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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-16-2008, 07:01 AM
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Default Generic Story 1269

hihi i has no lief so i maed fanfix *shot*
Yeah, its my first fanfic, well, serious fan fic anyway. I posted it on a forum, where it was meant to be exclusive, but got little to know replies. around 100 views and 5 replies. 3 from me. And its named a not so serious title because I lacked anything better. It gets called Battle of Planet England sometimes though, so yeah. :|

I really need C&CC on it though, on what I need to improve and whatnot. Also, expect alot of unneeded ref's and stuff. :/

Theme: The English Way - Fightstar. Just because I say it is dammit. And I lack anything better currently. o:
Listen to here:

The char's are unoriginally named after myself and some internet buddies. o:

Without anything else to say... here. o:

Star "Stardy" Samuals | Debut Chapter: Prologue; a 16 Year Old Male, from the Village of Klover. Tall and Overweight, but light on his feet. Wear's Black Pants and a White Vest Combo, normally with a Black Sleeveless Jacket as well. His weapon is the Star Blade, what was past down through his family for generations. Stardy, however, never knew his parents, and was found with the sword in his basket. It is a short sword, but can do the damage.

Pat K. Ryder | Debut Chapter: Prologue; a 17 Year Old Frog Laguz, who also hails from Klover. He wears brown shorts and a brown T Shirt, and carries with him an Axe. He was chosen from his family to fight in the great Haru War, but ran away when he got to the big city, stardy chasing after him. Got eaten AND thrown up by a Malboro. But, he is knocked out, so who knows if he will remember it?

Lyoko Walker | Debut Chapter: Chapter Two; a 24 Year Old Male, who has been training with the army since he was ten thanks to his father, Ross Walker, being a General. He weilds a Two Sided Blade, think Darth Maul's Red Lightsaber, but with Swords. And he kicks ass with it. He was sent to capture Pat and Stardy and bring them to justice, however, after meeting the Malboro...



Hello everybody, I am Star Samuals, but everybody just calls me Stardy. I am Sixteen Years Old, and from the small village known as Klover, on the continent of Haru. I have long, dark hair, tall and overweight, but I am light on my feet regardless. I normally wear Long Black Pants, and a White T Shirt with a Black, Sleevless Jacket over it combo. Today, Haru made the public announcement that they are going around all the villages in the nation, in order to find soldiers to fight in the Planet England War. Let me explain.

Planet England is made up of Five Continents, Haru, Skeet, Kaz, Lilly and Jenk. They got the names from the Five Legendary Warriors Haru Tanahashi, the Leader, Paul Skeeter, the Mage, Kazarian, the Assasin, Lilly Violet, the Healer and Leroy Jenkins, the PowerHouse, who together managed to rid Monsters from the earth, by defeating Athos, the Dark Mage, and managed to seal his soul away in a mysterious crystal called the Nosferatu, to prevent him from coming back to life, and hid it, in the Sky Chamber, a place where gods roam. In order to fuel the Crystal with enough power to keep him locked away, they gave up their legendary powers, and returned home to a heroes welcome. As a tribute for the warriors, the five continents renamed themselves after them, and for a while, all was peacefull. Then, Paul Skeeter passed away, and his son Joe Skeeter took over the throne. Joe Skeeter launched a surprise attack on Lilly, taking over the country completely, and killing Lilly Violet in the process. Leroy Jenkins was also caught off guard, and Jenk was also taken over by Skeet Troopers days later, killing Leroy in the attack. Meaning Joe Skeeter owned not only three of the five continents, making him control most of the world, he also now has Three of the Warriors Crystals. The Warriors Crystals where given to the Legendary Five after they defeated Athos, and legend says that if all five where to come in contact, a passage to the Sky Chamber would open. Soon after the attacks happened, Haru increased Security, and has been recruiting many people into the army, and while Kaz also beefed up their security, Kazarian disapeared, taking the Crystal with him.

Now, Haru forces have came to my village, to find more recruits for this war. The Day is November 15th, 904...

Stardy awoke to the sound of people outside, and while he gets dressed, he has a look outside the window. There, is a Magnificent Golden Coach, pulled by two white horses, with many people crowding around it. He picked up his Star Blade, a Sword that has been passed down in his family for generations, and ran outside.

