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Old 12-20-2008, 08:52 PM
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Default the returning of the aziathe fountain

my second rp, although not so good as dragoon strike. anyway, enjoy!

the year 2487.the year that the humans made an new ball they would call the buddy ball. it was an ball even better then an luxury ball and an ultra ball combined. many people buyed it to use it. however... when an trainer captured an fearow, he broke out of the ball. everywhere the pokemons broke out of their balls. and when the pokemon came out,the pokemons eye's began glowing red. they ravaged everything they could see. arceus say it and created an fountain that drained all evil and bad thoughts in the world.year 2512. arceus saw an trainer trying to put the water into bottles and would sell it for an very high price. when arceus saw that, he let the human vanish and placed an tyranitar called blitzfire to protect the fountain. year 2541. an trainer called shutdown try'd to fight and capture blitzfire. he succeed and wanted to try his power on the fountain. with the destruction of the fountain, evil and hate spread across the landscape. arceus protected some pokemons and humans and taked them to his lair.he trained the pokemons and humans to use an new created ability called: evildrain.the move drained the evil out of an defeated pokemon and revived them. with this, arceus gave the task to reign the world.meanwhile, darkrai and giratina saw what happened and made use of it. they taked pokemons and put them into their army. once their army was big enough,they started take control of legendary' is your and that of your teammates to take out the enemy army and free the legendary's.

like you have read, your character knows an move called: evildrain. this move is used automatic after each reigned pokemon.its the goal to reign all legendary's and defeat the army of evil.once an legendary is freed, he will join our army under control of me. don't worry, i can let you use the tooand out friend blitzfire, will be captured too. he is findable at MT rampage. he is the first we need to do.

you can be an human with 3 will start by mount aziathe, the home of arceus and the fountain.we at least need 2 other players.your pokemons can talk with eachother but not with their trainer

this is my sign up and how it needs to look.
trainer name:frostbite
looks:he has iceblue hair and an necklace with an sapphire shard.his eyes are blue with an whit tint.
looks:he has white fur instead of black
name: icebounty
looks: he is white and blue and his scizors are unevolved so it still are just scythes.
looks:she has two scars above here eyes so it looks like shes always looking mad.

1:no bunnying
2:no godmodding
3:no spamming or double posting
4:no offensive language
5:you can evolve if we saved an legendary
6:no levels above 50
7:we all start at the entrance of MT aziathe.
8:have fun!
ps: i think i forgot an important rule so plz let me know.
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