ask all the members who wished to embark this dangerous journey. Simon after hearing his fathers request Simon voulenteered with out question.

After a small tearful goodbye Simon said his goodbyes before embarking on a long ocean journey to the Fiore region. Now that Simon has begun his dangerous journey to the Fiore region but with all the dangerous time warps arround can Simon successfully complete his mission??? We will have to wait and see!!!


- Simon is 5' 11" and weighs about 135 pounds. He has short messy black hair with light brown eyes. He usually wears a long sleeved black shirt with light red lines as in the picture, green cargo pants, and black shoes. He carries around a small backpack that holds his school supplies and he wears a black belt that holds his pokeballs in small holsters. He wears semi thick black glasses that he can barely see without them. He also has a side holster that carries his PDA around safely and allows him quick access to it.

-To restore the space time contineum and bring balance to the world using the power of Celebi to travel back in time all the while trying to maintain the natural order of time.


1) Toxicroak
Nickname: Leto
Gender: Male

Other: Simon's first and most loyal pokemon. He will defend his trainer with his life. His strength is almost unmatched in his team.

2) Shuckle
Nickname: Raphir
Gender: Male

Other: Raphir is the laziest team member. He is always seen eating or sleeping. When he battles he will wear out his opponent before delivering the finishing blow.

3) Gyarados
Nickname: Mikala
Gender: Female

Other: Simon's proverbial powder keg. If Mikala becomes angered she will not rest until she crushes her opponent beneath her might.

Weapons: None... as of yet... :)

- Expert knowledge of science includeing in: Math, Engineering, Robotics, Physics, and Time Travel
- Skilled in pokemon training and knowledge of pokemon biology and attacks
- Some survival knowledge but not able to last out in nature that long

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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

I see no problemshere. And yeah, my inspiration was from Chrono Trigger and a book called Einsteins Dreams.
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Reserve please!!

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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Reserved, and RedMario, what year are the Time Protectors based in.
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

The "Time Protectors" are located in the Sinnoh region specifially Twinleaf town in the year 2013 C.E. I also edit my sign up to have the info as well in case anyone forgets. :)
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Thanks for telling me that, and I hope Frozen gets in, I'm curious to see how he RPs.
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Name: Derek Feyr
Age: 18
Group: Primarily Time Trekkers, though he will obey whoever is paying the highest salary.
Personality: He is always nervous and shy, but when he's comfortable, he never stpos. He is athletic, and likes to be active. He rarely sits till which can be a problem, but he knows when he's pushing his limits. He is cool and collected, and not usually stressed about anything. He doesn't get mad often, but when he does, he goes into almost a beserking rage, which has landed him in some pretty serious trouble. He is a nature lover, and will do anything to be outdoors, weather permitting.
His battle style will be almost entirely based on attack power. He doesn't waste time on moves that do little or no battle damage, and he like to have pokemon with high speed, attack, and defense. He doesn't care much for Specials, except for psychic pokemon, and he usually doesn't use regenerating moves either. He likes double effect moves, and he alwas keeps a level head in battles. He always plays to type advantage unless he knows there is a better way.

As of late, he has taken to the fact that in order to restore nature to its former glory, he'll have to work with the Time Trekkers, though he sees that almost any group using any legend will (in theory) be able to summon Arceus, and will go to the person paying the highest salary. He is more motivated by progress than ideals. Whoever will fix the world the fastest, and pays the most works for him.

History: He was born and raised in Fortree in Hoenn for his entire life. He had an average life, though he always blew the majority of his money in Lilycove on hiking gear. He always needed more money. He served as a guide in the city as a tourist sort of attraction, bringing people through the forests, maybe even showing them the tomb of Registeel on Rte. 121 if they paid enough money. However, he was simply a guide, and he was almost always in debt. At the time of the rendering of space, he was in the Kanto region on a trip in the Safari Zone for a change of scenery. He now lives in Celadon City, and travels back and forth through Kanto, Johto, and the Orange Islands to make sure time is on the right track to make sure nothing falls out of place.

Appearance: He is a 6'3 teen, so he's very slender and very lean. He's muscular, but only because he has no fat on his body, seemingly. His face has a few acne spots on it, but he loks almost normal. He has brownish-blonde hair and has green eyes tinged with blue on the outside. He wears black half rimmed glasses. He is almost always wearing a blue t-shirt and long jeans, and he carries a shoulder pack like the one in Ruby for the male characters. He is only 175 lbs, so he is almost the definition of skinny.

Goals: To bring time back to its normal balance, and bring nature back to its former order.


Aeris the Fearow


Poseidon the Swampert

Crush the Steelix

Flor the Venusaur


Skills: Good at physical work (strength, running and endurance), survival away from home for incredible amounts of time, and almost never getting lost.
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Erm, it's pushing it, but you're ACCEPTED!!! I like smilies.
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Group: The time protecters
name: zeke livingston
pokemon: typloshin,feraligator,empoleon,infernape,espeon,an d chikorita
history: zeke was born in almia 19 years ago all his life he wanted to be both a pokemon ranger and a pokemon trainer. At age 5 he got his first pokemon witch is now his typlosion. At age 9 he got accepted to the pokemon ranger school. When he turned ten they had cancled the pokemon ranger school cause peaple from the future said to destroy the school once and for all.
apperance: 7'2 brown hair white skin blue shirt with a picture of a capture styler blue jeans
goals: to restore time and remake pokemon rangers and take down palkia
enemys:palkia and his fowlers

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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Originally Posted by austbot View Post
Group: The time protecters
name: zeke livingston
pokemon: cyndiquil
so can i join

look at your sign up and other people's and then fix the differences.
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