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Old 01-11-2009, 03:42 PM
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Default [SU] Tides of war [Su]

PLOT: Humans and pokemon used to live side-by-side in peace. Until one day when a group of teenagers went missing. Their bodies were found and they were shredded to pieces. The humans blamed it on pokemon, and thus the war between the two began. Now pokemon must fight for their lives every day. Humans hunt them down with remorse. There are even pokemon who help them humans by capturing wild pokemon and turning the over to the police, but there is a group of humans dedicated to saving these pokemon. Jennifer was an Eevee who got kicked out of her home. Now along with the new friends she meets they fight to stop the CPA and end the war.

The PAP: The PAP are the only humans who are willing to help save the pokemon and end this war without having to wipe out all the pokemon.

The CPA: The CPA is a group of pokemon who help the police in exchange for their lives. The CPA could care less who they turn in. They see the other pokemon as enemies. Traitors for not following the humans and vice-versa. Most pokemon hate the CPA and believe they are the traitors for helping the humans.


Name: Jennifer

Species: Eevee

Gender: Female

History: Jennifer was a Eevee who lived with a family, but once the war began she was kicked out to live on the streets. Not long after she meet a other pokemon who had also lost their home or never had any. They must now work together to end the war.

Personality: A sweet and caring Eevee there s no-one she wouldn't help. She would give he life for human and pokemon alike if they were in trouble.

Appearance: She has the appearance of a normal Eevee except that she has ruby red eyes instead of the regular chocolate brown.

Name: Cole

Species: Eevee

Gender: Male

History: Much like Jennifer he too was kicked out of his home after the war began. When the two first meet they constantly argued. After awhile they grew to stand each other. Now they work together with other pokemon to stop the war and somehow put an end to the CPA once and for all.

Personality: he can be a jerk sometimes. but once you get to know him you don't want to kill him as much. He really acres for Jenn (Jennifer) even though he doesn't show it.

Appearance: Like a regular Eevee but with Sapphire colored eyes.

Info I will need on your charter(s)








1.) there will be violence in this story but not so much that it throws off the plot.

2.) Please tell us if you will be gone for long periods of time.

3.) I will allow you to create villains but for those who create good pokemon please don't have them start useless arguments unless I give the go-ahead.

4: No spamming or flaming another's writing. They won't do it to you so you don't do it to them k?

Now then sign up's are now open! I will only allow 12 people into this RP. But will allow more if they really want in. I only recommend a limit of 4 characters but and more if you think you can handle them.

1.) Sakura Crystal Haruno

Now let the sign ups begin! ^^
Sakura Crystal Haruno
<--Credit to iKawaii. Paired with the one and only pein11

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Old 01-11-2009, 03:53 PM
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Default Re: [SU] Tides of war [Su]

name: Jacker
species: Charmeleon
gender: male
history: Jacker, was was born when the war began, was instantly thrown out of the nest, for he was the weaker of two, and that meant that he would be thrown out, or worse, die. The charmander than survive with a family of raticate, before evolving. Then he started going wild, for he was starting to become a monster after surviving for so long. He killed his family of raticate, and has since been a loner, traveling through forests.
personality: A loner, Jacker will only fight if it mean be, and sometimes goes crazy in hunger.
appearance: He has a blue tail flame, and also has a shreaded cloak.
Once known as riolu42
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Old 01-11-2009, 05:12 PM
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Default Re: [SU] Tides of war [Su]

Riolu42 you are accepted. ^^
Sakura Crystal Haruno
<--Credit to iKawaii. Paired with the one and only pein11
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