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Other Chat For non-Pokemon discussion on everything else. For casual talk only, any more serious topics such as current events, should be in the Discussion. You can talk about anything else that is not covered in the other "Other Boards" that are above.

View Poll Results: Which Are You More Comfortable With?
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Figure Skates 1 50.00%
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Old 11-02-2008, 05:46 PM
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Default Hockey Skates or Figure Skates?

After iceskating all night last night. I discovered that (at my cousins Iceskating rink) there is sort of a "war" going on between people that use Hockey Skates and those that use Figure Skates.

This has nothing to do with weither you play hockey or figure skate. It has to do with which Skates you feel comfortable in.

I know most people are going to say "Figure Skates" because that is what most Rink's give out as a defualt.

I started using Hockey Skates.
So much friggin better dude
*shot for biasnesseded*

Any way for those of you that dont know the difference.

Hockey Skates a somewhat larger and lace up differently then Figure skates.
The main difference is that Hockey Skates have no toe pick. The Toe pick is the ting on the front of the skate that helps Figure skaters do their numerous tricks.

Mmmmmkkkk vote away

My Vote:Hockey Skates Baby :p

*just got my own pwnsome pair yesturday. Not more rented skates!*

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Old 11-02-2008, 05:57 PM
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Default Re: Hockey Skates or Figure Skates?

That is tough, I couldn;t choose :x
I like normal hockey, but figure skating looks fun x]
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Old 11-02-2008, 06:11 PM
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Default Re: Hockey Skates or Figure Skates?

Wow, I went skating too a few days ago(lulwut) and me and my friends were just deciding when to go for skating and arguing which skates were better.

Stalker or psychic? xD You'll be a better stalker than a skater. =3

As for me, I prefer figure skates more- hockey states are a bit more hard and uncomfortable, though they are pretty good.
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