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Old 11-30-2008, 10:20 PM
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Default Regi Madness! (Fun Deck)

Regi Madness!

Pokemon (18)
2 x Regigigas LV.X (Stormfront) [The Main Hitter]
2 x Regigigas (Stormfront) [Used over the other Regigigases, because he has no real downside and the Poke-body helps get the Lv. X powered up even faster]
3 x Regirock (Legends Awaken) [Only here for Regigigas and the overall theme of the deck, Stone Edge can be used as an attacking move, if worse comes to worse]
3 x Regice (Legends Awaken) [The Poke-Power can be used as a disruption tactic, and the attack can possibly take somethings out]
3 x Registeel (Legends Awaken) [Only here for the overall theme, attack and Power are subpar]
2 x Mightyena (Legends Awaken) [Mewtwo Tech, since he blocks every other Poke in this deck. That and the fact that AMU takes a serious hit from him]
2 x Poochyena (Legends Awaken) [Here for the Mightyena]
1 x Azelf (Legends Awaken) [Every Deck should have Azelf, he can help find the Regi in my prizes relatively early given all of the search cards in this deck]

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (20)
3 x Snowpoint Temple [Boosts every Pokemon in this decks health except 2]
2 x Bebe's Search [Useful card, but only for finding Mightyena, everything else is better for basics]
3 x Buck's Training [Draw Power]
4 x Roseanne's Research [Much more useful then Bebe's Search in this deck, since it finds two cards, and energy is a bit tight with this deck]
4 x Great Ball [Search for any basic?! Sign me up]
3 x Switch [Regigigas' retreat is way too big for this not to be included]
1 x Luxury Ball [Like Great Ball except it finds Mightyena and not Regigigas Lv. X]

Energy (22)
3 x Call Energy - Special [Throw this on anyone and just watch the Regi's pile up on your bench]
4 x Multi Energy - Special [Powers up any Pokemon in this deck, and provides Mightyena with energy]
5 x Water Energy - Basic [Regice]
5 x Fighting Energy - Basic [Regirock]
5 x Metal Energy - Basic [Registeel]
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Old 11-30-2008, 10:48 PM
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Default Re: Regi Madness! (Fun Deck)

It's a good deck that could very well be successful in tournaments. A+.
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