"May I have your attention please!" shouted a man, much taller than Stardy was, and he was wearing royal red armour. "This is a a request from Haru Tanahashi himself, and that from every family, at least one person, male of female, and be it warrior or wizard, must come fight in our army. Refusal to do so will lead to you being arrested, and locked up untill you agree to fight!"

I'm gonna mention it now, I am an only child, and an orphan, so I would be pretty much f*cked if I didn't want to fight. Fortunetly, I do, nobody cares about me, however, if I actually do something with my life and help end the war, then maybe, somebody would say they are proud of me.

The man starts reading out names on the list, and men and women start steping forward to collect scrolls, before jumping into a wagon of some sort, and being taken off to the capital, Opal. Samuals is read out, and Stardy goes over and collects his scroll, with the man saying "Hmm... a Samuals, huh? Well, you could be good, if you are as half as good as your father once was."

I never knew my father, so I had no idea what this man was on about. But, my father seems to be a war hero of some sort, by the way he is starting to describe him. I honestly don't pay much attention, as I am still half asleep, but from what I made out... yeah.

Stardy climbs into the back of the Wagon, with the man shouting to the driver "The Wagons Full, go onto The Church of Roland.", and after nodding his head, the Driver whips his horses to go off. As they passed it by, Stardy caught a glimpse of the inside of the good coach before, and manages to catch a glimpse of King Tanahashi, who is muttering something to himself. Stardy doesn't make out what he is saying though, as the coach goes on...

At The Church of Roland, what is one of the smaller churchs in Opal, it is already dark inside, and the preists are busy sorting out beds for everybody, and saying prayers and stuff. A little while passes, and everybody is fast asleep. Stardy himself is tired, and falls asleep after a long, long day...

A loud noise wakes Stardy up. Everybody is fast asleep, but Stardy clambers out of bed, and pulls out his Star Blade, and leaves the room. He can see a figure at the end of the hall, a Frog Lagus (A Lagus is a half Human, Half Animal, in this case, a Frog) picking up some random goods, and stuffing them in a brown bag. "They aren't making me fight in some pointless war." the Lagus whispers to himself, "I can live in peace elsewhere, not in the middle of a huge war here."

Stardy walks over. "What are you doing?" he asks curiously, but forcefully.
"Well..." the Lagus replies, turning around to answer, but then remembers he isn't supposed to have been seen. He then quickly runs for the door, with Stardy running close behind...




I don't know what made me want to follow the Frog-Dude, but for some reason, I felt I had to follow him, and bring him back to the town. Sort of like a Self-Appointed First Mission, bring back the traitor. Could give me afew bonus points before training actually starts. But something else was also telling me to follow it, something i'm not quite sure of yet, but... I knew this Frog would play a vital role in my destiny.

The sky has turned black. It was hard to see, with only afew Street Lanturns lighting up the village. Everybody was asleep, and the village, was silent. Only two guards remained, scouting to see if any threats where drawing near to the village. Meanwhile, somewhere in the other part of town, a Frog Laguz, who has just stolen from the Church of Roland, and is trying to avoid his duties to serve his country, is being chased by our Hero Stardy, who is trying to stop him from doing anything else. The Frog is fast though, and manages to jump over the guards and run away from the village before the guards even notice. Stardy, meanwhile, would have a tougher problem getting through.

"Where do you think you are going, at this time of night?" one of the Scouters says, in a quite, but strick sounding voice. "Just off to get some air." Stardy replied.
"You should be in bed, everybody knows nobody is allowed out of the village without permission from our majesty, the King."
Stardy mutters to himself, and starts walking away slowly, with the Guards turning back around. Suddenly, Stardy smashes the end the Star Blade off one of the guards head, knocking him out instantly. As the other turns around to see what's going on, he is knocked out as well. Stardy rushes on before anybody notices anything...

The Frog Laguz runs (or should I say hops) off, into a cold, dark forest, what they had traveled through to reach Opal. It was hard to see anything inside, and you could hear the wolfs howling at the moonlight, breaking all silence for just a few moments in doing so. Stardy tries to ignore all this though, and follows on, not taking the frog out of his sight, however staying in the shadows, so he is not seen in return.

