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Old 11-28-2008, 08:37 AM
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Default Re: hel pme beat my brother!

Originally Posted by
Flygon? Use Garchomp. He didn't go to uber for nothing.[/I
good idea, i picked flygon cos i knew my brother would have no idea what type it was and assume it was a bug, but using draco meteor in battle probably let him know it was a dragon.

for a water type i was looking a tentacruel, he's probably not as good as swampert but i arcanine knows toxic and i was looking for a way to avoid being toxified :P

i'll probably raise a new dusknoir, gliscor, tentacruel and maybe even a swampert ( i already have one but i could probably do with a difffent nature )

i figure the more battle ready mon i have the better as i can change my tactics to suit my squad very easily.

i feel i should have at least one mon with brick break, the fact i can still hit arcanine while he's digging is pretty niffty, mind you flygon and aerodactyl both have EQ .
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