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Old 01-19-2009, 06:48 PM
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Default Pokemon High: A World Without Peace

Ok, I made this awhile ago, but I never got it running. OK, I plan to get this up now. Anyone that signed up before is still in so long as they use the same character.

The Sign-ups are still open, and probably won't end until.......never. Whenever the RP ends at least.

The Link is here: Pokemon High: A World Without Peace (SU)

*Info based of off what is known from the Delta Species set in the TCG.

Pokemon High
A World Without Peace


In the World of Pokemon, there is a place known as Holon. In this place, the world's top scientists exist. Their goal, to find the Mirage Pokemon, Mew. To do so, they have created an Holon Tower, and electromagnetic machine that uses magnetic wavelengths to find the stuff of legend. But there is a side-effect to this tracking system. A number of pokemon within the Holon area have been mutated, a change in elemental type and even new techniques. These pokemon have been dubbed, "Delta Species."

It's school season again, and The Holon School of Knowledge is ready to open! Officially the high school, plenty of Freshman, Juniors, Sophmores and the returning Seniors have enrolled to learn. Most of the students here are aspiring scentists, and all aim to find the elusive Mirage Pokemon. All of the students are excited for school this year, because everyone recieves a brand new P*DA, equpped with e-mail, voice recording, a Delta Species Pokedex, and a magnetic tracker linked to the Holon Tower.


Age: 13- 19
Appearence: 4-5 lines long
Personality: 3-4 lines long
Pokemon: (Basic Info, up to 2 can be kept at the start)

Delta Species: Yes or No
Classes:(Choose 4 classes, all are in the school)

(Choose 4, locations throuout the campus)

Battle Class
Coordinators Class
Gifted Scientists (Basically study pokemon sciences and how things work)
Science Class
Woodshop/ Technology (Develop TM's and other Woodshop stuff)
PokeLanguage Class(Learn how pokemon interact to better involve yourself with them)
Breeders Session (Learn how to take care of your pokemon)
Field Class (Learn how to live in the wild, and what to do when you lack supplies & such)
History (Learn about the regions, and the history of our world)

Good Enough, don't want it to get confusing


Class 1
Class 2
Lunch/ Recess
Class 3
Class 4


Basic Layout of Holon

This link provides what is known about Holon based on the TCG artwork.

The City Of Holon
Mirage Forest

This Link is something I found on the Net. I looked up Holon and this is what I found. Use it to visualize Holon and the tower:

The City Of Holon



Jayceon Taylor, aka Hydroliks
Blane Walker, aka The Frozen Prince
Deon Harris, aka dottio716
Johnny Rodriguez, aka poke123
Amie Nuage, aka Moonlit Dreams
Simon "Holmes" Weather, aka Redmario
Alice Blacklace, aka Riika-Chan
Arrin Sane, aka cheetahsrock

Moonlit Dreams
Queenie Beanie

~Rules/Added Info~
Abide all PE2K rules and regulations
No bunnying without permisson
No God-Modding
No Legendary Pokemon
No strong/heavy language, PG-13
And with that no serious-serious relationships.
A box system is available, and can be checked & managed from the P*DA, as with various other things.
The P*DA is also used as verification, can be linked with your trainer card and your student id.
When the RP begins, you can pick your own roomates, if any

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