The Frog starts whispering to himself quietly, but in a happy tone, with Stardy only just making out what he was saying...
"I, Pat K. Ryder, Laguz of the Frog Clan, have done the impossible, and escaped the Opal Army. Oh what a great day this is to be a Laguz!", as he hops on happily, when he suddenly shouts "OH SH-", and dissapears from sight completely. Stardy runs on to see what has just happened.

So, when I heard this "Pat" fellow shout, and not finish his sentance, and just disapeared like that, I knew something was up. Instead of doing the smart thing though, and staying out of sight while moving closer slowly to see what had happened, my curiousity got the best of me, and I ran over, blade in hand, to see a shocking monster, that scared the daylights out of me...

It was a Malboro, a Green-Plant thing that has thousands of poisonous tentacles sticking out of its body and head, some with eyes on them, some just to keep it steady. I noticed some of the tentacles where pushing towards the mouth for some reason, then I relized it was eating the Frog WHOLE. Its large mouth opened up wide, and dropped the little frog in. I was mortified, and then when some of its eyes started to look over in my direction, scared.

Meanwhile, over in Opal, a random trooper left his post far enough to find the scouts knocked out cold. As soon as he saw them, he ran towards the Fort (Name of where the higher ranked Army Troops stay), and started to try and say something, but was out of breath, and started puffing and panting instead. A General, while holding a cup of tea, starts walking down the hallway, and says "Don't rush yourself, speak slower."
The Soldier, who was wearing Green Armour, took a deep breath, and replied "I was looking through the Church to count the soldiers and whatnot, and it turned out we where two shorter than we collected from Klover. So, I went over to the Scout post to see if they saw anything..."
"They where knocked out cold, Falcon."
Captian Falcon starts tutting to himself, and says "Send some of our Medics to check on them, and as for you, I want you to take some of our new recruits on their first mission... to bring back the run-a-ways."
The Soldier nodded, and ran off. Captain Falcon puts down his tea, and sighs.
"Why can't people just want to serve their country anymore? It is oe of the greatest honors any man could have..."

Stardy stood, shocked and in awe, at the mighty Malboro that stood before him. It was tall, it was stinky, and it just ate the man-frog he had been chasing. And now it was eyeing him. Star Blade in hand, he starts saying a prayer to himself nervously, as the tentecles start to fly at him...




Oh damn, I can't belive this is happening to me. I have not trained to fight Malboro's during any of my time in the SwordMasters School, ever. I know what the monster is, and it can kill me just from its breath, it is not only one of the most foulest smells on the earth, but is also made up of Poison Gas, and is even known to make people blind. But, I do know their one weakness though, Sun Light. If I can just distract it long enough untill Day Breaks, I may have a shot at killing this thing. But, I honestly don't think I stand a chance...

Stardy holds the Star Blade in his arms, ready for action, but is visably shaking in fear. He has no idea on what to do, and seeing this huge beast EAT another being and looking at him for the desert isn't excactly helping. He knows the weakness, Sun Light, but what goods that when its Midnight?

The Tentacles start to fly towards Stardy, and instead of having a plan of attack, he hids behind a tree, and the tentacles smash off the bark. As the Malboro brings back its Tentacles in pain, he came out, lifted the tree in the air, and goes to slice, however it just pings off. There is no visable mark left, and the Malboro didn't feel anything. It then smacks Stardy away with the Tentacles it didn't smack off the tree, sending Stardy flying through the tree he had just hid behind, and smashing off another one. He lay on the floor in pain, as the Malboro started to draw closer...

An arrow is fired through the air, and lands straights into the Malboro's mouth. The Malboro stopped in its tracks, and started to chew up the arrow, only for it to explode in its mouth, knocking it down from shock. Stardy, who is still in pain on the ground, see's a shadow of a person in a tree, bow in hand, dissapear there and then. He crawled over to his blade, and used it as a balance to help him to his feet, and he hid in the bushes, away from sight...

