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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-22-2008, 12:13 AM
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Question Murder with a Riddle

Ok so this is a mystery story I had to write for my gifted class at school. It may not be the best. I will probably write more in my free time. As for now, enjoy the first ever written record of Justin Case, the detective.

“The only wound on the victim seems to be minor blood loss on the inside of his leg.” Said detective Justin Case. He proceeded to scratch his head which was full of brown hair no longer than the top of his forehead. Justin was a tall, thin man who has solved about 50 crimes in his life.

“Well the amount of blood there doesn’t seem like enough to cause a death, what could he have died from?” said the nervous looking Eugene Nigma, who was Justin’s new partner. Eugene was short and plump. He just got accepted to the police force for his outstanding intelligence. This actually wasn’t his first case. His first case was before this, with Justin. They tried to figure out who stole the money from the bank, but sadly had no luck.

“Well since there are no wounds,” said Justin, “search the place for something that could be a cause of death.” Then Justin stepped over the body to get to the cabinets. The body, who was now identified as John Doe, was a big bulky man who wore a turtle neck shirt and had surprisingly good teeth. Eugene Nigma actually was acquainted with John. They were old college room mates. They seemed to always fight, and it was usually over money. John was always trying to sneak some money away from Eugene, so finally Eugene just had to put all of his money in the bank. After about two minutes of silence, Eugene blurted out, “Found something!”

Justin walked over to Eugene who was pointing to a cigarette butt in John’s hand. “Let’s get it to the lab immediately!” stated Eugene in a rushed tone.
“Hold on there Mr. Nigma, before you called me over I could of sworn I found a note.” Then Justin walked over to where he was before. He picked up a piece of paper and read it aloud.

Dear Mr. Doe,

Tonight I am coming over to get the money we stole
from the bank last week. You better have it, or else.

P.S. Check your P.O. box

Sincerely, Mr. E

“I’ll be darned.” said Justin, “I think we just solved the mystery of who killed John here, as well as that bank robbery from last week.

Eugene and Justin split up after leaving the house. Eugene said he was going to turn in the cigarette butt while Justin was to track down Mr. E. Through a process far too complicated, Justin had concluded where Mr. E lived. He phoned Eugene and told him to meat him at the street that Mr. E lived on. About 10 minutes later both of them were standing in front of the door to Mr. E’s house. They knocked on the door and then a tall man opened the door. As soon as Justin flashed his badge, Mr. E took off for the back

door. Once he got there, he found the door to be locked and he was without a key. It wasn’t that hard for Justin to grab him.

“Did you rob the 2nd National 4th bank with John Doe last week?’ questioned Justin, not even hesitating with the interrogation.
“Well there is no point in lying now, yes I did.” Replied Mr. E.
“Well why did you kill John Doe?” responded Justin.
“John’s dead!?”
“Yes and we have specific evidence that says you killed him!”
The stunned looking Mr. E blurted out, “Well what reason would I have for killing him? The money we stole was divided up evenly between us and he definitely never made me mad.” Justin hesitated for a few moments then finally decided to take him to the station for holding.

A while later Justin and Eugene stepped out of the police station. They were just praised for solving the bank robbery, but they still had to figure out if Mr. E definitely killed John. Justin told Eugene, “Give me the letter from the crime scene” However when he pulled the letter out of his pocket, another piece of paper fell out of his pocket. Justin picked up the paper, unfolded it, and read it.

Dear Detective,

In order to give you a slight chance at finding me,
I will provide you with a riddle. If you haven’t guessed,
I killed John.
When given a mystery,
The answer is your task,
But this time the mystery,
Is the question I ask.

“Where did you get this?” questioned Justin.
“Well in the note it said to check his P.O. box, so when I went to give the cigarette to the lab I stopped at his P.O. box, found this riddle, read it, and since I didn’t understand it I figured it was useless. It’s probably just a wild goose chase planted by Mr. E anyway.”
“Wait, what was that first part?”
“On my way to drop off the cigarette…”
“The cigarette!” interrupted Justin as he reached for his cell phone.

