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Old 01-14-2009, 11:04 PM
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Default Pokemon Adventures: The Time-Space Initiation

Pokemon Adventures
The Time-Space Initiation

The Natural Disasters continue to terrorize pokemon all over the world. No one seems to know where the source is, or why they're here. In an attempt to uncover the secrets of Natural Disasters, pokemon have banded together to create Pokemon Rescue Teams. Each team has their own unique members, and also a flag or symbol to represent themselves. Even though they compete to be the best Rescue Team around, they all fight for the same cause, to help pokemon everywhere. One of these Rescue Teams in particular, is called Team Rollexa. Team Rollexa is the heroic Rescue Team that saved the world, and ended the natural disasters by convincing Rayquaza to offset a meteor planning to destroy the earth. Soon after they saved the world, the team soon disbanded; each member having their own reasons for leaving. Their former leader, D, headed off to Treasure Town, where his cousin is in need of help...

The Time Gears are disappearing! All around Treasure Island, time is standing still. It is believed the culprit is Grovyle, the legendary thief....

The Time Gears are legendary and mysterious artifacts that control the flow of time around the world. Held inside the Time Temples, on the altar, these gear shaped mechanisms constantly turn in clockwork motions, moving the flow of time between them. Why it is Grovyle, or why anyone may be stealing them is a mystery.

In Treasure Town, everyone is in on the Rush. The Rush is a big boom in treasure findings, and everyone wants to get rich off of it. While most people work alone, others have formed guilds. Guilds are groups of pokemon, who, under the guidance of a Guild Leader, work together to find their goals.

(Anyone can be these characters except D, that's my character. These characters can also be renamed if you want.)

D the Charmeleon- the Former leader of the renowned Rescue Team, Team Rollexa. He received a letter from his cousin in Treasure Town. It claimed that there was an urgent matter that he come soon. D quickly ran off to see to it.

D's Cousin- D's cousin who's living in Treasure Town. She sent him a letter concerning the Time Gear's disappearance.
( If you use this character, you can create your own backstory profile. I personally prefer that D's Cousin be female. No special reason, just thought it'd be cool. Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizards only.)

Wigglytuff- The Guild Leader of the Wigglytuff Guild.

Chatot- Wigglytuff's Guild Apprentice, who assigns jobs to the guild members, and generally likes to run the place.

Grovyle- The mysterious pokemon accused of stealing the Time Gears.

[We're all on the same guild...oh, and no pokemorphs or nothin'.]

Species: No legendaries (including Unkown and Phione)
Appearence: (Our Guild Wears a red with black polka dots bandanna)(Pictures accepted)


Moves: (Only moves that your species can learn.)
4.(This move can be a link of two others. Make a unique name for it. The moves combined can only be in your current moveset.)


Abide all PE2K rules
No God-Modding
No bunnying unless permission is granted
Must be COMMITTED to the Rp
Your partner can't be a legend, and not very bigger than you.
Romance allowed, nothing big.
Mild Profanity allowed.
(Put :@ in your sign-up if you read the rules, you don't have to, but it'd be nice.)


Wigglytuff Guild Members

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Old 01-16-2009, 01:42 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Adventures: The Time-Space Initiation

So isn't this exactly like Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness.
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Old 01-16-2009, 07:57 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Adventures: The Time-Space Initiation

Point Taken, I wasn't thinking too hard on this. But I'm taking my previous stories and making a Fan-Fic out of it. So, oh well.
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