Lyoko sighed. He had been in the army since he was ten years of age, thanks to his father, Head Officer Ross Walker (Who is the highest ranked officer in the army, only losing out on being in complete control to the king.), and yet instead of being premoted up the ranks like all his friends where, he was stuck with helping train the new recruits, since his father didn't think he was ready for anything else, and he is now reaching the age of Twenty Four, what is still pretty young, but... he wants to proof to his father he is better than this.

His Green Armour clanged through the town, as he walked into churchs, gathering men for the search. Most of the men clambered into clean clothes, causing alot of noise, something he didn't want. Not only because it would cause a stir in the town, but also because the noise rings through his armour, all the way into his helmet and echoes in his ears loudly. After gathering up a small troop of ten men, Lyoko gave the following instructions:
"Allright, thank you all for waking up and getting ready on short notice, however this is pretty important. Your first mission, is to find two Army Run Away's, known as Star Samuals and Pat K. Ryder. They aren't expected to have gotten very far, farthest being the Great Forest of Stone, however with the more of you I take, the quicker this is all done with. I will accompany you on this mission as well, just in case. We will split up once we reach the forest, but for now, try to stick together and take care off monsters. Now move out."
The troop nodded, shouting "Sir Yes Sir!", pulling out their weapons, and marched out of the village, as Lyoko took of his helmet and clutched his ears. Lots of muttering is heard from the houses, as Lyoko runs off in pursuit of his troop...

The Malboro is back to its feet (Or tentacles), and is looking around the forest in pursuit of Stardy, and for the man who shot the arrow. It opens its mouth, and lets out a burp of some sort, releasing gas into the air, and some of the plants start to wither and die. Stardy clutched his nose in the bushes, trying to not smell it, and breathing through his mouth as silently as possible.

The Malboro has just set off a foul stench, I think its to try and find me. The plants around me are starting to die, and while the bush still conceals me, it is also withering. However, I think I am save for now, only a couple more hours till sun rise. Why I didn't just run away in the first place, I will never know. Oh crap, I just snapped a twig I was sitting on. The Malboro is looking this way...

The Malboro slithers over to the bush where Stardy is hidden, as Lyoko's Troop enter the forest, weapons in hand. The Malboro is about to send a tentacle into the bush where Stardy is hiding, when one of the troop shouts "Give it up RunAWays, we are coming to get you!". The Malboro hears this, and slithers off towards them...

"Quiet you idiot!" Lyoko grabbed the man who shouted, and started to shake him, "You have now alarmed them of our presence, thus giving them a chance to hide, and you could have also drawn the attention of a monster!"
"Sorry..." he said quietly, "I'm abit excited for my first mission, is all."
"Don't do it again." Lyoko responded, letting go, and walking slowly onwards. A scream is heard from behind them, and the troop stop. One of the troop is gone...
"Where's Lloyd?" Lyoko asked a troop member, who shrugs his shoulders in response. A branch snaps, and the crew look to the right, as a monster is drawing in on them. Another two soldiers dissapears, before anybody notices. As they start to edge closer, Lyoko notices, "Linus and Bob are gone as well.", and the remaining troop start to shake, scared they could be next. They start to walk slowly through the forest, but then one of the troop snaps. "I don't want to die!", and runs off towards the exit, with Lyoko shouting "Mike, wait!". But its to late, a long vine-thing grabs him, and he is pulled into a dark part of the forest. A headless body is then thrown on the path in front of them, blood pouring out of where its head once was. Most of the troop look like they are gonna throw up, as does Lyoko, who isn't used to seeing a scene like this.

I hear voices. One saved me from being caught by the Malboro, and I am thankfull of it. However, those voices have since turned into anguished screams, and I know the Malboro has got them. They saved my life however, its time to save theres. I have a bad back, and I can't hurt the Malboro, however I can conceal them in the forest untill the sun rises. I just hope they can survive untill I get there...

Like I said, C&CC would be nice. :|
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Oh, you started Pe2k at the same age as me (12), you go to College and you're from England. In my head this all adds up to:

Stardy = awesome

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Default Re: Generic Story 1269

Well, Two is much better anyway, but I think I did a decent job, considering nobody gave a sh*t to tell me what to do to improve it. :P


Stardy lay in the shadows, following closely behind, but out of sight, of the giant Malboro. The Malboro, that had just attacked him, was now attacking a troop of soldiers, looking for Two Run A Ways. "Sh!t" he though, "I'm a wanted man.". The Malboro had already taken afew of the men, and wasn't stopping. The path around him was covered in blood, and when he saw a Human Arm on the path before him, he almost threw up. However, he ignored it, and got in a posistion (sp?) where he could easily run out and grab these men. However, he had to wait for the right moment.