“Justin?” Harry at the lab questioned.
“Ya it’s me.” Justin answered. “How are the results on the cigarette coming?”
Harry responded, “Oh were done! It turns out the cigarette was poisoned.”
“Thanks.” Justin said as he ended the call. “Well now we know how he died.” Said a relieved Eugene.
“Yes but something doesn’t add up, John had perfectly white teeth. He couldn’t of been smoking. Mr. E was framed.”

The two detectives decided to go to Starbucks and figure the rest out over coffee. “Now we need to figure out who hated Mr. E and John.” Stated Justin, starting the conversation.
“Well,” responded Eugene just as he took a big sip of his Caramel Frappuccino. “The bank manager could be a place to start. His bank got robbed by the two so naturally, he’d want to kill, or in this case kill and frame them.”
After taking a sip of his strawberry smoothie which he was surprised Starbucks had, Justin responded, “That sounds good but if he knew who robbed his bank, why didn’t he tell a cop?”
“Hmm… well, I suppose if he was planning on killing John, he didn’t want him in jail.”
“Great! That sounds good enough for me. To the bank!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! I have no clue who robbed me!” defended the bank manager.
“Likely story. We know you framed Mr. E with this.” Said Eugene as he held up the folded piece of paper.
“I didn’t write that letter to John!” defended the manager yet again.
“We never told you that his name is John.”
“Well, well, I…,” stuttered the manager as his eyes went to the upper left. “Ok, the reason I said I didn’t know them was because they threatened to hunt me and my family down If I turned them in.”
“Ya right. Let’s book him Justin.”
“Hold on Eugene. We still need more evidence.” Whispered Justin so the manager couldn’t hear him. “Follow my lead.” “Ok,” started Justin, returning to his usual tone. “You’re off the hook. Let’s go Eugene.”

“Why’d we leave! We could’ve booked him!” exclaimed Eugene.
“I told you, “ responded Justin, “We need more evidence. I told him he was off the hook because if he knew we were getting evidence, I’m sure he would’ve fled the country.” On that note, Justin and Eugene went back to Starbucks.

“Well, what should we do now.?” Asked Eugene.
“We need to question John’s neighbor. Maybe they saw the manager go to John’s house on the night of the murder.” Answered Justin.
“Sounds good. That’ll be enough evidence to book the manager, right?”
“Yes, that is, only if the neighbor saw him there that night.”

“Anyone home?” question Justin pounding on John’s neighbors door. The door creaked open to reveal the face of a middle aged, medium weight female. Once the door was fully opened, Justin said, “We’d like to talk to you” as he flashed his badge. The lady, who was now scared, shut the door. Luckily, Justin stuck his foot out and stopped the door. Then Justin calmly said, “Miss, please let us in.”
Then the lady said, “Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else, come on in.”

The lady introduced herself as Ilene Wright. “What can I help you with detectives?”

“Well you knew your neighbor, John Doe, right? He was recently murdered.”
“I’m not a suspect am I?”
“No, well, not yet. Where were you last night?”
“I was sitting on my porch enjoying the pleasant and silent night. One which I haven’t had in a long time.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, ever since John moved in, I haven’t had a silent night! He was always blasting his stereo by the open window that was facing my house.”
“Sounds like you had a problem with him. Well did you see anyone go to his house last night?”
“No, I didn’t see anyone.”
“Ok well that’s all I have to ask. Thank you.” Said Justin as Eugene and him headed for the door.

The wind gently rushed through the detective’s hair as they stood on the sidewalk. It was obvious that Justin was deep in thought. Suddenly, he blurted out, “Was John married?”
Eugene replied, “No, if he was then he would be Mr. Doe. But why do you need to interview another person?”
“We do need more evidence so I was just thinking of somewhere to get it. Wait, what was that part about the Mr.?”
“If John was married he would be Mr. Doe.” Responded Eugene.
“That’s it! Not John but Mr. E!”

After some research Justin and Eugene tracked down Mr. E’s wife, well, now ex-wife. They found her house about 2 miles away from Mr. E’s house. He apparently had a restraining order. So within the hour Justin and Eugene where on the front steps of Mrs. E’s house.

