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Old 01-10-2009, 09:13 PM
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Default Guardians of Light (RP)

Well then, here we are! I finally vreated the roleplay thread after a hundred years of being grounded! (Mind you, I'm still grounded, but my mom is out shoveling snow... bwahahaha...) In any case, let the RP begin! *Throws confetti*
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Old 01-10-2009, 09:24 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: The sacred land of Hyrule!
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Default Re: Guardians of Light (RP)

Realm of Light/Great Castle of the Queen

Daarke bowed his head to the Queen of the Light as he entered the throne room. There were fifty guards stationed on each side of the room, all of them unmoving, so one would think they were simply suits of armor. Daarke knw better, however, and could hear each one's heart beat rythmically. "Hello, my Queen," Daarke said, bowing. "It is an honor to meet you again." The Queen smiled and lifted a hand, gesturing for him to right himself. She then gestured to the guards.

"There is no need for you all to be here. Daarke is here, and if any danger comes to me, he will deal with it, for now." The guards all shuffled their feet uncertainly, each of them thinking Daarke himself was the threat, but they all alked out of the room, waiting just outside the door. "Now then, Daarke. There is no need for formalities." Daarke's face was impassive, and gently swept his black hair to a side, revealing one of his silvery eyes.

"I'd rather not, my Queen. I am here to tell you, however, that the scroll of Heroes has just opened." The Queen stared at him, wide-eyed.

"Truly? Daarke, this is excellent!"

"You would think so, wouldn't you, my Queen," Daarke smiled wryly, continuing, "It has only opened a little. I cannot force it to unravel anymore, and only four have been revealed. They go by the names of Nataelong, Terron, Alassė, and Zaphrye. I do not know anything more of them, than their names. However, I used some Forbidden Magic, and I have attuned my senses to their specific heartbeats. I will be able to sense them for miles." The Queen looked baffled.

"But, Daarke, howcould you do such a thing, if you do not even know what they look like?" Daarke lifted a finger.

"My Queen, do not torture yourself by asking me how the Forbidden works... One who does not use it, cannot begin to fathom how it truly works..." Daarke tilted his head, smiling wryly, "that is why it is so dangerous to learn. I am on my way, then." Daarke turned around and vanished a moment later.
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Old 01-12-2009, 06:35 PM
Meshi Offline
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Default Re: Guardians of Light (RP)

A figure lay on the lush green grass of the Realm of Light, facing the sky with one hand behind her head and a book in the other. She laid on her cloak with the hood down, her long silver hair was spilt across the hood, looking like silver silk locks. The book in her hand was titles "The art of control: Volume 5, Fire." and as her blue eyes crossed every line on the last paige she wiggled her foot, a habit she'd always had when it came to reading. As she closed the book, placing the book on the grass beside her and sighed heavily,

"Another step closer ..."

She sat up, some hair falling over her shoulders, and stared across the Kingdom. Everything was so perfect, so quiet and peaceful, you'd never have thought there was a mass war going on somewhere in the middle of itself and the dark Kingdom not too far away.

"... Shame."

She continued to stare as she got up, taking her book with her, her eyes sweeping over absolutely everything. She took a slow walk back, passing the houses on the outskirts of the Kingdom. She seemed to know a lot of people; they called out to her, a lot of them girls her age.

"Alassė! Hey, Alassė!"

She waved to them with a sweet smile, continuing with her walk along the dirt path towards the market. She was low on food and needed to get some essentials.

OOC: Sorry for the crappy first post ... it's been a while. ANDANDAND the cloak picture's like that ... 'cept it's white, not navy.
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