Lyoko's Troop was losing numbers, and fast. People where disapearing into the cold, dark forest, and he has no idea what is going on. The troop have no clue either, and huddle close to eachother for protection. Their once Eleven Man Troop (Including Lyoko) had rapidly been cut down to just four. And now a Headless Body has been thrown in front of them, and they are left cold. They aren't sure what is happening, but they are scared.

They want to take me back to the town, what I want to happen, however as a criminal. I can't go back to town and be locked up, not without fulfilling my destiny, otherwise I won't get another chance. But these men have lives to, and the Malboro is planning to put an end to them. I can't just let them get killed one by one. Oh sh!t, there goes another one.

A man is dragged off along the ground, as the other soldiers try to pull him back. Tentecles start to fly forward, striking them off, and pulling the solider way into the dark forest. A Scream is heard, and blood splatters along the ground in front of them. The Malboro then steps out of the darkness in front of them, half a body in its open mouth, chewing away at it, with Lyoko and his remaining soldiers looking on in discust (sp?). They pull out there swords, while shaking nervously. Stardy runs out next to them, and shouts "RUN!", grabbing Lyoko's Arm and pulling him along, while one of his soldiers gets smacked to the ground by the Malboro. The other soldier picks him up and lifts him over his shoulder, following on in pursuit, as the Malboro roars, and the tentacles start to fly...

"Hey, you are one of the Run A Ways!" Lyoko gasped, as Stardy starts to pull his arm harder as he slows down for a breath, while the two run from a frenzy of tentacles, injured soldier in hand.
"We'll talk later, for now though, lets just focus on "Living". It should be the main thing of anything." Stardy said, as he hops over a twig on the ground. Sunrise draws soon, however the tentacles are just getting stronger, and faster. They still have a good chance of being killed, just like most of the troop. Stardy lets go of Lyoko, as the two turn round a corner, as the remaining two soldiers are caught. Their screams echo through the forest, as the Malboro rips them apart using its powerfull tentacles. They are then eaten, as blood splatters forward, just missing Stardy and Lyoko. The Malboro then wanders forward, and releases some gas into the air. "Look." Stardy whispers, "We can't get out of this forest untill the Malboro is dead, we have to wait till Sunrise.".
"But dude." Lyoko started, "How are we supposed to last until then?"
"It's only another Hour. We just have to stay hidden, and when the sun rises, we run."
"Yeah, but..."
"It's our only hope. We will worry about whatever else later."
They then wander off into the forest, looking for a good hiding place, as the Malboro hides, slowly in pursuit...

M'kay, I now have an ally. For now anyway. I don't know how long it will last, due to the simple fact he is hunting me down. But, it will be nice to have company, but it means another person to hide. Plus his armor could give us away, so i'm not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We only have to wait for another hour, so its not gonna be like its gonna be a long time. Only a plot twist or something could stop us now. Holy crap, its the Malboro. Wait... what's it doing?

The Malboro starts to glow a light, yellow color, opposed to its normal dark, sick green color, and out of its mouth, comes a green goo. "Ew... it puked." Lyoko said, watching on. In the puke, where bits of body parts, mixed in red puddles and a Frog Laguz, that is knocked out, but still breathing, but not moving.

For some reason, it was a nice surpize to see Pat alive. Even though he was in a bad state, the Malboro had lost intrest in him apparently, as he left the body and walked off, looking for us. Its just another half an hour, so we have a chance yet. Yay us. Wait... where did the Malboro go?

Lyoko and Stardy run over to the Frog, and Lyoko lifts him up out of the goo in a Firemans Carry posistion. The two then walk off into their previous hiding place. Difference now though, is that the Malboro is there.
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Oh, you started Pe2k at the same age as me (12), you go to College and you're from England. In my head this all adds up to:

Stardy = awesome
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