“Mrs. E, please open the door.” Said Justin.
“What did you call me?! replied a valley girl style voice from the other side of the door. The door then opened revealing a tall thin blonde with jewelry that probably cost more then Justin could imagine.
“May we come in?” questioned Justin, showing her his badge.
“Oh, um, ya come in.”
“Thank you” said Justin, stepping into the even more gaudy living room. “Ok, well let’s cut to the chase.” Started Justin. “You were married to Mr. E right?”
“Oh yes, I hate him. First off, his last name was Enkelfeldor, but he went by Mr. E because he liked how it sounded like mystery.”
“Ok, well onto more important matters. Did you see or know anything about a certain bank manager at the 2nd National 4th Bank?”
“Oh that’s the bank I use! I knew him pretty well. One day I heard him say something about getting even with whoever robbed his bank.”
“Did he say anything else?” asked Eugene.
“Ya, he said he wished they were dead, or in jail.”
“Well that sounds like enough to book him!”
“Yes it does, but one question Miss.” said Justin. “Why’d you divorce Mr. E?”

“Well, I found out he robbed the bank and got all of that money. I had to get away from him.”
“Thank you. Could you be in the court room in half an hour? I need you as a, um, witness.”

In half an hour Justin was in the court room. He had asked Eugene to assemble Mr. E, Ilene, and of coarse the bank manager. Mr. E’s ex-wife was also there as well as one cop. The bank manager did not yet know he was being convicted. “I have assembled you all here because one of you killed John Doe.” Said Justin. All of the suspects started looking nervous. “Officer, please book the bank manager”
“What!” exclaimed the manager as his hands were cuffed behind his back.
“Where taking you to the slammer.” Said the cop.
“Slammer? question the manager.
“Ya, that’s another name for prison” answered Eugene.

At that moment, time froze for Justin. Gears in his head started twirling and his mind was running through every aspect he had encountered on this case. What Eugene said made something go off in his head but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Something wasn’t right. “Wait! Someone in this room is a killer, but not him!” shouted Justin while pointing to the manager.


“Officer, release him and grab Eugene.”
“What!” blurted Eugene form the other side of the room. At that moment Eugene found his hands bound behind his back. “Why me?!”
“Well for starters, you had your money at the bank that was robbed. Also, at the crime scene, you found the very small cigarette butt so quickly. You also knew exactly where that riddle was, and you kept it from me. But it really does all go back to the riddle. ‘When given a mystery, the answer is your task. But this time the mystery, is the question I ask.’ Quite confusing but I managed. In other words, the riddle says, ‘If you have a question you need an answer, but the answer is in the question. So in the question it constantly refers to mystery. Now this is the perfect way to frame Mr. E. But what’s another name for a mystery? An enigma. Eugene Nigma to be precise. I have just two questions, why and how?”
“Well I guess I’m caught. I killed John and framed Mr. E because, like you said, they stole MY money from that bank. I had my life’s savings there. John was always trying to take my money in college so I put it in that bank and got an I.R.A. so the money couldn’t be withdrawn from for a while. John knew how much money I had from various things so I guess he plotted with Mr. E to steal it out of the bank. I was furious. I needed revenge on both of them, so I plotted on this for a while. I figured framing Mr. E would be more torture than killing him.”
“That still doesn’t answer how you killed John. The amount of blood on his leg was barely enough to kill him and he sure didn’t smoke that cigarette.”
“Ah Justin. I thought you’d be smarter than that. The femoral artery is located in that spot. On big slice at that thing and blood gushes everywhere. Within minutes your dead from blood loss.”
“Yes but there wasn’t enough blood there to prove the artery was cut.”
“It’s called a rag Justin, not that hard to clean up. I simply had John stand over a thick rug that he didn’t realize was there. I then disposed of the rug.”
“Ok, one more question. Why did you join the police force?”
“Easy one. Simple cover up. No one would suspect a current cop.”
“That’ll be all. Take him away.”
And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!


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Default Re: Murder with a Riddle

Not too bad of a story. I finally got around to reading it. It's very good.

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Default Re: Murder with a Riddle

Originally Posted by Lucky 1276 View Post
Not too bad of a story. I finally got around to reading it. It's very good.
thank you! youre the first person who has actually said anything about it to me! thanks
And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!

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